Jurg Rainer Schwyter

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Historical Linguistics
Language Variation and Change
Language Contact and Language Change
Corpus Linguistics

Research Interests

Jürg Schwyter's research interests include historical linguistics, legal English past and present, questions of language standardization and generification processes, and Broadcast English in Britain and overseas. In 2016, he published 'Dictating to the Mob: The History of the BBC Advisory Committee on Spoken English' (OUP).

After suffering a severe brain stroke, his research interests focus, naturally, on all aspects of language and the brain, neurolingistics and the reintegration into everyday life of stroke survivors.

Editorial Activity

Swiss Studies in English (with Andreas Fischer, Martin Heusser and Wener Senn). Tübingen: Francke
Transatlantic Aesthetics and Culture (with Boris Vejdovsky and Beverly Maeder). Berne: Lang
North-West European Language Evolution (NOWELE Supplement, with Hans Frede Nielsen). Amsterdam & New York: John Benjamins

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