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Integrating hybrid zone analyses in species delimitation: lessons from two anuran radiations of the Western Mediterranean
Dufresnes C., Pribille M., Alard B., Gonçalves H., Amat F., Crochet P.-A., Dubey S., Perrin N., Fumagalli L., Vences M. et al. Heredity. Peer-reviewed.
Invasion genomics supports an old hybrid swarm of pool frogs in Western Europe
Dufresnes Christophe, Dubey Sylvain Biological Invasions. Peer-reviewed.
Fifteen shades of green: The evolution of Bufotes toads revisited.
Dufresnes C., Mazepa G., Jablonski D., Oliveira R.C., Wenseleers T., Shabanov D.A., Auer M., Ernst R., Koch C., Ramírez-Chaves H.E. et al., 2019/12. Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 141 p. 106615. Peer-reviewed.
Population genomics of an exceptional hybridogenetic system of Pelophylax water frogs.
Dubey S., Maddalena T., Bonny L., Jeffries D.L., Dufresnes C., 2019/08/05. BMC evolutionary biology, 19 (1) p. 164. Peer-reviewed.
Phylogeography of a cryptic speciation continuum in Eurasian spadefoot toads (Pelobates).
Dufresnes C., Strachinis I., Suriadna N., Mykytynets G., Cogălniceanu D., Székely P., Vukov T., Arntzen J.W., Wielstra B., Lymberakis P. et al., 2019/07. Molecular ecology, 28 (13) pp. 3257-3270. Peer-reviewed.
Mitochondrial sequences retrieve an ancient lineage of Bicolored shrew in the Hyrcanian refugium
Mahmoudi A., Darvish J., Siahsarvie R., Dubey S., Kryštufek Boris , 2019/05. Mammalian Biology, 95 pp. 160-163. Peer-reviewed.
Early detection and spatial monitoring of an emerging biological invasion by population genetics and eDNA metabarcoding
Dufresnes C., Déjean T., Zumbach S., Schmidt B., Fumagalli L., Ramseier P., Dubey S., 2019. Conservation Science and Practice, 1 pp. e86. Peer-reviewed.
Formal description of the new tree frog species inhabiting Northern Italy and Southern Switzerland
Dufresnes Christophe, Mazepa Glib, Rodrigues Nicolas, Brelsford Alan, Litvinchuk Spartak N., Sermier Roberto, Lavanchy Guillaume, Betto-Colliard Caroline Blaser Olivier, Borzée Amaël, Cavoto Elisa et al., 2018/12/18. Société Vaudoise des Sciences Naturelles, 97 pp. 5-11.
Book Review: Australia’s Dangerous Snakes: Identification, Biology and Envenoming.
Dubey Sylvain, 2018. Amphibia-Reptilia, 39 (3) p. 375.
Genomic Evidence for Cryptic Speciation in Tree Frogs From the Apennine Peninsula, With Description of Hyla perrini sp. nov
Dufresnes C., Mazepa G., Rodrigues N., Brelsford A., Litvinchuk S.N., Sermier R., Lavanchy G., Betto-Colliard C., Blaser O., Borzée A. et al., 2018. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 6 p. 144. Peer-reviewed.
Herps without borders: a new newt case and a review of transalpine alien introductions in western Europe
Dubey S., Lavanchy G., Thiébaud J., Dufresnes C., 2018. Amphibia-Reptilia, 40 pp. 1-15. Peer-reviewed.
Invasion genetics of marsh frogs (Pelophylax ridibundus sensu lato) in Switzerland
Dufresnes C., Leuenberger J., Amrhein V., Bühler C., Thiébaud J., Bohnenstengel T., Dubey S., 2018. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 123 (2) pp. 402-410. Peer-reviewed.
Ticks on snakes: The ecological correlates of ectoparasite infection in free-ranging snakes in tropical Australia
Natusch D.J.D., Lyons J.A., Dubey S., Shine R., 2018. Austral Ecology, 43 (5) pp. 534-546. Peer-reviewed.
An extinct vertebrate preserved by its living hybridogenetic descendant.
Dubey S., Dufresnes C., 2017/10/06. Scientific reports, 7 (1) p. 12768. Peer-reviewed.
The causes and ecological correlates of head scale asymmetry and fragmentation in a tropical snake.
Brown G.P., Madsen T., Dubey S., Shine R., 2017/09/12. Scientific reports, 7 (1) p. 11363. Peer-reviewed.
Multiple uprising invasions of Pelophylax water frogs, potentially inducing a new hybridogenetic complex.
Dufresnes C., Denoël M., di Santo L., Dubey S., 2017/07/26. Scientific reports, 7 (1) p. 6506. Peer-reviewed.
A glitch in the Natrix: cryptic presence of alien grass snakes in Switzerland
Dubey S., Ursenbacher S., Schuerch J., Golay J., Aubert P., Dufresnes C., 2017. Herpetology Notes, 10 pp. 205-208. Peer-reviewed.
A home for three: analysing ecological correlates of body traits in a triple contact zone of alpine vipers
Mebert K., Luiselli L., Cafuta V., Golay P., Dubey S., Ursenbacher S., 2017. North-Western Journal of Zoology, 13 (2) pp. 251-261.
Cryptic invasion of Italian pool frogs (Pelophylax bergeri) across Western Europe unraveled by multilocus phylogeography
Dufresnes C., Di Santo L., Leuenberger J., Schuerch J., Mazepa G., Grandjean N., Canestrelli D., Perrin N., Dubey S., 2017. Biological Invasions, 19 pp. 1407-1420. Peer-reviewed.
Stocking activities for the Arctic charr in Lake Geneva: Genetic effects in space and time.
Savary R., Dufresnes C., Champigneulle A., Caudron A., Dubey S., Perrin N., Fumagalli L., 2017. Ecology and Evolution, 7 (14) pp. 5201-5211. Peer-reviewed.
Variation in Major Histocompatibility Complex diversity in invasive cane toad populations
Lillie M., Dubey S., Shine R., Belov K., 2017. Wildlife Research, 44 (7) p. 565. Peer-reviewed.
Why are some species older than others? A large-scale study of vertebrates.
Cattin L., Schuerch J., Salamin N., Dubey S., 2016. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 16 (1) p. 90. Peer-reviewed.
Diversifying selection and color-biased dispersal in the asp viper.
Dubey S., Zwahlen V., Mebert K., Monney J.C., Golay P., Ott T., Durand T., Thiery G., Kaiser L., Geser S.N. et al., 2015. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 15 p. 99.
Introduced freshwater blenny influences the diet and body condition of the invasive dice snake in Lake Geneva
Dubey S., Christe P., Formenti V., Staub E., Schuerch J., Glaizot O., Ursenbacher S., 2015. Journal of Wildlife Management, 79 (2) pp. 338-343. Peer-reviewed.
Introgressive hybridization of threatened European tree frogs (Hyla arborea) by introduced H. intermedia in Western Switzerland
Dufresnes C., Dubey S., Ghali K., Canestrelli D, Perrin N, 2015. Conservation Genetics, 16 (6) pp. 1507-1513. Peer-reviewed.
Invader immunology: invasion history alters immune system function in cane toads (Rhinella marina) in tropical Australia.
Brown G.P., Phillips B.L., Dubey S., Shine R., 2015. Ecology Letters, 18 (1) pp. 57-65. Peer-reviewed.
Phylogenetic relationships of Apodemus Kaup, 1829 (Rodentia: Muridae) species in the Eastern Mediterranean inferred from mitochondrial DNA, with emphasis on iranian species
Darvish J., Mohammadi Z., Ghorbani F., Mahmoudi A., Dubey S., 2015. Journal of Mammalian Evolution, 22 (4) pp. 583-595. Peer-reviewed.
The dynamics of coexistence: habitat sharing versus segregation patterns among three sympatric montane vipers
Mebert K., Jagar T., Grzelj R., Cafuta V., Luiselli L., Ostanek E., Golay P., Dubey S., Golay J., Ursenbacher S., 2015. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 116 (2) pp. 364-376.
The Effects of a Nematode Lungworm (Rhabdias hylae) on its Natural and Invasive Anuran Hosts.
Nelson F.B., Brown G.P., Dubey S., Shine R., 2015. Journal of Parasitology, 101 (3) pp. 290-296. Peer-reviewed.
Thermoregulation and microhabitat choice in the polymorphic asp viper (Vipera aspis).
Muri D., Schuerch J., Trim N., Golay J., Baillifard A., El Taher A., Dubey S., 2015. Journal of Thermal Biology, 53 pp. 107-112. Peer-reviewed.
Evolutionary and biomedical consequences of internal melanins.
Dubey S., Roulin A., 2014. Pigment Cell and Melanoma Research, 27 (3) pp. 327-338. Peer-reviewed.
Genetic identity of the critically endangered Wimmer's shrew Crocidura wimmeri
Vogel P., Vogel V., Fumagalli L., Kadjo B., Kouadio R.Y., Dubey S., 2014. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 111 (1) pp. 224-229.
Influence of climate on the presence of colour polymorphism in two montane reptile species.
Broennimann O., Ursenbacher S., Meyer A., Golay P., Monney J.C., Schmocker H., Guisan A., Dubey S., 2014. Biology Letters, 10 (11) p. 20140638. Peer-reviewed.
Multiple origins of invasive and "native" water frogs (Pelophylax spp.) in Switzerland
Dubey S., Leuenberger J., Perrin N., 2014. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 112 (3) pp. 442-449. Peer-reviewed.
Pro-opiomelanocortin gene and melanin-based colour polymorphism in a reptile
Ducrest A.L., Ursenbacher S., Golay P., Monney J.C., Mebert K., Roulin A., Dubey S., 2014. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 111 (1) pp. 160-168. Peer-reviewed.
Amphibians in the diet of European Barn Owls
Roulin A., Dubey S., 2013. Bird Study, 60 (2) pp. 264-269.
Assessment of terrestrial small mammals and a record of the critically endangered shrew Crocidura wimmeri in Banco National Park (Cote d'Ivoire)
Kadjo B., Kouadio R.Y., Vogel V., Dubey S., Vogel P., 2013. Mammalia, 77 (4) pp. 439-446.
Effects of season, sex and body size on the feeding ecology of turtle-headed seasnakes (Emydocephalus annulatus) on IndoPacific inshore coral reefs
Goiran C., Dubey S., Shine R., 2013. Coral Reefs, 32 (2) pp. 527-538.
Homologous sex chromosomes in three deeply divergent anuran species.
Brelsford A., Stöck M., Betto-Colliard C., Dubey S., Dufresnes C., Jourdan-Pineau H., Rodrigues N., Savary R., Sermier R., Perrin N., 2013. Evolution, 67 (8) pp. 2434-2440. Peer-reviewed.
Melanism, body condition and elevational distribution in the asp viper
Castella B., Golay J., Monney J.C., Golay P., Mebert K., Dubey S., 2013. Journal of Zoology, 290 (4) pp. 273-280.
Multiple Paternity in Polyandrous Barn Owls (Tyto alba).
Henry I., Antoniazza S., Dubey S., Simon C., Waldvogel C., Burri R., Roulin A., 2013. PLoS One, 8 (11) pp. e80112. Peer-reviewed.
New record of Crocidura zarudnyi from Zabol, Iran
Saeed M., Dubey S., Sabbaghzadeh A., 2013. Zoology and Ecology, 23 (2) pp. 162-164.
Population demography of an endangered lizard, the Blue Mountains Water Skink.
Dubey S., Sinsch U., Dehling M.J., Chevalley M., Shine R., 2013. BMC Ecology, 13 p. 4.
Predicting the impacts of climate change on genetic diversity in an endangered lizard species.
Dubey S., Pike D.A., Shine R., 2013. Climatic Change, 117 (1-2) pp. 319-327.
Are reptile and amphibian species younger in the Northern Hemisphere than in the Southern Hemisphere?
Dubey S., Shine R., 2012. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 25 (1) pp. 220-226.
Colour-polymorphic snake species are older
Pizzatto L., Dubey S., 2012. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 107 (1) pp. 210-218.
Disparity in the timing of vertebrate diversification events between the northern and southern hemispheres.
Tingley R., Dubey S., 2012. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 12 p. 244.
Host-parasite relationships during a biologic invasion: 75 years postinvasion, cane toads and sympatric Australian frogs retain separate lungworm faunas.
Pizzatto L., Kelehear C., Dubey S., Barton D., Shine R., 2012. Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 48 (4) pp. 951-961.
Multiple refugia and barriers explain the phylogeography of the Valais shrew, Sorex antinorii (Mammalia: Soricomorpha), Sorex antinorii (Mammalia: Soricomorpha)
Yannic G., Pellissier L., Dubey S., Vega R., Basset P., Mazzotti S., Pecchioli E., Vernesi C., Hauffe H.C., Searle J.B. et al., 2012. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 105 (4) pp. 864-880.
Phylogeography and dispersal in the velvet gecko (Oedura lesueurii), and potential implications for conservation of an endangered snake (Hoplocephalus bungaroides).
Dubey S., Croak B., Pike D., Webb J., Shine R., 2012. BMC Evolutionary Biology, 12 p. 67.
Predation drives interpopulation differences in parental care expression.
Huang W.S., Lin S.M., Dubey S., Pike D.A., 2012. Journal of Animal Ecology, 82 (2) pp. 429-437.
The occurrence of reptiles in Barn Owl diet in Europe
Roulin A., Dubey S., 2012. Bird Study, 59 (4) pp. 504-508. Peer-reviewed.
Genetic Connectivity among Populations of an Endangered Snake Species from Southeastern Australia (Hoplocephalus bungaroides, Elapidae).
Dubey S., Sumner J., Pike D.A., Keogh J.S., Webb J.K., Shine R., 2011. Ecology and Evolution, 1 (2) pp. 218-227.
Geographic variation in the age of temperate-zone reptile and amphibian species: Southern Hemisphere species are older.
Dubey S., Shine R., 2011. Biology Letters, 7 (1) pp. 96-97.
Landscape genetics of the Alpine newt (Mesotriton alpestris) inferred from a strip-based approach
Emaresi G., Pellet J., Dubey S., Hirzel A.H., Fumagalli L., 2011. Conservation Genetics, 12 (1) pp. 41-50. Peer-reviewed.
Molecular evolution of Azagny virus, a newfound hantavirus harbored by the West African pygmy shrew (Crocidura obscurior) in Côte d'Ivoire.
Kang H.J., Kadjo B., Dubey S., Jacquet F., Yanagihara R., 2011. Virology Journal, 8 p. 373.
Predicting the effects of climate change on reproductive fitness of an endangered montane lizard, Eulamprus leuraensis (Scincidae)
Dubey S., Shine R., 2011. Climatic Change, 107 (3-4) pp. 531-547. Peer-reviewed.
Sexual dimorphism and sexual selection in a montane scincid lizard (Eulamprus leuraensis)
Dubey S., Chevalley M., Shine R., 2011. Austral Ecology, 36 (1) pp. 68-75. Peer-reviewed.
Using combined morphological, allometric and molecular approaches to identify species of the genus Raillietiella (Pentastomida).
Kelehear C., Spratt D.M., Dubey S., Brown G.P., Shine R., 2011. PLoS One, 6 (9) pp. e24936.
Additional data for nuclear DNA give new insights into the phylogenetic position of Sorex granarius within the Sorex araneus group.
Yannic G., Dubey S., Hausser J., Basset P., 2010. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 57 (3) pp. 1062-1071.
Evolutionary diversification of the lizard genus Bassiana (Scincidae) across Southern Australia.
Dubey S., Shine R., 2010. Plos One, 5 (9) pp. e12982. Peer-reviewed.
Fortuitous infestation or wide host range? The case of Spinturnicidae and their bat hosts: Reply to Guiller and Deunff (2010)
Bruyndonckx N., Dubey S., Christe P., 2010. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 57 (3) pp. 1353-1354. Peer-reviewed.
Mites as biological tags of their hosts.
Bruyndonckx N., Biollaz F., Dubey S., Goudet J., Christe P., 2010. Molecular Ecology, 19 (13) pp. 2770-2778. Peer-reviewed.
On tree frog cryptozoology and systematics
Stöck M., Dubey S., Klütsch C., Litvinchuk S.N., Scheidt U., Perrin N., 2010. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 57 (2) pp. 957-958. Peer-reviewed.
Plio-pleistocene diversification and connectivity between mainland and Tasmanian populations of Australian snakes (Drysdalia, Elapidae, Serpentes).
Dubey S., Keogh J.S., Shine R., 2010. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 56 (3) pp. 1119-1125.
Plio-Pleistocene diversification and genetic population structure of an endangered lizard (the Blue Mountains water skink, Eulamprus leuraensis) in south-eastern Australia
Dubey S., Shine R., 2010. Journal of Biogeography, 37 (5) pp. 902-914. Peer-reviewed.
Restricted dispersal and genetic diversity in populations of an endangered montane lizard (Eulamprus leuraensis, Scincidae).
Dubey S., Shine R., 2010. Molecular Ecology, 19 (5) pp. 886-897.
False phylogenies on wood mice due to cryptic cytochrome-b pseudogene.
Dubey S., Michaux J., Brünner H., Hutterer R., Vogel P., 2009. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 50 (3) pp. 633-641.
Genetic differentiation in two European tree frog (Hyla arborea) metapopulations in contrasted landscapes of Western Switzerland
Dubey S., Ursenbacher S., Pellet J., Fumagalli L., 2009. Amphibia-Reptilia, 30 (1) pp. 127-133. Peer-reviewed.
Molecular cophylogenetic relationships between European bats and their ectoparasitic mites (Acari, Spinturnicidae).
Bruyndonckx N., Dubey S., Ruedi M., Christe P., 2009. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 51 (2) pp. 227-237. Peer-reviewed.
Sexual selection favours large body size in males of a tropical snake (Stegonotus cucullatus, Colubridae)
Dubey S., Brown G.P., Madsen T., Shine R., 2009. Animal Behaviour, 77 (1) pp. 177-182. Peer-reviewed.
Biogeographic origin and radiation of the Old World crocidurine shrews (Mammalia: Soricidae) inferred from mitochondrial and nuclear genes.
Dubey S., Salamin N., Ruedi M., Barrière P., Colyn M., Vogel P., 2008. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 48 (3) pp. 953-963. Peer-reviewed.
Characterization of tri- and tetranucleotide microsatellite loci for the slatey-grey snake (Stegonotus cucullatus, Colubridae).
Dubey S., Brown G.P., Madsen T., Shine R., 2008. Molecular Ecology Resources, 8 (2) pp. 431-433.
Male-biased dispersal in a tropical Australian snake (Stegonotus cucullatus, Colubridae).
Dubey S., Brown G.P., Madsen T., Shine R., 2008. Molecular Ecology, 17 (15) pp. 3506-3514.
Mitochondrial and nuclear phylogeny of circum-Mediterranean tree frogs from the Hyla arborea group.
Stöck M., Dubey S., Klütsch C., Litvinchuk S.N., Scheidt U., Perrin N., 2008. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 49 (3) pp. 1019-1024. Peer-reviewed.
Molecular phylogenetics reveals Messinian, Pliocene, and Pleistocene colonizations of islands by North African shrews.
Dubey S., Koyasu K., Parapanov R., Ribi M., Hutterer R., Vogel P., 2008. Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 47 (2) pp. 877-882. Peer-reviewed.
Origin of the parasites of an invading species, the Australian cane toad (Bufo marinus): are the lungworms Australian or American?
Dubey S., Shine R., 2008. Molecular Ecology, 17 (20) pp. 4418-4424.
Secondary contact zones and hybridizations: the case of the lesser white-toothed shrew (Crocidura suaveolens group, Soricidae)
Dubey S., Diker E., Kurtonur C., Vogel P., 2008. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 95 (3) pp. 557-565. Peer-reviewed.
Cytogenetic and molecular relationships between Zarudny's rock shrew (Crocidura zarudnyi; Mammalia : Soricomorpha) and Eurasian taxa
Dubey S., Nova P., Vogel P., Vohralik V., 2007. Journal of Mammalogy, 88 (3) pp. 706-711. Peer-reviewed.
Mediterranean populations of the lesser white-toothed shrew (Crocidura suaveolens group): an unexpected puzzle of Pleistocene survivors and prehistoric introductions.
Dubey S., Cosson J.F., Magnanou E., Vohralík V., Benda P., Frynta D., Hutterer R., Vogel V., Vogel P., 2007. Molecular Ecology, 16 (16) pp. 3438-3452.
Molecular evidence of Pleistocene bidirectional faunal exchange between Europe and the Near East: the case of the bicoloured shrew (Crocidura leucodon, Soricidae).
Dubey S., Cosson J.F., Vohralík V., Krystufek B., Diker E., Vogel P., 2007. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 20 (5) pp. 1799-1808.
Molecular phylogenetics of shrews (Mammalia: Soricidae) reveal timing of transcontinental colonizations.
Dubey S., Salamin N., Ohdachi S.D., Barrière P., Vogel P., 2007. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 44 (1) pp. 126-137. Peer-reviewed.
Use of phylogeny to resolve the taxonomy of the widespread and highly polymorphic African giant shrews (Crocidura olivieri group, Crocidurinae, Mammalia).
Dubey S., Antonin M., Denys C., Vogel P., 2007. Zoology, 110 (1) pp. 48-57.
A sex-specific marker reveals male heterogamety in European tree frogs.
Berset-Brändli L., Jaquiéry J., Dubey S., Perrin N., 2006/06. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 23 (6) pp. 1104-1106. Peer-reviewed.
Habitat, morphology and karyotype of the Saharan shrew Crocidura tarfayaensis (Mammalia : Soricidae)
Vogel P., Mehmeti A. M., Dubey S., Vogel-Gerber C., Koyasu K., Ribi M., 2006. Acta Theriologica, 51 (4) pp. 353-361. Peer-reviewed.
Origine des populations de rainette verte (Hyla spp.) de l'ouest de la Suisse
Dubey S., Ursenbacher S., Fumagalli L., 2006. Revue Suisse de Zoologie, 113 (4) pp. 879-887. Peer-reviewed.
Pliocene and Pleistocene diversification and multiple refugia in a Eurasian shrew (Crocidura suaveolens group).
Dubey S., Zaitsev M., Cosson J.F., Abdukadier A., Vogel P., 2006. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 38 (3) pp. 635-647.
Les amphibiens du bassin de l'Aubonne: distribution et analyse d'habitat
Pellet J., Dubey S., Hoehn S., 2002. Bulletin de la Société vaudoise des Sciences Naturelles, 88 (1) pp. 41-57.
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