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The EBI2-oxysterol axis promotes the development of intestinal lymphoid structures and colitis.
Wyss A., Raselli T., Perkins N., Ruiz F., Schmelczer G., Klinke G., Moncsek A., Roth R., Spalinger M.R., Hering L. et al., 2019/05. Mucosal immunology, 12 (3) pp. 733-745. Peer-reviewed.
Patterns of care for Multiple Sclerosis in a setting of universal care access: A cross-sectional study.
Barin L., Kaufmann M., Salmen A., Kamm C.P., Gobbi C., Kuhle J., Pot C., Chan A., Czaplinski A., Ajdacic-Gross V. et al., 2019/02. Multiple sclerosis and related disorders, 28 pp. 17-25. Peer-reviewed.
The disease burden of Multiple Sclerosis from the individual and population perspective: Which symptoms matter most?
Barin L., Salmen A., Disanto G., Babačić H., Calabrese P., Chan A., Kamm C.P., Kesselring J., Kuhle J., Gobbi C. et al., 2018/10. Multiple sclerosis and related disorders, 25 pp. 112-121. Peer-reviewed.
The Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Registry (SMSR): study protocol of a participatory, nationwide registry to promote epidemiological and patient-centered MS research.
Steinemann N., Kuhle J., Calabrese P., Kesselring J., Disanto G., Merkler D., Pot C., Ajdacic-Gross V., Rodgers S., Puhan M.A. et al., 2018/08/13. BMC neurology, 18 (1) p. 111. Peer-reviewed.
Factors associated with time from first-symptoms to diagnosis and treatment initiation of Multiple Sclerosis in Switzerland.
Kaufmann M., Kuhle J., Puhan M.A., Kamm C.P., Chan A., Salmen A., Kesselring J., Calabrese P., Gobbi C., Pot C. et al., 2018. Multiple sclerosis journal - experimental, translational and clinical, 4 (4) p. 2055217318814562. Peer-reviewed.
Increased interleukin-27 cytokine expression in the central nervous system of multiple sclerosis patients.
Lalive P.H., Kreutzfeldt M., Devergne O., Metz I., Bruck W., Merkler D., Pot C., 2017/07/24. Journal of neuroinflammation, 14 (1) p. 144. Peer-reviewed.
Serum Neurofilament light: A biomarker of neuronal damage in multiple sclerosis.
Disanto G., Barro C., Benkert P., Naegelin Y., Schädelin S., Giardiello A., Zecca C., Blennow K., Zetterberg H., Leppert D. et al., 2017/06. Annals of neurology, 81 (6) pp. 857-870. Peer-reviewed.
EBI2 Expression and Function: Robust in Memory Lymphocytes and Increased by Natalizumab in Multiple Sclerosis.
Clottu A.S., Mathias A., Sailer A.W., Schluep M., Seebach J.D., Du Pasquier R., Pot C., 2017/01/03. Cell reports, 18 (1) pp. 213-224. Peer-reviewed.
IL-27-Induced Type 1 Regulatory T-Cells Produce Oxysterols that Constrain IL-10 Production.
Vigne S., Chalmin F., Duc D., Clottu A.S., Apetoh L., Lobaccaro J.A., Christen I., Zhang J., Pot C., 2017. Frontiers in immunology, 8 p. 1184. Peer-reviewed.
The Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Cohort-Study (SMSC): A Prospective Swiss Wide Investigation of Key Phases in Disease Evolution and New Treatment Options.
Disanto G., Benkert P., Lorscheider J., Mueller S., Vehoff J., Zecca C., Ramseier S., Achtnichts L., Findling O., Nedeltchev K. et al., 2016. Plos One, 11 (3) pp. e0152347. Peer-reviewed.
IL-27 Induces Th17 Differentiation in the Absence of STAT1 Signaling.
Peters A., Fowler K.D., Chalmin F., Merkler D., Kuchroo V.K., Pot C., 2015. Journal of Immunology, 195 (9) pp. 4144-4153. Peer-reviewed.
Oxysterols regulate encephalitogenic CD4(+) T cell trafficking during central nervous system autoimmunity.
Chalmin F., Rochemont V., Lippens C., Clottu A., Sailer A.W., Merkler D., Hugues S., Pot C., 2015/01. Journal of autoimmunity, 56 pp. 45-55. Peer-reviewed.
Ag-presenting CpG-activated pDCs prime Th17 cells that induce tumor regression.
Guéry L., Dubrot J., Lippens C., Brighouse D., Malinge P., Irla M., Pot C., Reith W., Waldburger J.M., Hugues S., 2014/11/15. Cancer research, 74 (22) pp. 6430-6440. Peer-reviewed.
Fine tuning of the immune response by the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor
Pot Caroline, Quintana Francisco J., Kuchroo Vijay K., 2013/11. Seminars in Immunopathology, 35 (6) pp. 613-613.
Metallothioneins negatively regulate IL-27-induced type 1 regulatory T-cell differentiation.
Wu C., Pot C., Apetoh L., Thalhamer T., Zhu B., Murugaiyan G., Xiao S., Lee Y., Rangachari M., Yosef N. et al., 2013/05/07. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 110 (19) pp. 7802-7807. Peer-reviewed.
Nogo-A downregulation improves insulin secretion in mice.
Bonal C.B., Baronnier D.E., Pot C., Benkhoucha M., Schwab M.E., Lalive P.H., Herrera P.L., 2013/05. Diabetes, 62 (5) pp. 1443-1452. Peer-reviewed.
SOCS3 Transactivation by PPARγ Prevents IL-17-Driven Cancer Growth.
Berger H., Végran F., Chikh M., Gilardi F., Ladoire S., Bugaut H., Mignot G., Chalmin F., Bruchard M., Derangère V. et al., 2013. Cancer Research, 73 (12) pp. 3578-3590.
Aryl hydrocarbon receptor controls regulatory CD4+ T cell function.
Pot C., 2012. Swiss medical weekly, 142 pp. w13592. Peer-reviewed.
Induction of regulatory Tr1 cells and inhibition of T(H)17 cells by IL-27.
Pot C., Apetoh L., Awasthi A., Kuchroo V.K., 2011/12. Seminars in immunology, 23 (6) pp. 438-445. Peer-reviewed.
Type 1 regulatory T cells (Tr1) in autoimmunity.
Pot C., Apetoh L., Kuchroo V.K., 2011/06. Seminars in immunology, 23 (3) pp. 202-208. Peer-reviewed.
The aryl hydrocarbon receptor interacts with c-Maf to promote the differentiation of type 1 regulatory T cells induced by IL-27.
Apetoh L., Quintana F.J., Pot C., Joller N., Xiao S., Kumar D., Burns E.J., Sherr D.H., Weiner H.L., Kuchroo V.K., 2010/09. Nature immunology, 11 (9) pp. 854-861. Peer-reviewed.
Molecular pathways in the induction of interleukin-27-driven regulatory type 1 cells.
Pot C., Apetoh L., Awasthi A., Kuchroo V.K., 2010/06. Journal of interferon & cytokine research, 30 (6) pp. 381-388. Peer-reviewed.
Cutting edge: IL-27 induces the transcription factor c-Maf, cytokine IL-21, and the costimulatory receptor ICOS that coordinately act together to promote differentiation of IL-10-producing Tr1 cells.
Pot C., Jin H., Awasthi A., Liu S.M., Lai C.Y., Madan R., Sharpe A.H., Karp C.L., Miaw S.C., Ho I.C. et al., 2009/07/15. Journal of immunology, 183 (2) pp. 797-801. Peer-reviewed.
Cutting edge: IL-23 receptor gfp reporter mice reveal distinct populations of IL-17-producing cells.
Awasthi A., Riol-Blanco L., Jäger A., Korn T., Pot C., Galileos G., Bettelli E., Kuchroo V.K., Oukka M., 2009/05/15. Journal of immunology, 182 (10) pp. 5904-5908. Peer-reviewed.
Human herpesvirus-6 variant A encephalomyelitis.
Pot C., Burkhard P.R., Villard J., Perrin L., Kaiser L., Landis T., Lalive P.H., 2008/03/18. Neurology, 70 (12) pp. 974-976. Peer-reviewed.
Combined antiviral-immunosuppressive treatment in human T-lymphotrophic virus 1-Sjögren-associated myelopathy.
Pot C., Chizzolini C., Vokatch N., Tiercy J.M., Ribi C., Landis T., Perren F., 2006/09. Archives of neurology, 63 (9) pp. 1318-1320. Peer-reviewed.
Synaptic destabilization by neuronal Nogo-A.
Aloy E.M., Weinmann O., Pot C., Kasper H., Dodd D.A., Rülicke T., Rossi F., Schwab M.E., 2006/06. Brain cell biology, 35 (2-3) pp. 137-156. Peer-reviewed.
Apomorphine-induced eosinophilic panniculitis and hypereosinophilia in Parkinson disease.
Pot C., Oppliger R., Castillo V., Coeytaux A., Hauser C., Burkhard P.R., 2005/01/25. Neurology, 64 (2) pp. 392-393. Peer-reviewed.
Nogo-A expressed in Schwann cells impairs axonal regeneration after peripheral nerve injury.
Pot C., Simonen M., Weinmann O., Schnell L., Christ F., Stoeckle S., Berger P., Rülicke T., Suter U., Schwab M.E., 2002/10/14. The Journal of cell biology, 159 (1) pp. 29-35. Peer-reviewed.
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