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Treatment of type B periprosthetic femur fractures with curved non-locking plate with eccentric holes: Retrospective study of 43 patients with minimum 1-year follow-up.
Lunebourg A., Mouhsine E., Cherix S., Ollivier M., Chevalley F., Wettstein M., 2015. Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Surgery and Research, 101 (3) pp. 277-282. Peer-reviewed.
Prognostic factors in adult soft tissue sarcoma treated with surgery combined with radiotherapy: a retrospective single-center study on 164 patients.
Cai L., Mirimanoff R.O., Mouhsine E., Guillou L., Leyvraz P.F., Leyvraz S., Gay B., Matzinger O., Ozsahin M., Zouhair A., 2013. Rare Tumors, 5 (4) pp. e55. Peer-reviewed.
Percutaneous CT-guided treatment of osteochondritis dissecans of the sacroiliac joint.
Becce F., Mouhsine E., Mosimann P.J., Anaye A., Letovanec I., Theumann N., 2012. Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology, 35 (4) pp. 963-967.
Synovial sarcomas usually metastasize after >5 years: a multicenter retrospective analysis with minimum follow-up of 10 years for survivors.
Krieg A.H., Hefti F., Speth B.M., Jundt G., Guillou L., Exner U.G., von Hochstetter A.R., Cserhati M.D., Fuchs B., Mouhsine E. et al., 2011. Annals of Oncology, 22 (2) pp. 458-467.
A new conservative-dynamic treatment for the acute ruptured Achilles tendon.
Neumayer F., Mouhsine E., Arlettaz Y., Gremion G., Wettstein M., Crevoisier X., 2010. Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery, 130 (3) pp. 363-368.
Arthro-IRM directe en traction axiale: technique et intérêt [Technique and value of direct MR arthrography applying articular distraction]
Becce F., Wettstein M., Guntern D., Mouhsine E., Palhais N., Theumann N., 2010. Revue Médicale Suisse, 6 (237) pp. 413-417.
Itinéraire clinique en traumatologie, une mode ou un besoin [Clinical pathway in traumatology, a fashion or need?].
Mouhsine E., Wettstein M., Echenmoser G., Barres A.M., Nicolas F., Gandibleux N., 2010. Revue Médicale Suisse, 6 (276) pp. 2438-2442.
Lésions osseuses simulant un ostéome ostéoïde : résultats biopsiques, aspect scanner et traitement par radiofréquence
Becce F., Feydy A., Rochette A., Larousserie F., Campagna R., Guillou L., Mouhsine E., Anract P., Drapé J.L., Theumann N., 2010. p. 1283 dans JFR 2010, 58e Journées Françaises de Radiologie, Journal de Radiologie. Peer-reviewed.
Osteoid osteoma and osteoid osteoma-mimicking lesions: biopsy findings, distinctive MDCT features and treatment by radiofrequency ablation.
Becce F., Theumann N., Rochette A., Larousserie F., Campagna R., Cherix S., Guillou L., Mouhsine E., Anract P., Drapé J.L. et al., 2010. European Radiology, 20 (10) pp. 2439-2446. Peer-reviewed.
Osteoid osteoma-like lesions: MDCT features and treatment by radiofrequency ablation : 46
Becce F., Feydy A., Larousserie F., Guillou L., Mouhsine E., Anract P., Theumann N., 2010. p. 25 dans Swiss Radiological Congress 2010, Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Radiologie, Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Nuklearmedizin, Schweizerische Vereinigung der Fachleute für medizinisch technische Radiologie, Swiss Medical Forum = Forum Médical Suisse.
Painful total hip replacement due to sciatic nerve entrapment in scar tissue and lipoma.
Wettstein M., Garofalo R., Mouhsine E., 2010. Musculoskeletal Surgery, 94 (2) pp. 77-80.
Brucellosis hip abscess without risk factor.
Mouhsine E., Akiki A., Garofalo R., 2009. Musculoskeletal Surgery, 93 (2) pp. 75-78.
Direct magnetic resonance arthrography of the knee: utility of axial traction.
Palhais N.S., Guntern D., Kagel A., Wettstein M., Mouhsine E., Theumann N., 2009. European Radiology, 19 (9) pp. 2225-2231.
Intramedullary nailing of clavicular fractures
Conrad C., Mouhsine E., Borens O., 2009. dans 10th EFORT Congress, European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology.
Lack of extended venous thromboembolism prophylaxis in high-risk patients undergoing major orthopaedic or major cancer surgery. Electronic Assessment of VTE Prophylaxis in High-Risk Surgical Patients at Discharge from Swiss Hospitals (ESSENTIAL).
Kalka C., Spirk D., Siebenrock K.A., Metzger U., Tuor P., Sterzing D., Oehy K., Wondberg D., Mouhsine el Y, Gautier E. et al., 2009. Thrombosis and Haemostasis, 102 (1) pp. 56-61. Peer-reviewed.
Osteoporotic fractures : A new collaboration with surgeons : P17
Aubry-Rozier B., Krieg M.A., Moushine E., Lamy O., 2009. pp. 6-7 dans Annual meeting of the Swiss Society of Rheumatology (SGR), Symposium Health Professionals in Rheumatology combined with the 6th Conference on Sex Hormones, Pregnancy and Rheumatic Diseases, Swiss Medical Weeky. Peer-reviewed.
Outcome of long-axis percutaneous sacroplasty as first-line treatment of sacral insufficiency fractures : P219
Kamel E., Binaghi S., Guntern D PI. , Moushine E., Schnyder P., Theumann N., 2009. pp. 11S dans SGR-SSR 2009, 96th Annual Swiss Congress of Radiology, Swiss Medical Forum = Forum Médical Suisse.
Outcome of long-axis percutaneous sacroplasty for the treatment of sacral insufficiency fractures.
Kamel Ehab M., Binaghi Stefano, Guntern Daniel, Mouhsine Elyazid, Schnyder Pierre, Theumann Nicolas, 2009. European Radiology, 19 (12) pp. 3002-7. Peer-reviewed.
Stress radiography and posterior pathological laxity of knee: comparison between two different techniques.
Garofalo R., Fanelli G.C., Cikes A., N'Dele D., Kombot C., Mariani P.P., Mouhsine E., 2009. Knee, 16 (4) pp. 251-255.
Tibio-talar arthrodesis with long anterograde nail after complex open fracture-dislocation of the ankle : P17
Borens O., Hofer M., Eudier A., Mouhsine E., 2009. pp. 35S dans Annual meeting of the Swiss Society of Orthopedy and Traumatology, Swiss Medical Weekly. Peer-reviewed.
A new technique to improve tissue grip and contact force in arthroscopic capsulolabral repair: the MIBA stitch.
Castagna A., Conti M., Mouhsine E., Delle Rose G., Massazza G., Garofalo R., 2008. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, 16 (4) pp. 415-419.
Isolated limb perfusion with tumor necrosis factor and melphalan for non-resectable soft tissue sarcomas: long-term results on efficacy and limb salvage in a selected group of patients
Cherix S., Speiser M., Matter M., Raffoul W., Liénard D., Theumann N., Mouhsine E., Mirimanoff R.O., Leyvraz S., Lejeune F.J. et al., 2008. Jounal of Surgical Oncology, 98 (3) pp. 148-155. Peer-reviewed.
Traumatismes du bassin [Pelvic trauma]
Mouhsine E., Garofalo R., Theumann N., Borens O., Chevalley F., Wettstein M., 2008. Revue Médicale Suisse, 4 (184) pp. 2723-2730.
Douleurs inguinales chez le sportif: examen clinique et radiologique [Inguinal pain in sportmen: clinical and radiological examinations]
Wettstein M., Penalba Arias P., Mouhsine E., Theumann N., 2007/08. Revue Médicale Suisse, 3 (120) pp. 1776-1782.
Chondral print on humeral head: an indirect sign of long head biceps tendon instability
Castagna A., Mouhsine E., Conti M., Vinci E., Borroni M., Giardella A., Garofalo R., 2007/05. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, 15 (5) pp. 645-8. Peer-reviewed.
Multilobulated popliteal cyst after a failed total knee arthroplasty
Moretti B., Patella V., Mouhsine E., Pesce V., Spinarelli A., Garofalo R., 2007/02. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, 15 (2) pp. 212-6.
Amputations du membre inférieur [Amputations of the lower extremity]
Borens O., Saucy F., Mouhsine E., Wettstein M., Blanc C.H., 2007. Revue médicale suisse, 3 (138) pp. 2899-905.
Diagnostics différentiels des douleurs inguinales [Differential diagnosis of groin pain]
Wettstein M., Mouhsine E., Borens O., Theumann N., 2007. Revue Médicale Suisse, 3 (138) pp. 2882-4, 2886-8.
Femoral tunnel placement in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: rationale of the two incision technique.
Garofalo R., Moretti B., Kombot C., Moretti L., Mouhsine E., 2007. Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research, 2 p. 10.
Gerdy tubercle osteotomy in surgical approach of posterolateral corner of the knee.
Garofalo R., Wettstein M., Fanelli G., Mouhsine E., 2007. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, 15 (1) pp. 31-35. Peer-reviewed.
Oligoanalgesia in the emergency department: short-term beneficial effects of an education program on acute pain.
Decosterd I., Hugli O., Tamchès E., Blanc C., Mouhsine E., Givel J.C., Yersin B., Buclin T., 2007. Annals of emergency medicine, 50 (4) pp. 462-471.
Spontaneous reduction of a traumatic L2-L3 subluxation without fracture in a 14-year-old boy.
Mouhsine E., Theumann N., Wettstein M., Leyvraz P.F., Borens O., Garofalo R., 2007. Medical Principles and Practice, 16 (1) pp. 71-74. Peer-reviewed.
Transolecranon anterior fracture dislocation.
Mouhsine E., Akiki A., Castagna A., Cikes A., Wettstein M., Borens O., Garofalo R., 2007. Journal of shoulder and elbow surgery / American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons ... [et al.], 16 (3) pp. 352-7.
Extracorporeal shock wave therapy in runners with a symptomatic heel spur
Moretti B., Garofalo R., Patella V., Sisti G. L., Corrado M., Mouhsine E., 2006/10. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, 14 (10) pp. 1029-32.
Anatomic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: the two-incision technique
Garofalo R., Mouhsine E., Chambat P., Siegrist O., 2006/06. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, 14 (6) pp. 510-6.
Arthroscopic biceps tendon tenodesis: the anchorage technical note
Castagna A., Conti M., Mouhsine E., Bungaro P., Garofalo R., 2006/06. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, 14 (6) pp. 581-5.
Modified triangular posterior osteosynthesis of unstable sacrum fracture.
Mouhsine E., Wettstein M., Schizas C., Borens O., Blanc C.H., Leyvraz P.F., Theumann N., Garofalo R., 2006/06. European Spine Journal : official publication of the European Spine Society, the European Spinal Deformity Society, and the European Section of the Cervical Spine Research Society, 15 (6) pp. 857-863. Peer-reviewed.
Two minimal incision fasciotomy for chronic exertional compartment syndrome of the lower leg
Mouhsine E., Garofalo R., Moretti B., Gremion G., Akiki A., 2006/02. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, 14 (2) pp. 193-7.
Closed and open grade I and II tibial shaft fractures treated by reamed intramedullary nailing.
Djahangiri A., Garofalo R., Chevalley F., Leyvraz P.F., Wettstein M., Borens O., Schizas C., Mouhsine E., 2006. Medical Principles and Practice, 15 (4) pp. 293-298. Peer-reviewed.
Leg textiloma. A case report.
Mouhsine E., Garofalo R., Cikes A., Leyvraz P.F., 2006. Medical Principles and Practice, 15 (4) pp. 312-315. Peer-reviewed.
Posttraumatic coccygeal instability.
Mouhsine E., Garofalo R., Chevalley F., Moretti B., Theumann N., Borens O., Maffulli N., Schizas C., Wettstein M., 2006. Spine Journal, 6 (5) pp. 544-549. Peer-reviewed.
Quel est votre diagnostic? Plasmocytome solitaire frontal [What is your diagnosis? Frontal solitary plasmacytoma]
El A. B., Arkha Y., Jroundi L., Mouhsine A., Chami I., Boujida N., Baccadi M., 2006. Journal de Radiologie, 87 (7-8) pp. 981-983.
Symptomatic herniation pit of the femoral neck: a case report.
Wettstein M., Borens O., Garofalo R., Mouhsine E., 2006. Journal of manipulative and physiological therapeutics, 29 (1) pp. 88; author reply 88-9.
Tuberculosis of the greater trochanter. Report of four cases.
Mouhsine E., Pelet S., Wettstein M., Blanc C.H., Garofalo R., Theumann N., Borens O., 2006. Medical Principles and Practice : International Journal of the Kuwait University, Health Science Centre, 15 (5) pp. 382-386. Peer-reviewed.
Use of trochanteric nail for proximal femoral extracapsular fractures.
Hofer M., Chevalley F., Garofalo R., Borens O., Mouhsine E., 2006. Orthopedics, 29 (12) pp. 1109-14. Peer-reviewed.
Thermoablation par radiofréquence de l'ostéome ostéoïde [Osteoid osteoma and radiofrequency]
Theumann N., Hauser P., Schmidt S., Schnyder P., Leyvraz P.F., Mouhsine E., 2005/12. Revue Médicale Suisse, 1 (46) pp. 2989-2994.
Medium-energy shock wave therapy in the treatment of rotator cuff calcifying tendinitis
Moretti B., Garofalo R., Genco S., Patella V., Mouhsine E., 2005/07. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, 13 (5) pp. 405-10.
Fixation de fracture du col fémoral avec des Hansson Pins. Expérience lausannoise.
Borens O., Garofalo R., Mouhsine E., Wettstein M., Chevalley F., 2005. Maîtrise Orthopédique, 142 (mars) pp. 8-10.
Hansson Hook Pins pour la fixation de fractures du col fémoral
Borens O., Garofalo R., Wettstein M., Mouhsine E. Chevalley F. , 2005. Maîtrise Orthopédique, 142 pp. 8-10.
Locking knee caused by subluxation of the posterior horn of the lateral meniscus.
Garofalo R., Kombot C., Borens O., Djahangiri A., Mouhsine E., 2005. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, 13 (7) pp. 569-571.
Lésions traumatiques rachidiennes et indications au traitement chirurgical [Surgical indications in spinal trauma]
Schizas C., Mouhsine E., Chevalley F., Theumann N., Duff J., 2005. Revue Médicale Suisse, 1 (46) pp. 2978-2981.
Minimal invasive surgery for coronoid fracture: technical note.
Garofalo R., Bollmann C., Kombot C., Moretti B., Borens O., Mouhsine E., 2005. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, 13 (7) pp. 608-611. Peer-reviewed.
Percutaneous retrograde screwing for stabilisation of acetabular fractures.
Mouhsine E., Garofalo R., Borens O., Wettstein M., Blanc C.H., Fischer J.F., Moretti B., Leyvraz P.F., 2005. Injury, 36 (11) pp. 1330-6. Peer-reviewed.
Three-dimensional computed cementless custom femoral stems in young patients: midterm followup.
Wettstein M., Mouhsine E., Argenson J.N., Rubin P.J., Aubaniac J.M., Leyvraz P.F., 2005. Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research 437 pp. 169-175. Peer-reviewed.
Traumatic rupture of the ligamentum teres as a source of hip pain.
Wettstein M., Garofalo R., Borens O., Mouhsine E., 2005. Arthroscopy : the journal of arthroscopic & related surgery : official publication of the Arthroscopy Association of North America and the International Arthroscopy Association, 21 (3) pp. 382; author reply 383.
Vertébroplastie par voie percutanée [Percutaneous vertebroplasty]
Theumann N., Uske A., Mouhsine E., Schizas C., Chevalley F., Schnyder P., Binaghi S., 2005. Revue Médicale Suisse, 1 (27) pp. 1780-4.
Fracture of the non fused os trigonum, a rare cause of hindfoot pain. A case report and review of the literature.
Mouhsine E., Djahangiri A., Garofalo R., 2004/06. La Chirurgia Degli Organi Di Movimento, 89 (2) pp. 171-175.
Acute fractures of medial and lateral great toe sesamoids in an athlete.
Mouhsine E., Leyvraz P.F., Borens O., Ribordy M., Arlettaz Y., Garofalo R., 2004. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, 12 (5) pp. 463-464. Peer-reviewed.
Antalgie aiguë aux urgences: impact d'un projet qualité avec recommandations de pratique
Tamchès E., Buclin T., Blanc C., Decosters I., Mouhsine E., Givel JC., Hugli O., Yersin B., 2004. dans Congrès annuel de la Société Suisse de Médecine Interne_Présentation orale.
Anterior subluxation after reduction of a posterior traumatic sterno-clavicular dislocation: a case report and a review of the literature.
Wettstein M., Borens O., Garofalo R., Kombot C., Chevalley F., Mouhsine E., 2004. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, 12 (5) pp. 453-456. Peer-reviewed.
Cable fixation and early total hip arthroplasty in the treatment of acetabular fractures in elderly patients.
Mouhsine E., Garofalo R., Borens O., Blanc C.H., Wettstein M., Leyvraz P.F., 2004. Journal of Arthroplasty, 19 (3) pp. 344-348. Peer-reviewed.
Die Behandlung von Acetabulumfrakturen bei geriatrischen Patienten mittels modifizierter Kabelcerclage und primärer Hüfttotalprothese. Erste Ergebnisse [Treatment of acetabular fractures in the elderly with primary total hip arthroplasty and modified cerclage. Early results]
Borens O., Wettstein M., Garofalo R., Blanc C.H., Kombot C., Leyvraz P.F., Mouhsine E., 2004. Der Unfallchirurg, 107 (11) pp. 1050-6. Peer-reviewed.
Long gamma nail in the treatment of subtrochanteric fractures.
Borens O., Wettstein M., Kombot C., Chevalley F., Mouhsine E., Garofalo R., 2004. Archives of orthopaedic and trauma surgery, 124 (7) pp. 443-7. Peer-reviewed.
Nonoperative treatment of acute rupture of the Achilles tendon: results of a new protocol and comparison with operative treatment.
Garofalo R., Mouhsine E., Borens O., Wettstein M., 2004. American Journal of Sports Medicine, 32 (7) pp. 1776-1777. Peer-reviewed.
Operative compared with nonoperative treatment of a thoracolumbar burst fracture without neurological deficit.
Wettstein M., Mouhsine E., 2004. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. American volume, 86-A (3) pp. 651-652. Peer-reviewed.
Peritalar dislocations: a retrospective study of 18 cases.
Garofalo R., Moretti B., Ortolano V., Cariola P., Solarino G., Wettstein M., Mouhsine E., 2004. Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery, 43 (3) pp. 166-172. Peer-reviewed.
Post-traumatic overload or acute syndrome of the os trigonum: a possible cause of posterior ankle impingement.
Mouhsine E., Crevoisier X., Leyvraz P.F., Akiki A., Dutoit M., Garofalo R., 2004. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, 12 (3) pp. 250-253. Peer-reviewed.
Principles of biopsy and surgical management of soft tissue tumors
Mouhsine E., Garofalo R., Leyvraz P. F., 2004. pp. 147-153 dans D. V. Egloff (eds.) Tumors of the hand, Taylor & Francis.
Grade I and II acromioclavicular dislocations: results of conservative treatment.
Mouhsine E., Garofalo R., Crevoisier X., Farron A., 2003. Journal of shoulder and elbow surgery / American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons ... [et al.], 12 (6) pp. 599-602. Peer-reviewed.
Missed traumatic hernia of the abdominal wall after contralateral pelvic and acetabular fracture.
Borens O., Bettschart V., Fischer J.F., Mouhsine E., 2003. Journal of Trauma, 54 (3) p. 626. Peer-reviewed.
Sub- or intertrochanteric fracture following screw fixation of an intracapsular proximal femoral fracture: true complication or technical error?
Pelet S., Leyvraz P.F., Garofalo R., Borens O., Mouhsine E., 2003. Swiss Surgery, 9 (2) pp. 82-86.
The Complex Intertrochanteric and Subtrochanteric Fractures with the Long Gamma Nail
Borens O., Mouhsine E., Steinbacher G., Garofalo R., Chevalley F. , 2003. Osteosynthesis and Trauma care, 11 pp. 65-71.
Thoracolumbar spine fractures in patients who have sustained severe trauma: depiction with multi-detector row CT.
Wintermark M., Mouhsine E., Theumann N., Mordasini P., van Melle G., Leyvraz P.F., Schnyder P., 2003. Radiology, 227 (3) pp. 681-689. Peer-reviewed.
Traumatic rupture of both peroneal longus and brevis tendons.
Pelet S., Saglini M., Garofalo R., Wettstein M., Mouhsine E., 2003. Foot & Ankle International, 24 (9) pp. 721-723. Peer-reviewed.
Traumatic injuries: imaging of pelvic fractures.
Theumann N.H., Verdon J.P., Mouhsine E., Denys A., Schnyder P., Portier F., 2002/06. European Radiology, 12 (6) pp. 1312-1330. Peer-reviewed.
Acute total hip arthroplasty for acetabular fractures in the elderly: 11 patients followed for 2 years.
Mouhsine E., Garofalo R., Borens O., Fischer J.F., Crevoisier X., Pelet S., Blanc C.H., Leyvraz P.F., 2002. Acta orthopaedica Scandinavica, 73 (6) pp. 615-8. Peer-reviewed.
La position d'hémilithotomie pour l'enclouage du fémur et le syndrome des loges du membre sain [Hemilithotomy position for intramedullary nailing of the femur and compartment syndrome of the healthy leg]
Christodoulou M., Garofalo R., Echeverri S., Pelet S., Mouhsine E., 2002. Swiss Surgery, 8 (4) pp. 193-196.
Traumatic hernia of the abdominal wall after pelvic and acetabular fracture: a case report.
Borens O., Fischer J.F., Bettschart V., Mouhsine E., 2002. Acta orthopaedica Belgica, 68 (5) pp. 542-5. Peer-reviewed.
Characterisation of Phaseolus symbionts isolated from Mediterranean soils and analysis of genetic factors related to pH tolerance
Priefer U. B., Aurag J., Boesten B., Bouhmouch I., Defez R., Filali-Maltouf A., Miklis M., Moawad H., Mouhsine B., Prell J. et al., 2001. Journal of Biotechnology, 91 (2-3) pp. 223-236.
Résultats préliminaires de l'enclouage rétrograde de l'humérus [Preliminary results of retrograde nailing of the humerus]
Borens O., Mouhsine E., Chevalley F., 2001. Swiss Surgery, 7 (2) pp. 76-81.
The role of reamed intramedullary nailing in the treatment of nonunions and malunions following femoral shaft fractures.
Crevoisier X., Mouhsine E., Chevalley F., 2001. European Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology, 11 (2) pp. 91-96. Peer-reviewed.
The scarf osteotomy for the treatment of hallux valgus deformity: a review of 84 cases.
Crevoisier X., Mouhsine E., Ortolano V., Udin B., Dutoit M., 2001. Foot & Ankle International, 22 (12) pp. 970-976. Peer-reviewed.
Radiothérapie externe ou anti-inflammatoire non stéroïdienne pour la prévention des ossifications hétérotopiques après prothèse totale de hanche. [External radiotherapy or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for prevention of heterotopic ossification following total hip replacement]
Zouhair A., Ozsahin M., Mouhsine E., Leyvraz P. F., Mirimanoff R. O., Coucke P. A., 1999/03. Schweizerische Medizinische Wochenschrift, 129 (9) pp. 370-6.
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