Andrea Pilotti

Education and work experience


July 2005
MA, Political Science, University of Lausanne.

November 2012
PhD in Political Science - University of Lausanne
" The Swiss Members of Parliament between Democratization and Professionalization (1910-2010). A Collective Biography of Swiss MPs and the Swiss Parliamentary Reforms "
Jury Members: Prof. Thomas David, Dr. André Mach (co-supervisors), Prof. Yannis Papadopoulos, Prof. Maurizio Cotta.

Work experience

March-August 2006
Stage at the Osservatorio della vita politica (OVP) - Ufficio di statistica, Bellinzona.

September-December 2006
Scientific Collaborator at the Osservatorio della vita politica (OVP) - Ufficio di statistica, Bellinzona.

October 2006-September 2007
Graduate Assistant IEPI, Prof. Olivier Fillieule.

October 2007-December 2010
Research Assistant and Doctoral Student SNF.
Research Project " The Swiss elites during the 20th century: an unfinished process of differentiation?" directed by Dr. André Mach (IEPI) and Professor Thomas David (IHES).
Project Website:
Database Swiss Elites:

January-December 2011
Fellowship for prospective researcher SNF.
Guest researcher at the Centre for the Study of Political Change (CIRCaP), University of Siena ( Supervisor: Prof. Maurizio Cotta.

April-December 2012
Graduate Assistant IHES, Prof. Thomas David.

August 2012-July 2013
Part-Time Lecturer IHES
Sociology of Elites - The Swiss Business and Political Elites during the 20th Century (with André Mach, Senior Lecturer, IEPI). Research Course, Master Degree.

August 2015-July 2016
Part-Time Lecturer IEPHI
Research Symposium: 1st and 2nd Stages of Master Thesis. Seminar, Master Degree.

August 2019-January 2020
Part-Time Lecturer IEP
Political Work from Local to National. Qualitative Methods Seminar, 2nd Part of Bachelor Degree.

Since January 2013
Scientific Collaborator - Research Observatory for Regional Politics (OVPR), University of Lausanne (

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