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Urban Transformations and Local Political Elites. A Comparative Study among four Swiss Cities
2016 - 2020 (51 mois)
Applicant : Oscar Mazzoleni, Andrea Pilotti, André Mach
Other partners : Roberto Di Capua, Karim Lasseb
The project aims to contribute to a better knowledge of the profile of elected representatives in Swiss cities. To what extent do social, urban, institutional, and political changes affect the profile of the elected representatives? To what extent is possible to observe an increasing democratization and professionalization? For each of the municipalities involved (Zurich, Lausanne, Luzern, Lugano), we will analyze the characteristics of the elected representatives (age, training, profession, gender, and political longevity) in executive and legislative institutions in the period between 1946 and 2016. Adopting a comparative approach and a prosopographic perspective, the project will adress change and persistence dealing with the urban transformation, institutional patterns and party dynamics.

Others projects

République et Canton du Tessin
2011 - 2023
grant-giving organisation : Canton du Tessin (Switzerland)
Applicant : Oscar Mazzoleni

Contracts and Mandates

Research Project of Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF): " The Swiss elites during the 20th century: an unfinished process of differentiation?"

2007 - 2010
Project Website:
Database Swiss Elites:

The Swiss Members of Parliament and the Federal Assembly during the 20th Century between Democratization and Professionalization. A Collective Biography of Swiss MPs and the Swiss Parliamentary Reforms

2011 grant-giving organisation : Fonds national suisse de la recherche scientifique (Switzerland)
Fellowship for prospective researcher for a 12 months stay at the Centre for the Study of Political Change (CIRCaP,, University of Siena.
January-December 2011

Opinion Survey in the Italian Speaking-Part of Switzerland on Vote June 14 2015 on the Reform of Federal Act on RTV

2015 grant-giving organisation : SSR-RSI (Switzerland)
Applicant : Oscar Mazzoleni, Andrea Pilotti
Other partners : Carolina Rossini, Virginie Debons

The opinions of the members of the Partito popolare democratico (PPD Ticino)

2015 grant-giving organisation : PPD Ticino (Switzerland)
Applicant : Oscar Mazzoleni
Other partners : Carolina Rossini, Andrea Pilotti, Virginie Debons

Opinion Survey on Cantonal Votes 25th September 2016 on Popular Initiatives "Prima i nostri!" et "Basta con il dumping salariale in Ticino!"

2016 grant-giving organisation : AITI, ImprendiTi, OCST, UNIA (Switzerland)
Applicant : Oscar Mazzoleni, Andrea Pilotti
Other partners : Carolina Rossini, Madeleine Braulin

Opinion Survey in Italian Speaking-Part of Switzerland on vote March 4 2018 on Popular Initiative "No Billag"

2018 grant-giving organisation : SSR-RSI (Switzerland)
Applicant : Oscar Mazzoleni, Andrea Pilotti
Other partners : Yves Di Cristino

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