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Attenuation of chronic antiviral T-cell responses through constitutive COX2-dependent prostanoid synthesis by lymph node fibroblasts
Schaeuble Karin, Cannelle Hélène, Favre Stéphanie, Huang Hsin-Ying, Oberle Susanne G., Speiser Daniel E., Zehn Dietmar, Luther Sanjiv A., 2019/07/15. PLoS biology, 17 (7) pp. e3000072. Peer-reviewed.
Identification of a new subset of lymph node stromal cells involved in regulating plasma cell homeostasis.
Huang H.Y., Rivas-Caicedo A., Renevey F., Cannelle H., Peranzoni E., Scarpellino L., Hardie D.L., Pommier A., Schaeuble K., Favre S. et al., 2018. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 115 (29) pp. E6826-E6835. Peer-reviewed.
Perivascular Fibroblasts of the Developing Spleen Act as LTα1β2-Dependent Precursors of Both T and B Zone Organizer Cells.
Schaeuble K., Britschgi M.R., Scarpellino L., Favre S., Xu Y., Koroleva E., Lissandrin TKA, Link A., Matloubian M., Ware C.F. et al., 2017/11/28. Cell reports, 21 (9) pp. 2500-2514. Peer-reviewed.
Replicating viral vector platform exploits alarmin signals for potent CD8<sup>+</sup> T cell-mediated tumour immunotherapy.
Kallert S.M., Darbre S., Bonilla W.V., Kreutzfeldt M., Page N., Müller P., Kreuzaler M., Lu M., Favre S., Kreppel F. et al., 2017/05/26. Nature communications, 8 p. 15327. Peer-reviewed.
The aged lymphoid tissue environment fails to support naïve T cell homeostasis.
Becklund B.R., Purton J.F., Ramsey C., Favre S., Vogt T.K., Martin C.E., Spasova D.S., Sarkisyan G., LeRoy E., Tan J.T. et al., 2016/08/02. Scientific reports, 6 p. 30842. Peer-reviewed.
CD8 engineered cytotoxic T cells reprogram melanoma tumor environment.
Leignadier J., Favre S., Luther S.A., Luescher I.F., 2016. Oncoimmunology, 5 (3) pp. e1086861.
Malt1 protease inactivation efficiently dampens immune responses but causes spontaneous autoimmunity.
Jaworski M., Marsland B.J., Gehrig J., Held W., Favre S., Luther S.A., Perroud M., Golshayan D., Gaide O., Thome M., 2014. EMBO Journal, 33 (23) pp. 2765-2781.
Specific fibroblastic niches in secondary lymphoid organs orchestrate distinct Notch-regulated immune responses.
Fasnacht N., Huang H.Y., Koch U., Favre S., Auderset F., Chai Q., Onder L., Kallert S., Pinschewer D.D., MacDonald H.R. et al., 2014. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 211 (11) pp. 2265-2279.
Trapping of naive lymphocytes triggers rapid growth and remodeling of the fibroblast network in reactive murine lymph nodes.
Yang C.Y., Vogt T.K., Favre S., Scarpellino L., Huang H.Y., Tacchini-Cottier F., Luther S.A., 2014. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 111 (1) pp. E109-E118.
DL4-mediated Notch signaling is required for the development of fetal αβ and γδ T cells.
Ferrero I., Koch U., Claudinot S., Favre S., Radtke F., Luther S.A., MacDonald H.R., 2013. European Journal of Immunology, 43 (11) pp. 2845-2853.
Notch signaling regulates follicular helper T cell differentiation.
Auderset F., Schuster S., Fasnacht N., Coutaz M., Charmoy M., Koch U., Favre S., Wilson A., Trottein F., Alexander J. et al., 2013. Journal of Immunology, 191 (5) pp. 2344-2350.
Association of T-zone reticular networks and conduits with ectopic lymphoid tissues in mice and humans.
Link A., Hardie D.L., Favre S., Britschgi M.R., Adams D.H., Sixt M., Cyster J.G., Buckley C.D., Luther S.A., 2011. American Journal of Pathology, 178 (4) pp. 1662-1675.
CCL21 is sufficient to mediate DC migration, maturation and function in the absence of CCL19.
Britschgi M.R., Favre S., Luther S.A., 2010. European Journal of Immunology, 40 (5) pp. 1266-1271. Peer-reviewed.
Restoration of lymphoid organ integrity through the interaction of lymphoid tissue-inducer cells with stroma of the T cell zone.
Scandella E., Bolinger B., Lattmann E., Miller S., Favre S., Littman D.R., Finke D., Luther S.A., Junt T., Ludewig B., 2008. Nature immunology, 9 (6) pp. 667-675.
Fibroblastic reticular cells in lymph nodes regulate the homeostasis of naive T cells.
Link A., Vogt T.K., Favre S., Britschgi M.R., Acha-Orbea H., Hinz B., Cyster J.G., Luther S.A., 2007. Nature Immunology, 8 (11) pp. 1255-1265.
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