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Cause-specific mortality rates: Common trends and differences
Arnold Séverine, Glushko Viktoriya, 2021/07. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 99 pp. 294-308.
Retirement Ages by Socio-Economic Class
Arnold Séverine, Jijiie Anca, 2020/10/04. Risks, 8 (4) p. 102.
Periodic or Generational Actuarial Tables: Which One to Choose?
Arnold S., Jijiie A., Jondeau E., Rockinger M., 2019/12/31. European Actuarial Journal, 9 (2) pp. 519-554. Peer-reviewed.
How can a cause-of-death reduction be compensated for by the population heterogeneity? A dynamic approach
Kaakaï Sarah, Labit Hardy Héloïse, Arnold Séverine, El Karoui Nicole, 2019/11. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 89 pp. 16-37. Peer-reviewed.
Generational transfers within the occupational pension system in Switzerland
Arnold S., Jijiie A., 2019/01/02. European Actuarial Journal. Peer-reviewed.
Mind the Gap: A Study of Cause-Specific Mortality by Socioeconomic Circumstances
Alai D.H., Arnold S., Bajekal M., Villegas A.M., 2018/01/05. North American Actuarial Journal, 22 (2) pp. 161-181. Peer-reviewed.
Cause-of-death mortality: What can be learned from population dynamics?
Boumezoued A., Hardy Labit H., El Karoui N., Arnold S., 2018/01. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 78 pp. 301-315. Peer-reviewed.
On the heterogeneity of human populations as reflected by mortality dynamics
Avraam D., Arnold S., Vasieva O., Vasiev B., 2016/11/22. Aging, 8 (11) pp. 3045-3064. Peer-reviewed.
International Cause-Specific Mortality Rates: New Insights from a Cointegration Analysis
Arnold (-Gaille) S., Sherris M., 2016/01. ASTIN Bulletin: The Journal of the International Actuarial Association, 46 (1) pp. 9-38. Peer-reviewed.
Longevity Risk in Notional Defined Contribution Pension Schemes: a Solution
Arnold (-Gaille) S., Boado-Penas M.C., Godinez-Olivares H., 2016/01. The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice, 41 (1) pp. 24-52. Peer-reviewed.
Tables de Mortalité par Générations: Pourquoi Est-il Egalement Risqué d'Utiliser des Tables de Mortalité par Générations?
Arnold S., 2016. Bulletin de l'ASA pp. 34-39.
Modelling Cause-of-Death Mortality and the Impact of Cause-Elimination
Alai D.H., Arnold (-Gaille) S., Sherris M., 2015/03. Annals of Actuarial Science, 9 (1) pp. 167-186. Peer-reviewed.
Causes-of-Death Mortality: What Do We Know on their Dependence?
Arnold (-Gaille) S., Sherris M., 2015. North American Actuarial Journal, 19 (2) pp. 116-128. Peer-reviewed.
Mathematical study of mortality dynamics in heterogeneous population composed of subpopulations following the exponential law
Avraam D., de Magalhaes J. P., Arnold S., Vasiev B., 2015. pp. 159-171 dans Manca R., McClean S., Skiadas C.H. (eds.) Stochastic Modeling Techniques and Data Analysis International Conference Book Series chap. 4, ISAST.
Time-evolution of age-dependent mortality patterns in mathematical model of heterogeneous human population
Avraam D., Arnold (-Gaille) S., Jones D., Vasiev B., 2014/12. Experimental Gerontology, 60 pp. 18-30. Peer-reviewed.
Causes-of-Death Mortality: What Do We Know on their Dependence?
Arnold-Gaille S., Sherris M., 2014/01. Monograph of the Living to 100 Symposium. Peer-reviewed.
Switzerland: Current Retirement System and Future Prospects
Durand O., Gaille S., 2013/03. Life and Pensions Newsletter of the Geneva Association, 52.
Forecasting Mortality Trends allowing for Cause-of-Death Mortality Dependence
Arnold (-Gaille) S., Sherris M., 2013. North American Actuarial Journal, 17 (4) pp. 273-282. Peer-reviewed.
Forecasting Mortality: When Academia Meets Practice
Arnold (-Gaille) S., 2012. European Actuarial Journal, 2 (1) pp. 49-76. Peer-reviewed.
Modelling Mortality with Common Stochastic Long-Run Trends
Arnold (-Gaille) S., Sherris M., 2011/10. The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice, 36 (4) pp. 595-621. Peer-reviewed.
Future Swiss Mortality and its Impact on Swiss Social Security
Arnold S., 2011. Bulletin de l'AGLA, 35 pp. 13-24.
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