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Determining factors of better leptomeningeal collaterals: a study of 857 consecutive acute ischemic stroke patients.
Nannoni S., Sirimarco G., Cereda C.W., Lambrou D., Strambo D., Eskandari A., Mosimann P.J., Wintermark M., Michel P., 2019/03. Journal of neurology, 266 (3) pp. 582-588. Peer-reviewed.
Periodic limb movements during sleep in stroke/TIA: Prevalence, course, and cardiovascular burden.
Manconi M., Fanfulla F., Ferri R., Miano S., Haba-Rubio J., Heinzer R., Horvath T., Proserpio P., Young P., Moschovitis G. et al., 2018/05/08. Neurology, 90 (19) pp. e1663-e1672. Peer-reviewed.
Factors Associated With Focal Computed Tomographic Perfusion Abnormalities in Supratentorial Transient Ischemic Attacks.
Meyer I.A., Cereda C.W., Correia P.N., Zerlauth J.B., Puccinelli F., Rotzinger D.C., Amiguet M., Maeder P., Meuli R.A., Michel P., 2018/01. Stroke, 49 (1) pp. 68-75. Peer-reviewed.
A benchmarking tool to evaluate computer tomography perfusion infarct core predictions against a DWI standard.
Cereda C.W., Christensen S., Campbell B.C., Mishra N.K., Mlynash M., Levi C., Straka M., Wintermark M., Bammer R., Albers G.W. et al., 2016. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism : Official Journal of the International Society of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, 36 (10) pp. 1780-1789. Peer-reviewed.
Erratum to: Risk factors, aetiology and outcome of ischaemic stroke in young adults: the Swiss Young Stroke Study (SYSS).
Simonetti B.G., Mono M.L., Huynh-Do U., Michel P., Odier C., Sztajzel R., Lyrer P., Engelter S.T., Bonati L., Gensicke H. et al., 2016..
Inter-rater agreement analysis of the Precise Diagnostic Score for suspected transient ischemic attack.
Cereda C.W., George P.M., Inoue M., Vora N., Olivot J.M., Schwartz N., Lansberg M.G., Kemp S., Mlynash M., Albers G.W., 2016. International Journal of Stroke, 11 (1) pp. 85-92. Peer-reviewed.
Magnetic resonance imaging-based endovascular versus medical stroke treatment for symptom onset up to 12 h.
Wouters A., Lemmens R., Christensen S., Wilms G., Dupont P., Mlynash M., Schneider A., Laage R., Cereda C.W., Lansberg M.G. et al., 2016. International Journal of Stroke : Official Journal of the International Stroke Society, 11 (1) pp. 127-133. Peer-reviewed.
Beneficial effects of a semi-intensive stroke unit are beyond the monitor.
Cereda C.W., George P.M., Pelloni L.S., Gandolfi-Decristophoris P., Mlynash M., Biancon Montaperto L., Limoni C., Stojanova V., Malacrida R., Städler C. et al., 2015. Cerebrovascular Diseases, 39 (2) pp. 102-109. Peer-reviewed.
Reperfusion of very low cerebral blood volume lesion predicts parenchymal hematoma after endovascular therapy.
Mishra N.K., Christensen S., Wouters A., Campbell B.C., Straka M., Mlynash M., Kemp S., Cereda C.W., Bammer R., Marks M.P. et al., 2015. Stroke; A Journal of Cerebral Circulation, 46 (5) pp. 1245-1249. Peer-reviewed.
Response to endovascular reperfusion is not time-dependent in patients with salvageable tissue.
Lansberg M.G., Cereda C.W., Mlynash M., Mishra N.K., Inoue M., Kemp S., Christensen S., Straka M., Zaharchuk G., Marks M.P. et al., 2015. Neurology, 85 (8) pp. 708-714. Peer-reviewed.
Risk factors, aetiology and outcome of ischaemic stroke in young adults: the Swiss Young Stroke Study (SYSS).
Goeggel Simonetti B., Mono M.L., Huynh-Do U., Michel P., Odier C., Sztajzel R., Lyrer P., Engelter S.T., Bonati L., Gensicke H. et al., 2015. Journal of Neurology, 262 (9) pp. 2025-2032. Peer-reviewed.
Late-onset cauda equina contrast enhancement: a rare magnetic resonance imaging finding in subacute spinal cord infarction.
Pravatà E., Cereda C., Gabutti A., Distefano D., Cianfoni A., 2014. Spine Journal : Official Journal of the North American Spine Society, 14 (12) pp. 3065-3066. Peer-reviewed.
Longitudinal polysomnographic assessment from acute to subacute phase in infratentorial versus supratentorial stroke.
Manconi M., Zavalko I., Cereda C., Pisarenco I., Ott S., Fulda S., Bassetti C.L., 2014. Cerebrovascular Diseases (basel, Switzerland), 37 (2) pp. 85-93. Peer-reviewed.
Tako-tsubo syndrome as a consequence and cause of stroke.
Bersano A., Melchiorre P., Moschwitis G., Tavarini F., Cereda C., Micieli G., Parati E., Bassetti C., 2014. Functional Neurology, 29 (2) pp. 135-137. Peer-reviewed.
Endothelial dysfunction and arterial stiffness in ischemic stroke: the role of sleep-disordered breathing.
Cereda C.W., Tamisier R., Manconi M., Andreotti J., Frangi J., Pifferini V., Bassetti C.L., 2013. Stroke, 44 (4) pp. 1175-1178. Peer-reviewed.
Etiology of first-ever ischaemic stroke in European young adults: the 15 cities young stroke study.
Yesilot Barlas N., Putaala J., Waje-Andreassen U., Vassilopoulou S., Nardi K., Odier C., Hofgart G., Engelter S., Burow A., Mihalka L. et al., 2013. European Journal of Neurology, 20 (11) pp. 1431-1439.
Tumefactive demyelinating lesions during etanercept treatment requiring decompressive hemicraniectomy.
Cereda C.W., Zecca C., Mazzucchelli L., Valci L., Staedler C., Bassetti C.L., Gobbi C., 2013. Multiple Sclerosis, 19 (6) pp. 820-823. Peer-reviewed.
Demographic and geographic vascular risk factor differences in European young adults with ischemic stroke: the 15 cities young stroke study.
Putaala J., Yesilot N., Waje-Andreassen U., Pitkäniemi J., Vassilopoulou S., Nardi K., Odier C., Hofgart G., Engelter S., Burow A. et al., 2012. Stroke, 43 (10) pp. 2624-2630. Peer-reviewed.
Diffusion-weighted imaging in acute demyelinating myelopathy.
Zecca C., Cereda C., Wetzel S., Tschuor S., Staedler C., Santini F., Nadarajah N., Bassetti C.L., Gobbi C., 2012. Neuroradiology, 54 (6) pp. 573-578. Peer-reviewed.
Insular ischemic stroke: clinical presentation and outcome.
Lemieux F., Lanthier S., Chevrier M.C., Gioia L., Rouleau I., Cereda C., Nguyen D.K., 2012. Cerebrovascular Diseases Extra, 2 (1) pp. 80-87. Peer-reviewed.
Posterior cerebral artery territory infarctions.
Cereda C., Carrera E., 2012. Frontiers of Neurology and Neuroscience, 30 pp. 128-131. Peer-reviewed.
Sleep-disordered breathing in acute ischemic stroke and transient ischemic attack: effects on short- and long-term outcome and efficacy of treatment with continuous positive airways pressure--rationale and design of the SAS CARE study.
Cereda C.W., Petrini L., Azzola A., Ciccone A., Fischer U., Gallino A., Györik S., Gugger M., Mattis J., Lavie L. et al., 2012. International Journal of Stroke, 7 (7) pp. 597-603. Peer-reviewed.
Sleep-wake disturbances in stroke Stroke
Carlo W. Cereda , Mauro Manconi, Claudio L. Bassetti , Louis R Caplan, 2012. pp. 166-178 dans syndromes, Cambridge University Press.
Vertical pendular nystagmus and hypertrophic inferior olivary nuclei degeneration: an "odd couple".
Carota A., Düron N., Cereda C., Bassetti C.L., 2012. Journal of Neurology, 259 (2) pp. 372-374. Peer-reviewed.
'Bubbles in the brain': systemic air embolism syndrome from an atrial-oesophageal fistula.
Cereda C., Staedler C., Moschovitis G., Caronni F., Bassetti C.L., Azzola A., 2011. Emergency Medicine Journal : Emj, 28 (5) p. 455. Peer-reviewed.
Recovery from nondominant thalamopolar artery stroke.
Carota A., Cereda C., Calabrese P., Rocchi S., Bassetti C.L., 2011. European Neurology, 65 (2) pp. 68-69. Peer-reviewed.
Bowel ischemia: a rare complication of thiopental treatment for status epilepticus.
Cereda C., Berger M.M., Rossetti A.O., 2009/05. Neurocritical Care, 10 (3) pp. 355-358.
Recurrent asystolia in right middle cerebral artery infarct with predominant insular involvement.
Rey V., Cereda C., Michel P., 2009. BMJ Case Reports, 2009 (16 February) pp. bcr2007127357.
Lifetime basilar migraine: a pontine syndrome?
Mishra N.K., Cereda C., Carota A., 2008. Headache, 48 (3) pp. 476-8.
Neurological picture. Recurrent asystolia in right middle cerebral artery infarct with predominant insular involvement.
Rey V., Cereda C., Michel P., 2008. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry, 79 (6) p. 618. Peer-reviewed.
Neurologie [Neurology]
Cereda C., Du Pasquier R., 2008. Revue Médicale Suisse, 4 (139) pp. 49-56.
Recommandations pratiques pour le diagnostic en urgence des céphalées aiguës non traumatiques. [Guidelines for the diagnostic evaluation of patients presenting in emergency for an acute non-traumatic headache]
Ceppi M., Willi C., Hugli O., Regli L., Cereda C., Maeder P., Bodenmann P., Burnand B., Nater B., Michel P., 2008. Revue Médicale Suisse, 4 (167) pp. 1741-1746.
Small cortical stroke in the "hand knob" mimics anterior interosseous syndrome.
Granziera C., Kuntzer T., Vingerhoets F., Cereda C., 2008. Journal of Neurology, 255 (9) pp. 1423-1424. Peer-reviewed.
The potential use of ephedrine in Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome : clinical and electrophysiological evaluation.
Cereda C., Kuntzer T., 2008. Journal of Neurology, 255 (8) pp. 1259-60. Peer-reviewed.
Memory impairment and tonic-clonic seizure in a 39-year-old woman.
Cereda C., Lobrinus J.A., Maeder P., Bogousslavsky J., 2005. Lancet neurology, 4 (10) pp. 683-8. Peer-reviewed.
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