Andreas Ziegler

Education and work experience


23 September 1967 in Uster (Zurich)

JD and MA
Law (lic. iur., 1995), University of St. Gallen (HSG), Switzerland grade 5,76 (very good)
LLM in European, Comparative and International Law (European University Institute, Florence, 1993)
International Affairs (lic.rer.publ., 1992) University of St. Gallen (HSG), Switzerland, grade 1,14 (very good)

Doctorate in International Legal and Economic Relations (Dr. rer. publ.) at the Law School of the University of St. Gallen (HSG), Switzerland, grade 1,0 (highest distinction), doctoral program and thesis supervised by Prof. Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann and Prof. Heinz Hauser [Ph.D. equivalent]

Additional Educational Programs and Diploma Courses
- Habilitation (admission to teach at German speaking universities) at the University of St. Gallen (2005)
- Special Programme on Domestic Lawmaking, Federal Ministry of Justice of Switzerland, Berne (2001)
- Diploma of the Academy of International Law, The Hague (The Netherlands), Diploma of International Law, examination committee: Prof. Juan-Antonio Carrillo-Salcedo, Prof. Marina Spinedi, Prof. Bardonnet (1996)
- Diploma in International Humanitarian Law awarded by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Geneva (1994)

Diploma in European Community Law and European Human Rights Law, awarded by the Academy of European Law, Florence (Italy), examination committee: Prof. Antonio Cassese/Prof. Joseph H. Weiler/Prof. Theo van Boven/Prof. Robert Kovar (1993)

Diploma de Civilizacion awarded by the Escuela Diplomatica and the Universidad Complutense, Madrid (Spain, 1992)

Work experience

UNIL Academics
- Member of the Sustainability Center (2019->)
- Member of the Tax Policy Center (2017->)
- Member of the Equality Commission of the Law School (2017->)
- Associate Member of the Centre for Gender Studies (2016->)
- Member of the Gender Platform (2015->), Co-President (2016-18)
- Member of the Research Commission (2013-2018)
- Member representing the Faculty in the European Association of Law Faculties (ELFA/ASDE) (2006->), Member of the Board (2015->)
- Member representing the Faculty in the International Association of Law Schools (IALS) (2006->)
- Member of the Academic Planification Commission (2005->)
- Member of the Equivalence Commission (2005->)
- Member representing the Faculty on the Board of the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights (2003-2006 et 2014->)
- Member of the Commission for Admissions (2005->)
- Director of the LLM Programme (2005->)
- Vice Dean (2006- 2010)
- Full Professor (2004->)
- Associate Professor (2003-2004)
- Adjunct Professor (2002-2003)

Teaching Experience
Visiting Professor:

2012- LLM Programme of the Europainstitut at the U. of Zurich
2011- Educational Programme in EU Law for the Swiss Federal Administration
2008- Europainstitut der Universität des Saarlandes (Saarbrücken, Germany)
2006- Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)
1995- University of St. Gallen

2018/19 Autonomous U. of Barcelona
2017 Venice International U. (VIU)
2016 U. of Basel
2016 U. Pierre Mendes France (Grenoble, France)
3/2016 Technical U. of Tallinn (Estonia)
10/2014 U. of Siena (Italy)
4/2014 Special Programme on EU for the Swiss Customs Administration, Berne
2014 Freie U.. Berlin (Germany)
2013 U. of Cyprus (Nicosia)
2013 LUISS, Rome (Italy)
11/2013 Stetson College of Law, Gulfport FL (USA)
9/2012 Law Faculty of the U. of Paris (Panthéon-Assas, Paris II): Institut des hautes études internationales (IHEI), Paris
3-5/2011 Federal U. of Paraiba State (UFPS) and the State University of Paraiba in Joao Pessoa (Brazil)
2/2011 U. of California at Davis (USA)
2010-12 . of Technology (UTS) Law School (Sydney, Australia)
2009-15 Summer Programmes of the LLM Programme of UNIL with US partner universities (Widener University, Stetson College of Law etc.)
2009/11 U. of Fribourg Law School
2008-10 World Trade Institute, U. of Berne
2002-10 U. of Lyon 3 - Jean Moulin
2008 U. of Lund (Sweden)
2008 U. of Vilnius (Lithuania)
2008/13 Ludwig-Maximilian U., Munich (Germany)
2007-18 MBA-Programme of the Chur U. of Applied Sciences
2007 Yeditepe U., Istanbul (Turkey)
2005-14 Tim Fisher Centre for Global Trade and Finance at Bond U. (Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia)
2005-7 Bocconi U., Milan (Italy)
2005 Jordan Institute for Diplomacy, Amman (Jordan)
1999-2013 Bern U. of Applied Sciences (Business School) (Switzerland)
1998/2009 Law School of the U. of Pittsburgh (USA)
1998-2016 Law School of the U. of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney
1996 Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago (USA)

Other Professional Experience (Business and Management)
- Conciliator (ICSID, Washington) (2008->)
- Panelist (WTO, Geneva) (2004->)
- Of Counsel with Blum & Grob, Attorney-at-law, Zurich (2011-2018), before with Froriep & Renggli, Attorneys-at-law, Lausanne/Geneva/Zurich, Switzerland (2007-2011); with Blum Attorneys-at-law (before von Meiss, Blum & Partners), Attorneys-at-law, Zurich, Switzerland (2003-07)
- Senior Officer, Secretariat of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), Geneva (2001-2003)
- Head of the Service for international and European economic law at the Swiss Federal Office for Foreign Economic Relations, Bern (1999->)
Deputy Head (2001->), Head ad interim for the Investment Unit, during this time also national expert European Commission, Brussels, Directorate General Internal Market, Data protection Unit (2001)
- Legal Advisor at the Directorate for International Public Law of the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Berne (1997)
- Legal Advisor at the Office of the General Prosecutor of the Swiss Military Justice, responsible for UN criminal tribunals and domestic prosecution of war crimes, Berne (1996)
- Principal Research Associate in the national research program no. 42 "Swiss Foreign Policy" funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation at the Swiss Institute for Research into International Economic Relations (SIASR), University of St. Gallen, Project Director: Prof. Heinz Hauser: WTO and Domestic Policy Issues (1996-1997)
- Assistant de recherche du prof. Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann, Université de Saint-Gall (1994-1995)
- Assistant de recherche, Projet du FNS "International environmental policy", prof, Heinz Hauser, Université de Saint-Gall (1990-1994)

Extracurricular Activities
Voluntary Work in the “Berner Hospiz”, a hospice institution for people suffering from terminal illnesses such as cancer or AIDS (1997-1998)

Committee Member of the WTO Workshop organized by OIKOS, a student organization for environmental economics and politics, St. Gallen (1997)

Security Policy Forum at the University of St. Gallen, Delegate (1990-1992)

ISC Management Forum, Assistant, University of St. Gallen (1988-1991)

AIESEC Team Member, St. Gallen (1987-1988)

Others activities

Fondation Jean Monnet pour l'Europe, Member of the Council (2015 ->)

Société française de droit international (SFDI), Member (2013 ->)

European Commission of Sexual Orientation Law (ECSOL), Swiss Member (2010 ->)

Society of International Economic Law (SIEL) (2008->)

Association de droit européen (ASDE) (2006->), Member of the Scientific Council

European Society of International Law (2004->), Founding Member of the International Economic Law Interest Group (2007->)

Société internationale de droit militaire et de droit de la guerre, Groupe national suisse (2003->)

Association suisse de droit international (2002->), Member of the Board

Association de droit international humanitaire et droit de la guerre (2002->)

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Völkerrecht (2000->), Board Member

European Community Studies Association (ECSA Suisse) (1997->), Member of the Baord (2006->)

International Law Association (ILA), Swiss Branch (1996->), ILA International Investment Law Committee (2004->), ILA International Trade Law Committee (2004->), President of the Swiss Chapter (2005->)

Vereinigung der deutschen Staatsrechtslehrer (1996->)

Association suisse des juristes (1996->)

American Society of International Law (ASIL) (1995->), ASIL International Environmental Law Interest Group (1995-2000), ASIL International Economic Law Interest Group (1995-2000), ASIL International Human Rights Interest Group (1995-2000)

Heinrich Kronstein Foundation, Switzerland (1995->)

Association de droit international économique (2004-2009)

International Commission of Jurists (2004-2007)

Swiss Association for Arbitration (2004-2007)

International Studies Association (ISA) (1993-1998)

Schweizerische Vereinigung für politische Wissenschaft (1992-1998)

Other Activities
Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Book Series "Cultura giuridica e scambi internazionali" (ESI, Napoli) (2018->)

Member of the Forum on ISDS established by the Geneva Center for International Dispute Settlement (CIDS) under the umbrella of the University of Geneva and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (2017->)

Member of the Board of the Polish Law Review (University of Gdansk, Poland) (2016->)

Member of the Advisory Board of Prima Facie (Law Journal of the Law Faculty of the Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil (2015->)

Member of the Roster of Referees for GenIUS, Rivista di studi giuridici sull'orientamento sessuale e l'identità di genere (2015->)

Editor, NOMOS Investment Law Series (2010->)

Member of the Advisory Board of the Manchester Journal of International Economic Law (2006->)

Editor Kluwer Trade Law Series (2006->)

Member of the Advisory Board of AIESEC Lausanne (2005->)

Member of Core Team NCCR Trade Regulation (Swiss National Science Foundation) (2005-2011)

Member of the Jury for the Annual Award of the Swiss Network for International Studies (SNIS Award) (2009-2010)

Member of the Diploma Committee of the MAS in European and International Economic Law jointly offered by the Universities of Fribourg, Geneva, Lausanne, and Neuchâtel (2003-2007)

Member of the Council of Administration of the Geneva Center for International Humanitarian Law (2003-2007)

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