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Andreas Ziegler

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Sexual Orientation
Gender Identity

International Economic Law

International Arbitrations
Law of Direct Foreign Investments
Law of the WTO
Law of Swiss Foreign Economic Relations
Bilateral Agreements on Free Trade
Doha Round
Settlements in Free Trade. Studies of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Public International Law

Codification of Public International Law. Customary Law and Treaty Law
Practice of Humanitarian Interventions
Peaceful Settlement of Disputes
Penal International Law
Protection of Refugees
Protection of Nationals
Recent Developments in Diplomatic Law
Recent Developments in Humanitarian Law
Interstate and Non-State Collectivities

Completed PhD Theses

PhD projects currently supervised

21. Ara Papyan (2016- ): What makes a Forum State Legally Interesting in ISDS
20. Silvio da Silva (2016-): Alcohol and Tobacco in International Economic Law
19. Sofia Balzaretti: (2016-): International Law and the Fight against Homophobia
18. Giulia Persoz (2016-): Conflits armés et l'espace cosmique
17. Lise Wannaz (2016-): Droit des relations économiques extérieures suisse et droits humains
16. Sandra: Särav (2016-): Outsourcing of Data Storage and Treatment and Data Protection: EU and Third States
15. Rimdolmsom Jonathan Kabre (2016-): The Role of Private Council in International Law
14. Mohamed Aziz Haltiti (2016-): Les avoirs de potentats
13. Csilla Horber (2015-): TRIPS+Elements in EFTA Third Country Relations
12. Sophie Thirion (2014-): La Convention de Minamata
11. Laurent Matille (2014-): CSR of MNEs based in Switzerland
10. Martina Magnarelli (2014-): Privity of Investment Contracts
9. Naji Merhaby (2014-): Legal Problems related to FDI in the Construction Sector
8. Tristan Gianora (2013-): Legitimate Expectations in International Law
7. Antonina Semenova (2013-): Russia and the WTO
6. Omer Keskin (2012-): Implementierung des humanitären Völkerrechts
5. Linda Dosch (2012- ): OECD Guidelines for MNE
4. Laina Maia (2012- ): Brazil's New Investment Agreements
3. Lenara Mambetelieva (2010- ): Legal Aspcts of FDI in the Kyrgyz Republic
2. Felipe Herzog (2010- ) : Dispute Settelement in Regional Economic Integration Agreements
1. Derya Akinci: (2009- ): Legal Aspects of FDI in Turkey

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