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Deposition and age of Chicxulub impact spherules on Gorgonilla Island, Colombia
Mateo P., Keller G., Adatte T., Bitchong A.M., Spangenberg J.E., Vennemann T., Hollis C.J., 2020/01/01. GSA Bulletin, 132 (1-2) pp. 215-232.
The driving mechanisms of the carbon cycle perturbations in the late Pliensbachian (Early Jurassic)
De Lena L. F., Taylor D., Guex J., Bartolini A., Adatte T., van Acken D., Spangenberg J. E., Samankassou E., Vennemann T., Schaltegger U., 2019/12. Scientific Reports, 9 (1).
Multi fluid-flow record during episodic mode I opening: A microstructural and SIMS study (Cotiella Thrust Fault, Pyrenees)
Lacroix Brice, Baumgartner Lukas P., Bouvier Anne-Sophie, Kempton Pamela D., Vennemann Torsten, 2018/12. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 503 pp. 37-46. Peer-reviewed.
Accurate Measurements of H2 O, F and Cl Contents in Biotite Using Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Siron G., Baumgartner L.P., Bouvier A.-S., Vennemann T., 2018/09/26. Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research. Peer-reviewed.
Micropollutants in Large Lakes: from potential pollution to risk assessments
Chèvre N., Barry A., Bonvin F., Graham N., Loizeau J.-L., Pfeifer H.-R., Rossi L., Vennemann T., 2018/02/01., EPFL Press.
Evaluation of potential monazite reference materials for oxygen isotope analyses by SIMS and laser assisted fluorination
Didier Amélie, Putlitz Benita, Baumgartner Lukas P., Bouvier Anne-Sophie, Vennemann Torsten W., 2017/02. Chemical Geology, 450 pp. 199-209.
Conodont-based Griesbachian biochronology of the Guryul Ravine section (basal Triassic, Kashmir, India)
Brosse Morgane, Baud Aymon, Bhat Ghulam Mohmmad, Bucher Hugo, Leu Marc, Vennemann Torsten, Goudemand Nicolas, 2017. Geobios, 50 (5) pp. 359-387.
Multiple Gold Mineralizing Styles in the Northern Pataz District, Peru
Witt W.K., Hagemann S.G., Villanes C., Vennemann T., Zwingmann H., Laukamp C., Spangenberg J.E., 2016. Economic Geology, 111 pp. 355-394. Peer-reviewed.
Characterizing the bull shark Carcharhinus leucas habitat in Fiji by the chemical and isotopic compositions of their teeth
Kocsis L., Vennemann T.W., Ulianov A., Brunnschweiler J.M., 2015. Environmental Biology of Fishes, 98 pp. 1609-1622. Peer-reviewed.
Megacrystic zircon with planar fractures in miaskite-type nepheline pegmatites formed at high pressures in the lower crust (Ivrea Zone, southern Alps, Switzerland)
Schaltegger U., Ulianov A., Muntener O., Ovtcharova M., Peytcheva I., Vonlanthen P., Vennemann T.W., Antognini M., Girlanda F., 2015. American Mineralogist, 100 pp. 83-94. Peer-reviewed.
Life histories and distribution of ostracods with depth in western Lake Geneva (Petit-Lac), Switzerland: A reconnaissance study
Decrouy L., Vennemann T.W., 2014. Crustaceana, 87 pp. 1095-1123. Peer-reviewed.
Sedimentary-rock-hosted epithermal systems of the Tertiary Eastern Rhodopes, Bulgaria: new constraints from the Stremtsi gold prospect
Moritz R., Noverraz C., Marton I., Marchev P., Spikings R., Fontignie D., Spangenberg J.E., Vennemann T., Kolev K., Hasson S., 2014. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 402 pp. 207-230. Peer-reviewed.
Climatic and biotic upheavals following the end-Permian mass extinction
Romano C., Goudemand N., Vennemann T.W., Ware D., Schneebeli-Hermann E., Hochuli P.A., Bruehwiler T., Brinkmann W., Bucher H., 2013. Nature Geoscience, 6 pp. 57-60. Peer-reviewed.
Potential influence of the chemical composition of water on the stable oxygen isotope composition of continental ostracods
Decrouy L., Vennemann T.W., 2013. Journal of Paleolimnolgy, 50 pp. 577-582. Peer-reviewed.
Amphibolites as indicators of mantle source contamination: combined evaluation of stable H and O isotope compositions and trace element ratios
Demény A., Harangi S., Vennemann T.W., Casillas R., Horváth P., Milton A.J., Mason P.R.D., Ulianov A., 2012. Lithos, 152 pp. 141-156. Peer-reviewed.
Fluid evolution at the Variscan front in the vicinity of the Aachen thrust
Sindern S., Meyer F.M., Loegering M.J., Kolb J., Vennemann T.W., Schwarzbauer J., 2012. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 101 pp. 87-108. Peer-reviewed.
Formation of chlorite during thrust fault reactivation. Record of fluid origin and P-T conditions in the Monte Perdido thrust fault (southern Pyrenees)
Lacroix B., Charpentier D., Buatier M., Vennemann T.W., Labaume P., Adatte T., Trave A., Dubois M., 2012. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 163 pp. 1083-1102. Peer-reviewed.
Geochemical compositions of Neogene phosphatic brachiopods: Implications for ancient environmental and marine conditions
Kocsis L., Dulai A., Bitner M.A., Vennemann T.W., Cooper M., 2012. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 326 pp. 66-77. Peer-reviewed.
Hydrogen and oxygen isotope behaviors during variable degrees of upper mantle melting: Example from the basaltic glasses from Macquarie Island
Bindeman I.N., Kamenetsky V.S., Palandri J., Vennemann T.W., 2012. Chemical Geology, 310 pp. 126-136. Peer-reviewed.
Mg/Ca and Sr/Ca ratios of ostracod valves from living species of Lake Geneva
Decrouy L., Vennemann T.W., Ariztegui D., 2012. Chemical Geology, 314 pp. 45-56. Peer-reviewed.
Mixing of Rhône River water in Lake Geneva (Switzerland-France) inferred from stable hydrogen and oxygen isotope profiles
Halder J., Decrouy L., Vennemann T.W., 2012. Journal of Hydrology, 477 pp. 152-164. Peer-reviewed.
Rate and processes of river network rearrangement during incipient faulting: The case of the Cahabon river, Guatemala
Brocard G., Willenbring J., Suski B., Audra P., Authemayou C., Cosenza-Muralles B., Moran-Ical S., Demory F., Rochette P., Vennemann T.W. et al., 2012. American Journal of Science, 312 pp. 449-507. Peer-reviewed.
Sediment penetration depths of epi- and infaunal ostracods from Lake Geneva (Switzerland)
Decrouy L., Vennemann T.W., Ariztegui D., 2012. Hydrobiologia, 688 pp. 5-23. Peer-reviewed.
Siliceous deep-sea sponge Monorhaphis chuni: A potential paleoclimate archive in ancient animals
Jochum K.P., Wang X., Vennemann T.W., Sinha B., Mueller W.E.G., 2012. Chemical Geology, 300 pp. 143-151. Peer-reviewed.
The origin of black colouration in onyx agate from Mali
Goetze J., Nasdala L., Kempe U., Libowitzky E., Rericha A., Vennemann T.W., 2012. Mineralogical Magazine, 76 pp. 115-127. Peer-reviewed.
Controls on ostracod valve geochemistry, Part 1: Variations of environmental parameters in ostracod (micro-)habitats
Decrouy L., Vennemann T.W., Ariztegui D., 2011. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 75 pp. 7364-7379. Peer-reviewed.
Controls on ostracod valve geochemistry: Part 2. Carbon and oxygen isotope compositions
Decrouy L., Vennemann T.W., Ariztegui D., 2011. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 75 pp. 7380-7399. Peer-reviewed.
Fossil bones and teeth: Preservation or alteration of biogenic compositions ? Preface
Tuetken T., Vennemann T.W., 2011. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 310 pp. 1-8. Peer-reviewed.
Genesis of the Jurassic carbonate-hosted Pb-Zn deposits of Jebel Ressas (North-eastern Tunisia): Evidence from mineralogy, petrography and trace metal contents and isotope (O, C, S, Pb) geochemistry
Jemmali N., Souissi F., Vennemann T.W., Carranza E.J.M., 2011. Resource Geology, 61 pp. 367-383. Peer-reviewed.
Modelling changes in stable isotope compositions of minerals during net transfer reactions in a contact aureole: Wollastonite growth at the northern Hunter Mountain Batholith (Death Valley National Park, USA)
Skora S., Baumgartner L.P., Vennemann T.W., 2011. Chemical Geology, 289 pp. 197-209. Peer-reviewed.
Nd and Sr isotope compositions in modern and fossil bones - Proxies for vertebrate provenance and taphonomy
Tuetken T., Vennemann T.W., Pfretzschner H.U., 2011. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 75 pp. 5951-5970. Peer-reviewed.
Oligo-Miocene extensional tectonics and fluid flow across the Northern Snake Range detachment system, Nevada
Gebelin A., Mulch A., Teyssier C., Heizler M., Vennemann T.W., Seaton N.C.A., 2011. Tectonics, 30 pp. TC5010. Peer-reviewed.
Ore genesis of Pb-Zn deposits in the Nappe zone of Northern Tunisia: Constraints from Pb-S-C-O isotopic systems
Jemmali N., Souissi F., Villa I.M., Vennemann T.W., 2011. Ore Geology Reviews, 40 pp. 41-53. Peer-reviewed.
Preservation of an extreme transient geotherm in the Raft River detachment shear zone
Gottardi R., Teyssier C., Mulch A., Vennemann T.W., Wells M.L., 2011. Geology, 39 pp. 759-762. Peer-reviewed.
The magmatic to hydrothermal evolution of the intrusive Mont Saint-Hilaire Complex: Insights into the late-stage evolution of peralkaline rocks
Schilling J., Marks M.A.W., Wenzel T., Vennemann T.W., Horvath L., Tarassoff P., Jacob D.E., Markl G., 2011. Journal of Petrology, 52 pp. 2147-2185. Peer-reviewed.
Trace element and stable isotope composition of polyphase metamorphic veins of the Ile de Groix: Implication for fluid flow during HP subduction and exhumation processes
El Korh A.S., Schmidt S.T., Vennemann T.W., Ulianov A., 2011. pp. 243-291 dans Dobrzhinetskaya L., Faryad W., Wallis S., Cuthbert S. (eds.) Ultrahigh pressure metamorphism: 25 years after discovery of coesite and diamond, Elsevier.
Geochemical and H-O-Sr-Nd isotope evidence for magmatic processes and meteoric-water interactions in the basal complex of La Gomera, Canary Islands
Demény A., Casillas R., Hegner E., Vennemann T.W., Nagy G., Sipos P., 2010. Mineralogy and Petrology, 98 pp. 181-195. Peer-reviewed.
Origin of CO2 and carbonate veins in mantle-derived xenoliths in the Pannonian Basin
Demény A., Dallai L., Frezzotti M.L., Vennemann T.W., Embey-Isztin A., Dobosi G., Nagy G., 2010. Lithos, 117 pp. 172-182. Peer-reviewed.
Origin of mineralizing fluids of the sediment-hosted Navachab gold mine, Namibia: Constraints from stable (O, H, C, S) isotopes
Wulff K., Dziggel A., Kolb J., Vennemann T.W., Boettcher M.E., Meyer F.M., 2010. Economic Geology, 105 pp. 285-302. Peer-reviewed.
Stable isotope composition of smectite in suevites at the Ries crater, Germany: Implications for hydrous alteration of impactites
Muttik N., Kirsimaee K., Vennemann T.W., 2010. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 299 pp. 190-195. Peer-reviewed.
Bronze Age volcanic event recorded in stalagmites by combined isotope and trace element studies.
Siklósy Z., Demény A., Vennemann T.W., Pilet S., Kramers J., Leél-Ossy S., Bondár M., Shen C.C., Hegner E., 2009. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 23 pp. 801-808. Peer-reviewed.
Characteristics and origin of agates in sedimentary rocks from the Dryhead area, Montana, USA
Goetze J., Moeckel R., Kempe U., Kapitonov I., Vennemann T.W., 2009. Mineralogical Magazine, 73 pp. 673-690. Peer-reviewed.
Constraints on Miocene oceanography and climate in the Western and Central Paratethys: O-, Sr-, and Nd-isotope compositions of marine fish and mammal remains
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Evidence of growth and sector zoning in hydrothermal quartz from Alpine veins
Jourdan A.L., Vennemann T.W., Mullis J., Ramseyer K., Spiers C.J., 2009. European Journal of Mineralogy, 21 pp. 219-231. Peer-reviewed.
Geochemical study of vertebrate fossils from the Upper Cretaceous (Santonian) Csehbanya Formation (Hungary): Evidence for a freshwater habitat of mosasaurs and pycnodont fish
Kocsis L., Osi A., Vennemann T.W., Trueman C.N., Palmer M.R., 2009. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 280 pp. 532-542. Peer-reviewed.
Magmatic-dominated fluid evolution in the Jurassic Nambija gold skarn deposits (southeastern Ecuador)
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Oxygen isotope compositions of iron oxides from high-grade BIF-hosted iron ore deposits of the Central Hamersley Province, Western Australia: Constraints on the evolution of hydrothermal fluids
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Oxygen isotope sector zoning in natural hydrothermal quartz
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Stable isotope ecology of Miocene large mammals from Sandelzhausen, southern Germany
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Textural, chemical, and isotopic effects of late-magmatic carbonatitic fluids in the carbonatite-syenite Tamazeght complex, High Atlas Mountains, Morocco
Marks M.A.W., Neukirchen F., Vennemann T.W., Markl G., 2009. Mineralogy and Petrology, 97 pp. 23-42. Peer-reviewed.
The carbon isotope composition of natural SiC (moissanite) from the Earth's mantle: New discoveries from ophiolites
Trumbull R.B., Yang J.S., Robinson P.T., Di Pierro S., Vennemann T.W., Wiedenbeck M., 2009. Lithos, 113 pp. 612-620. Peer-reviewed.
Clay mineral and geochemical composition of Cenozoic paleosol in the Eastern Alps (Austria)
Kuhlemann J., Taubald H., Vennemann T.W., Dunkl I., Frisch W., 2008. Austrian Journal of Earth Sciences, 101 pp. 60-69. Peer-reviewed.
Early diagenesis of bone and tooth apatite in fluvial and marine settings: Constraints from combined oxygen isotope, nitrogen and REE analysis
Tuetken T., Vennemann T.W., Pfretzschner H.U., 2008. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 266 pp. 254-268. Peer-reviewed.
Emplacement of ultramafic rocks into the continental crust monitored by light and other trace elements: An example from the Geisspfad body (Swiss-Italian Alps)
Pelletier L., Muntener O., Kalt A., Vennemann T.W., Belgya T., 2008. Chemical Geology, 255 pp. 143-159. Peer-reviewed.
Geological setting of the Guelb Moghrein Fe oxide-Cu-Au-Co mineralization, Akjoujt area, Mauritania
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Low-pressure, water-assisted anatexis of basic dykes in a contact metamorphic aureole, Fuerteventura (Canary Islands): oxygen isotope evidence for a meteoric fluid origin
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Mineral zoning and geochemistry of epithermal polymetallic Zn-Pb-Ag-Cu-Bi mineralization at Cerro de Pasco, Peru
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Oceanographic and climatic evolution of the Miocene Mediterranean deduced from Nd, Sr, C, and O isotope compositions of marine fossils and sediments.
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Plume-related stable isotope compositions and fluid-rock interaction processes in basal complex of La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain.
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The stable hydrogen and oxygen isotope variation of water stored in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles
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Arrested kinetic Li isotope fractionation at the margin of the llimaussaq complex, South Greenland: Evidence for open-system processes during final cooling of peralkaline igneous rocks
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Microfabrics in carbonate mylonites along a large-scale shear zone (Helvetic Alps)
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Migration of sharks into freshwater systems during the Miocene and implications for Alpine paleoelevation
Kocsis L., Vennemann T.W., Fontignie D., 2007. Geology, 35 pp. 451-454. Peer-reviewed.
Mit Haizähnen das Schweizer Klima rekonstruieren / Des dents de requins pour reconstituer le climat suisse.
Kocsis L., Vennemann T.W., 2007. Schweizer Strahler / Le Cristallier Suisse, 2 pp. 18-20.
Oxidation of methane at the CH4/H2O-(CO2) transition zone in the external part of the Central Alps, Switzerland: Evidence from stable isotope investigations
Tarantola A., Mullis J., Vennemann T.W., Dubessy J., De Capitani C., 2007. Chemical Geology, 237 pp. 329-357. Peer-reviewed.
Stable isotope compositions of mammoth teeth from Niederweningen, Switzerland: Implications for the Late Pleistocene climate, environment, and diet
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A reassessment of models for hydrocarbon generation in the Khibiny nepheline syenite complex, Kola Peninsula, Russia
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Carbon isotope excursions and microfacies changes in marine Permian-Triassic boundary sections in Hungary
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H2O-δD-Fe-III relations of dehydrogenation and dehydration processes in magmatic amphiboles
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Magmatic fluids in the Breccia-hosted epithermal Au-Ag deposit of Rosia Montana, Romania
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MPI-DING reference glasses for in situ microanalysis: New reference values for element concentrations and isotope ratios
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Thermomechanical analysis of strain localization in a ductile detachment zone
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Anatomy of contaminated aquifers of an industrial site: insights from the stable isotope compositions of waters and dissolved inorganic carbon
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Isotopic composition (O, C, Sr, and Nd) and trace element ratios (Sr/Ca, Mg/Ca) of Miocene marine and brackish ostracods from North Alpine Foreland deposits (Germany and Austria) as indicators for palaeoclimate
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Origin of amphibole megacrysts in the Pliocene-Pleistocene basalts of the Carpathian-Pannonian region
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Analyse stabiler und radiogener Isotope in archäologischen Skelettmaterial: Herkunftsbestimmung des karolinigischen Maultiers von Frankenthal und Vergleich mit spätpleistozänen Grosssäugerknochen aus den Rheinablagerungen.
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Further characterisation of the 91500 zircon crystal
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