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Lesbian Imaginaries in the Spanish Literature (2005-2020)
2021 - 2025 (48 mois)
Applicant : Gabriela Cordone
Other partners : Marie-Pierre Rosier
The main objective of this research work is to give an account of the plurality and peculiarities of the lesbian imaginaries produced by Spanish-language literature in a wide territory. In order to achieve this, it will be necessary to define how, according to their rhetorical techniques and enunciative mode, lesbian experiences are presented and represented. It will also be necessary to determine the specificity and peculiarities of the different lesbian imaginaries - as subjects and objects of discourse - according to their cultural and geographical contexts. It will also be necessary to assess the extent to which decolonialism and post-dictatorial contexts, as well as the issues of memory and transmission related to these two issues, impact on lesbian-themed literary productions according to their framework of production and dissemination. Finally, it will be a question of making stereotypes and resistance to these stereotypes emerge in order to show to what extent they contribute to the stability of the hetero-normative model or how counter-stereotypes oppose it.
The corpus of study will be subjected to a lexical and sociocritical text analysis, capable of identifying the plurality of textual, symbolic and ideological markers involved in the construction of lesbian imaginaries in their specific geographical, historical and social contexts. As artistic creation is a social practice that is crossed by relations of domination, the project will also seek to identify the political and social issues that have been decisive in these literary creations and to account, where appropriate, for the distinctive or common textual features that could emerge from lesbian-themed texts that are traversed by gender, class and race issues.

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