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Intracrystalline reaction-induced cracking in olivine evidenced by hydration and carbonation experiments
Lafay R., Montes-Hernandez G., Renard F., Vonlanthen P., 2018. Minerals, 8 (AN 412) pp. 1-18. Peer-reviewed.
The Morcles microgranite (Aiguilles Rouges, Swiss Alps): geochronological and geochemical evidence for a common origin with the Vallorcine intrusion
Bussien Grosjean D., Meisser N., May-Leresche S., Ulianov A., Vonlanthen P., 2018. Swiss Journal of Geosciences, 111 pp. 35-49. Peer-reviewed.
Multi-scale crystallographic ordering in the cold-water coral Lophelia pertusa
Mouchi V., Vonlanthen P., Verrecchia E.P., Crowley Q.G., 2017. Scientific Reports, 7 (AN 8987) pp. 1-10. Peer-reviewed.
How do olivines record magmatic events? Insights from major and trace element zoning
Bouvet de Maisonneuve C., Costa F., Huber C., Vonlanthen P., Bachmann O., Dungan M.A., 2016. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 171 (AN 56) pp. 1-20. Peer-reviewed.
An observational and thermodynamic investigation of carbonate partial melting
Floess D., Baumgartner L.P., Vonlanthen P., 2015. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 409 pp. 147-156. Peer-reviewed.
Eifel maars: Quantitative shape characterization of juvenile ash particles (Eifel Volcanic Field, Germany)
Rausch J., Grobety B., Vonlanthen P., 2015. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 291 pp. 86-100. Peer-reviewed.
High-resolution 3D analyses of the shape and internal constituents of small volcanic ash particles: The contribution of SEM micro-computed tomography (SEM micro-CT)
Vonlanthen P., Rausch J., Ketcham R.A., Putlitz B., Baumgartner L.P., Grobety B., 2015. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 293 pp. 1-12. Peer-reviewed.
Megacrystic zircon with planar fractures in miaskite-type nepheline pegmatites formed at high pressures in the lower crust (Ivrea Zone, southern Alps, Switzerland)
Schaltegger U., Ulianov A., Muntener O., Ovtcharova M., Peytcheva I., Vonlanthen P., Vennemann T.W., Antognini M., Girlanda F., 2015. American Mineralogist, 100 pp. 83-94. Peer-reviewed.
On the characterization of size and shape of irregular particles
Bagheri G.H., Bonadonna C., Manzella I., Vonlanthen P., 2015. Powder Technology, 270 pp. 141-153. Peer-reviewed.
Recrystallisation rims in zircon (Valle d'Arbedo, Switzerland): an integrated cathodoluminescence, LA-ICP-MS, SHRIMP, and TEM study
Vonlanthen P., Fitz Gerald J.D., Rubatto D., Hermann J., 2012. American Mineralogist, 97 pp. 369-377. Peer-reviewed.
Microstructural, chemical and textural records during growth of snowball garnet
Robyr M., Carlson W.D., Passchier C.W., Vonlanthen P., 2009. Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 27 pp. 423-437. Peer-reviewed.
CSL grain boundary distribution in alumina and zirconia ceramics
Vonlanthen P., Grobety B., 2008. Ceramics International, 34 pp. 1459-1472. Peer-reviewed.
Growth mechanism of snowball garnets from the Lukmanier Pass area (Central Alps, Switzerland): a combined μCT/EPMA/EBSD study
Robyr M., Vonlanthen P., Baumgartner L.P., Grobety B., 2007. Terra Nova, 34 pp. 240-244. Peer-reviewed.
Seismic properties of the upper mantle beneath Lanzarote (Canary Islands): model predictions based on texture measurements by EBSD
Vonlanthen P., Kunze K., Burlini L., Grobety B., 2006. Tectonophysics, 428 pp. 65-85. Peer-reviewed.
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