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Hydrogen Sulfide-releasing peptide hydrogel limits the development of intimal hyperplasia in human vein segments.
Longchamp A., Kaur K., Macabrey D., Dubuis C., Corpataux J.M., Déglise S., Matson J.B., Allagnat F. Acta biomaterialia. Peer-reviewed.
Ten Year Experience of Using Cryopreserved Arterial Allografts for Distal Bypass in Critical Limb Ischaemia.
Masmejan S., Deslarzes-Dubuis C., Petitprez S., Longchamp A., Haller C., Saucy F., Corpataux J.M., Déglise S., 2019/06. European journal of vascular and endovascular surgery, 57 (6) pp. 823-831. Peer-reviewed.
Use of Intraoperative Duplex Ultrasound and Resistance Index Reduces Complications in Living Renal Donor Transplantation.
Bejic M., Déglise S., Venetz J.P., Nseir G., Dubuis C., Saucy F., Berard X., Meuwly J.Y., Corpataux J.M., 2018/12. Transplantation proceedings, 50 (10) pp. 3192-3198. Peer-reviewed.
CD32<sup>+</sup> and PD-1<sup>+</sup> Lymph Node CD4 T Cells Support Persistent HIV-1 Transcription in Treated Aviremic Individuals.
Noto A., Procopio F.A., Banga R., Suffiotti M., Corpataux J.M., Cavassini M., Riva A., Fenwick C., Gottardo R., Perreau M. et al., 2018/10/15. Journal of virology, 92 (20). Peer-reviewed.
Evaluating intimal hyperplasia under clinical conditions.
Mylonaki I., Allain E., Strano F., Allémann E., Corpataux J.M., Meda P., Jordan O., Delie F., Rougemont A.L., Haefliger J.A. et al., 2018/09/01. Interactive cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, 27 (3) pp. 427-436. Peer-reviewed.
Who Should Be Operated When Presenting with a Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm? A Monocentric Study in a Tertiary Hospital.
Holzer T., Deglise S., Ballabeni P., Corpataux J.M., Saucy F., 2018/05. Annals of vascular surgery, 49 pp. 158-163. Peer-reviewed.
Amino Acid Restriction Triggers Angiogenesis via GCN2/ATF4 Regulation of VEGF and H<sub>2</sub>S Production.
Longchamp A., Mirabella T., Arduini A., MacArthur M.R., Das A., Treviño-Villarreal J.H., Hine C., Ben-Sahra I., Knudsen N.H., Brace L.E. et al., 2018/03/22. Cell, 173 (1) pp. 117-129.e14. Peer-reviewed.
Blood CXCR3 (+) CD4 T Cells Are Enriched in Inducible Replication Competent HIV in Aviremic Antiretroviral Therapy-Treated Individuals.
Banga R., Procopio F.A., Ruggiero A., Noto A., Ohmiti K., Cavassini M., Corpataux J.M., Paxton W.A., Pollakis G., Perreau M., 2018. Frontiers in immunology, 9 p. 144. Peer-reviewed.
Thromboangéite oblitérante :notions pour la pratique [Thromboangiitis obliterans: notions for practice]
Calanca L., Alatri A., Krieger C., Corpataux J.M., Mazzolai L., 2017/12/06. Revue medicale suisse, 13 (586) pp. 2129-2133. Peer-reviewed.
Connexin37 reduces smooth muscle cell proliferation and intimal hyperplasia in a mouse model of carotid artery ligation.
Allagnat F., Dubuis C., Lambelet M., Le Gal L., Alonso F., Corpataux J.M., Déglise S., Haefliger J.A., 2017/06/01. Cardiovascular research, 113 (7) pp. 805-816. Peer-reviewed.
Zenith Bifurcated Iliac Side Branch Device: Mid-term Results and Assessment of Risk Factors for Intraoperative Thrombosis.
Delay C., Deglise S., Lejay A., Georg Y., Roussin M., Schaeffer M., Saucy F., Thaveau F., Corpataux J.M., Chakfe N., 2017/05. Annals of vascular surgery, 41 pp. 141-150. Peer-reviewed.
Is Overnight Fasting before Surgery Too Much or Not Enough? How Basic Aging Research Can Guide Preoperative Nutritional Recommendations to Improve Surgical Outcomes: A Mini-Review.
Longchamp A., Harputlugil E., Corpataux J.M., Ozaki C.K., Mitchell J.R., 2017. Gerontology, 63 (3) pp. 228-237. Peer-reviewed.
PD-1(+) and follicular helper T cells are responsible for persistent HIV-1 transcription in treated aviremic individuals.
Banga R., Procopio F.A., Noto A., Pollakis G., Cavassini M., Ohmiti K., Corpataux J.M., de Leval L., Pantaleo G., Perreau M., 2016/07. Nature medicine, 22 (7) pp. 754-761. Peer-reviewed.
Un anévrisme isolé de l'artère fémorale profonde [Isolated true aneurysm of the deep femoral artery]
Salomon du Mont L., Holzer T., Kazandjian C., Saucy F., Corpataux J.M., Rinckenbach S., Déglise S., 2016/07. Journal des maladies vasculaires, 41 (4) pp. 286-289. Peer-reviewed.
Perivascular sustained release of atorvastatin from a hydrogel-microparticle delivery system decreases intimal hyperplasia.
Mylonaki I., Strano F., Deglise S., Allémann E., Alonso F., Corpataux J.M., Dubuis C., Haefliger J.A., Jordan O., Saucy F. et al., 2016/06/28. Journal of controlled release, 232 pp. 93-102. Peer-reviewed.
Nitric Oxide Deficit Drives Intimal Hyperplasia in Mouse Models of Hypertension.
Allagnat F., Haefliger J.A., Lambelet M., Longchamp A., Bérard X., Mazzolai L., Corpataux J.M., Déglise S., 2016/05. European journal of vascular and endovascular surgery : the official journal of the European Society for Vascular Surgery, 51 (5) pp. 733-742. Peer-reviewed.
Surgical and endovascular hybrid approach in peripheral arterial disease of the lower limbs.
Grandjean A., Iglesias K., Dubuis C., Déglise S., Corpataux J.M., Saucy F., 2016. Vasa. Zeitschrift Für Gefässkrankheiten, 45 (5) pp. 417-422. Peer-reviewed.
Surgical injury induces local and distant adipose tissue browning.
Longchamp A., Tao M., Bartelt A., Ding K., Lynch L., Hine C., Corpataux J.M., Kristal B.S., Mitchell J.R., Ozaki C.K., 2016. Adipocyte, 5 (2) pp. 163-174. Peer-reviewed.
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm: What About Screening?
Saucy F., Déglise S., Holzer T., Briner L., Benezit M., Delay C., Kazandjian C., Corpataux J.M., 2015. Current Pharmaceutical Design, 21 (28) pp. 4084-4087. Peer-reviewed.
Connexin43 Inhibition Prevents Human Vein Grafts Intimal Hyperplasia.
Longchamp A., Allagnat F., Alonso F., Kuppler C., Dubuis C., Ozaki C.K., Mitchell J.R., Berceli S., Corpataux J.M., Déglise S. et al., 2015. Plos One, 10 (9) pp. e0138847. Peer-reviewed.
Endovascular Versus Open Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm: Best Decision.
Déglise S., Delay C., Saucy F., Lejay A., Dubuis C., Briner L., Chakfé N., Corpataux J.M., 2015. Current Pharmaceutical Design, 21 (28) pp. 4076-4083. Peer-reviewed.
Traitement de l'ischémie critique chronique des membres inférieurs en 2014 [Treatment of critical lower limb ischemia].
Salomon du Mont L., Déglise S., Dubuis C., Saucy F., Doenz F., Calanca L., Qanadli S., Mazzolai L., Corpataux J M, 2014/10. Revue Médicale Suisse, 10 (447) pp. 1992-1996. Peer-reviewed.
Intraoperative assessment of vascular access.
Saucy F., Déglise S., Holzer T., Salomon L., Engelberger S., Corpataux J.M., 2014. Journal of Vascular Access, 15 (Suppl 7) pp. S6-S9. Peer-reviewed.
Procedure for human saphenous veins ex vivo perfusion and external reinforcement.
Longchamp A., Allagnat F., Berard X., Alonso F., Haefliger J.A., Deglise S., Corpataux J.M., 2014. Journal of Visualized Experiments : Jove 92 pp. e52079.
The use of external mesh reinforcement to reduce intimal hyperplasia and preserve the structure of human saphenous veins.
Longchamp A., Alonso F., Dubuis C., Allagnat F., Berard X., Meda P., Saucy F., Corpataux J.M., Déglise S., Haefliger J.A., 2014. Biomaterials, 35 (9) pp. 2588-2599. Peer-reviewed.
Anévrismes de l'artère poplitée: quelle prise en charge en 2013 ? [Popliteal artery aneurysms: management in 2013].
Dubuis C., Déglise S. , Saucy F., Holzer T., Calanca L., Mazzolai L., Doenz F., Qanadli S.D., Corpataux J.M., 2013. Revue Médicale Suisse, 9 (391) pp. 1299-1304.
Atorvastatin-loaded hydrogel affects the smooth muscle cells of human veins.
Dubuis C., May L., Alonso F., Luca L., Mylonaki I., Meda P., Delie F., Jordan O., Déglise S., Corpataux J.M. et al., 2013. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, 347 (3) pp. 574-581.
Follicular helper T cells serve as the major CD4 T cell compartment for HIV-1 infection, replication, and production.
Perreau M., Savoye A.L., De Crignis E., Corpataux J.M., Cubas R., Haddad E.K., De Leval L., Graziosi C., Pantaleo G., 2013. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 210 (1) pp. 143-156. Peer-reviewed.
In situ aortobiiliac reconstruction of infected aneurysm using a single superficial femoral vein.
Grass F., Deglise S., Corpataux J.M., Saucy F., 2013. Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, 47 (5) pp. 390-393.
Investigations of a thermosensitive gel to temporarily occlude crural arteries in femoro-distal bypass surgery.
Decrouy-Duruz V., Dubuis C., Déglise S., Corpataux J.M., Saucy F., 2013. European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, 45 (1) pp. 46-50. Peer-reviewed.
Prise en charge des sténoses carotidiennes [Management of the carotid artery stenosis].
Déglise S., Dubuis C., Mosimann P., Saucy F., Engelberger S., Hirt L., Michel P., Corpataux J.M., 2013. Revue Médicale Suisse, 9 (391) pp. 1305-1311.
Role of hemodynamic forces in the ex vivo arterialization of human saphenous veins.
Berard X., Déglise S., Alonso F., Saucy F., Meda P., Bordenave L., Corpataux J.M., Haefliger J.A., 2013. Journal of Vascular Surgery, 57 (5) pp. 1371-1382. Peer-reviewed.
An adapted model of ex vivo vein perfusion: the key to understand vessel wall remodeling
May L., Deglise S., Berard X., Dubuis C., Saucy F., Haefliger J.A., Corpataux J.M., 2012. p. 20 dans 99th Annual Congress of the Swiss Society of Surgery, British Journal of Surgery.
Anévrismes complexes de l'aorte abdominale: la chirurgie ouverte est-elle obsolète [The complex aortic abdominal aneurysm: is open surgery old fashion?].
Saucy F., Déglise S., Doenz F., Dubuis C., Corpataux J.M., 2012. Revue Médicale Suisse, 8 (346) pp. 1332-1336.
Infrainguinal bypass for peripheral arterial occlusive disease: when arms save legs.
Vauclair F., Haller C., Marques-Vidal P., Déglise S., Haesler E., Corpataux J.M., Saucy F., 2012. European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, 43 (1) pp. 48-53. Peer-reviewed.
Laparoscopic surgery for coeliac artery compression syndrome: current management and technical aspects.
Berard X., Cau J., Déglise S., Trombert D., Saint-Lebes B., Midy D., Corpataux J.M., Ricco J.B., 2012. European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, 43 (1) pp. 38-42.
Regulation of the vascular gap junctions in a mouse model of intimal hyperplasia
Dubuis C., Alonso F., Lambelet M., Saucy F., Haefliger J.A., Corpataux J.M., Deglise S., 2012. p. 21 dans 99th Annual Congress of the Swiss Society of Surgery, Britische Journal of Surgery.
Role of intra-operative duplex ultrasound in living renal donor transplantation
Bejic M., Deglise S., Nseir G., Saucy F., Matter M., Meuwly J.Y., Corpataux J.M., 2012. pp. 20-21 dans 99th Annual Congress of the Swiss Society of Surgery, British Journal of Surgery.
Suivi angiologique des patients artériopathes après geste de revascularisation [Vascular follow up in patients suffering peripheral arterial disease and undergoing revascularization].
Codreanu A., Calanca L., Glauser F., Corpataux J.M., Qanadli S., Mazzolai L., Depairon M., 2012. Revue Médicale Suisse, 8 (327) pp. 324-327. Peer-reviewed.
Traitement et prophylaxie de la Maladie ThromboEmbolique Veineuse (MTEV)
Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois, Policlinique médicale universitaire (Lausanne) , 2011/05. 2 p..
A simple bypass technique for superior vena cava reconstruction.
Perentes J.Y., Erling C.C., Ris H.B., Corpataux J.M., Magnusson L., 2011. Interactive Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, 12 (1) pp. 15-19. Peer-reviewed.
Current management of true aneurysm of the dorsalis pedis artery.
Berard X., Bodin R., Saucy F., Deglise S., Pailler A., Midy D., Corpataux J.M., 2011. Annals of Vascular Surgery, 25 (2) pp. 265.e13-265.e16.
Renal transplantation following aorto-iliac reconstruction is a safe a strategy
Dubuis C., Deglise S., Saucy F., Saint-Lebes B., Venetz J.P., Pascual M., Corpataux J.M., 2011. p. 284 dans 15th Congress of the European Society for Organ Transplantation and 22nd Annual Conference of the British Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics, Transplant international. Peer-reviewed.
A new approach in the treatment of high flow native AV fistula: the open-pore external scaffolding prosthesis
Haller C., Berard X., Deglise S., Haesler E., Saucy F., Corpataux J.M., 2010. p. 27 dans 97th Annual Congress of the Swiss Society of Surgery, British Journal of Surgery. Peer-reviewed.
Don't trust a vein graft to treat carotid aneurysm in patients with Behçet disease.
Berard Xavier, Corpataux Jean-Marc, Taoufiq Habib, Sassoust Gerard, Brizzi Vincenzo, Midy Dominique, 2010. Journal of Vascular Surgery, 52 (2) pp. 471-474.
Ex vivo Pulsatile Perfusion of Human Saphenous Veins Induces Intimal Hyperplasia and Increased Levels of the Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor 1.
Saucy F., Probst H., Alonso F., Bérard X., Déglise S., Dunoyer-Geindre S., Mazzolai L., Kruithof E., Haefliger J.A., Corpataux J.M., 2010. European Surgical Research, 45 (1) pp. 50-59.
Is intra-operative blood flow predictive for early failure of radiocephalic arteriovenous fistula?
Saucy Francois, Haesler Erik, Haller Claude, Deglise Sebastien, Teta Daniel, Corpataux Jean-Marc, 2010. Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation, 25 (3) pp. 862-867.
Reconstruction of a resected subclavian vein by transposition of the ipsilateral internal jugular vein.
Gonzalez Michel, Déglise Sébaszien, Ris Hans-Beat, Corpataux Jean-Marc, 2010. Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, 140 (5) pp. 1198-1199.
Salvage treatment for venous aneurysm complicating vascular access arteriovenous fistula: use of an exoprosthesis to reinforce the vein after aneurysmorrhaphy.
Berard X., Brizzi V., Mayeux S., Sassoust G., Biscay D., Ducasse E., Bordenave L., Corpataux J.M., Midy D., 2010. European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, 40 (1) pp. 100-106.
Placement of hemodialysis catheters through stenotic or occluded central thoracic veins.
Haller C., Déglise S., Saucy F., Mathieu C., Haesler E., Doenz F., Corpataux J.M., Qanadli S.D., 2009. Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology, 32 (4) pp. 695-702.
Problèmes dus aux fistules d'hémodialyse: un réseau régional de prise en charge [Problems related to haemodialysis vascular accesses: a regional network of care]
Imsand D., Teta D., Saucy F., Doenz F., Qanadli S.D., Corpataux J.M., Burnier M., Mazzolai L., Haesler E., 2009. Revue Médicale Suisse, 5 (189) pp. 294-298.
Similar access longevity in diabetic and non-diabetic hemodialysis patients
Haller C., Déglise S., Haesler E., Saucy F., Corpataux J.M., Qanadli S.D., 2009. dans 10e Congrès annuel de l'Union des Sociétés Suisses des Maladies Vasculaires.
Fish oil after abdominal aorta aneurysm surgery
Berger M. M., Tappy L., Revelly J. P., Koletzko B. V., Gepert J., Corpataux J. M., Cayeux M. C., Chiolero R. L., 2008. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 62 (9) pp. 1116-1122. Peer-reviewed.
Laparoscopic aortic surgery: Techniques and results.
Cau J., Ricco J.B., Corpataux J.M., 2008. Journal of Vascular Surgery, 48 (6 Suppl.) pp. 37S-44S; discussion 45S.
Superficial femoral vein as substitute for pulmonary artery reconstruction after resection for bronchovascular fistula
Kotzampassaki N., Corpataux J.M., Pasche P., Magnusson L., Ris H.B., 2008. Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, 136 (2) pp. 525-527. Peer-reviewed.
Bilateral renal artery entrapment by diaphragmatic crura: a rare cause of renovascular hypertension with a specific management.
Déglise S., Corpataux J.M., Haller C., Binaghi S., Meuwly J.Y., Qanadli S.D., 2007/06. Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography, 31 (3) pp. 481-484. Peer-reviewed.
Percutaneous treatment of superior vena cava obstruction in asymptomatic patients before dialysis catheters placement
Haller C., Qanadli S., Doenz F., Saucy S., Deglise S., Corpataux J.M., 2007/01., LINC , Leipzig Interventional Course, Leipzig, Switzerland. Poster.
Long-term follow-up of surgically excluded popliteal artery aneurysms with multi-slice CT angiography and Doppler ultrasound
Deglise S., Qanadli S. D., Rizzo E., Ducrey N., Doenz F., Haller C., Denys A., Corpataux J. M., 2006/06. European Radiology, 16 (6) pp. 1323-30.
Prise en charge de l'ischémie critique des membres inférieurs [Management of critical limb ischemia]
Haesler E., Haller C., Gersbach P., Qanadli S.D., Mazzolai L., Tozzi P., Doenz F., Corpataux J.M., 2006/02. Revue Médicale Suisse, 2 (51) pp. 342-344, 346-347.
Clinical results of autologous infrainguinal revascularization using grafts originating distal to the femoral bifurcation in patients with mild inflow disease.
Probst H., Saucy F., Dusmet M., Ris H.B., Ducrey N., Haller C., Corpataux J.M., 2006. Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery, 47 (4) pp. 437-443. Peer-reviewed.
Evaluation de la qualité de vie après prélèvement de la veine fémorale superficielle lors de reconstructions infra-inguinales [Quality of life after superficial femoral vein harvest for infra-inguinal reconstructions]
Probst H., Ducrey N., Depairon M., Saucy F., Hayoz D., Haller C., Corpataux J.M., 2006. Praxis, 95 (12) pp. 447-50.
Foot skin blood flow following infrainguinal revascularization for critical lower limb ischemia.
Saucy F., Dischl B., Delachaux A., Feihl F., Liaudet L., Waeber B., Corpataux J.M., 2006. European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, 31 (4) pp. 401-406. Peer-reviewed.
Nouveautés en chirurgie vasculaire [New treatments in vascular diseases]
Probst H., Haller C., Uldry E., Petermann D., Haesler E., Cau J., Corpataux J.M., 2006. Revue médicale suisse, 2 (70) pp. 1572-6.
A comparison of six statins on the development of intimal hyperplasia in a human vein culture model.
Corpataux J.M., Naik J., Porter K.E., London N.J., 2005. European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, 29 (2) pp. 177-181. Peer-reviewed.
Increased connexin43 expression in human saphenous veins in culture is associated with intimal hyperplasia.
Déglise S., Martin D., Probst H., Saucy F., Hayoz D., Waeber G., Nicod P., Ris H.B., Corpataux J.M., Haefliger J.A., 2005. Journal of Vascular Surgery, 41 (6) pp. 1043-1052. Peer-reviewed.
The effect of six different statins on the proliferation, migration, and invasion of human smooth muscle cells.
Corpataux J.M., Naik J., Porter K.E., London N.J., 2005. Journal of Surgical Research, 129 (1) pp. 52-56. Peer-reviewed.
Comparison of morphological and functional alterations of human saphenous veins after seven and fourteen days of ex vivo perfusion
Paroz A., Probst H., Saucy F., Mazzolai L., Rizzo E., Ris H. B., Corpataux J. M., 2004/10. European Surgical Research, 36 (5) pp. 274-81.
Comparative assessment of intimal hyperplasia development after 14 days in two different experimental settings: tissue culture versus ex vivo continuous perfusion of human saphenous vein.
Rey J., Probst H., Mazzolai L., Bosman F.T., Pusztaszeri M., Stergiopulos N., Ris H.B., Hayoz D., Saucy F., Corpataux J.M., 2004. Journal of Surgical Research, 121 (1) pp. 42-49. Peer-reviewed.
Vacuum-assisted conservative treatment for the management and salvage of exposed prosthetic hemodialysis access.
Vallet C., Saucy F., Haller C., Meier P., Rafoul W., Corpataux J.M., 2004. European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, 28 (4) pp. 397-399. Peer-reviewed.
Endovascular treatment of stenoses in the superior vena cava syndrome caused by non-tumoral lesions.
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Indicazioni e risultati della laparostomia retroperitoneale nel trattamento della pancreatite acuta necrotizzante infetta [Indications and results of retroperitoneal laparostomy in the treatment of infected acute necrotizing pancreatitis]
Halkic N., Pezzetta E., Abdelmoumene A., Corpataux J.M., 2003. Minerva chirurgica, 58 (1) pp. 97-9. Peer-reviewed.
Low-pressure environment and remodelling of the forearm vein in Brescia-Cimino haemodialysis access.
Corpataux J.M., Haesler E., Silacci P., Ris H.B., Hayoz D., 2002. Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation : official publication of the European Dialysis and Transplant Association - European Renal Association, 17 (6) pp. 1057-62. Peer-reviewed.
A preliminary evaluation of the discriminative power of the monoethylglycinexylidide formation test after intravenous and oral administration of lidocaine.
Corpataux J.M., Munafo A., Buclin T., Biollaz J., Mosimann F., 2001. Transplantation proceedings, 33 (4) pp. 2557-62. Peer-reviewed.
ATLS: vers une standardisation de la prise en charge des traumatisés [Advanced Trauma Life Support: towards a standardization of care for the trauma patient]
Bettschart V., Corpataux J.M., Fishman D., Mosimann F., 2001. Revue médicale de la Suisse romande, 121 (2) pp. 129-31.
Intérêt des résections "en manchon" pour les cancers pulmonaires [Value of the "sleeve" resection for pulmonary cancers]
Probst H., Dusmet M., Corpataux J.M., Ris H.B., 2001. Revue médicale de la Suisse romande, 121 (2) pp. 141-4.
La revascularisation du pied diabétique [Revascularization of the diabetic foot]
Probst H., Corpataux J.M., Dusmet M., Ris H.B., 2001. Revue médicale de la Suisse romande, 121 (2) pp. 137-40.
Lumbar spondylodiscitis after epidural anaesthesia at a distant site.
Halkic N., Blanc C., Corthesy M.E., Corpataux J.M., 2001. Anaesthesia, 56 (6) pp. 602-3. Peer-reviewed.
Immunological and virological responses in HIV-1-infected adults at early stage of established infection treated with highly active antiretroviral therapy.
Bart P.A., Rizzardi G.P., Tambussi G., Chave J.P., Chapuis A.G., Graziosi C., Corpataux J.M., Halkic N., Meuwly J.Y., Munoz M. et al., 2000. AIDS, 14 (13) pp. 1887-1897. Peer-reviewed.
Long-term kinetics of T cell production in HIV-infected subjects treated with highly active antiretroviral therapy.
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Preemptive treatment approach to cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection in solid organ transplant patients: relationship between compliance with the guidelines and prevention of CMV morbidity.
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The role of laparoscopic biopsies in lumbar spondylodiscitis.
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The role of laparoscopic biopsies in lumbar spondylodiscitis.
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Sampling lymphoid tissue cells by ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration of lymph nodes in HIV-infected patients. Swiss HIV Cohort Study
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Image of the month. Glucagonoma syndrome.
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Laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair with extraperitoneal double-mesh technique.
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Video-assisted thoracic surgery diagnosis of thoracic spinal tuberculosis.
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Limited CD4+ T-cell renewal in early HIV-1 infection: effect of highly active antiretroviral therapy.
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