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Reactive fluid infiltration along fractures: Textural observations coupled to in-situ isotopic analyses
Bégué Florence, Baumgartner Lukas P., Bouvier Anne-Sophie, Robyr Martin, 2019/08. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 519 pp. 264-273.
Rhyolite-MELTS vs DERP—Newer Does not Make it Better: a Comment on ‘The Effect of Anorthite Content and Water on Quartz–Feldspar Cotectic Compositions in the Rhyolitic System and Implications for Geobarometry' by Wilke et al. (2017; Journal of Petrology, 58, 789–818)
Gualda Guilherme A R, Bégué Florence, Pamukcu Ayla S, Ghiorso Mark S, 2019/04/01. Journal of Petrology, 60 (4) pp. 855-864.
Climbing the crustal ladder: Magma storage-depth evolution during a volcanic flare-up
Gualda G. A. R., Gravley D. M., Connor M., Hollmann B., Pamukcu A. S., Bégué F., Ghiorso M. S., Deering C. D., 2018/10. Science Advances, 4 pp. eaap7567.
A Preliminary SIMS Study Using Carbon Isotopes to Separate Natural from Synthetic Diamonds
Wang Hao, Cartier Laurent, Baumgartner Lukas, Bouvier Anne-Sophie, Bégué Florence, Chalain Jean-Pierre, Krzemnicki Michael, 2018/03/01. Journal of Gemmology -London-, 36 (1) pp. 22-27.
From source to surface: Tracking magmatic boron and chlorine input into the geothermal systems of the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand
Bégué Florence, Deering Chad D., Gravley Darren M., Chambefort Isabelle, Kennedy Ben M., 2017/10. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 346 pp. 141-150.
Saturated heating and quenching of three crustal rocks and implications for thermal stimulation of permeability in geothermal reservoirs
Siratovich Paul A., Villeneuve Marlène C., Cole James W., Kennedy Ben M., Bégué Florence, 2015/12. International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, 80 pp. 265-280.
Melt inclusion shapes: Timekeepers of short-lived giant magma bodies
Pamukcu Ayla S., Gualda Guilherme A.R., Bégué Florence, Gravley Darren M., 2015/11. Geology, 43 (11) pp. 947-950.
Link between magmatic degassing and geothermal systems; Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand
Bégué F., Deering C., Chambefort I., Gravley D., Kennedy B. (eds.), 2015., Proceedings World Geothermal Congress 2015.
Magmatic volatile distribution as recorded by rhyolitic melt inclusions in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand
Bégué Florence, Gravley Darren M., Chambefort Isabelle, Deering Chad D., Kennedy Ben M., 2015. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 410 (1) pp. 71-94.
The magmatic-hydrothermal transition of the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand
Chambefort I., Heinrich C. A., Wälle M., Dilles J. H., Bégué F. (eds.), 2015., Proceedings New Zealand Geothermal Workshop 2015.
Phase-equilibrium geobarometers for silicic rocks based on rhyolite-MELTS. Part 2: application to Taupo Volcanic Zone rhyolites
Bégué Florence, Gualda Guilherme A. R., Ghiorso Mark S., Pamukcu Ayla S., Kennedy Ben M., Gravley Darren M., Deering Chad D., Chambefort Isabelle, 2014/11. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 168 (5).
Advances in Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy of natural glasses: From sample preparation to data analysis
von Aulock F.W., Kennedy B.M., Schipper C.I., Castro J.M., E. Martin D., Oze C., Watkins J.M., Wallace P.J., Puskar L., Bégué F. et al., 2014/10. Lithos, 206-207 pp. 52-64.
Extraction, storage and eruption of multiple isolated magma batches in the paired Mamaku and Ohakuri eruption, Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand
Bégué Florence, Deering Chad D., Gravley Darren M., Kennedy Ben M., Chambefort Isabelle, Gualda Guil A.R., Bachmann Olivier, 2014. Journal of Petrology, 55 (8) pp. 1653-1684. Peer-reviewed.
Volatile transfer from magma sources in the Taupo Volcanic Zone: A quartz-hosted melt inclusion study in rhyolites
Bégué F., Deering C., Gravley D., Kennedy B., Chambefort I. (eds.), 2012., New Zealand Geothermal Workshop.
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