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Optimisation of vancomycin exposure in neonates based on the best level of evidence.
Dao K., Guidi M., André P., Giannoni E., Basterrechea S., Zhao W., Fuchs A., Pfister M., Buclin T., Csajka C. Pharmacological research p. 104278. Peer-reviewed.
Midazolam as a first-line treatment for neonatal seizures: Retrospective study.
Dao K., Giannoni E., Diezi M., Roulet-Perez E., Lebon S., 2018/05. Pediatrics international, 60 (5) pp. 498-500. Peer-reviewed.
Guidance to develop individual dose recommendations for patients on chronic hemodialysis.
Gotta V., Dao K., Rodieux F., Buclin T., Livio F., Pfister M., 2017/07. Expert review of clinical pharmacology, 10 (7) pp. 737-752. Peer-reviewed.
Pharmacokinetics of lenalidomide during high cut-off dialysis in a patient with multiple myeloma and renal failure.
Dao K., Lu Y., Peer C.J., Figg W.D., Stadelmann R., Burnier M., Buclin T., Kissling S., 2017/01. Cancer chemotherapy and pharmacology, 79 (1) pp. 215-218. Peer-reviewed.
Pharmacovigilance [Pharmacovigilance update]
Dao K., Chtioui H., Rothuizen L.E., Diezi L., Prod'hom S., Winterfeld U., Buclin T., Livio F., 2016/01/13. Revue medicale suisse, 12 (500) pp. 75-79.
Paracétamol et ibuprofène en pédiatrie : Revue critique des indications, risques et autres points controversés
Dao Kim, Laubscher Bernard, Buclin Thierry, 2016. Paediatrica, 27 (2) pp. 30-34. Peer-reviewed.
Utilisation des laxatifs à l'Hôpital
Dao Kim, Renard Delphine, Livio Françoise, Buclin Thierry, De Giorgi I, 2012. GSASA Journal 26 pp. 27-31.
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