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Multigenerational effects of the anticancer drug tamoxifen and its metabolite 4-hydroxy-tamoxifen on Daphnia pulex.
Borgatta M., Waridel P., Decosterd L.A., Buclin T., Chèvre N., 2016. Science of the Total Environment, 545-546 pp. 21-29.
The anticancer drug metabolites endoxifen and 4-hydroxy-tamoxifen induce toxic effects on Daphnia pulex in a two-generation study.
Borgatta M., Decosterd L.A., Waridel P., Buclin T., Chèvre N., 2015. Science of the Total Environment, 520 pp. 232-240.
Shotgun Ecotoxicoproteomics of Daphnia pulex: Biochemical Effects of the Anticancer Drug Tamoxifen.
Borgatta M., Hernandez C., Decosterd L.A., Chèvre N., Waridel P., 2014. Journal of Proteome Research, 14 (1) pp. 279-291.
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