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Cross-participant prediction of vigilance stages through the combined use of wPLI and wSMI EEG functional connectivity metrics.
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Sleep in the elderly
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The EEG correlates of dreaming
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Sleep and Dreaming
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Apical drive-A cellular mechanism of dreaming?
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Electroencephalographic changes associated with subjective under- and overestimation of sleep duration.
Lecci S., Cataldi J., Betta M., Bernardi G., Heinzer R., Siclari F., 2020/11/12. Sleep, 43 (11) pp. zsaa094. Peer-reviewed.
Dreams and nightmares in healthy adults and in patients with sleep and neurological disorders.
Siclari F., Valli K., Arnulf I., 2020/10. The Lancet. Neurology, 19 (10) pp. 849-859. Peer-reviewed.
Sleep: The Sensory Disconnection of Dreams.
Siclari F., 2020/07/20. Current biology, 30 (14) pp. R826-R828. Peer-reviewed.
Integrity of Corpus Callosum Is Essential for theCross-Hemispheric Propagation of Sleep Slow Waves:A High-Density EEG Study in Split-Brain Patients.
Avvenuti G., Handjaras G., Betta M., Cataldi J., Imperatori L.S., Lattanzi S., Riedner B.A., Pietrini P., Ricciardi E., Tononi G. et al., 2020/07/15. The Journal of neuroscience, 40 (29) pp. 5589-5603. Peer-reviewed.
Pulse wave amplitude drops during sleep: clinical significance and characteristics in a general population sample.
Hirotsu C., Betta M., Bernardi G., Marques-Vidal P., Vollenweider P., Waeber G., Pichot V., Roche F., Siclari F., Haba-Rubio J. et al., 2020/07/13. Sleep, 43 (7) pp. zsz322. Peer-reviewed.
Risk factors of excessive daytime sleepiness in a prospective population-based cohort.
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Quantifying peripheral sympathetic activations during sleep by means of an automatic method for pulse wave amplitude drop detection.
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Editorial: Local Aspects of Sleep and Wakefulness.
Bernardi G., Siclari F., Bellesi M., 2020. Frontiers in neuroscience, 14 p. 58. Peer-reviewed.
A potential role of hypophosphatemia for diagnosing convulsive seizures: A case-control study.
Barras P., Siclari F., Hügli O., Rossetti A.O., Lamy O., Novy J., 2019/08. Epilepsia, 60 (8) pp. 1580-1585. Peer-reviewed.
EEG functional connectivity metrics wPLI and wSMI account for distinct types of brain functional interactions.
Imperatori L.S., Betta M., Cecchetti L., Canales-Johnson A., Ricciardi E., Siclari F., Pietrini P., Chennu S., Bernardi G., 2019/06/20. Scientific reports, 9 (1) p. 8894. Peer-reviewed.
Visual imagery and visual perception induce similar changes in occipital slow waves of sleep.
Bernardi G., Betta M., Cataldi J., Leo A., Haba-Rubio J., Heinzer R., Cirelli C., Tononi G., Pietrini P., Ricciardi E. et al., 2019/06/01. Journal of neurophysiology, 121 (6) pp. 2140-2152. Peer-reviewed.
Regional Delta Waves In Human Rapid Eye Movement Sleep.
Bernardi G., Betta M., Ricciardi E., Pietrini P., Tononi G., Siclari F., 2019/04/03. The Journal of neuroscience, 39 (14) pp. 2686-2697. Peer-reviewed.
Local patterns of sleep and wakefulness
Bernardi Giulio, Siclari Francesca, 2019. dans Handbook of Sleep Research, Dringenberg, Hans.
Dreaming in NREM Sleep: A High-Density EEG Study of Slow Waves and Spindles.
Siclari F., Bernardi G., Cataldi J., Tononi G., 2018/10/24. The Journal of neuroscience, 38 (43) pp. 9175-9185. Peer-reviewed.
How do children fall asleep? A high-density EEG study of slow waves in the transition from wake to sleep.
Spiess M., Bernardi G., Kurth S., Ringli M., Wehrle F.M., Jenni O.G., Huber R., Siclari F., 2018/09. NeuroImage, 178 pp. 23-35. Peer-reviewed.
Mouvements anormaux liés au sommeil [Sleep-related movement disorders]
Haba-Rubio J., Siclari F., Heinzer R., 2018/04/25. Revue medicale suisse, 14 (604) pp. 883-887. Peer-reviewed.
Local and Widespread Slow Waves in Stable NREM Sleep: Evidence for Distinct Regulation Mechanisms.
Bernardi G., Siclari F., Handjaras G., Riedner B.A., Tononi G., 2018. Frontiers in human neuroscience, 12 p. 248. Peer-reviewed.
Local aspects of sleep and wakefulness.
Siclari F., Tononi G., 2017/06. Current opinion in neurobiology, 44 pp. 222-227. Peer-reviewed.
The neural correlates of dreaming.
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Consciousness and cortical responsiveness: a within-state study during non-rapid eye movement sleep.
Nieminen J.O., Gosseries O., Massimini M., Saad E., Sheldon A.D., Boly M., Siclari F., Postle B.R., Tononi G., 2016/08/05. Scientific reports, 6 p. 30932. Peer-reviewed.
Sleep reverts changes in human gray and white matter caused by wake-dependent training.
Bernardi G., Cecchetti L., Siclari F., Buchmann A., Yu X., Handjaras G., Bellesi M., Ricciardi E., Kecskemeti S.R., Riedner B.A. et al., 2016/04/01. NeuroImage, 129 pp. 367-377.
Sleep and dreaming
Siclari Francesca, Tononi Giulio, 2015/11/05. dans The neurology of consciousness, Academic Press.
Neural and behavioral correlates of extended training during sleep deprivation in humans: evidence for local, task-specific effects.
Bernardi G., Siclari F., Yu X., Zennig C., Bellesi M., Ricciardi E., Cirelli C., Ghilardi M.F., Pietrini P., Tononi G., 2015/03/18. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience, 35 (11) pp. 4487-4500.
Two distinct synchronization processes in the transition to sleep: a high-density electroencephalographic study.
Siclari F., Bernardi G., Riedner B.A., LaRocque J.J., Benca R.M., Tononi G., 2014/10/01. Sleep, 37 (10) pp. 1621-1637.
Forensic aspects of sleep medicine
Siclari Francesca, Penzel Thomas, 2014/01/01. dans Sleep Medicine Textbook, European Sleep Research Society.
Assessing sleep consciousness within subjects using a serial awakening paradigm.
Siclari F., Larocque J.J., Postle B.R., Tononi G., 2013. Frontiers in psychology, 4 p. 542.
Ictal cerebral positron emission tomography (PET) in focal status epilepticus.
Siclari F., Prior J.O., Rossetti A.O., 2013. Epilepsy Research, 105 (3) pp. 356-361. Peer-reviewed.
Life-threatening sinking skin flap syndrome due to CSF leak after lumbar puncture - treated with epidural blood patch.
Gschwind M., Michel P., Siclari F., 2012. European Journal of Neurology, 19 (5) pp. e49.
Pallidal hyperintensities - a coincidental finding of clinical relevance in Miller Fisher syndrome.
Alvarez V., Siclari F., Kuntzer T., 2011. European Journal of Neurology, 18 (8) pp. e94-e95. Peer-reviewed.
Stimulus-induced, sleep-bound, focal seizures: a case report.
Siclari F., Nobili L., Lo Russo G., Moscato A., Buck A., Bassetti C.L., Khatami R., 2011. Sleep, 34 (12) pp. 1727-1730.
Violence in sleep.
Siclari F., Khatami R., Urbaniok F., Nobili L., Mahowald M.W., Schenck C.H., Cramer Bornemann M.A., Bassetti C.L., 2010/12. Brain : a journal of neurology, 133 (Pt 12) pp. 3494-3509.
Bilateral carotid thrombus formation after strenuous coughing.
Siclari F., Hirt L., Meuli R., Fellmann F., Gailloud P., Michel P., 2009. European Journal of Neurology, 16 (7) pp. e122-e123.
Bilateral segmental agenesis of the vertebrobasilar junction: developmental and angiographic anatomy.
Burger I.M., Siclari F., Gregg L., Gailloud P., 2007. AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology, 28 (10) pp. 2017-2022.
Developmental anatomy of the distal vertebral artery in relationship to variants of the posterior and lateral spinal arterial systems.
Siclari F., Burger I.M., Fasel J.H., Gailloud P., 2007. AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology, 28 (6) pp. 1185-1190.
Direct emergence of the dorsospinal artery from the aorta and spinal cord blood supply. Case reports and literature review.
Siclari F., Fasel J.H., Gailloud P., 2006/06. Neuroradiology, 48 (6) pp. 412-414.
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