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Scientific distinctions and prizes

Vice Dean of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine for successions and career plans 2017

since 1 August 2017
Recipient : Reto Meuli

FBM Award for excellence in mentoring 2015

In recognition of his outstanding contribution to promote young talent and his commitment to the next generation. in recognition of his outstanding contribution to promote young talent and his commitment to the next generation. June
Recipient : Reto Meuli

ISMRM Merit Award Magna Cum Laude 2015

Prospective Motion Correction with FID-Triggered Image Navigators.
ISMRM 2015 Toronto, ON, Canada June 3rd
Recipient : Babayeva, M, Falkovskiy, P, Hilbert, T, Bonnier, B, Maréchal, B, Meuli , R, Thiran, J, Gruetter, R, Krueger, G, Kober, T.

President of the 101st Swiss Annuel Congress of Radiology SGR-SSR 2014

SGR- SSR 2014 101st annual Congress of the Swiss Society of Radiology (SGR-SSR), Montreux Music & Convention Center, Switzerland, June 12-14
Recipient : Reto Meuli

Head of the school of postgraduate training EFPG 2013 2014

School of postgraduate training (EFPG) of the Faculty of biology and medicine (FBM) the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV) sees his leadership renewed Sept 9th 2013.
Prof. Reto Meuli was appointed Director. He is assisted by Prof. Thomas Bischoff and Dr Nathalie Koch (replacing Dr Sandra Deriaz) as Deputy Directors.
In addition, the school comes to develop a regulation adopted by the directorates of the UNIL and the CHUV.
Recipient : Reto Meuli

Scientific Prize of the Swiss Society of legal medicine 2011

Multi-phase post-mortem CT-angiography Development of a standardized protocol. Int J Legal Med 2011;125:791-802. Original article.
Recipient : Grabherr S, Doenz F, Steger B, Dirnhofer R, Dominguez A, Sollberger B, Gygax E, Rizzo E, Chevallier C, Meuli R, Mangin P.

RSNA Scientific poster Certificate of Merit 2011

RSNA Scientific poster Certificate of Merit
Imaging of Anorectal Malformations: Finding the Way out of the Labyrinth
Alamo Maestre, L.
Meyrat, B.
Meuwly , JY.
Meuli, R.
Gudinchet, F
Certificate of Merit. Recommended for Publication in RadioGraphics
Recipient : Reto Meuli

JFR Prix du poster 2011

Arthro-IRM du poignet à 3-T en traction axiale : impact sur la caractérisation des lésions ligamentaires et des interlignes articulaires. Marlois, R,
Becce, F,
Richarme, D,
Meuli, R,
Theumann, N.
JFR Prix du poster OA-WS-46 JFR2011 59e Journées Françaises de Radiologie, 32e Journées Francophones de Radiologie, Palais des Congrès, Porte Maillot, Paris. Programme p. 364

SSR Best poster award 2010

Superselective ophtalmic artery chemotherapy with Metaplan for intraocular retinoblastoma.
SSR 2010 97ème Congrès annuel de la Société Suisse de Radiologie, 97th Annual meeting of the Swiss Society of Radiology, Palazzo congressi, Lugano, June 3-5. Programm p. 48 Poster. Prix du poster 2010
Recipient : Mosimann, P.
Uské, A.
Popovic-Beck, M.
Munier, R.
Meuli, R.
Binaghi, S.

RSNA 2010 : Awards RG Selected for RadioGraphics 2010

Duran R., Denys A., Meuli R., Schmidt S. Presenter. Mesenteric Venous Thrombosis: MDCT Features according to the Underlying Etiology and Associated Venous Bowel Ischemia RSNA 2010, 96th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting. Nov 28-Dec 3, McCornick Place, Chicago, IL. Education Exhibits Gastrointestinal Radiology. Lake Side Learning Center. LL-GIE2308 -L02. Dr Schmidt Presenter. Awards RG Selected for RadioGraphics Nov 28-Dec 3 2010.11
Recipient : Reto Meuli

CARS-ISCAS Olympus Iscas Best Paper Award 2008

Toward fast, automatic and accurate deep brain stimulation targeting
12th Annual Conference of the Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery (CARS)-ISCAS, Barcelona, June 25-28
Recipient : Sanchez Castro, F. J.
Pollo, C.
Meuli, R.
Maeder, P.
Villemure, J. G.
Thiran, JP.

RSNA Scientific poster Certificate of Merit 2007

Radiation Risk: What You Should Know to Tell Your Patient
RSNA 2007 Radiological Society of North America, 93rd Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, Chicago
Recommended for publication in RadioGraphics
Recipient : Verdun, F.
Bochud, F.
Gudinchet, F.
Aroua, A.
Schnyder, P.
Meuli, R.

SSR Best Poster Award 2006

Four-dimensional 64-row multi-slice CT (4D-MSCT) in intracranial aneurysmal characterization for depiction of a new parameter: pulsatility
"Magna cum laude". SSR 2006 93rd annual meeting of the Swiss Society of Radiology, Lausanne, Switzerland
Recipient : Browaeys, P.
Meuli, R.
Maeder, P.
Schnyder, P.
Uske, A.
Binaghi, S.

Eur Radiol: 5th Most cited paper 2001- 2005

Quantitative assessment of regional cerebral blood flows by perfusion CT studies at low injection rates: a critical review of the underlying theoretical models
Eur Radiol 2001.
Recipient : Wintermark, M.
Maeder, P.
Thiran, J. P.
Schnyder, P.
Meuli, R.

RSNA Award E: Excellence in Design, Award RG: Selected for RadioGraphics 2005

From Scalar DWI to DTI and Beyond: Advantages and Pitfalls of Increasingly Complex Techniques
Radiological Society of North America, 91st Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting Chicago Nov 27- Dec 2
Recipient : Hagmann, P.
Wedeen, V.
Maeder, P.
Thiran, J.-P.
Meuli, R.

IMRF Graduate Students Award Poster 2005

Auditory-visual multisensory interactions modulate the dynamics of bold responses in unisensory cortices
International Multisensory Research Forum (IMRF) 6th Annual Meeting, June 5-8
Rovereto, Italy. Poster and Communication
Recipient : Martuzzi, R.
Murray, M.
Michel, C.
Maeder, P.
Thiran, JP.
Clarke, S.
Meuli, R.

ASPNR The Derek Harwood-Nash Award for the best paper in Pediatric Neuroradiology 2005

Development of Visual Spatial Integration in Children: A combined Functional MR Imaging/Magnetization. Transfer Imaging Study
ASN 2005 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Neuroradiology, ASPNR 2005 American Society of Pediatric Neuroradiology. Toronto, Ontario, Canada May 21-27
Recipient : Maeder, P.
Fornari, E.
Knyazeva, M.
Martuzzi, R.
Meuli, R.

ECR Best Scientific Paper Awards 2004

Prognostic value of admission perfusion-CT in severe head trauma
ECR 2004. European Congress of Radiology. Vienna, March 5-9, 2004
Recipient : Wintermark, M.
Chiolero, L.
Regli, L.
van Melle, G.
Maeder, P.
Meuli, R.
Schnyder, P.

Prize of the Faculty 2004

DTI mapping of human brain connectivity: statistical fibre tracking and virtual dissection
Faculty of Biology and Medicine. Deanship. University of Lausanne. Published in Neuroimage 2003; 19: 545-554
Recipient : Hagmann, P.
Thiran, J. P.
Jonasson, L.
Vandergheynst, P.
Clarke, S.
Maeder, P.
Meuli, R.

SSN Volker Henn Best Poster Award 2003

Neuroanatomical correlate of emotional response to pleasant and unpleasant music:a human fMRI study
16th Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society for Neuroscience. Lausanne, Jan 17th 2004
Recipient : Maeder, P.
Meuli, R.
Adriani, M.
Fornari, E.
Pittet, A.
Thiran, A. B.

SSN Award of best clinical case presentation 2001

Recovery of sound recognition and localisation following right hemispheric thalamo-cortical dysconnection : sequential neuropsychological and fMRI study
14th Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society for Neuroscience, Bern, Switzerland, Jan. 11-13.2001
Recipient : Meuli, R.

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