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Bronchial anastomosis dehiscence and stenosis caused by donor‐transmitted Mycoplasma hominis infection in a lung transplant recipient: case report and literature review
Vecchio Matteo, Koutsokera Angela, Touilloux Brice, Perentes Jean-Yannis, Manuel Oriol, Noirez Leslie, Aubert John-David, Lenoir Alexandra Transplant Infectious Disease. Peer-reviewed.
Real-life food-safety behavior and incidence of foodborne infections in solid organ transplant recipients.
Lindup M., van den Bogaart L., Golshayan D., Aubert J.D., Vionnet J., Regamey J., Pascual M., Manuel O., Mombelli M., 2020/05. American journal of transplantation, 20 (5) pp. 1424-1430. Peer-reviewed.
Infection à SARS-CoV-2 et transplantation d’organes solides [SARS-CoV-2 infection and solid organ transplantation]
Golshayan D., Aubert J.D., Hullin R., Moradpour D., Venetz J.P., Manuel O., Pascual M., 2020/04/29. Revue medicale suisse, 16 (N° 691-2) pp. 815-818. Peer-reviewed.
Outcome after extracorporeal membrane oxygenation-bridged lung retransplants: a single-centre experience.
Abdelnour-Berchtold E., Federici S., Wurlod D.A., Bellier J., Zellweger M., Kirsch M., Nicod L., Marcucci C., Baeriswyl M., Liaudet L. et al., 2019/06/01. Interactive cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, 28 (6) pp. 922-928. Peer-reviewed.
Swiss Recommendations for Adult Cystic Fibrosis Care: Transplantation
Benden Christian, McLin Valérie, Bürgi Urs, Huber Lars C., Koutsokera Angela, Aubert John-David, 2019/05/01. dans Swiss Recommendations for Adult Cystic Fibrosis Care, RMS Editions/Médecine et Hygiène.
Fibrogenic Disorders in Human Diseases: From Inflammation to Organ Dysfunction.
Juillerat-Jeanneret L., Aubert J.D., Mikulic J., Golshayan D., 2018/11/21. Journal of medicinal chemistry, 61 (22) pp. 9811-9840. Peer-reviewed.
Radiological findings of complications after lung transplantation.
Habre C., Soccal P.M., Triponez F., Aubert J.D., Krueger T., Martin S.P., Gariani J., Pache J.C., Lador F., Montet X. et al., 2018/10. Insights into imaging, 9 (5) pp. 709-719. Peer-reviewed.
Clinical significance of post-prophylaxis cytomegalovirus infection in lung transplant recipients.
Jaamei N., Koutsokera A., Pasquier J., Mombelli M., Meylan P., Pascual M., Aubert J.D., Manuel O., 2018/08. Transplant infectious disease, 20 (4) pp. e12893. Peer-reviewed.
Management of bilateral necrotizing bronchial dehiscence after a double lung transplantation.
Krahenbuhl S.M., Gonzalez M., Aubert J.D., Tamm M., Ris H.B., Krueger T., Perentes J.Y., 2018/07. The Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, 156 (1) pp. e29-e31. Peer-reviewed.
Acute Antibody-mediated Rejection 1 Week After Lung Transplantation Successfully Treated With Eculizumab, Intravenous Immunoglobulins, and Rituximab.
Muller Y.D., Aubert J.D., Vionnet J., Rotman S., Sadallah S., Aubert V., Pascual M., 2018/06. Transplantation, 102 (6) pp. e301-e303. Peer-reviewed.
Management of Severe Portopulmonary Hypertension With Dual Oral Therapy Before Liver Transplantation.
Vionnet J., Yerly P., Aubert J.D., Pascual M., Aldenkortt F., Berney T., Giostra E., Moradpour D., Schiffer E., 2018/05. Transplantation, 102 (5) pp. e194. Peer-reviewed.
Multicentre observational screening survey for the detection of CTEPH following pulmonary embolism.
Coquoz N., Weilenmann D., Stolz D., Popov V., Azzola A., Fellrath J.M., Stricker H., Pagnamenta A., Ott S., Ulrich S. et al., 2018/04. The European respiratory journal, 51 (4) pp. pii: 1702505. Peer-reviewed.
Burden of severe RSV disease among immunocompromised children and adults: a 10 year retrospective study.
Chatzis O., Darbre S., Pasquier J., Meylan P., Manuel O., Aubert J.D., Beck-Popovic M., Masouridi-Levrat S., Ansari M., Kaiser L. et al., 2018/03/06. BMC infectious diseases, 18 (1) p. 111. Peer-reviewed.
First histopathological evidence of irreversible pulmonary vascular disease in dasatinib-induced pulmonary arterial hypertension.
Daccord C., Letovanec I., Yerly P., Bloch J., Ogna A., Nicod L.P., Aubert J.D., 2018/03. The European respiratory journal, 51 (3) pp. 1-4. Peer-reviewed.
Airway microbiota signals anabolic and catabolic remodeling in the transplanted lung.
Mouraux S., Bernasconi E., Pattaroni C., Koutsokera A., Aubert J.D., Claustre J., Pison C., Royer P.J., Magnan A., Kessler R. et al., 2018/02. The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology, 141 (2) pp. 718-729.e7. Peer-reviewed.
Lung transplantation after allogeneic stem cell transplantation: a pan-European experience.
Greer M., Berastegui C., Jaksch P., Benden C., Aubert J., Roux A., Lhuillier E., Hirschi S., Reynaud-Gaubert M., Philit F. et al., 2018/02. The European respiratory journal, 51 (2) pp. NA. Peer-reviewed.
Arrêt cardiaque suite à l’administration accidentelle d’amphotéricine B sous forme désoxycholate
Cuda Loredana, Mury Caroline, Pagani Jean-Luc, Revelly Jean-Pierre, Livio Françoise, Aubert John-David, Schaller Marie-Denise, Voirol Pierre, Eggimann Philippe, Que Yok-Ai, 2018. Forum Medical Suisse, 18 (50) pp. 1067-1071. Peer-reviewed.
Extended-criteria donors in lung transplantation in Switzerland: an evaluation of two adapted lung donor scores.
Elmer A., Birrer M., Weiss J., Aubert J.D., Benden C., Inci I., Krüger T., Soccal P.M., Immer F.F., 2018. Swiss medical weekly, 148 pp. w14614. Peer-reviewed.
Hypertension artérielle pulmonaire et grossesse [Pulmonary hypertension and pregnancy]
Diamanti E., Baud D., Aubert J.D., Nicod L.P., 2017/11/15. Revue medicale suisse, 13 (583) pp. 1974-1979. Peer-reviewed.
Syndrome hépato-pulmonaire et hypertension porto-pulmonaire [Hepatopulmonary syndrome and portopulmonary hypertension]
Marcu C., Schiffer E., Aubert J.D., Vionnet J., Yerly P., Deltenre P., Marot A., 2017/08/30. Revue medicale suisse, 13 (572) pp. 1464-1469. Peer-reviewed.
A 58-Year-Old Man With Position-Dependent Nocturnal Dyspnea.
Schertel A., Horvath C.M., Pichler Hefti J., Aubert J.D., Brill A.K., 2017/08. Chest, 152 (2) pp. e51-e55. Peer-reviewed.
Rapid adaptation drives invasion of airway donor microbiota by Pseudomonas after lung transplantation.
Beaume M., Köhler T., Greub G., Manuel O., Aubert J.D., Baerlocher L., Farinelli L., Buckling A., van Delden C., Swiss Transplant Cohort Study, 2017/01/17. Scientific reports, 7 p. 40309. Peer-reviewed.
Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells Induce CD141/CD123/DC-SIGN/FLT3 Monocytes That Promote Allogeneic Th17 Differentiation.
Gazdhar A., Blank F., Cesson V., Lovis A., Aubert J.D., Lazor R., Spertini F., Wilson A., Hostettler K., Nicod L.P. et al., 2017. Frontiers in immunology, 8 p. 447. Peer-reviewed.
Peak VO2 in Obesity: Is It Worth the Effort?
Aubert J.D., 2017. Respiration; international review of thoracic diseases, 94 (6) pp. 486-487. Peer-reviewed.
Airway Microbiota Determines Innate Cell Inflammatory or Tissue Remodeling Profiles in Lung Transplantation.
Bernasconi E., Pattaroni C., Koutsokera A., Pison C., Kessler R., Benden C., Soccal P.M., Magnan A., Aubert J.D., Marsland B.J. et al., 2016/11/15. American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine, 194 (10) pp. 1252-1263. Peer-reviewed.
Visceral leishmaniasis in a lung transplant recipient: usefulness of highly sensitive real-time polymerase chain reaction for preemptive diagnosis.
Opota O., Balmpouzis Z., Berutto C., Kaiser-Guignard J., Greub G., Aubert J.D., Prod'hom G., Manuel O., Jaton K., 2016/10. Transplant infectious disease, 18 (5) pp. 801-804. Peer-reviewed.
Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction : A Systematic Review of Mechanisms
Royer Pierre-Joseph, Olivera-Botello Gustavo, Koutsokera Angela, Aubert John-David, Bernasconi Eric, Tissot Adrien, Pison Christophe, Nicod Laurent, Boissel Jean-Pierre, Magnan Antoine, 2016/09. Transplantation, 100 (9) pp. 1803-1814.
Running Exercise and Angiotensin II Type I Receptor Blocker Telmisartan Are Equally Effective in Preventing Angiotensin II-Mediated Vulnerable Atherosclerotic Lesions.
Pellegrin M., Szostak J., Bouzourène K., Aubert J.F., Berthelot A., Nussberger J., Laurant P., Mazzolai L., 2016/04/30. Journal of cardiovascular pharmacology and therapeutics, 22 (2) pp. 159-168. Peer-reviewed.
Current management of pulmonary arterial hypertension.
Yerly P., Prella M., Aubert J.D., 2016. Swiss Medical Weekly, 146 pp. w14305. Peer-reviewed.
Endothelin-Receptor Antagonists beyond Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: Cancer and Fibrosis.
Aubert J.D., Juillerat-Jeanneret L., 2016. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 59 (18) pp. 8168-8188. Peer-reviewed.
Microbial Communities of Conducting and Respiratory Zones of Lung-Transplanted Patients.
Beaume M., Lazarevic V., Köhler T., Gaïa N., Manuel O., Aubert J.D., Baerlocher L., Farinelli L., Gasche P., Schrenzel J. et al., 2016. Frontiers in microbiology, 7 p. 1749. Peer-reviewed.
Pulmonary Hypertension and Indicators of Right Ventricular Function.
von Siebenthal C., Aubert J.D., Mitsakis P., Yerly P., Prior J.O., Nicod L.P., 2016. Frontiers In Medicine, 3 p. 23. Peer-reviewed.
Clinical outcomes of lung transplant recipients with telomerase mutations.
Tokman S., Singer J.P., Devine M.S., Westall G.P., Aubert J.D., Tamm M., Snell G.I., Lee J.S., Goldberg H.J., Kukreja J. et al., 2015. Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation : the Official Publication of the International Society For Heart Transplantation, 34 (10) pp. 1318-1324. Peer-reviewed.
Fluorine MR Imaging of Inflammation in Atherosclerotic Plaque in Vivo.
van Heeswijk R.B., Pellegrin M., Flögel U., Gonzales C., Aubert J.F., Mazzolai L., Schwitter J., Stuber M., 2015. Radiology, 275 (2) pp. 421-429. Peer-reviewed.
Granulomatous Reaction to Pneumocystis jirovecii Diagnosed in a Bronchoalveolar Lavage: A Case Report.
Nobile A., Valenti A., Aubert J.D., Beigelman C., Letovanec I., Bongiovanni M., 2015. Acta cytologica, 59 (3) pp. 284-288. Peer-reviewed.
Incidence and Risk Factors of Abdominal Complications After Lung Transplantation.
Grass F., Schäfer M., Cristaudi A., Berutto C., Aubert J.D., Gonzalez M., Demartines N., Ris H.B., Soccal P.M., Krueger T., 2015. World Journal of Surgery, 39 (9) pp. 2274-2281. Peer-reviewed.
Long-term data from the swiss pulmonary hypertension registry.
Mueller-Mottet S., Stricker H., Domeninghetti G., Azzola A., Geiser T., Schwerzmann M., Weilenmann D., Schoch O., Fellrath J.M., Rochat T. et al., 2015. Respiration; International Review of Thoracic Diseases, 89 (2) pp. 127-140. Peer-reviewed.
Pulmonary arterial hypertension in patients treated with interferon.
Prella M., Yerly P., Nicod L.P., Aubert J.D., 2015. European Respiratory Journal, 46 (6) pp. 1849-1851. Peer-reviewed.
Role of rhinovirus load in the upper respiratory tract and severity of symptoms in lung transplant recipients.
Ambrosioni J., Bridevaux P.O., Aubert J.D., Soccal P., Wagner G., Kaiser L., 2015. Journal of Clinical Virology, 64 pp. 1-5. Peer-reviewed.
Idiopathic desquamative interstitial pneumonia in a child: a case report.
Bressieux-Degueldre S., Rotman S., Hafen G., Aubert J.D., Rochat I., 2014/06/22. BMC research notes, 7 p. 383. Peer-reviewed.
Complications of Valve Lung Volume Reduction in a Case of Previous Pleurodesis.
Koutsokera A., Noirez L., Gonzalez M., Beigelman-Aubry C., Ris H.B., Aubert J.D., Lovis A., 2014. Annals of Thoracic Surgery, 98 (3) pp. e71-e72. Peer-reviewed.
Experimental peripheral arterial disease: new insights into muscle glucose uptake, macrophage, and T-cell polarization during early and late stages.
Pellegrin M., Bouzourène K., Poitry-Yamate C., Mlynarik V., Feihl F., Aubert J.F., Gruetter R., Mazzolai L., 2014. Physiological Reports, 2 (2) pp. e00234. Peer-reviewed.
Incidence and outcomes of respiratory viral infections in lung transplant recipients: a prospective study.
Bridevaux P.O., Aubert J.D., Soccal P.M., Mazza-Stalder J., Berutto C., Rochat T., Turin L., Belle S.V., Nicod L., Meylan P. et al., 2014. Thorax, 69 (1) pp. 32-38. Peer-reviewed.
Influenza vaccination and humoral alloimmunity in solid organ transplant recipients.
Vermeiren P., Aubert V., Sugamele R., Aubert J.D., Venetz J.P., Meylan P., Pascual M., Manuel O., 2014. Transplant International, 27 (9) pp. 903-908.
Response To Preiksaitis and Limaye.
Bridevaux P.O., Aubert J.D., Rochat T., Nicod L., Kaiser L., 2014. Thorax, 69 (1) pp. 82-83.
Réduction de volume pulmonaire dans l'emphysème sévère: importance d'une prise en charge multidisciplinaire [Lung volume reduction (LVR) in severe emphysema: a multidisciplinary approach].
Lovis A., Krueger T., Perentes J.Y., Ris H.B., Egger B., Beigelman C., Nicod L., Aubert J.D., Gonzalez M., 2014. Revue Médicale Suisse, 10 (435) pp. 1337-1342. Peer-reviewed.
Transcatheter aortic valve implantation in a lung transplant recipient.
Brill A.K., Gloekler S., Aubert J.D., Wenaweser P.M., Geiser T., 2014. Annals of Thoracic Surgery, 97 (6) pp. e159-e160. Peer-reviewed.
European survey on the management of tuberculosis in solid-organ transplant recipients and candidates.
Boillat-Blanco N., Aguado J.M., Aubert J.D., Sester M., Grossi P., Kamar N., Pascual M., Manuel O., ESCMID Study Group of Infection in Compromised Hosts (ESGICH), 2013. Transplant International, 26 (8) pp. e69-e70. Peer-reviewed.
Hypertension pulmonaire associée aux maladies du coeur gauche: quelle définition et quelle prise en charge en 2013 [Pulmonary hypertension in left heart disease: how to define it and how to manage it in 2013?].
Yerly P., Aebischer N., Prella M., Aubert J.D., Nicod L., Vachiéry J.L., 2013. Revue Médicale Suisse, 9 (388) pp. 1160-1167.
Prise en charge du patient avec bronchopneumopathie obstructive: ambulatoire ou hospitalière [Management of the patient with COPD: home case or hospitalization].
Aubert J.D., 2013. Praxis, 102 (10) pp. 597-601.
Pulmonary involvement in Fabry disease: Overview and perspectives.
Franzen D., Krayenbuehl P.A., Lidove O., Aubert J.D., Barbey F., 2013. European Journal of Internal Medicine, 24 (8) pp. 707-713.
Aspergillus species recombinant antigens for serodiagnosis of farmer's lung disease.
Millon L., Roussel S., Rognon B., Quadroni M., Salamin K., Reboux G., Barrera C., Fellrath J.M., Aubert J.D., Dalphin J.C. et al., 2012. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 130 (3) pp. 803-805.e6.
Tacrolimus and cyclosporine have differential effects on the risk of development of bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome: results of a prospective, randomized international trial in lung transplantation.
Treede H., Glanville A.R., Klepetko W., Aboyoun C., Vettorazzi E., Lama R., Bravo C., Knoop C., Aubert J.D., Reichenspurner H. et al., 2012. Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation, 31 (8) pp. 797-804.
Emotional experience in patients awaiting lung transplantation: A qualitative analysis
Bruegger A., Aubert John D., Piot-Ziegler C., 2011/09., the 15th Congress of the European Society for Organ Transplantation & 22nd Annual Conference of the British Society for Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics p. 193 dans Transplant International. Peer-reviewed.
The definition of quality of life in solid organ transplantation: A psychological qualitative model
Piot-Ziegler C., Aubert J.D., Pascual M., 2011/09., the 15th Congress of the European Society for Organ Transplantation & 22nd Annual Conference of the British Society for Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics p. 246 dans Transplant international. Peer-reviewed.
Challenges in lung transplantation.
Krueger T., Berutto C., Aubert J.D., 2011. Swiss Medical Weekly, 141 pp. w13292.
Chronic norovirus gastroenteritis in a double hematopoietic stem cell and lung transplant recipient.
Boillat Blanco N., Kuonen R., Bellini C., Manuel O., Estrade C., Mazza-Stalder J., Aubert J.D., Sahli R., Meylan P., 2011. Transplant Infectious Disease, 13 (2) pp. 213-215.
Low-dose intradermal versus intramuscular trivalent inactivated seasonal influenza vaccine in lung transplant recipients.
Manuel O., Humar A., Berutto C., Ely L., Giulieri S., Lien D., Meylan P.R., Weinkauf J., Pascual M., Nador R. et al., 2011. Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation, 30 (6) pp. 679-684.
Respiratory viruses in lung transplant recipients: a critical review and pooled analysis of clinical studies.
Vu D.L., Bridevaux P.O., Aubert J.D., Soccal P.M., Kaiser L., 2011. American Journal of Transplantation, 11 (5) pp. 1071-1078.
Rhinovirus Genome Variation during Chronic Upper and Lower Respiratory Tract Infections.
Tapparel C., Cordey S., Junier T., Farinelli L., Van Belle S., Soccal P.M., Aubert J.D., Zdobnov E., Kaiser L., 2011. Plos One, 6 (6) pp. e21163.
Successful bilateral lung transplantation after previous pneumonectomy
Gonzalez M., Ris H.B., Krueger T., Ferrari E., Chollet-Rivier M., Marcucci C., Prior J.O., Jayet P.Y., Mazza-Stalder J., Aubert J.D., 2011. pp. 21-22 dans 98th Annual Congress of the Swiss Society of Surgery, British Journal of Surgery. Peer-reviewed.
Successful bilateral lung transplantation after previous pneumonectomy.
Ris H.B., Krueger T., Gonzalez M., Ferrari E., Chollet-Rivier M., Marcucci C., Prior J., Jayet P.Y., Aubert J.D., 2011. Annals of Thoracic Surgery, 91 (4) pp. 1302-1304. Peer-reviewed.
A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Intradermal vs. Intramuscular Influenza Vaccine in Lung Transplant Recipients
Manuel O, Humar A., Berutto C., Lien D., Giulieri S., Weinkauf J., Meylan P.R., Ely L., Pascual M., Nador R. et al., 2010. p. 208 dans 10th American Transplant Congress, American Journal of Transplantation. Peer-reviewed.
Bosentan and/or Sildenafil for non-operable chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension
Langenskioeld E., Bonetti A., Nicod L.P., Aubert J.-D., 2010. p. 12 dans Joint annual meeting of the Swiss Society of Pneumology, Swiss Society of Pediatric Pneumology, Swiss Society for Thoracic Surgery, Swiss Medical Weekly. Peer-reviewed.
Comparison of three antigenic extracts of Eurotium amstelodami in serological diagnosis of farmer's lung disease.
Roussel Sandrine, Reboux Gabriel, Rognon Benedicte, Monod Michel, Grenouillet Frederic, Quadroni Manfredo, Fellrath Jean-Marc, Aubert John-David, Dalphin Jean-Charles, Millon Laurence, 2010. Clinical and Vaccine Immunology, 17 (1) pp. 160-167.
Donor-derived aspergillosis from use of a solid organ recipient as a multiorgan donor.
Mueller N.J., Weisser M., Fehr T., Wüthrich R.P., Müllhaupt B., Lehmann R., Imhof A., Aubert J.D., Genoni M., Kunz R. et al., 2010. Transplant Infectious Disease, 12 (1) pp. 54-59.
Low incidence of severe respiratory syncytial virus infections in lung transplant recipients despite the absence of specific therapy.
Uçkay I., Gasche-Soccal P.M., Kaiser L., Stern R., Mazza-Stalder J., Aubert J.D., van Delden C., 2010. Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation, 29 (3) pp. 299-305.
Risk of Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome Is Twice as High in Cyclosporine Treated Patients in Comparison to Tacrolimus 3 Years after Lung Transplantation: Results of a Prospective Randomized International Trial of 248 Patients
Treede H., Glanville A., Klepetko W., Lama R., Bravo C., Estenne M., Aubert JD., Aboyoun C., Reichenspurner H., 2010. p. 39 dans 30th Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions of the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation, Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation. Peer-reviewed.
Survival impact of lung transplantation for COPD.
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The BODE index as a tool to predict survival in COPD lung transplant candidates [author reply]
Lahzami S., Aubert J.D., 2010. European Respiratory Journal, 36 (6) pp. 1495-1495. Peer-reviewed.
Upper and lower respiratory tract viral infections and acute graft rejection in lung transplant recipients.
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Lung transplantation for COPD - evidence-based?
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New respiratory enterovirus and recombinant rhinoviruses among circulating picornaviruses.
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Population pharmacokinetics of ganciclovir in solid-organ transplant recipients receiving oral valganciclovir.
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Disposition of valganciclovir during continuous renal replacement therapy in two lung transplant recipients.
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Le nodule pulmonaire solitaire [The solitary pulmonary nodule]
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Mycosis fungoides in a lung transplant recipient with advanced ciclosporin nephropathy: management with mechlorethamine and subsequent renal transplantation.
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Protochlamydia naegleriophila as etiologic agent of pneumonia.
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Respiratory viruses in HIV-infected patients with suspected respiratory opportunistic infection.
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Rôle du pathologiste en transplantation [The pivotal role of the pathologist in transplantation]
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Inter-observer agreement on apnoea hypopnoea index using portable monitoring of respiratory parameters.
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Bosentan therapy for chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension. A national open label study assessing the effect of Bosentan on haemodynamics, exercise capacity, quality of life, safety and tolerability in patients with chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (BOCTEPH-Study).
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