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Faculty of Biology and Medicine

Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Radiology (RAD)
Position(s) : Associate Professor
Bâtiment Hospitalier
CH-1011 Lausanne
Téléphone : 021 314 44 74

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Scientific distinctions and prizes

RSNA Scientific poster Certificate of Merit 2011

RSNA Scientific poster Certificate of Merit
Imaging of Anorectal Malformations: Finding the Way out of the Labyrinth
Alamo Maestre, L.
Meyrat, B.
Meuwly , JY.
Meuli, R.
Gudinchet, F
Certificate of Merit. Recommended for Publication in RadioGraphics
Bénéficiaires : Leonor Trinidad Alamo Maestre
Recipient : Jean-Yves Meuwly

RSNA Scientific poster Certificate of Merit 2007

Radiation Risk: What You Should Know to Tell Your Patient
RSNA 2007 Radiological Society of North America, 93rd Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, Chicago
Recommended for publication in RadioGraphics
Recipient : Verdun, F.
Bochud, F.
Gudinchet, F.
Aroua, A.
Schnyder, P.
Meuli, R.

SSR Best Poster Award 2006

Four-dimensional 64-row multi-slice CT (4D-MSCT) in intracranial aneurysmal characterization for depiction of a new parameter: pulsatility
"Magna cum laude". SSR 2006 93rd annual meeting of the Swiss Society of Radiology, Lausanne, Switzerland
Recipient : Browaeys, P.
Meuli, R.
Maeder, P.
Schnyder, P.
Uske, A.
Binaghi, S.

Eur Radiol: 5th Most cited paper 2001- 2005

Quantitative assessment of regional cerebral blood flows by perfusion CT studies at low injection rates: a critical review of the underlying theoretical models
Eur Radiol 2001.
Recipient : Wintermark, M.
Maeder, P.
Thiran, J. P.
Schnyder, P.
Meuli, R.

Facing the Ear: A Multimodality Approach of the First and Second Branchial Arches Syndromes. Certificate of Merit for the Educational Exhibit. RSNA 2004

Recipient : Meuwly, JY.
Jacques, B.
Lepori, D.
Schnyder, P.
Gudinchet, F.

Certificate of Merit for the Educational Exhibit entitled: Sonographic Assessment of Acute Abdomen. RSNA 2002

Recipient : Meuwly , JY.
Hewig, U.
Lepori, D.
Felley, C.
Vuilleumier, P.
Gudinchet, F.

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