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AFM contribution to unveil pro- and eukaryotic cell mechanical properties.
Kasas S., Stupar P., Dietler G., 2018/01. Seminars in cell & developmental biology, 73 pp. 177-187. Peer-reviewed.
DNA-protein interactions explored by atomic force microscopy.
Kasas S., Dietler G., 2018/01. Seminars in cell & developmental biology, 73 pp. 231-239. Peer-reviewed.
Nanomotion Detection Method for Testing Antibiotic Resistance and Susceptibility of Slow-Growing Bacteria.
Villalba M.I., Stupar P., Chomicki W., Bertacchi M., Dietler G., Arnal L., Vela M.E., Yantorno O., Kasas S., 2018/01. Small, 14 (4). Peer-reviewed.
Nanomechanical sensor applied to blood culture pellets: a fast approach to determine the antibiotic susceptibility against agents of bloodstream infections.
Stupar P., Opota O., Longo G., Prod'hom G., Dietler G., Greub G., Kasas S., 2017/06. Clinical microbiology and infection, 23 (6) pp. 400-405. Peer-reviewed.
Detecting nanoscale vibrations as signature of life.
Kasas S., Ruggeri F.S., Benadiba C., Maillard C., Stupar P., Tournu H., Dietler G., Longo G., 2015. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 112 (2) pp. 378-381. Peer-reviewed.
Détecter la vie grâce à la microscopie à force atomique [Detecting life thanks to the atomic force microscope].
Kasas S., Stupar P., Longo G., Dietler G., 2015. Médecine Sciences, 31 (4) pp. 369-371. Peer-reviewed.
Localization of adhesins on the surface of a pathogenic bacterial envelope through atomic force microscopy.
Arnal L., Longo G., Stupar P., Castez M.F., Cattelan N., Salvarezza R.C., Yantorno O.M., Kasas S., Vela M.E., 2015. Nanoscale, 7 (41) pp. 17563-17572. Peer-reviewed.
Measuring cytoskeleton and cellular membrane mechanical properties by atomic force microscopy.
Roduit C., Longo G., Dietler G., Kasas S., 2015. Methods in Molecular Biology, 1232 pp. 153-159. Peer-reviewed.
Molecular mechanism of flocculation self-recognition in yeast and its role in mating and survival.
Goossens K.V., Ielasi F.S., Nookaew I., Stals I., Alonso-Sarduy L., Daenen L., Van Mulders S.E., Stassen C., van Eijsden R.G., Siewers V. et al., 2015. Mbio, 6 (2) pp. e00427-15. Peer-reviewed.
Atomic force and electron microscopic-based study of sarcolemmal surface of living cardiomyocytes unveils unexpected mitochondrial shift in heart failure.
Dague E., Genet G., Lachaize V., Guilbeau-Frugier C., Fauconnier J., Mias C., Payré B., Chopinet L., Alsteens D., Kasas S. et al., 2014. Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology, 74 pp. 162-172. Peer-reviewed.
Effects of antibacterial agents and drugs monitored by atomic force microscopy.
Longo G., Kasas S., 2014. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews. Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology, 6 (3) pp. 230-244. Peer-reviewed.
Real-time monitoring of protein conformational changes using a nano-mechanical sensor.
Alonso-Sarduy L., De Los Rios P., Benedetti F., Vobornik D., Dietler G., Kasas S., Longo G., 2014. Plos One, 9 (7) pp. e103674. Peer-reviewed.
Mechanical properties of biological specimens explored by atomic force microscopy
Kasas S, Longo G, Dietler G, 2013/04/03. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 46 (13) p. 133001. Peer-reviewed.
A universal fluid cell for the imaging of biological specimens in the atomic force microscope.
Kasas S., Radotic K., Longo G., Saha B., Alonso-Sarduy L., Dietler G., Roduit C., 2013. Microscopy Research and Technique, 76 (4) pp. 357-363. Peer-reviewed.
Antibiotic-induced modifications of the stiffness of bacterial membranes.
Longo G., Rio L.M., Trampuz A., Dietler G., Bizzini A., Kasas S., 2013. Journal of Microbiological Methods, 93 (2) pp. 80-84.
Combination of fluorescence microscopy and nanomotion detection to characterize bacteria.
Aghayee S., Benadiba C., Notz J., Kasas S., Dietler G., Longo G., 2013. Journal of Molecular Recognition, 26 (11) pp. 590-595. Peer-reviewed.
Rapid detection of bacterial resistance to antibiotics using AFM cantilevers as nanomechanical sensors.
Longo G., Alonso-Sarduy L., Rio L.M., Bizzini A., Trampuz A., Notz J., Dietler G., Kasas S., 2013. Nature Nanotechnology, 8 (7) pp. 522-526. Peer-reviewed.
Time-Lapse AFM Imaging of DNA Conformational Changes Induced by Daunorubicin.
Alonso-Sarduy L., Longo G., Dietler G., Kasas S., 2013. Nano Letters, 13 (11) pp. 5679-5684. Peer-reviewed.
Atomic Force Microscopy Stiffness Tomography on Living Arabidopsis thaliana Cells Reveals the Mechanical Properties of Surface and Deep Cell-Wall Layers during Growth.
Radotić K., Roduit C., Simonović J., Hornitschek P., Fankhauser C., Mutavd?ić D. , Steinbach G., Dietler G., Kasas S., 2012. Biophysical Journal, 103 (3) pp. 386-394.
Differential peptide binding to CD40 evokes counteractive responses.
Khan S., Alonso L., Roduit C., Bandyopadhyay S., Singh S., Saha S., Tacchini-Cottier F., Roy S., Dietler G., Kasas S. et al., 2012. Human Immunology, 73 (5) pp. 465-469.
Force volume and stiffness tomography investigation on the dynamics of stiff material under bacterial membranes.
Longo G., Rio L.M., Roduit C., Trampuz A., Bizzini A., Dietler G., Kasas S., 2012. Journal of Molecular Recognition, 25 (5) pp. 278-284. Peer-reviewed.
OpenFovea: open-source AFM data processing software.
Roduit C., Saha B., Alonso-Sarduy L., Volterra A., Dietler G., Kasas S., 2012. Nature Methods, 9 (8) pp. 774-775. Peer-reviewed.
Stiffness tomography exploration of living and fixed macrophages.
Roduit C., Longo G., Benmessaoud I., Volterra A., Saha B., Dietler G., Kasas S., 2012. Journal of Molecular Recognition, 25 (5) pp. 241-246. Peer-reviewed.
A role for septins in the interaction between the Listeria monocytogenes INVASION PROTEIN InlB and the Met receptor.
Mostowy S., Janel S., Forestier C., Roduit C., Kasas S., Pizarro-Cerdá J., Cossart P., Lafont F., 2011. Biophysical Journal, 100 (8) pp. 1949-1959. Peer-reviewed.
Determination of the size of quantum dots by fluorescence spectroscopy.
Mutavdzić D., Xu J., Thakur G., Triulzi R., Kasas S., Jeremić M., Leblanc R., Radotić K., 2011. Analyst, 136 (11) pp. 2391-2396. Peer-reviewed.
Human topoisomerase II-DNA interaction study by using atomic force microscopy.
Alonso-Sarduy L., Roduit C., Dietler G., Kasas S., 2011. FEBS Letters, 585 (19) pp. 3139-3145.
Probing the nanomechanical properties of viruses cells and cellular structures
Kasas S., Dietler G., 2011. pp. 335-352 dans Life at the nanoscale : atomic force microscopy of live cells chap. 16, Pan Stanford Publishing.
Atomic force microscopy imaging of living cells
Berquand A., Roduit C., Kasas S., Holloschi A., Ponce L., Hafner M., 2010. Microscopy Today, 18 (6) pp. 8-14. Peer-reviewed.
Microcontroller-driven fluid-injection system for atomic force microscopy.
Kasas S., Alonso L., Jacquet P., Adamcik J., Haeberli C., Dietler G., 2010. Review of Scientific Instruments, 81 (1) p. 013704. Peer-reviewed.
Nano-scale force spectroscopy applied to biological samples
Kasas S., Roduit C., Dietler G, 2010. pp. 23-44 dans Carrara S. (eds.) Nano-Bio-Sensing chap. 2, Springer.
Stiffness tomography by atomic force microscopy.
Roduit C., Sekatski S., Dietler G., Catsicas S., Lafont F., Kasas S., 2009. Biophysical Journal, 97 (2) pp. 674-677. Peer-reviewed.
Temperature-dependent elasticity of microtubules
Kis A., Kasas S., Kulik A. J., Catsicas S., Forro L., 2008/06. Langmuir, 24 (12) pp. 6176-6181. Peer-reviewed.
Probing nanomechanical properties from biomolecules to living cells.
Kasas S., Dietler G., 2008/04. Pflügers Archiv : European journal of physiology, 456 (1) pp. 13-27. Peer-reviewed.
Elastic membrane heterogeneity of living cells revealed by stiff nanoscale membrane domains.
Roduit C., van der Goot F.G., De Los Rios P., Yersin A., Steiner P., Dietler G., Catsicas S., Lafont F., Kasas S., 2008. Biophysical journal, 94 (4) pp. 1521-1532. Peer-reviewed.
Persisting atypical and cystic forms of Borrelia burgdorferi and local inflammation in Lyme neuroborreliosis
Miklossy J., Kasas S., Zurn A. D., McCall S., Yu S., McGeer P. L., 2008. Journal of Neuroinflammation, 5 p. 40. Peer-reviewed.
Elastic properties of the cell surface and trafficking of single AMPA receptors in living hippocampal neurons.
Yersin A., Hirling H., Kasas S., Roduit C., Kulangara K., Dietler G., Lafont F., Catsicas S., Steiner P., 2007/06. Biophysical Journal, 92 (12) pp. 4482-4489. Peer-reviewed.
Characterization of MAP1B heavy chain interaction with actin.
Cueille N., Blanc C.T., Popa-Nita S., Kasas S., Catsicas S., Dietler G., Riederer B.M., 2007. Brain Research Bulletin, 71 (6) pp. 610-618.
Techniques for measuring microtubule stiffness
Kasas S, Dietler G., 2007. Current Nanoscience, 3 (1) pp. 85-96. Peer-reviewed.
Exploring the mechanical properties of single vimentin intermediate filaments by atomic force microscopy.
Guzmán C., Jeney S., Kreplak L., Kasas S., Kulik A.J., Aebi U., Forró L., 2006/07. Journal of Molecular Biology, 360 (3) pp. 623-630. Peer-reviewed.
Cellular toxicity of carbon-based nanomaterials.
Magrez A., Kasas S., Salicio V., Pasquier N., Seo J.W., Celio M., Catsicas S., Schwaller B., Forró L., 2006/06. Nano Letters, 6 (6) pp. 1121-1125. Peer-reviewed.
Tomosyn-1 is involved in a post-docking event required for pancreatic beta-cell exocytosis.
Cheviet S., Bezzi P., Ivarsson R., Renström E., Viertl D., Kasas S., Catsicas S., Regazzi R., 2006. Journal of Cell Science, 119 (Pt 14) pp. 2912-2920.
Interactions between NEEP21, GRIP1 and GluR2 regulate sorting and recycling of the glutamate receptor subunit GluR2.
Steiner P., Alberi S., Kulangara K., Yersin A., Sarria J.C., Regulier E., Kasas S., Dietler G., Muller D., Catsicas S. et al., 2005/08. EMBO journal, 24 (16) pp. 2873-2884. Peer-reviewed.
Gradient of rigidity in the lamellipodia of migrating cells revealed by atomic force microscopy.
Laurent V.M., Kasas S., Yersin A., Schäffer T.E., Catsicas S., Dietler G., Verkhovsky A.B., Meister J.J., 2005/07. Biophysical Journal, 89 (1) pp. 667-675. Peer-reviewed.
Singlet oxygen mediated oxidation of cellular and subcellular components : ESR and AFM assays
Vileno B., Lekka M., Sienkiewicz A., Marcoux P., Kulik A.J., Kasas S., Catsicas S., Graczyk A., Forro L., 2005. Journal of Physics Condensed Matter, 17 pp. 1471-1482.
Superficial and deep changes of cellular mechanical properties following cytoskeleton disassembly.
Kasas S., Wang X., Hirling H., Marsault R., Huni B., Yersin A., Regazzi R., Grenningloh G., Riederer B., Forrò L. et al., 2005. Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton, 62 (2) pp. 124-132.
Mechanical properties of microtubules explored using the finite elements method.
Kasas S., Kis A., Riederer B.M., Forró L., Dietler G., Catsicas S., 2004. Chemphyschem, 5 (2) pp. 252-257.
Oscillation modes of microtubules.
Kasas S., Cibert C., Kis A., De Los Rios P., Riederer B.M., Forró L., Dietler G., Catsicas S., 2004. Biology of the Cell, 96 (9) pp. 697-700.
Sample preparation method for observing RNA polymerase activity by atomic force microscopy.
Kasas S., 2004. Methods in Molecular Biology, 242 pp. 341-348.
Interactions between synaptic vesicle fusion proteins explored by atomic force microscopy
Yersin A., Hirling H., Steiner P., Magnin S., Regazzi R., Huni B., Huguenot P., De los Rios P., Dietler G., Catsicas S. et al., 2003/07. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 100 (15) pp. 8736-41.
Characterization of atomic force microscope probes at low temperatures
Radenovic A., Bystrenova E., Libiuolle L., Valle F., Shubeita G.T., Kasas S., Dietler G., 2003. Journal Applied Physiology, 94 pp. 4210-4214. Peer-reviewed.
Fast processes imaging device
S. Kasas , G. Dumas , G. Dietler , 2003. American journal of physics, 71 (5) pp. 493-494. Peer-reviewed.
Large fluctuations in the disassembly rate of microtubules revealed by atomic force microscopy.
Thomson N.H., Kasas S., Riederer B.M., Catsicas S., Dietler G., Kulik A.J., Forró L., 2003. Ultramicroscopy, 97 (1-4) pp. 239-247.
Linking functional genomics and screening for new drugs
Yersin A., Kasas S., Hilring H., Steiner P., Catsicas S., Dietler G., De Los Rios P., Regazzi R-, 2003. Laborwelt, 4 pp. 26-27.
Vitrification of cryoelectron microscopy specimens revealed by high-speed photographic imaging.
Kasas S., Dumas G., Dietler G., Catsicas S., Adrian M., 2003. Journal of Microscopy, 211 (Pt 1) pp. 48-53. Peer-reviewed.
Nanomechanics of microtubules.
Kis A., Kasas S., Babić B., Kulik A.J., Benoît W., Briggs G.A., Schönenberger C., Catsicas S., Forró L., 2002/12. Physical Review Letters, 89 (24) p. 248101. Peer-reviewed.
The rupture of knotted strings under tension
Dietler G., Pieranski P., Kasas S., Stasiak A., 2002., AMS Special Session On Physical Knotting and Unknotting Las Vegas, Nevada April 21-22, 2001 pp. 217-222 dans Calvo J.A., Millet K.C., Rawdon E.J. (eds.) Physical knots: knotting, linking, and folding geometric objects in R3, Comtemporary Mathematics, American Mathematical Society.
Examination of line crossings by atomic force microscopy.
Kasas S., Khanmy-Vital A., Dietler G., 2001/07. Forensic Science International, 119 (3) pp. 290-298. Peer-reviewed.
Localization of breakage points in knotted strings
Pieranski P., Kasas S., Dietler G., Dubochet J., Stasiak A., 2001. New Journal of Physics, 3 pp. 10.1-10.13. Peer-reviewed.
Fuzzy logic algorithm to extract specific interaction forces from atomic force microscopy data
Kasas S., Riederer B.M., Catsicas S., Cappella B., Dietler G., 2000. Review of Scientific Instruments, 71 (5) pp. 2082-2086.
Impact cratering study performed in the laboratory without a fast recording camera.
Kasas S., Dumas G., Dietler G., 2000. American Journal of Physics, 68 pp. 771-773. Peer-reviewed.
Setup for observing living cells using a commercial atomic force microscope
Kasas S., Wang X., Hirling H., Catsicas S., Haeberli C., Dietler G., Thomson N., 2000. Review of Scientific Instruments, 71 (11) pp. 4338-4340.
Simulation of an atomic force microscope imaging a moving protein
Kasas S., Thomson N.H., Schaffer T.E, Dietler G., Catsicas S., Hansma P.K., 2000. Probe Microscopy, 2 pp. 37-44.
The Use of Atomic Force Microscopy to Determine the Sequence of Crossed Lines
Khanmy-Vital A., Kasas S., Dietler G., 2000. Proceedings of the Second European Academy of Forensic Science Meeting pp. 12-16.
Direct observation of one-dimensional diffusion and transcription by Escherichia coli RNA polymerase
Guthold M., Zhu X., Rivetti C., Yang G., Thomson N. H., Kasas S., Hansma H. G., Smith B., Hansma P. K., Bustamante C., 1999/10. Biophysical Journal, 77 (4) pp. 2284-2294. Peer-reviewed.
Microtubule stability and the role of SCG10 and microtubule-associated proteins.
Riederer B.M., Pfulg C., DiPaolo G., Kasas S., Grenningloh G., Catsicas S., 1998. pp. S56 dans 12th General Meting of the European Society for Neurochemistry, Journal of Neurochemistry.
Biological applications of the AFM : from single molecules to organs
Kasas S., Thomson N.H., Smith B.L., Hansma H.G., Miklossy J., Hansma P.K., 1997. The International Journal of Imaging Systems & Technology, 8 pp. 151-161.
Escherichia coli RNA polymerase activity observed using atomic force microscopy
Kasas S., Thomson N. H., Smith B. L., Hansma H. G., Zhu X., Guthold M., Bustamante C., Kool E. T., Kashlev M., Hansma P. K., 1997/01. Biochemistry, 36 (3) pp. 461-8.
AFM measurements of the topography and the roughness of ECR plasma treated polypropylene
Collaud-Coen M., Dietler G., Kasas S., Groning P., 1996. Appl. Surf. Sci, 103 pp. 27-34.
Detecting protein motion at the solid/liquid interface using atomic force microscopy.
Thomson N.H., Kasas S., Smith B., Schaffer T.E., Hansma H.G., Hansma P.K., 1996. pp. 38-COLL dans 212th Annual Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society.
Elaboration and characterisation of phospholipid Langmuir-Blodgett Films
Solletti J.M., Botreau M., Sommer F., Brunat W.L., Kasas S., Duc T.M., Celio M.R., 1996. Langmuir, 12 pp. 5379-5386.
Reversible binding of DNA to mica for AFM imaging
Thomson N.H., Kasas S., Smith B., Hansma H.G., Hansma P.K-, 1996. Langmuir, 12 pp. 5905-8.
A method for anchoring round shaped cells for atomic force microscope imaging
Kasas S., Ikai A., 1995/05. Biophysical Journal, 68 (5) pp. 1678-1680. Peer-reviewed.
Further ultrastructural evidence that spirochaetes may play a role in the aetiology of Alzheimer's disease
Miklossy J., Kasas S., Janzer R. C., Ardizzoni F., Van der Loos H., 1994/06. Neuroreport, 5 (10) pp. 1201-4.
Discrete reduction patterns of parvalbumin and calbindin D-28k immunoreactivity in the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus and the striate cortex of adult macaque monkeys after monocular enucleation
Blumcke I., Weruaga E., Kasas S., Hendrickson A. E., Celio M. R., 1994/02. Vis Neurosci, 11 (1) pp. 1-11.
Atomic Force and Scanning Electron Microscopy of Xenopus laevis Oocytes
Solletti J.M., Kasas S., Bertrand D., Weisenhorn A.L., 1994. Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, 12 pp. 1535-1538.
Observation of the action of penicillin on B. subtilis using the Atomic Force Microscope : technique for the preparation of bacteria
Kasas S., Fellay B., Cargnello R., 1994. Surface and Interface Analysis, 21 pp. 400-401.
Representation in virtual reality of scanning probe microscope images
Kasas S., Solletti J.M., Cargnello R., 1994. Scanning, 4 pp. 195-198.
Observation of living cells using the atomic force microscope
Kasas S., Gotzos V., Celio M. R., 1993/02. Biophysical Journal, 64 (2) pp. 539-544. Peer-reviewed.
Deformation and height anomaly of soft surfaces studied with an AFM
Weisenhorn A.L, Khorsandi M., Kasas S., Gotzos V., Butt H.J., 1993. Nanotechnology, 4 pp. 106-113.
Quantification de la musculature lisse intrapénienne avec un algorithme de logique floue [Quantification of the intra-penile smooth muscle with a fuzzy logic algorithm].
Kasas S., Wisard M., Stoffel K., 1993. Annales d'urologie, 27 (3) pp. 176-178. Peer-reviewed.
The applications of the AFM in histology
Kasas S., Celio M.R., 1992/04. L'Actualité Chimique pp. 163-164.
A scanning force microscopy investigation of dna adsorbed on mica
Zenhausern F., Eng L.M., Adrian M., Kasas S., Weisenhorn A.L., Descouts P., 1992. Helvetica Physica Acta, 65 pp. 820-821.
Atomic force microscope imaging of the plasma membrane Ca2+ ATPase reconstituted in phospholipids
Kasas S., Hofmann F., Celio M.R., Carafoli E., 1992. Scanning, 5 pp. 276-281.
La microscopie à force atomique dans la recherche en biologie
Kasas S., 1992. M/S médecine sciences, 8 pp. 140-8.
Reduction patterns of parvalbumin and calbindin-d-28k immunoreactivity in area 17 of monocularly deprived monkeys
Blumcke I., Weruaga E., Kasas S., Hendrickson A., Celio M, 1992. European Journal of Neuroscience p. 260. Peer-reviewed.
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