Danièle Tosato-Rigo

Education and work experience



Work experience

Visiting Professor

Visiting Professor

Associate Professor

Full Professor

Assistant Professor in Modern History

scientific co-editor

Assistant Researcher

Others activities

Member of the Swiss Research Council (2017>)

Deputy Secretary-General of the International Society for the Study of the Eighteenth Century (2015>)

President of the Commission for the Study of the Eighteenth Century at the Swiss Academy of Human Sciences (2006>)

Member of the Editorial Board of the journal Zeitschrift für historische Bildungsforschung / International Journal for the History of Education (Klinkhardt) (2010>)

Member of the Curatorium for the publishing of works by Isaac Iselin, to the Swiss Academy of Human Sciences (2010>)

Member of the Scientific Committee of the Documentation and Research Center Pestalozzi, Yverdon (2005>)

Member of the Committee of the Cultural Association for the History of Travel in Switzerland (2012>)

President of the Vaud Society of History and Archeology (2007-2009)

Member of the Management Committee of the Doctoral School of the Universities of Switzerland "Switzerland and the European Enlightenment" (2010-2013)

Member of the Study Directorate of the Continuing Education Program in Archival Sciences, Library Science and Information Sciences of the Universities of Berne and Lausanne (2006>)

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