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Altinbas A., Algra A., Bonati L.H., Brown M.M., Kappelle L.J., de Borst G.J., Hendrikse J., van der Tweel I., van der Worp H.B., ICSS Investigators, Periprocedural Hemodynamic Depression Is Associated With a Higher Number of New Ischemic Brain Lesions After Stenting in the International Carotid Stenting Study-MRI Substudy. Stroke 45(1), pp. 146-151, 2014. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed] ok

Berthet C., Xin L., Buscemi L., Benakis C., Gruetter R., Hirt L., Lei H., Non-invasive diagnostic biomarkers for estimating the onset time of permanent cerebral ischemia. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism 34(11), pp. 1848-1855, 11-2014. [Document] [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed] ok

Yiallourou T.I., Odier C., Heinzer R., Hirt L., Martin B.A., Stergiopulos N., Haba-Rubio J., The effect of continuous positive airway pressure on total cerebral blood flow in healthy awake volunteers. Sleep and Breathing = Schlaf and Atmung 17(1), pp. 289-296, 2013. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed] ok

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Mirante O., Price M., Puentes W., Castillo X., Benakis C., Thevenet J., Monard D., Hirt L., Endogenous protease nexin-1 protects against cerebral ischemia. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 14(8), pp. 16719-16731, 2013. [Document] [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed] ok

Diserens Karin, Moreira Tiago, Hirt Lorenz, Faouzi Mohamed, Grujic Jelena, Bieler Gilles, Vuadens Philippe, Michel Patrik, Early mobilization out of bed after ischaemic stroke reduces severe complications but not cerebral blood flow: a randomized controlled pilot trial. Clinical Rehabilitation 26(5), pp. 451-459, 2012. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed] ok

Benakis C., Vaslin A., Pasquali C., Hirt L., Neuroprotection by inhibiting the c-Jun N-terminal kinase pathway after cerebral ischemia occurs independently of interleukin-6 and keratinocyte-derived chemokine (KC/CXCL1) secretion. Journal of Neuroinflammation 9, p. 76, 2012. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed] ok

Alf M.F., Lei H., Berthet C., Hirt L., Gruetter R., Mlynarik V., High-resolution spatial mapping of changes in the neurochemical profile after focal ischemia in mice. NMR in Biomedicine 25(2), pp. 247-254, 2012. [DOI] [Pubmed] ok

Moreira T., Michel P., Binaghi S., Hirt L., Risk factor impact on blood flow velocities and clinical outcomes of stented cervical and intracranial stenoses: preliminary observations. Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery 114(7), pp. 922-929, 2012. [DOI] [Pubmed] ok

Berthet C., Castillo X., Magistretti P.J., Hirt L., New evidence of neuroprotection by lactate after transient focal cerebral ischaemia: extended benefit after intracerebroventricular injection and efficacy of intravenous administration. Cerebrovascular Diseases 34(5-6), pp. 329-335, 2012. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed] ok

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Hirt L., Ternon B., Price M., Mastour N., Brunet J.F., Badaut J., Protective role of early aquaporin 4 induction against postischemic edema formation. Journal of cerebral blood flow and metabolism 29(2), pp. 423-433, 2009. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed] ok

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Hirt L., Badaut J., Thevenet J., Granziera C., Regli L., Maurer F., Bonny C., Bogousslavsky J., D-JNKI1, a cell-penetrating c-Jun-N-terminal kinase inhibitor, protects against cell death in severe cerebral ischemia. Stroke 35(7), pp. 1738-43, 07-2004. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed] ok

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Bates B., Hirt L., Thomas S. S., Akbarian S., Le D., Amin-Hanjani S., Whalen M., Jaenisch R., Moskowitz M. A., Neurotrophin-3 promotes cell death induced in cerebral ischemia, oxygen-glucose deprivation, and oxidative stress: possible involvement of oxygen free radicals. Neurobiology of Disease 9(1), pp. 24-37, 02-2002. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed] ok

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Badaut J., Hirt L., Granziera C., Bogousslavsky J., Magistretti P. J., Regli L., Astrocyte-specific expression of aquaporin-9 in mouse brain is increased after transient focal cerebral ischemia. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism 21(5), pp. 477-82, 05-2001. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed] ok

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Articles - Etudes de cas

Alvarez V., Morier J., Hirt L., An episode mimicking a versive seizure in acute bilateral pontine stroke. Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 18(8), pp. 1141-2, 2011. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed]

Bron Cedric, Hirt Lorenz, Halabi Georges, Saucy Francois, Qanadli Salah D., Haesler Erik, Asymptomatic high flow subclavian steal in a patient with hemodialysis access. Journal of Vascular Access 11(1), pp. 63-65, 2010. [Web of Science] [Pubmed]

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Laubscher B., Janzer R. C., Krahenbuhl S., Hirt L., Deonna T., Ragged-red fibers and complex I deficiency in a neonate with arthrogryposis congenita. Pediatric Neurology 17(3), pp. 249-51, 10-1997. [DOI] [Web of Science] [Pubmed] ok

Borruat F. X., Hirt L., Regli F., Neuropathie optique alcoolo-tabagique: un piege diagnostique de la neuropathie optique de Leber. [Optic neuropathy caused by alcoholism and smoking: a diagnostic pitfall of Leber's optic neuropathy]. Revue Neurologique 150(11), pp. 799-801, 11-1994. [Web of Science] [Pubmed] ok

Articles - Lettres

Hirt L., Magistretti P.J., Hirt L., Bogousslavsky J., Boulat O., Borruat F.X., Large deletion (7.2 kb) of mitochondrial DNA with novel boundaries in a case of progressive external ophthalmoplegia. Journal of neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry 61(4), pp. 422-3, 1996. [DOI] [Pubmed] ok

Articles - Synthèses (review)

Déglise S., Dubuis C., Mosimann P., Saucy F., Engelberger S., Hirt L., Michel P., Corpataux J.M., Prise en charge des sténoses carotidiennes [Management of the carotid artery stenosis]. Revue Médicale Suisse 9(391), pp. 1305-1311, 2013. [Pubmed]

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Actes de conférences (partie)

Bron C., Hirt L., Qanadli S, Halabi G., Saucy F., Haesler E., Asymptomatic high flow subclavian steal in a patient with hemodialysis access. In: USSG 2007 8ème Congrès de l'Union des Sociétés Suisses des Maladies Vasculaires (Un. Schweiz. Gesellsch. für Gefässkrankheiten)., 11-2007.

Actes de conférences (partie) - Abstracts

Hirt L., Berthet C., Lei H., Gruetter R., Prognostic in Vivo Biomarkers for Lesion Development after Cerebral Ischemia. In: 20th European Stroke Conference. Cerebrovascular Diseases 31(Suppl. 2),, p. 27, 2011. ok

Cali C., Marchaland J., Ginet L., Hirt L., Truttmann A.C., Puyal J., Bezzi P., Role of homer 1 proteins in the calcium signaling pathway(s) underlying exo-endocytosis processes of glutamatergic slmvs in astrocytes. In: 10th European Meeting on Glial Cells in Health and Disease. GLIA 59(1),, p. S127, 2011. [Web of Science] ok

Thevenet J., Angelillo-Scherrer A., Badaut J., Price M., Hirt L., Coagulation Factor Xa Activates Thrombin and Signals Ischemic Neuronal Death Via Par-1 and JNK in Ischemic Neural Tissue. In: 19th European Stroke Conference. Cerebrovascular Diseases 29(Suppl. 2),, p. 315, 2010. ok

Michel-Monigadon D., Mottier V., Bonny C., Hirt L., The role of C-Jun N-terminal kinase in a mouse model of intracerebral hemorrhage. In: 24th International Symposium on Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism/9th International Conference on Quantification of Brain Function with PET. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism 29(Suppl. S1),, pp. 490-491, 2009. [Web of Science] ok

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Actes de conférences (partie) - Posters

Berthet C., Lei H., Gruetter R., Hirt L., 14.1T magnetic resonance spectroscopic evaluation of metabolic changes in the mouse striatum following transient middle cerebral artery occlusion. In: 18th European Stroke Conference. Cerebrovascular Diseases 27(Suppl. 6),, p. 108, 2009. ok

Morier J., Goncalves-Matoso V., Doenz F., Jeanrenaud X., Hirt L., Michel P., REDUCTION OF MIGRAINES AFTER TREATMENT OF HEREDITARYHEMORRHAGIC TELANGIECTASIA (HHT). In: 17th European Stroke Conference. Cerebrovascular Diseases 25(Suppl. 2),, p. 109, 2008. ok

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