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Transient tone anomalies in very preterm infants: Association with term-equivalent brain magnetic resonance imaging and neurodevelopment at 18 months.
Brunner P., Schneider J., Borradori-Tolsa C., Bickle-Graz M., Hagmann P., Macherel M., Huppi P.S., Truttmann A.C., 2020/04. Early human development, 143 p. 104998. Peer-reviewed.
Short-term neurological improvement in neonates with hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy predicts neurodevelopmental outcome at 18-24 months.
Grass B., Scheidegger S., Latal B., Hagmann C., Held U., Brotschi B., National Asphyxia and Cooling Register Group, Follow-up Group, 2020/03/26. Journal of perinatal medicine, 48 (3) pp. 296-303. Peer-reviewed.
A population pharmacokinetic model for escitalopram and its major metabolite in depressive patients during the perinatal period: Prediction of infant drug exposure through breast milk.
Weisskopf E., Guidi M., Fischer C.J., Bickle Graz M., Beaufils E., Nguyen K.A., Morisod Harari M., Rouiller S., Rothenburger S., Gaucherand P. et al., 2020/03/12. British journal of clinical pharmacology. Peer-reviewed.
Factors associated with postmenstrual age at full oral feeding in very preterm infants.
Brun G., Fischer Fumeaux C.J., Giannoni E., Bickle Graz M., 2020. PloS one, 15 (11) pp. e0241769. Peer-reviewed.
Performance of the German version of the PARCA-R questionnaire as a developmental screening tool in two-year-old very preterm infants.
Picotti E., Bechtel N., Latal B., Borradori-Tolsa C., Bickle-Graz M., Grunt S., Johnson S., Wolke D., Natalucci G., Swiss Neonatal Network & Follow-Up Group, 2020. PloS one, 15 (9) pp. e0236289. Peer-reviewed.
Phthalates in the NICU: a survey.
Bickle-Graz M., Tolsa J.F., Fischer Fumeaux C.J., 2020/01. Archives of disease in childhood. Fetal and neonatal edition, 105 (1) pp. 110-111. Peer-reviewed.
Phthalates in the NICU: a survey.
Bickle-Graz M., Tolsa J.F., Fischer Fumeaux C.J., 2020/01. Archives of disease in childhood. Fetal and neonatal edition, 105 (1) pp. 110-111. Peer-reviewed.
Improving mental health and physiological stress responses in mothers following traumatic childbirth and in their infants: study protocol for the Swiss TrAumatic biRth Trial (START).
Sandoz V., Deforges C., Stuijfzand S., Epiney M., Vial Y., Sekarski N., Messerli-Bürgy N., Ehlert U., Bickle-Graz M., Morisod Harari M. et al., 2019/12/30. BMJ open, 9 (12) pp. e032469. Peer-reviewed.
Neurodevelopmental outcome at early school age in a Swiss national cohort of very preterm children.
Pittet-Metrailler M.P., Mürner-Lavanchy I., Adams M., Bickle-Graz M., Pfister R.E., Natalucci G., Grunt S., Borradori Tolsa C., Swiss National Network And Follow-Up Group, 2019/05/20. Swiss medical weekly, 149 pp. w20084. Peer-reviewed.
Maternal post-partum depression symptoms are negatively associated with emotion regulation of children born very preterm.
Sandoz V., Bickle-Graz M., Camos V., Horsch A., 2019/05. Acta paediatrica, 108 (5) pp. 969-970. Peer-reviewed.
Association between perinatal interventional activity and 2-year outcome of Swiss extremely preterm born infants: a population-based cohort study.
Adams M., Berger T.M., Borradori-Tolsa C., Bickle-Graz M., Grunt S., Gerull R., Bassler D., Natalucci G., Swiss Neonatal Network & Follow-Up Group, 2019/03/15. BMJ open, 9 (3) pp. e024560. Peer-reviewed.
Procedural pain and oral glucose in preterm neonates: brain development and sex-specific effects
Schneider Juliane, Duerden Emma G., Guo Ting, Ng Karin, Hagmann Patric, Bickle Graz Myriam, Grunau Ruth E., Chakravarty M. Mallar, Hüppi Petra S., Truttmann Anita C. et al., 2018/03. Pain, 159 (3) pp. 515-525.
Procedural pain and oral glucose in preterm neonates: brain development and sex-specific effects.
Schneider J., Duerden E.G., Guo T., Ng K., Hagmann P., Bickle Graz M., Grunau R.E., Chakravarty M.M., Hüppi P.S., Truttmann A.C. et al., 2018/03. Pain, 159 (3) pp. 515-525. Peer-reviewed.
Clinical characteristics, audiological and neurodevelopmental outcomes of newborns with congenital cytomegalovirus infection.
Kobas M., Bickle Graz M., Truttmann A.C., Giannoni E., Meylan P., Asner S.A., 2018. Swiss medical weekly, 148 pp. w14627. Peer-reviewed.
Impact of perinatal asphyxia on parental mental health and bonding with the infant: a questionnaire survey of Swiss parents
Horsch Antje, Jacobs Ingo, Gilbert Leah, Favrod Céline, Schneider Juliane, Morisod Harari Mathilde, Bickle Graz Myriam, 2017/09. BMJ Paediatrics Open, 1 (1) pp. e000059. Peer-reviewed.
Exposition aux produits chimiques dans les unités de soins néonatals — Exemple des phtalates
Fischer Fumeaux C. J., Bickle Graz M., Stadelmann Diaw C., Palmero D., Tolsa J. -F., 2017/06. Revue de médecine périnatale, 9 (2) pp. 87-92.
Improving Maternal Mental Health Following Preterm Birth Using an Expressive Writing Intervention: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Horsch A., Tolsa J.F., Gilbert L., du Chêne L.J., Müller-Nix C., Bickle Graz M., 2016/10. Child psychiatry and human development, 47 (5) pp. 780-791. Peer-reviewed.
Bon usage des antidépresseurs ISRS durant la grossesse--le défi de l'évaluation de la balance bénéfice-risque [SSRI antidepressant use during pregnancy and the assessment of the risk-benefit ratio].
Weisskopf E., Fumeaux C.J., Bickle Graz M., Harari M.M., Epiney M., Tolsa C.B., Rouiller S., Tolsa J.F., Eap C.B., Vial Y. et al., 2016. Revue Médicale Suisse, 12 (510) pp. 561-566. Peer-reviewed.
Evolution of T1 Relaxation, ADC, and Fractional Anisotropy during Early Brain Maturation: A Serial Imaging Study on Preterm Infants.
Schneider J., Kober T., Bickle Graz M., Meuli R., Hüppi P.S., Hagmann P., Truttmann A.C., 2016. Ajnr. American Journal of Neuroradiology, 37 (1) pp. 155-162. Peer-reviewed.
Gentamicin Exposure and Sensorineural Hearing Loss in Preterm Infants.
Fuchs A., Zimmermann L., Bickle Graz M., Cherpillod J., Tolsa J.F., Buclin T., Giannoni E., 2016. PloS one, 11 (7) pp. e0158806. Peer-reviewed.
Being Small for Gestational Age: Does it Matter for the Neurodevelopment of Premature Infants? A Cohort Study.
Bickle Graz M., Tolsa J.F., Fischer Fumeaux C.J., 2015. Plos One, 10 (5) pp. e0125769. Peer-reviewed.
Comparison of Griffiths-II and Bayley-II tests for the developmental assessment of high-risk infants.
Cirelli I., Bickle Graz M., Tolsa J.F., 2015. Infant Behavior and Development, 41 pp. 17-25. Peer-reviewed.
Emotion, attention, and effortful control in 24-month-old very preterm and full-term children
Lejeune Fleur, Tolsa Cristina Borradori, Bickle Graz Myriam, Hueppi Petra S., Barisnikov Koviljka, 2015. ANNEE PSYCHOLOGIQUE, 115 (2) pp. 241-264.
Risk-benefit balance assessment of SSRI antidepressant use during pregnancy and lactation based on best available evidence.
Weisskopf E., Fischer C.J., Bickle Graz M., Morisod Harari M., Tolsa J.F., Claris O., Vial Y., Eap C.B., Csajka C., Panchaud A., 2015. Expert Opinion On Drug Safety, 14 (3) pp. 413-427. Peer-reviewed.
Emotional and effortful control abilities in 42-month-old very preterm and full-term children.
Witt A., Theurel A., Tolsa C.B., Lejeune F., Fernandes L., de Jonge L.v., Monnier M., Bickle Graz M., Barisnikov K., Gentaz E. et al., 2014. Early Human Development, 90 (10) pp. 565-569. Peer-reviewed.
Suivi neurodéveloppemental à 5ans des extrêmes prématurés et détection des difficultés sur le plan des fonctions exécutives [Detection of executive function disorders with a standard neurodevelopmental follow-up of premature children].
Monnier M., Jaunin L., Bickle Graz M., Borradori Tolsa C., Hüppi P., Sancho Rossignol A., Barisnikov K., Forcada Guex M., 2014. Archives de Pédiatrie, 21 (9) pp. 944-952. Peer-reviewed.
Neurodevelopment outcome of newborns with cerebral subependymal pseudocysts at 18 and 46 months: a prospective study
Cevey-Macherel M Forcada Guex M Bickle Graz M Truttmann AC, 2013/07. Archives of Disease in Children, Fetal and Neonatal Edition, 98 (7) pp. 497-502. Peer-reviewed.
Emotional reactivity at 12 months in very preterm infants born at <29 weeks of gestation.
Langerock N., van Hanswijck de Jonge L., Bickle Graz M., Hüppi P.S., Borradori Tolsa C., Barisnikov K., 2013. Infant Behavior and Development, 36 (3) pp. 289-297.
Neurodevelopment outcome of newborns with cerebral subependymal pseudocysts at 18 and 46 months: a prospective study.
Cevey-Macherel M., Forcada Guex M., Bickle Graz M., Truttmann A.C., 2013. Archives of Disease in Childhood, 98 (7) pp. 497-502. Peer-reviewed.
Normal neurodevelopmental outcome despite severe and early extensive encephalomalacia: plasticity, repair or magic?
Bickle Graz M., Monnier M., von Laer Tschudin L., Truttmann A.C., 2013. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, 55 (9) pp. 868-869.
Phthalates in the NICU: Is it safe?
Fischer C.J., Bickle Graz M., Muehlethaler V., Palmero D., Tolsa J.F., 2013. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, 49 (9) pp. E413-E419.
Quantitative assessment of T1 relaxation and diffusion as a prognostic tool for brain development: a serial study on healthy preterm babies
Schneider J., Kober T., Bickle-Graz M., Meuli R., Hüppi P., Hagmann P., Truttmann A.C., 2013. dans ESPR 2013, 50th Annual Meeting and 36th Post Graduate Course of the European Society of Paediatric Radiology.
Self-perceived health status and mental health outcomes in young adults born with less than 1000 g.
Natalucci G., Becker J., Becher K., Bickle G., Landolt M., Bucher H., 2013. Acta Paediatrica, 102 (3) pp. 294-299.
Outcome at two years of age in a Swiss national cohort of extremely preterm infants born between 2000 and 2008.
Schlapbach L.J., Adams M., Proietti E., Aebischer M., Grunt S., Borradori-Tolsa C., Bickle-Graz M., Bucher H.U., Latal B., Natalucci G. et al., 2012. Bmc Pediatrics, 12 p. 198. Peer-reviewed.
Born at 27 weeks of gestation with classical PKU: challenges of dietetic management in a very preterm infant
Ballhausen D., Egli D., Bickle-Graz M., Bianchi N., Bonafé L., 2011. Pediatric Reports, 3 (3) pp. 103-107.
Ballhausen D., Egli D., Bickle-Graz M., Bianchi N., Bonafe L., 2010. pp. S105 dans Annual Symposium of the Society for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism, Journal of Inherited Metabolic Diseases.
Neurodevelopmental outcome of neonates treated with nitric oxide for persistent pulmonary hypertension
Bickle Graz M., Muehlethaler V., Cevey-Macherel M., Forcada-Guex M., Tolsa J.F., 2010. pp. 37S-38S dans Joint annual meeting of the Swiss Society for Pediatrics, Swiss Society of Pediatric Pneumology, Swiss Medical Weekly. Peer-reviewed.
Neurodevelopmental follow-up of neonates treated with magnesium sulfate for persistent pulmonary hypertension
Galli S., Bickle Graz M., Forcada-Guex M., Muehlethaler V., Jaunin L., Tolsa J.F., 2008. Journal of Perinatal-Neonatal Medicine, 1 (2) pp. 83-91. Peer-reviewed.
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