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Deletion of Crtc1 leads to hippocampal neuroenergetic impairments associated with depressive-like behavior.
Cherix A., Poitry-Yamate C., Lanz B., Zanoletti O., Grosse J., Sandi C., Gruetter R., Cardinaux J.R., 2022/11. Molecular psychiatry, 27 (11) pp. 4485-4501. Peer-reviewed.
New Insights Into the Pivotal Role of CREB-Regulated Transcription Coactivator 1 in Depression and Comorbid Obesity.
Rossetti C., Cherix A., Guiraud L.F., Cardinaux J.R., 2022. Frontiers in molecular neuroscience, 15 p. 810641. Peer-reviewed.
High-fat diet consumption alters energy metabolism in the mouse hypothalamus.
Lizarbe B., Cherix A., Duarte JMN, Cardinaux J.R., Gruetter R., 2019/06. International journal of obesity, 43 (6) pp. 1295-1304. Peer-reviewed.
Mechanistic role of the CREB-regulated transcription coactivator 1 in cardiac hypertrophy.
Morhenn K., Quentin T., Wichmann H., Steinmetz M., Prondzynski M., Söhren K.D., Christ T., Geertz B., Schröder S., Schöndube F.A. et al., 2019/02. Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology, 127 pp. 31-43. Peer-reviewed.
Gender-specific alteration of energy balance and circadian locomotor activity in the Crtc1 knockout mouse model of depression.
Rossetti C., Sciarra D., Petit J.M., Eap C.B., Halfon O., Magistretti P.J., Boutrel B., Cardinaux J.R., 2017/12/08. Translational psychiatry, 7 (12) p. 1269. Peer-reviewed.
Emerging Roles of CREB-Regulated Transcription Coactivators in Brain Physiology and Pathology.
Saura C.A., Cardinaux J.R., 2017/12. Trends in neurosciences, 40 (12) pp. 720-733. Peer-reviewed.
Nkx2.1 regulates the generation of telencephalic astrocytes during embryonic development.
Minocha S., Valloton D., Arsenijevic Y., Cardinaux J.R., Guidi R., Hornung J.P., Lebrand C., 2017/03/07. Scientific reports, 7 p. 43093. Peer-reviewed.
Involvement of the agmatinergic system in the depressive-like phenotype of the Crtc1 knockout mouse model of depression.
Meylan E.M., Breuillaud L., Seredenina T., Magistretti P.J., Halfon O., Luthi-Carter R., Cardinaux J.R., 2016/07/12. Translational psychiatry, 6 (7) pp. e852. Peer-reviewed.
Association of CRTC1 polymorphisms with obesity markers in subjects from the general population with lifetime depression.
Quteineh L., Preisig M., Rivera M., Milaneschi Y., Castelao E., Gholam-Rezaee M., Vandenberghe F., Saigi-Morgui N., Delacrétaz A., Cardinaux J.R. et al., 2016/07/01. Journal of affective disorders, 198 pp. 43-49. Peer-reviewed.
The HDAC inhibitor SAHA improves depressive-like behavior of CRTC1-deficient mice: Possible relevance for treatment-resistant depression.
Meylan E.M., Halfon O., Magistretti P.J., Cardinaux J.R., 2016/03. Neuropharmacology, 107 pp. 111-121. Peer-reviewed.
Complex regulation of CREB-binding protein by homeodomain-interacting protein kinase 2.
Kovács K.A., Steinmann M., Halfon O., Magistretti P.J., Cardinaux J.R., 2015. Cellular Signalling, 27 (11) pp. 2252-2260. Peer-reviewed.
Influence of CRTC1 Polymorphisms on Body Mass Index and Fat Mass in Psychiatric Patients and the General Adult Population.
Choong E., Quteineh L., Cardinaux J.R., Gholam-Rezaee M., Vandenberghe F., Dobrinas M., Bondolfi G., Etter M., Holzer L., Magistretti P. et al., 2013. JAMA Psychiatry, 70 (10) pp. 1011-1019. Peer-reviewed.
Deletion of CREB-Regulated Transcription Coactivator 1 Induces Pathological Aggression, Depression-Related Behaviors, and Neuroplasticity Genes Dysregulation in Mice.
Breuillaud L., Rossetti C., Meylan E.M., Mérinat C., Halfon O., Magistretti P.J., Cardinaux J.R., 2012. Biological Psychiatry, 72 (7) pp. 528-536. Peer-reviewed.
Regulation of dendritic development by BDNF requires activation of CRTC1 by glutamate.
Finsterwald C., Fiumelli H., Cardinaux J.R., Martin J.L., 2010. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 285 (37) pp. 28587-28595. Peer-reviewed.
Mouse fertility is not dependent on the CREB coactivator Crtc1.
Breuillaud L., Halfon O., Magistretti P.J., Pralong F.P., Cardinaux J.R., 2009/09. Nature medicine, 15 (9) pp. 989-90. Peer-reviewed.
CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein (C/EBP) beta is acetylated at multiple lysines: acetylation of C/EBPbeta at lysine 39 modulates its ability to activate transcription.
Ceseña T.I., Cardinaux J.R., Kwok R., Schwartz J., 2007/01. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 282 (2) pp. 956-967. Peer-reviewed.
TORC1 is a calcium- and cAMP-sensitive coincidence detector involved in hippocampal long-term synaptic plasticity.
Kovács K.A., Steullet P., Steinmann M., Do K.Q., Magistretti P.J., Halfon O., Cardinaux J.R., 2007. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 104 (11) pp. 4700-5. Peer-reviewed.
C/EBPbeta couples dopamine signalling to substance P precursor gene expression in striatal neurones.
Kovács K.A., Steinmann M., Magistretti P.J., Halfon O., Cardinaux J.R., 2006. Journal of neurochemistry, 98 (5) pp. 1390-9. Peer-reviewed.
CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein family members recruit the coactivator CREB-binding protein and trigger its phosphorylation.
Kovács K.A., Steinmann M., Magistretti P.J., Halfon O., Cardinaux J.R., 2003. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 278 (38) pp. 36959-36965. Peer-reviewed.
Phosphorylation of CBP mediates transcriptional activation by neural activity and CaM kinase IV
Impey S., Fong A. L., Wang Y., Cardinaux J. R., Fass D. M., Obrietan K., Wayman G. A., Storm D. R., Soderling T. R., Goodman R. H., 2002/04. Neuron, 34 (2) pp. 235-44. Peer-reviewed.
Apoptosis stimulated by the 91-kDa caspase cleavage MEKK1 fragment requires translocation to soluble cellular compartments.
Schlesinger T.K., Bonvin C., Jarpe M.B., Fanger G.R., Cardinaux J.R., Johnson G.L., Widmann C., 2002/03. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 277 (12) pp. 10283-10291. Peer-reviewed.
Recruitment of CREB binding protein is sufficient for CREB-mediated gene activation.
Cardinaux J.R., Notis J.C., Zhang Q., Vo N., Craig J.C., Fass D.M., Brennan R.G., Goodman R.H., 2000/03. Molecular and cellular biology, 20 (5) pp. 1546-52. Peer-reviewed.
Pro-inflammatory cytokines induce the transcription factors C/EBPbeta and C/EBPdelta in astrocytes.
Cardinaux J.R., Allaman I., Magistretti P.J., 2000. Glia, 29 (1) pp. 91-97. Peer-reviewed.
Mutants of cubitus interruptus that are independent of PKA regulation are independent of hedgehog signaling.
Chen Y., Cardinaux J.R., Goodman R.H., Smolik S.M., 1999/08. Development, 126 (16) pp. 3607-3616. Peer-reviewed.
VIP and PACAP in the CNS: regulators of glial energy metabolism and modulators of glutamatergic signaling.
Magistretti P.J., Cardinaux J.R., Martin J.L., 1998/12. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 865 pp. 213-25. Peer-reviewed.
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor stimulates phosphorylation of stathmin in cortical neurons.
Cardinaux J.R., Magistretti P.J., Martin J.L., 1997/11. Brain research. Molecular brain research, 51 (1-2) pp. 220-8. Peer-reviewed.
Vasoactive intestinal peptide, pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating peptide, and noradrenaline induce the transcription factors CCAAT/enhancer binding protein (C/EBP)-beta and C/EBP delta in mouse cortical astrocytes: involvement in cAMP-regulated glycogen metabolism.
Cardinaux J.R., Magistretti P.J., 1996. Journal of Neuroscience, 16 (3) pp. 919-929. Peer-reviewed.
Complex organization of CTF/NF-I, C/EBP, and HNF3 binding sites within the promoter of the liver-specific vitellogenin gene.
Cardinaux J.R., Chapel S., Wahli W., 1994/12. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 269 (52) pp. 32947-32956. Peer-reviewed.
A liver protein fraction regulating hormone-dependent in vitro transcription from the vitellogenin genes induces their expression in Xenopus oocytes.
Corthésy B., Corthésy-Theulaz I., Cardinaux J.R., Wahli W., 1991/02. Molecular Endocrinology, 5 (2) pp. 159-169. Peer-reviewed.
A nuclear factor I-like activity and a liver-specific repressor govern estrogen-regulated in vitro transcription from the Xenopus laevis vitellogenin B1 promoter.
Corthésy B., Cardinaux J.R., Claret F.X., Wahli W., 1989/12. Molecular and Cellular Biology, 9 (12) pp. 5548-5562. Peer-reviewed.
cis- and trans-acting elements of the estrogen-regulated vitellogenin gene B1 of Xenopus laevis.
Wahli W., Martinez E., Corthésy B., Cardinaux J.R., 1989. Journal of Steroid Biochemistry, 34 (1-6) pp. 17-32. Peer-reviewed.
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