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Reynard E., Evéquoz-Dayen M., Borel G., 2015. pp. 11-20 dans Reynard E., Evéquoz-Dayen M., Borel G. (eds.) Le Rhône, entre nature et société, Archives de l'Etat du Valais.
Le Rhône, entre nature et société
Reynard E., Evéquoz-Dayen M., Borel G. (eds.), 2015. Cahiers de Vallesia, 29 342, Archives de l'Etat du Valais.
Inventaire des géotopes du Canton de Vaud
Pieracci K., Reynard E., Marchant R., Meisser N., Borel G., Baud A., Masson H., Jeannin P.-Y., Schoeneich P., Gmür P., 2008., Etat de Vaud, Centre de la conservation de la faune et de la nature.
The TRANSMED transects in space and time: Constraints on the paleotectonic evolution of the Mediterranean Domain
Stampfli G.M., Borel G.D., 2004. pp. 53-80 dans Cavazza W., Roure F., Spakman W., Stampfli G.M., Ziegler P. (eds.) The TRANSMED Atlas: the Mediterranean Region from Crust to Mantle, Springer.
A plate tectonic model for the Paleozoic and Mesozoic constrained by dynamic plate boundaries and restored synthetic oceanic isochrons.
Stampfli G.M., Borel G.D., 2002. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 196 pp. 17-33. Peer-reviewed.
Geohistory of the NW Shelf: a tool to assess the Palaeozoic and Mesozoic motion of the Australian Plate
Borel G.D., Stampfli G.M., 2002. pp. 119-128 dans Keep M., Moss S. (eds.) The sedimentary basins of Western Australia, WABS.
Organization of pre-Variscan basement areas at the north-Gondwanan margin
Von Raumer J.F., Stampfli G.M., Borel G.D., Bussy F., 2002. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 91 pp. 35-52. Peer-reviewed.
The Palaeozoic evolution of pre-Variscan terranes: From peri-Gondwana to the Variscan collision
Stampfli G.M., Von Raumer J.F., Borel G.D., 2002. Geological Society of America Special Papers, 364 pp. 263-280. Peer-reviewed.
Western Alps geological constraints on western Tethyan reconstructions
Stampfli G.M., Borel G.D., Marchant R.H., Mosar J., 2002. Journal Virtual Explorer, 8 pp. 77-106. Peer-reviewed.
Palaeotectonic and palaeogeographic evolution of the western Tethys and PeriTethyan domain (IGCP Project 369)
Stampfli G.M., Borel G.D., Cavazza W., Mosar J., Ziegler P.A., 2001. Episodes, 24 pp. 222-228. Peer-reviewed.
The paleotectonic atlas of the Peritethyan domain - CD ROM
Stampfli G.M., Borel G.D., Cavazza W., Mosar J., Ziegler P.A., 2001..
Subduction and obduction process in the Swiss Alps.
Stampfli G.M., Mosar J., Borel G.D., Marquer D., Marchand R.H., Baudin T., 1998. Tectonophysics, 296 pp. 159-204.
Subduction and obduction processes in the Swiss Alps
Stampfli G.M., Mosar J., Marquer D., Marchant R.H., Baudin T., Borel G.D., 1998. Tectonophysics, 296 pp. 159-204. Peer-reviewed.
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