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Effect of age, haemosporidian infection and body condition on pair composition and reproductive success in Great Tits Parus major
Pigeault Romain, Cozzarolo Camille Sophie, Glaizot Olivier, Christe Philippe Ibis.
Climatic effects on the distribution of ant- and bat fly-associated fungal ectoparasites (Ascomycota, Laboulbeniales)
Szentiványi T., Haelewaters D., Rádai Z., Mizsei E., Pfliegler W.P., Báthori F., Tartally A., Christe P., Glaizot O., 2019/06. Fungal Ecology, 39 pp. 371-379. Peer-reviewed.
Bat Flies and Their Microparasites: Current Knowledge and Distribution.
Szentiványi T., Christe P., Glaizot O., 2019. Frontiers in Veterinary Science, 6 p. 115. Peer-reviewed.
Sex-biased parasitism in vector-borne disease: Vector preference?
Cozzarolo C.S., Sironi N., Glaizot O., Pigeault R., Christe P., 2019. PLoS One, 14 (5) pp. e0216360. Peer-reviewed.
The effect of dietary antioxidant supplementation in a vertebrate host on the infection dynamics and transmission of avian malaria to the vector.
Delhaye J., Glaizot O., Christe P., 2018/07. Parasitology research, 117 (7) pp. 2043-2052. Peer-reviewed.
Avian malaria and bird humoral immune response.
Delhaye J., Jenkins T., Glaizot O., Christe P., 2018/02/09. Malaria journal, 17 (1) p. 77. Peer-reviewed.
Haemosporidian infection and co-infection affect host survival and reproduction in wild populations of great tits.
Pigeault R., Cozzarolo C.S., Choquet R., Strehler M., Jenkins T., Delhaye J., Bovet L., Wassef J., Glaizot O., Christe P., 2018. International Journal for Parasitology, 48 (14) pp. 1079-1087. Peer-reviewed.
Laboulbeniales (Fungi: Ascomycota) infection of bat flies (Diptera: Nycteribiidae) from Miniopterus schreibersii across Europe.
Szentiványi T., Haelewaters D., Pfliegler W.P., Clément L., Christe P., Glaizot O., 2018. Parasites & Vectors, 11 (1) p. 395. Peer-reviewed.
Mitigating the negative impacts of tall wind turbines on bats: Vertical activity profiles and relationships to wind speed.
Wellig S.D., Nusslé S., Miltner D., Kohle O., Glaizot O., Braunisch V., Obrist M.K., Arlettaz R., 2018. PloS One, 13 (3) pp. e0192493. Peer-reviewed.
PARASITES! L'exposition qui démange
Glaizot O., Christe P., 2016/09., Musée cantonal de zoologie, Lausanne.
Basilic: a new genus to Albanian bat fly fauna (Diptera: Nycteribiidae)
Szentiványi T., Genzoni E., Clément L., Radonjić M., Loce E., Théou P., Glaizot O., Christe P., 2016. Ecologica Montenegrina, 8 pp. 58-61.
Detection of Invasive Mosquito Vectors Using Environmental DNA (eDNA) from Water Samples.
Schneider J., Valentini A., Dejean T., Montarsi F., Taberlet P., Glaizot O., Fumagalli L., 2016. PloS one, 11 (9) pp. e0162493. Peer-reviewed.
Exposure of the mosquito vector Culex pipiens to the malaria parasite Plasmodium relictum: effect of infected blood intake on immune and antioxidant defences, fecundity and survival.
Delhaye J., Aletti C., Glaizot O., Christe P., 2016. Parasites & vectors, 9 (1) p. 616. Peer-reviewed.
Introduced freshwater blenny influences the diet and body condition of the invasive dice snake in Lake Geneva
Dubey S., Christe P., Formenti V., Staub E., Schuerch J., Glaizot O., Ursenbacher S., 2015. Journal of Wildlife Management, 79 (2) pp. 338-343. Peer-reviewed.
Natural malaria infection reduces starvation resistance of nutritionally stressed mosquitoes.
Lalubin F., Delédevant A., Glaizot O., Christe P., 2014. Journal of Animal Ecology, 83 (4) pp. 850-857. Peer-reviewed.
Senescence in cell oxidative status in two bird species with contrasting life expectancy.
Bize P., Cotting S., Devevey G., van Rooyen J., Lalubin F., Glaizot O., Christe P., 2014. Oecologia, 174 (4) pp. 1097-1105. Peer-reviewed.
Altitudinal variation in haemosporidian parasite distribution in great tit populations.
Rooyen J.v., Lalubin F., Glaizot O., Christe P., 2013. Parasites and Vectors, 6 p. 139. Peer-reviewed.
Avian haemosporidian persistence and co-infection in great tits at the individual level.
van Rooyen J., Lalubin F., Glaizot O., Christe P., 2013. Malaria Journal, 12 (40) p. 40. Peer-reviewed.
Temporal changes in mosquito abundance (Culex pipiens), avian malaria prevalence and lineage composition
Lalubin F., Delédevant A., Glaizot O., Christe P., 2013. Parasites & Vectors, 6 p. 307. Peer-reviewed.
High prevalence and lineage diversity of avian malaria in wild populations of great tits (Parus major) and mosquitoes (Culex pipiens).
Glaizot O., Fumagalli L., Iritano K., Lalubin F., Van Rooyen J., Christe P., 2012. PLoS One, 7 (4) pp. e34964. Peer-reviewed.
Potential evidence of parasite avoidance in an avian malarial vector
Lalubin F., Bize P., Van Rooyen J., Christe P., Glaizot O., 2012. Animal Behaviour, 84 (3) pp. 539-545. Peer-reviewed.
Twofold cost of reproduction: an increase in parental effort leads to higher malarial parasitaemia and to a decrease in resistance to oxidative stress.
Christe P., Glaizot O., Strepparava N., Devevey G., Fumagalli L., 2012. Proceedings of the Royal Society B Biological Sciences, 279 (1731) pp. 1142-1149. Peer-reviewed.
Host sex and ectoparasites choice: preference for, and higher survival on female hosts.
Christe P., Glaizot O., Evanno G., Bruyndonckx N., Devevey G., Yannic G., Patthey P., Maeder A., Vogel P., Arlettaz R., 2007. Journal of Animal Ecology, 76 (4) pp. 703-710. Peer-reviewed.
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