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A phase 1, open-label study of pasireotide in patients with BRAF- and NRAS wild type, unresectable, and/or metastatic melanoma
Dummer R., Michielin O.A., Nägeli M., Goldinger S.M., Campigotto F., Kriemler-Krahn U., Schmid H., Pedroncelli A., Micaletto S., Schadendorf D. ESMO Open.
Durable response to palbociclib and letrozole in ovarian cancer with CDKN2A loss.
Frisone D., Charrier M., Clement S., Christinat Y., Thouvenin L., Homicsko K., Michielin O., Bodmer A., Chappuis P.O., McKee T.A. et al. Cancer biology & therapy pp. 1-6. Peer-reviewed.
Intratumoural immunotherapies for unresectable and metastatic melanoma: current status and future perspectives.
Middleton M.R., Hoeller C., Michielin O., Robert C., Caramella C., Öhrling K., Hauschild A. British journal of cancer. Peer-reviewed.
Prise en charge par l’ORL des mélanomes cutanés cervico-faciaux [ENT management of head and neck cutaneous melanoma]
Jaballah Vinckenbosch P., Litzistorf Y., Gaide O., Özdemir B.C., Michielin O., Reinhard A., 2020/10/07. Revue medicale suisse, 16 (709) pp. 1853-1859. Peer-reviewed.
Managing cancer patients during the COVID-19 pandemic: an ESMO multidisciplinary expert consensus.
Curigliano G., Banerjee S., Cervantes A., Garassino M.C., Garrido P., Girard N., Haanen J., Jordan K., Lordick F., Machiels J.P. et al., 2020/10. Annals of oncology, 31 (10) pp. 1320-1335. Peer-reviewed.
What Role Can Process Mining Play in Recurrent Clinical Guidelines Issues? A Position Paper.
Gatta R., Vallati M., Fernandez-Llatas C., Martinez-Millana A., Orini S., Sacchi L., Lenkowicz J., Marcos M., Munoz-Gama J., Cuendet M.A. et al., 2020/09/11. International journal of environmental research and public health, 17 (18) pp. E6616. Peer-reviewed.
Guillain-Barré syndrome after adoptive cell therapy with tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes.
Orcurto A., Hottinger A., Wolf B., Navarro Rodrigo B., Ochoa de Olza M., Auger A., Kuntzer T., Comte D., Zimmer V., Gannon P. et al., 2020/08. Journal for immunotherapy of cancer, 8 (2) pp. e001155. Peer-reviewed.
ESMO consensus conference recommendations on the management of locoregional melanoma: the ESMO Guidelines Committee.
Michielin O., van Akkooi A., Lorigan P., Ascierto P.A., Dummer R., Robert C., Arance A., Blank C.U., Sileni V.C., Donia M. et al., 2020/07/22. Annals of oncology. Peer-reviewed.
ESMO consensus conference recommendations on the management of metastatic melanoma: the ESMO Guidelines Committee.
Keilholz U., Ascierto P.A., Dummer R., Robert C., Lorigan P., van Akkooi A., Arance A., Blank C.U., Sileni V.C., Donia M. et al., 2020/07/22. Annals of oncology. Peer-reviewed.
COVID-19 in patients with thoracic malignancies (TERAVOLT): first results of an international, registry-based, cohort study.
Garassino M.C., Whisenant J.G., Huang L.C., Trama A., Torri V., Agustoni F., Baena J., Banna G., Berardi R., Bettini A.C. et al., 2020/07. The Lancet. Oncology, 21 (7) pp. 914-922. Peer-reviewed.
SPHN/PHRT - MedCo in Action: Empowering the Swiss Molecular Tumor Board with Privacy-Preserving and Real-Time Patient Discovery.
Raisaro J.L., Troncoso-Pastoriza J.R., Pradervand S., Cuendet M., Misbach M., Sa J., Marino F., Freundler N., Rosat N., Cavin D. et al., 2020/06/16. Studies in health technology and informatics, 270 pp. 1161-1162. Peer-reviewed.
TERAVOLT: Thoracic Cancers International COVID-19 Collaboration.
Whisenant J.G., Trama A., Torri V., De Toma A., Viscardi G., Cortellini A., Michielin O., Barlesi F., Dingemans A.C., Van Meerbeeck J. et al., 2020/06/08. Cancer cell, 37 (6) pp. 742-745. Peer-reviewed.
Cardiotoxicité des inhibiteurs de points de contrôle immunitaire utilisés dans le traitement des cancers [Cardiotoxicity of immune checkpoint inhibitors used in cancer treatment]
Arangalage D., Pavon A.G., Hugelshofer S., Desgraz B., Tzimas G., Delyon J., Muller O., Obeid M., Ribi C., Michielin O. et al., 2020/06/03. Revue medicale suisse, 16 (696) pp. 1165-1168. Peer-reviewed.
Mélanome localement avancé et métastatique : nouveautés [Locally advanced and metastatic melanoma : novelties]
Huber A., Latifyan S., Nikolopoulou A., Homicsko K., Berthod G., Michielin O., Özdemir B.C., 2020/05/27. Revue medicale suisse, 16 (695) pp. 1092-1097. Peer-reviewed.
Oncologie : naviguer la pandémie de COVID-19 et garder le cap [Oncology: navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic and Steer the Course]
Zimmermann S., Dietrich P.Y., Michielin O., Betticher D., Peters S., 2020/04/29. Revue medicale suisse, 16 (N° 691-2) pp. 819-822. Peer-reviewed.
The Great Debate at "Melanoma Bridge", Naples, December 7th, 2019.
Ascierto P.A., Agarwala S.S., Eggermont A., Gershenwald J.E., Grob J.J., Hamid O., Michielin O., Postow M., Puzanov I., Zarour H.M. et al., 2020/04/16. Journal of translational medicine, 18 (1) p. 171. Peer-reviewed.
First-Line Selective Internal Radiation Therapy in Patients with Uveal Melanoma Metastatic to the Liver.
Ponti A., Denys A., Digklia A., Schaefer N., Hocquelet A., Knebel J.F., Michielin O., Dromain C., Duran R., 2020/03. Journal of nuclear medicine, 61 (3) pp. 350-356. Peer-reviewed.
Integrating radiomics into holomics for personalised oncology: from algorithms to bedside.
Gatta R., Depeursinge A., Ratib O., Michielin O., Leimgruber A., 2020/02/07. European radiology experimental, 4 (1) p. 11. Peer-reviewed.
Disulfide-Linked Peptides for Blocking BTLA/HVEM Binding.
Spodzieja M., Kuncewicz K., Sieradzan A., Karczyńska A., Iwaszkiewicz J., Cesson V., Węgrzyn K., Zhukov I., Maszota-Zieleniak M., Michielin O. et al., 2020/01/18. International journal of molecular sciences, 21 (2). Peer-reviewed.
Oncologie [Advances in Oncology 2019]
Vernadou A., Ferahta N., Mederos N., Ferraro D., Dischl-Antonioni I., Diciolla A., Liapi A., Mosimann V., Latifyan S., Aedo-Lopez V. et al., 2020/01/15. Revue medicale suisse, 16 (676-7) pp. 72-77. Peer-reviewed.
The combination of stereotactic radiosurgery with immune checkpoint inhibition or targeted therapy in melanoma patients with brain metastases: a retrospective study.
Martins F., Schiappacasse L., Levivier M., Tuleasca C., Cuendet M.A., Aedo-Lopez V., Gautron Moura B., Homicsko K., Bettini A., Berthod G. et al., 2020/01. Journal of neuro-oncology, 146 (1) pp. 181-193. Peer-reviewed.
Multiple nivolumab-induced CNS demyelination with spontaneous resolution in an asymptomatic metastatic melanoma patient.
Pillonel V., Dunet V., Hottinger A.F., Berthod G., Schiappacasse L., Peters S., Michielin O., Aedo-Lopez V., 2019/12/02. Journal for immunotherapy of cancer, 7 (1) p. 336. Peer-reviewed.
Cutaneous melanoma: ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up†.
Michielin O., van Akkooi ACJ, Ascierto P.A., Dummer R., Keilholz U., ESMO Guidelines Committee. Electronic address: clinicalguidelines@esmo.org, 2019/12/01. Annals of oncology, 30 (12) pp. 1884-1901. Peer-reviewed.
Efficacy of adoptive therapy with tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes and recombinant interleukin-2 in advanced cutaneous melanoma: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Dafni U., Michielin O., Lluesma S.M., Tsourti Z., Polydoropoulou V., Karlis D., Besser M.J., Haanen J., Svane I.M., Ohashi P.S. et al., 2019/12/01. Annals of oncology, 30 (12) pp. 1902-1913. Peer-reviewed.
Herpes simplex encephalitis in adult patients with MASP-2 deficiency.
Bibert S., Piret J., Quinodoz M., Collinet E., Zoete V., Michielin O., Menasria R., Meylan P., Bihl T., Erard V. et al., 2019/12. PLoS pathogens, 15 (12) pp. e1008168. Peer-reviewed.
The Romand Network of Oncology: bridging the gap of personalised oncology
Michielin O., Tsantoulis P., Homicsko K., Christinat Y., De Leval L., Bisig B., Missiaglia E., Zoete V., Krebs F., Fortin A. et al., 2019/10/18. Swiss Medical Weekly.
Adverse effects of immune-checkpoint inhibitors: epidemiology, management and surveillance.
Martins F., Sofiya L., Sykiotis G.P., Lamine F., Maillard M., Fraga M., Shabafrouz K., Ribi C., Cairoli A., Guex-Crosier Y. et al., 2019/09. Nature reviews. Clinical oncology, 16 (9) pp. 563-580. Peer-reviewed.
Perspectives in melanoma: meeting report from the Melanoma Bridge (November 29th-1 December 1st, 2018, Naples, Italy).
Ascierto P.A., Agarwala S.S., Botti G., Budillon A., Davies M.A., Dummer R., Ernstoff M., Ferrone S., Formenti S., Gajewski T.F. et al., 2019/07/22. Journal of translational medicine, 17 (1) p. 234. Peer-reviewed.
SwissTargetPrediction: updated data and new features for efficient prediction of protein targets of small molecules.
Daina A., Michielin O., Zoete V., 2019/07/02. Nucleic acids research, 47 (W1) pp. W357-W364. Peer-reviewed.
Oncologie [Oncology, what's new in 2018]
Latifyan S., Kakourou A., Ozdemir B., Zaman K., Vernadou A., Berthold D., Abdelhamid K., Bouchaab H., Peters S., Montemurro M. et al., 2019/01/09. Revue medicale suisse, 15 (N° 632-633) pp. 78-81. Peer-reviewed.
La médecine personnalisée en oncologie dans: Médecine Personnalisée
Colomer-Lahiguera S., Coukos G., Peters S., Kandalaft L., Michielin O., Eicher M., 2019. dans Médecine Personnalisée, Académie Suisse de Sciences Médicales.
New therapeutic perspectives to manage refractory immune checkpoint-related toxicities.
Martins F., Sykiotis G.P., Maillard M., Fraga M., Ribi C., Kuntzer T., Michielin O., Peters S., Coukos G., Spertini F. et al., 2019/01. The Lancet. Oncology, 20 (1) pp. e54-e64. Peer-reviewed.
A severe case of neuro-Sjögren's syndrome induced by pembrolizumab.
Ghosn J., Vicino A., Michielin O., Coukos G., Kuntzer T., Obeid M., 2018/10/22. Journal for immunotherapy of cancer, 6 (1) p. 110. Peer-reviewed.
CD73 expression and clinical significance in human metastatic melanoma.
Monteiro I., Vigano S., Faouzi M., Treilleux I., Michielin O., Ménétrier-Caux C., Caux C., Romero P., de Leval L., 2018/06/01. Oncotarget, 9 (42) pp. 26659-26669. Peer-reviewed.
ESCMID Study Group for Infections in Compromised Hosts (ESGICH) Consensus Document on the safety of targeted and biological therapies: an infectious diseases perspective (Immune checkpoint inhibitors, cell adhesion inhibitors, sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor modulators and proteasome inhibitors).
Redelman-Sidi G., Michielin O., Cervera C., Ribi C., Aguado J.M., Fernández-Ruiz M., Manuel O., 2018/06. Clinical microbiology and infection, 24 Suppl 2 pp. S95-S107. Peer-reviewed.
Pan-SRC kinase inhibition blocks B-cell receptor oncogenic signaling in non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
Battistello E., Katanayeva N., Dheilly E., Tavernari D., Donaldson M.C., Bonsignore L., Thome M., Christie A.L., Murakami M.A., Michielin O. et al., 2018/05/24. Blood, 131 (21) pp. 2345-2356. Peer-reviewed.
Practice-Changing Developments in Stage III Melanoma: Surgery, Adjuvant Targeted Therapy, and Immunotherapy.
Kudchadkar R.R., Michielin O., van Akkooi ACJ, 2018/05/23. American Society of Clinical Oncology educational book. American Society of Clinical Oncology. Annual Meeting 38 pp. 759-762. Peer-reviewed.
Quantification of the next-generation oral anti-tumor drugs dabrafenib, trametinib, vemurafenib, cobimetinib, pazopanib, regorafenib and two metabolites in human plasma by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry.
Cardoso E., Mercier T., Wagner A.D., Homicsko K., Michielin O., Ellefsen-Lavoie K., Cagnon L., Diezi M., Buclin T., Widmer N. et al., 2018/04/15. Journal of chromatography. B, Analytical technologies in the biomedical and life sciences, 1083 pp. 124-136. Peer-reviewed.
Personalized cancer vaccine effectively mobilizes antitumor T cell immunity in ovarian cancer
Tanyi Janos L., Bobisse Sara, Ophir Eran, Tuyaerts Sandra, Roberti Annalisa, Genolet Raphael, Baumgartner Petra, Stevenson Brian J., Iseli Christian, Dangaj Denarda et al., 2018/04/11. Science Translational Medicine, 10 (436) pp. eaao5931.
Personalized cancer vaccine effectively mobilizes antitumor T cell immunity in ovarian cancer.
Tanyi J.L., Bobisse S., Ophir E., Tuyaerts S., Roberti A., Genolet R., Baumgartner P., Stevenson B.J., Iseli C., Dangaj D. et al., 2018/04/11. Science translational medicine, 10 (436) pp. NA. Peer-reviewed.
Benefit of the nivolumab and ipilimumab combination in pretreated advanced melanoma.
Tétu P., Mangana J., Dummer R., Dutriaux C., Beneton N., Dalle S., Meyer N., Oriano B., Michielin O., Lebbe C., 2018/04. European journal of cancer, 93 pp. 147-149. Peer-reviewed.
Sensitive and frequent identification of high avidity neo-epitope specific CD8 + T cells in immunotherapy-naive ovarian cancer.
Bobisse S., Genolet R., Roberti A., Tanyi J.L., Racle J., Stevenson B.J., Iseli C., Michel A., Le Bitoux M.A., Guillaume P. et al., 2018/03/15. Nature communications, 9 (1) p. 1092. Peer-reviewed.
Comment on "MEK inhibition with trametinib and tyrosine kinase inhibition with imatinib in multifocal histiocytic sarcoma".
Voruz S., Martins F., Cairoli A., Naveiras O., Homicsko K., Missiaglia E., de Leval L., Bisig B., Michielin O., Blum S., 2018/03. Haematologica, 103 (3) pp. e130. Peer-reviewed.
ECCO essential requirements for quality cancer care: Melanoma.
Wouters M.W., Michielin O., Bastiaannet E., Beishon M., Catalano O., Del Marmol V., Delgado-Bolton R., Dendale R., Trill M.D., Ferrari A. et al., 2018/02. Critical reviews in oncology/hematology, 122 pp. 164-178. Peer-reviewed.
T cell receptor alpha variable 12-2 bias in the immunodominant response to Yellow fever virus.
Bovay A., Zoete V., Dolton G., Bulek A.M., Cole D.K., Rizkallah P.J., Fuller A., Beck K., Michielin O., Speiser D.E. et al., 2018/02. European journal of immunology, 48 (2) pp. 258-272. Peer-reviewed.
Lymphatic vessel density is associated with CD8<sup>+</sup> T cell infiltration and immunosuppressive factors in human melanoma.
Bordry N., Broggi MAS, de Jonge K., Schaeuble K., Gannon P.O., Foukas P.G., Danenberg E., Romano E., Baumgaertner P., Fankhauser M. et al., 2018. Oncoimmunology, 7 (8) pp. e1462878. Peer-reviewed.
Phase I, open-label study of pasireotide in patients with <i>BRAF-</i>wild type and <i>NRAS</i>-wild type, unresectable and/or metastatic melanoma.
Dummer R., Michielin O., Nägeli M.C., M Goldinger S., Campigotto F., Kriemler-Krahn U., Schmid H., Pedroncelli A., Micaletto S., Schadendorf D., 2018. ESMO open, 3 (5) pp. e000388. Peer-reviewed.
Response to MEK inhibition with trametinib and tyrosine kinase inhibition with imatinib in multifocal histiocytic sarcoma.
Voruz S., Cairoli A., Naveiras O., de Leval L., Missiaglia E., Homicsko K., Michielin O., Blum S., 2018/01. Haematologica, 103 (1) pp. e39-e41. Peer-reviewed.
Mutant <i>CTNNB1</i> and histological heterogeneity define metabolic subtypes of hepatoblastoma.
Crippa S., Ancey P.B., Vazquez J., Angelino P., Rougemont A.L., Guettier C., Zoete V., Delorenzi M., Michielin O., Meylan E., 2017/11. EMBO molecular medicine, 9 (11) pp. 1589-1604. Peer-reviewed.
Tumor lymphangiogenesis promotes T cell infiltration and potentiates immunotherapy in melanoma.
Fankhauser M., Broggi MAS, Potin L., Bordry N., Jeanbart L., Lund A.W., Da Costa E., Hauert S., Rincon-Restrepo M., Tremblay C. et al., 2017/09/13. Science translational medicine, 9 (407) pp. 1-13. Peer-reviewed.
Multicenter, real-life experience with checkpoint inhibitors and targeted therapy agents in advanced melanoma patients in Switzerland.
Mangana J., Cheng P.F., Kaufmann C., Amann V.C., Frauchiger A.L., Stögner V., Held U., von Moos R., Michielin O., Braun R.P. et al., 2017/08. Melanoma research, 27 (4) pp. 358-368. Peer-reviewed.
Combining talimogene laherparepvec with immunotherapies in melanoma and other solid tumors.
Dummer R., Hoeller C., Gruter I.P., Michielin O., 2017/06. Cancer immunology, immunotherapy : CII, 66 (6) pp. 683-695. Peer-reviewed.
SwissADME: a free web tool to evaluate pharmacokinetics, drug-likeness and medicinal chemistry friendliness of small molecules.
Daina A., Michielin O., Zoete V., 2017/03/03. Scientific reports, 7 p. 42717. Peer-reviewed.
A practical guide to the handling and administration of talimogene laherparepvec in Europe.
Harrington K.J., Michielin O., Malvehy J., Pezzani Grüter I., Grove L., Frauchiger A.L., Dummer R., 2017. OncoTargets and therapy, 10 pp. 3867-3880. Peer-reviewed.
Design of short peptides to block BTLA/HVEM interactions for promoting anticancer T-cell responses.
Spodzieja M., Lach S., Iwaszkiewicz J., Cesson V., Kalejta K., Olive D., Michielin O., Speiser D.E., Zoete V., Derré L. et al., 2017. PloS one, 12 (6) pp. e0179201.
Oncolytic Virotherapy Promotes Intratumoral T Cell Infiltration and Improves Anti-PD-1 Immunotherapy.
Ribas A., Dummer R., Puzanov I., VanderWalde A., Andtbacka RHI, Michielin O., Olszanski A.J., Malvehy J., Cebon J., Fernandez E. et al., 2017. Cell, 170 (6) pp. 1109-1119.e10. Peer-reviewed.
The Binding Mode of N-Hydroxyamidines to Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase 1 (IDO1).
Röhrig U.F., Zoete V., Michielin O., 2017. Biochemistry, 56 (33) pp. 4323-4325. Peer-reviewed.
The T-Cell Receptor Can Bind to the Peptide-Bound Major Histocompatibility Complex and Uncomplexed β2-Microglobulin through Distinct Binding Sites.
Merkle P.S., Irving M., Hongjian S., Ferber M., Jørgensen TJD, Scholten K., Luescher I., Coukos G., Zoete V., Cuendet M.A. et al., 2017. Biochemistry, 56 (30) pp. 3945-3961. Peer-reviewed.
Vaccination of stage III/IV melanoma patients with long NY-ESO-1 peptide and CpG-B elicits robust CD8+ and CD4+ T-cell responses with multiple specificities including a novel DR7-restricted epitope
Baumgaertner P., Costa Nunes C., Cachot A., Maby-El Hajjami H., Cagnon L., Braun M., Derré L., Rivals J.-P., Rimoldi D., Gnjatic S. et al., 2016/10/02. OncoImmunology, 5 (10) pp. e1216290.
Debio 0617B Inhibits Growth of STAT3-Driven Solid Tumors through Combined Inhibition of JAK, SRC, and Class III/V Receptor Tyrosine Kinases.
Murone M., Vaslin Chessex A., Attinger A., Ramachandra R., Shetty S.J., Daginakatte G., Sengupta S., Marappan S., Dhodheri S., Rigotti S. et al., 2016/10. Molecular cancer therapeutics, 15 (10) pp. 2334-2343. Peer-reviewed.
ESMO / ASCO Recommendations for a Global Curriculum in Medical Oncology Edition 2016
Dittrich Christian, Kosty Michael, Jezdic Svetlana, Pyle Doug, Berardi Rossana, Bergh Jonas, El-Saghir Nagi, Lotz Jean-Pierre, Österlund Pia, Pavlidis Nicholas et al., 2016/09. ESMO Open, 1 (5) pp. e000097. Peer-reviewed.
Systematic review of the use of granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor in patients with advanced melanoma.
Hoeller C., Michielin O., Ascierto P.A., Szabo Z., Blank C.U., 2016/09. Cancer immunology, immunotherapy : CII, 65 (9) pp. 1015-1034. Peer-reviewed.
SwissSimilarity: A Web Tool for Low to Ultra High Throughput Ligand-Based Virtual Screening.
Zoete V., Daina A., Bovigny C., Michielin O., 2016/08/22. Journal of chemical information and modeling, 56 (8) pp. 1399-1404. Peer-reviewed.
Activating mutations in genes related to TCR signaling in angioimmunoblastic and other follicular helper T-cell-derived lymphomas.
Vallois D., Dobay M.P., Morin R.D., Lemonnier F., Missiaglia E., Juilland M., Iwaszkiewicz J., Fataccioli V., Bisig B., Roberti A. et al., 2016. Blood, 128 (11) pp. 1490-1502.
Attracting cavities for docking. Replacing the rough energy landscape of the protein by a smooth attracting landscape.
Zoete V., Schuepbach T., Bovigny C., Chaskar P., Daina A., Röhrig U.F., Michielin O., 2016. Journal of Computational Chemistry, 37 (4) pp. 437-447. Peer-reviewed.
Design and Validation of a Novel Generic Platform for the Production of Tetravalent IgG1-like Bispecific Antibodies.
Golay J., Choblet S., Iwaszkiewicz J., Cérutti P., Ozil A., Loisel S., Pugnière M., Ubiali G., Zoete V., Michielin O. et al., 2016. Journal of Immunology, 196 (7) pp. 3199-3211. Peer-reviewed.
Genomic analysis identifies new drivers and progression pathways in skin basal cell carcinoma.
Bonilla X., Parmentier L., King B., Bezrukov F., Kaya G., Zoete V., Seplyarskiy V.B., Sharpe H.J., McKee T., Letourneau A. et al., 2016. Nature Genetics, 48 (4) pp. 398-406. Peer-reviewed.
In-Vivo Detection and Tracking of T Cells in Various Organs in a Melanoma Tumor Model by 19F-Fluorine MRS/MRI.
Gonzales C., Yoshihara H.A., Dilek N., Leignadier J., Irving M., Mieville P., Helm L., Michielin O., Schwitter J., 2016. PloS one, 11 (10) pp. e0164557. Peer-reviewed.
Principes de la thérapie cellulaire par transfert adoptif à base de Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes [Principles of adoptive cell therapy based on "Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes"].
Martins F., Orcurto A., Michielin O., Coukos G., 2016. Revue Médicale Suisse, 12 (519) pp. 989-993. Peer-reviewed.
The updated Swiss guidelines 2016 for the treatment and follow-up of cutaneous melanoma.
Dummer R., Siano M., Hunger R.E., Lindenblatt N., Braun R., Michielin O., Mihic-Probst D., von Moos R., Najafi Y., Guckenberger M. et al., 2016. Swiss Medical Weekly, 146 pp. w14279. Peer-reviewed.
Vaccination of stage III/IV melanoma patients with long NY-ESO-1 peptide and CpG-B elicits robust CD8(+) and CD4(+) T-cell responses with multiple specificities including a novel DR7-restricted epitope.
Baumgaertner P., Costa Nunes C., Cachot A., Maby-El Hajjami H., Cagnon L., Braun M., Derré L., Rivals J.P., Rimoldi D., Gnjatic S. et al., 2016. Oncoimmunology, 5 (10) pp. e1216290. Peer-reviewed.
Vaccination with LAG-3Ig (IMP321) and Peptides Induces Specific CD4 and CD8 T-Cell Responses in Metastatic Melanoma Patients-Report of a Phase I/IIa Clinical Trial.
Legat A., Maby-El Hajjami H., Baumgaertner P., Cagnon L., Abed Maillard S., Geldhof C., Iancu E.M., Lebon L., Guillaume P., Dojcinovic D. et al., 2016. Clinical Cancer Research, 22 (6) pp. 1330-1340. Peer-reviewed.
Michielin Olivier, Coukos George, 2015/09/09. Progress in Tumor Research, 42, S. Karger AG.
Nouvelles immunotherapies du mélanome: mécanismes d'action, efficacité et prise en charge des toxicities [New melanoma immunotherapies: mechanisms of action, efficiency and management of toxicities]
Moura B., Homicsko K., Berthod G., Cerottini J.P., Guggisberg D., Gaide O., Maillard M.H., Michielin O., 2015/05/20. Revue medicale suisse, 11 (475) pp. 1108,1110-1114.
Analysis of BRAF and NRAS Mutation Status in Advanced Melanoma Patients Treated with Anti-CTLA-4 Antibodies: Association with Overall Survival?
Mangana J., Cheng P.F., Schindler K., Weide B., Held U., Frauchiger A.L., Romano E., Kähler K.C., Rozati S., Rechsteiner M. et al., 2015. Plos One, 10 (10) pp. e0139438. Peer-reviewed.
Challenges in the Discovery of Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase 1 (IDO1) Inhibitors.
Röhrig U.F., Majjigapu S.R., Vogel P., Zoete V., Michielin O., 2015. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 58 (24) pp. 9421-9437. Peer-reviewed.
Gaining momentum: New options and opportunities for the treatment of advanced melanoma.
Michielin O., Hoeller C., 2015. Cancer Treatment Reviews, 41 (8) pp. 660-670. Peer-reviewed.
Ipilimumab-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity of regulatory T cells ex vivo by nonclassical monocytes in melanoma patients.
Romano E., Kusio-Kobialka M., Foukas P.G., Baumgaertner P., Meyer C., Ballabeni P., Michielin O., Weide B., Romero P., Speiser D.E., 2015. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 112 (19) pp. 6140-6145.
STING activation of tumor endothelial cells initiates spontaneous and therapeutic antitumor immunity.
Demaria O., De Gassart A., Coso S., Gestermann N., Di Domizio J., Flatz L., Gaide O., Michielin O., Hwu P., Petrova T.V. et al., 2015. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 112 (50) pp. 15408-15413.
A WXW Motif Is Required for the Anticancer Activity of the TAT-RasGAP317-326 Peptide.
Barras D., Chevalier N., Zoete V., Dempsey R., Lapouge K., Olayioye M.A., Michielin O., Widmann C., 2014. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 289 (34) pp. 23701-23711.
Anti-CTLA-4 therapy broadens the melanoma-reactive CD8+ T cell response.
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