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What are the most crucial soil variables for predicting the distribution of mountain plant species? A comprehensive study in the Swiss Alps
Buri A., Grand S., Yashiro S., Adatte T., Spangenberg J., Pinto-Figueroa E., Verrecchia E., Guisan A. Journal of Biogeography. Peer-reviewed.
A minimalist model of extinction and range dynamics of mountain species driven by warming temperatures
Giezendanner J., Bertuzzo E., Pasetto D., Guisan A., Rinaldo A. Plos One. Peer-reviewed.
Eco-genetic additivity of diploids in allopolyploid wild wheats
Huynh S., Broennimann O., Guisan A., Felber F., Parisod C. Ecology Letters. Peer-reviewed.
Reconstructing the climatic niche breadth of land use for animal production during the African Holocene
Phelps L.N., Broennimann O., Manning Ka., Timpson A., Jousse H., Mariethoz G., Fordham D., Shanahan T., Davis B.A.S., Guisan A. Global Ecology and Biogeography. Peer-reviewed.
Monitoring biodiversity in the Anthropocene using remote sensing data products in species distribution models
Randin C.F., Ashcroft M., Bolliger J., Cavender-Bares J., Coops N.C., Dullinger S., Dirnböck T., Eckert S., Ellis E., Fernández N. et al. Remote Sensing of the Environment. Peer-reviewed.
How to evaluate community predictions without thresholding?
Scherrer D., Mod H.K., Guisan A. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. Peer-reviewed.
Influence of microclimate and geomorphological factors on alpine vegetation in the Western Swiss Alps
Giaccone E., Luoto M., Vittoz P., Guisan A., Mariéthoz G., Lambiel C., 2019/12/26. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 44 (15) pp. 3093-3107. Peer-reviewed.
Alteration of Bumblebee Venom Composition toward Higher Elevation.
Barkan N.P., Chevalier M., Pradervand J.N., Guisan A., 2019/12/19. Toxins, 12 (1). Peer-reviewed.
Soil protist diversity in the Swiss western Alps is better predicted by topo‐climatic than by edaphic variables
Seppey C.V.W., Broennimann O., Buri A., Yashiro E., Pinto-Figueroa E., Singer D., Blandenier Q., Mitchell E.A.D., Niculita-Hirzel H., Guisan A. et al., 2019/12. Journal of Biogeography. Peer-reviewed.
Predicting species occurrences with habitat network models.
Ortiz-Rodríguez D.O., Guisan A., Holderegger R., van Strien M.J., 2019/09. Ecology and evolution, 9 (18) pp. 10457-10471. Peer-reviewed.
Genetic diversity in frogs linked to past and future climate changes on the roof of the world.
Hu J., Huang Y., Jiang J., Guisan A., 2019/06. The Journal of animal ecology, 88 (6) pp. 953-963. Peer-reviewed.
Modelling bat distributions and diversity in a mountain landscape using focal predictors in ensemble of small models
Scherrer D., Christe P., Guisan A., 2019/05. Diversity and Distributions, 25 (5) pp. 770-782. Peer-reviewed.
Spatial modelling of soil water holding capacity improves models of plant distributions in mountain landscapes
Cianfrani C., Buri A., Vittoz P., Grand S., Zingg B., Verrecchia E., Guisan A., 2019/05. Plant and Soil, 438 (1-2) pp. 57-70. Peer-reviewed.
Hierarchical species distribution models in support of vegetation conservation at the landscape scale
Mateo R.G., Gastón A., Aroca Fernández M.J., Broennimann O., Guisan A., Saura S., García Viñas J.I., 2019/03. Journal of Vegetation Science, 30 (2) pp. 386-396. Peer-reviewed.
Of niches and distributions: range size increases with niche breadth both globally and regionally but regional estimates poorly relate to global estimates
Kambach S., Lenoir J., Decocq G., Welk E., Seidler G., Dullinger S., Gégout J.-C., Guisan A., Pauli H., Svenning J.-C. et al., 2019/03. Ecography, 42 (3) pp. 467-477. Peer-reviewed.
Ecological indicator values reveal missing predictors of species distributions.
Scherrer D., Guisan A., 2019/02/28. Scientific reports, 9 (1) p. 3061. Peer-reviewed.
A comprehensive evaluation of predictive performance of 33 species distribution models at species and community levels
Norberg A., Abrego N., Blanchet F.G., Adler F., Anderson B., Anttila J., Araújo M, Dallas T., Dunson D., Elith J. et al., 2019. Ecological Monographs, 89 (3) p. 01370. Peer-reviewed.
A minimalist model of extinction and range dynamics of virtual mountain species driven by warming temperatures.
Giezendanner J., Bertuzzo E., Pasetto D., Guisan A., Rinaldo A., 2019. PloS one, 14 (3) pp. e0213775. Peer-reviewed.
Alien Plant Species: Environmental Risks in Agricultural and Agro-Forest Landscapes Under Climate Change
Vicente J.R., Vaz A.S., Queiroz A.I., Buchadas A.R., Guisan A., Kueffer C., Marchante E., Marchante H., Cabral J.A., Nesper M. et al., 2019. pp. 215-234 dans Castro P., Azul A., Leal Filho W., Azeiteiro U. (eds.) Climate Change-Resilient Agriculture and Agroforestry, Springer.
Archaeorhizomycetes Spatial Distribution in Soils Along Wide Elevational and Environmental Gradients Reveal Co-abundance Patterns With Other Fungal Saprobes and Potential Weathering Capacities.
Pinto-Figueroa E.A., Seddon E., Yashiro E., Buri A., Niculita-Hirzel H., van der Meer J.R., Guisan A., 2019. Frontiers in microbiology, 10 p. 656. Peer-reviewed.
Climate and land-use changes reshuffle politically-weighted priority areas of mountain biodiversity
Vincent C., Fernandes R., Cardoso A.R., Broennimann O., Di Cola V., D' Amen M., Ursenbacher S., Schmidt B.R., Pradervand J.-N., Pellissier L. et al., 2019. Global Ecology and Conservation, 17 pp. e00589. Peer-reviewed.
Climate change impact on mountain biodiversity
Guisan A., Broennimann O., Buri A., Cianfrani C., D'Amen M., Di Cola V., Fernandes R., Gray S.M., Mateo R.G., Pinto E. et al., 2019. pp. 221-233 dans Lovejoy T.E., Hannah L. (eds.) Biodiversity and climate change chap. 17, Yale University Press.
Disentangling the processes driving plant assemblages in mountain grasslands across spatial scales and environmental gradients
Scherrer D., Mod H., Pottier J., Dubuis A., Pellissier L., Vittoz P., Götzenberger L., Zobel M., Guisan A., 2019. Journal of Ecology, 107 (1) pp. 265-278. Peer-reviewed.
Effects of simulated observation errors on the performance of species distribution models
Fernandes R.F., Scherrer D., Guisan A., 2019. Diversity and Distributions, 25 (3) pp. 400–413. Peer-reviewed.
Exploring the usefulness of scenario archetypes in science-policy processes: experience across IPBES assessments
Sitas N., Harmácková Z.V., Anticamara J.A., Arneth A., Badola R., Biggs R., Blanchard R., Brotons L., Cantele M., Coetzer K. et al., 2019. Ecology and Society , 24 (3) p. 35. Peer-reviewed.
Scaling the linkage between environmental niches and functional traits for improved spatial predictions of biological communities'
Guisan A., Mod H., Scherrer D., Münkemüller T., Pottier J., Alexander J.M., D'Amen M., 2019. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 28 pp. 1384–1392. Peer-reviewed.
Species distribution models support the need of international cooperation towards successful management of plant invasions
Fernandes R.F., Honrado J.P., Guisan A., Roxo A., Alves P., Martins J., Vicente J.R., 2019. Journal for Nature Conservation, 49 pp. 85-94. Peer-reviewed.
Standards for distribution models in biodiversity assessments.
Araújo M.B., Anderson R.P., Márcia Barbosa A., Beale C.M., Dormann C.F., Early R., Garcia R.A., Guisan A., Maiorano L., Naimi B. et al., 2019. Science Advances, 5 (1) pp. eaat4858. Peer-reviewed.
Synthesising plausible futures for biodiversity and ecosystem services in Europe and Central Asia using scenario archetypes
Harrison P.A., Harmáčková Z.V., Karabulut A.A., Brotons L., Cantele M., Claudet J., Dunford R.W., Guisan A., Holman I.P., Jacobs S. et al., 2019. Ecology and Society, 24 (2) pp. article 27.
Meta-scale mountain grassland observatories uncover commonalities as well as specific interactions among plant and non-rhizosphere soil bacterial communities.
Yashiro E., Pinto-Figueroa E., Buri A., Spangenberg J.E., Adatte T., Niculita-Hirzel H., Guisan A., van der Meer J.R., 2018/04/10. Scientific reports, 8 (1) p. 5758. Peer-reviewed.
Reconstructing geographical parthenogenesis: effects of niche differentiation and reproductive mode on Holocene range expansion of an alpine plant.
Kirchheimer B., Wessely J., Gattringer A., Hülber K., Moser D., Schinkel CCF, Appelhans M., Klatt S., Caccianiga M., Dellinger A. et al., 2018/03. Ecology letters, 21 (3) pp. 392-401. Peer-reviewed.
The impact of endothermy on the climatic niche evolution and the distribution of vertebrate diversity.
Rolland J., Silvestro D., Schluter D., Guisan A., Broennimann O., Salamin N., 2018/03. Nature ecology & evolution, 2 (3) pp. 459-464. Peer-reviewed.
Biogeophysical controls on soil-atmosphere thermal differences: implications on warming Arctic ecosystems
Aalto J., Scherrer D., Lenoir J., Guisan A., Luoto M., 2018. Environmental Research Letters, 13 (7) p. 074003. Peer-reviewed.
Chapter 5: Current and future interactions between nature and society
Harrison P. A., Hauck J., Austrheim G., Brotons L., Cantele M., Claudet J., Fürst C., Guisan A., Harmáčková Z.V., Lavorel S. et al., 2018. pp. 571-658 dans Rounsevell M., Fischer M., Torre-Marin Rando A., Mader A. (eds.) The regional assessment report on biodiversity and ecosystem services for Europe and Central Asia chap. 5, Secretariat of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem services.
Disentangling biotic interactions, environmental filters, and dispersal limitation as drivers of species co-occurrence
D'Amen M., Mod H., Gotelli N., Guisan A., 2018. Ecography, 41 (8) pp. 1233-1244. Peer-reviewed.
Generalizing soil properties in geographic space: Approaches used and ways forward.
Cianfrani C., Buri A., Verrecchia E., Guisan A., 2018. PloS one, 13 (12) pp. e0208823. Peer-reviewed.
How much should one sample to accurately predict the distribution of species assemblages? A virtual community approach
Fernandes R.F., Scherrer D., Guisan A., 2018. Ecological Informatics, 28 pp. 125-134. Peer-reviewed.
How to best threshold and validate stacked species assemblages? Community optimisation might hold the answer
Scherrer D., D'Amen M., Fernandes R.F., Mateo R.G., Guisan A., 2018. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 9 (10) pp. 2155-2166. Peer-reviewed.
Improving spatial predictions of taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic diversity
D'Amen M., Mateo R.G., Pottier J., Thuiller W., Maiorano L., Pellissier L., Ndiribe C., Salamin N., Guisan A., 2018. Journal of Ecology, 106 (1) pp. 76-86. Peer-reviewed.
Learning from model errors: Can land use, edaphic and very high-resolution topo-climatic factors improve macroecological models of mountain grasslands?
Baudraz M.E.A., Pradervand J.-N., Beauverd M., Buri A., Guisan A., Vittoz P., 2018. Journal of Biogeography, 45 (2) pp. 429-437. Peer-reviewed.
Models of Coupled Settlement and Habitat Networks for Biodiversity Conservation: Conceptual Framework, Implementation and Potential Applications
van Strien M.J., Axhausen K.W., Dubernet I., Guisan A., Grêt-Regamey A., Khiali-Miab A., Ortiz-Rodríguez D.O., Holderegger R., 2018. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 6 pp. UNSP 41. Peer-reviewed.
More than range exposure: global otters’ vulnerability to climate change
Cianfrani C., Broennimann O., Loy A., Guisan A., 2018. Biological Conservation, 221 pp. 103-113. Peer-reviewed.
Optimizing ensembles of small models for predicting the distribution of species with few occurrences
Breiner F.T., Nobis M.P., Bergamini A., Guisan A., 2018. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 9 (4) pp. 802-808. Peer-reviewed.
Publisher Correction: The impact of endothermy on the climatic niche evolution and the distribution of vertebrate diversity.
Rolland J., Silvestro D., Schluter D., Guisan A., Broenniman O., Salamin N., 2018. Nature Ecology & Evolution, 2 (3) p. 578. Peer-reviewed.
Slimy invasion: climatic niche and current and future biogeography of Arion slugs invaders
Zemanova M.A., Broennimann O., Guisan A., Knop E., Heckel G., 2018. Diversity and Distributions, 24 (11) pp. 1627-1640. Peer-reviewed.
Species divergence and maintenance of species cohesion of three closely related Primula species in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Ren G., Mateo R.G., Guisan A., Conti E., Salamin N., 2018. Journal of Biogeography, 45 (11) pp. 2495-2507. Peer-reviewed.
Trade-offs and synergies between bird conservation and wildfire suppression in the face of global change
Regos A., Hermoso V., D'Amen M., Guisan A., Brotons L., 2018. Journal of Applied Ecology, 55 (5) pp. 2181–2192. Peer-reviewed.
Using macroecological constraints on spatial biodiversity predictions under climate change: the modelling method matters
Di Febbraro M., D'Amen M., Raia P., De Rosa D., Loy A., Guisan A., 2018. Ecological Modelling, 390 pp. 79-87. Peer-reviewed.
Wildfire–vegetation dynamics affect predictions of climate change impact on bird communities
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Soil factors improve predictions of plant species distribution in a mountain environment
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A Comparison of Climatic Niches of the Same Alpine Plant Species in the Central Caucasus and the Alps
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Assessing and predicting shifts in mountain forest composition across 25 years of climate change
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Biodiversity Models: What If Unsaturation Is the Rule?
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Community-level plant palatability increases with elevation as insect herbivore abundance declines
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ecospat: an R package to support spatial analyses and modeling of species niches and distributions
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Genetic consequences of Quaternary climatic oscillations in the Himalayas: Primula tibetica as a case study based on restriction site-associated DNA sequencing.
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Habitat Suitability and Distribution Models
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Including environmental niche information to improve IUCN Red List assessments
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Less favourable climates constrain demographic strategies in plants.
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Numerical ragweed pollen forecasts using different source maps: a comparison for France.
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Realized climatic niches are conserved along maximum temperatures among herpetofaunal invaders
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Selecting predictors to maximize the transferability of species distribution models: lessons from cross-continental plant invasions
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Spatial predictions at the community level: from current approaches to future frameworks
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Species Assemblages, Macroecology, and Global Change
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Uneven rate of plant turnover along elevation in grasslands
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Climate threat on the Macaronesian endemic bryophyte flora.
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Imprints of multiple glacial refugia in the Pyrenees revealed by phylogeography and palaeodistribution modelling of an endemic spider.
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A matter of scale: apparent niche differentiation of diploid and tetraploid plants may depend on extent and grain of analysis
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Are species occurrence data in global online repositories fit for modeling species distributions? The case of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF). Final Report of the Task Group on GBIF Data Fitness for Use in Distribution Modelling.
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Conservation planners tend to ignore improved accuracy of modelled species distributions to focus on multiple threats and ecological processes
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Fostering integration between biodiversity monitoring and modelling
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Local environmental factors drive divergent grassland soil bacterial communities in the Western Swiss Alps
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Monitoring and distribution modelling of invasive species along riverine habitats at very high resolution
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Niche conservatism in Gynandropaa frogs on the southeastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau.
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Past climate-driven range shifts and population genetic diversity in arctic plants
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Predicting the future effectiveness of protected areas for bird conservation in Mediterranean ecosystems under climate change and novel fire regime scenarios
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Regional species richness and genetic diversity of arctic vegetation reflect both past glaciations and current climate
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Simulated shifts in trophic niche breadth modulate range loss of alpine butterflies under climate change
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Temperature Range Shifts for Three European Tree Species over the Last 10,000 Years.
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What we use is not what we know: environmental predictors in plant distribution models
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Will climate change increase the risk of plant invasions into mountains?
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¿Existe un sesgo en la participación y visibilidad de las mujeres en ecología? Una comparación entre los congresos ibérico y suizo
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Arctic warming will promote Atlantic-Pacific fish interchange
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Biotic interactions boost spatial models of species richness
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Climate niche conservatism does not explain restricted distribution patterns in Tynanthus (Bignonieae, Bignoniaceae)
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Etat de la biodiversité en Suisse en 2014
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Reply to 'Sources of uncertainties in cod distribution models'
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Tree cover at fine and coarse spatial grains interacts with shade tolerance to shape plant species distributions across the Alps
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What is the potential of spread in invasive bryophytes?
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A framework for assessing the scale of influence of environmental factors on ecological patterns
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