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Impact of kidney transplantation on sleep apnea severity: A prospective polysomnographic study.
Forni Ogna V., Ogna A., Haba-Rubio J., Nowak G., Venetz J.P., Golshayan D., Matter M., Burnier M., Pascual M., Heinzer R. American journal of transplantation. Peer-reviewed.
Real-life food-safety behavior and incidence of foodborne infections in solid organ transplant recipients.
Lindup M., van den Bogaart L., Golshayan D., Aubert J.D., Vionnet J., Regamey J., Pascual M., Manuel O., Mombelli M., 2019/11/25. American journal of transplantation. Peer-reviewed.
Burden of end-stage renal disease and evolving challenges in kidney transplantation.
Golshayan D., Pascual M., 2019/09. Transplant international, 32 (9) pp. 889-891. Peer-reviewed.
Genetic immune and inflammatory markers associated with diabetes in solid organ transplant recipients.
Quteineh L., Wójtowicz A., Bochud P.Y., Crettol S., Vandenberghe F., Venetz J.P., Manuel O., Golshayan D., Lehmann R., Mueller N.J. et al., 2019/01. American journal of transplantation, 19 (1) pp. 238-246. Peer-reviewed.
Fibrogenic Disorders in Human Diseases: From Inflammation to Organ Dysfunction.
Juillerat-Jeanneret L., Aubert J.D., Mikulic J., Golshayan D., 2018/11/21. Journal of medicinal chemistry, 61 (22) pp. 9811-9840. Peer-reviewed.
Targeted γ-secretase inhibition of Notch signaling activation in acute renal injury.
Wyss J.C., Kumar R., Mikulic J., Schneider M., Aebi J.D., Juillerat-Jeanneret L., Golshayan D., 2018/05/01. American journal of physiology. Renal physiology, 314 (5) pp. F736-F746. Peer-reviewed.
Rituximab as monotherapy for the treatment of chronic active antibody-mediated rejection after kidney transplantation.
Muller Y.D., Ghaleb N., Rotman S., Vionnet J., Halfon M., Catana E., Golshayan D., Venetz J.P., Aubert V., Pascual M., 2018/04. Transplant international, 31 (4) pp. 451-455. Peer-reviewed.
Retour en dialyse après transplantation rénale : une étude rétrospective dans le canton de Vaud [Return to dialysis after kidney transplantation: a retrospective study in the Canton de Vaud]
Pedrazzini B., Golshayan D., Teta D., 2018/02/21. Revue medicale suisse, 14 (595) pp. 430-434. Peer-reviewed.
Preeclampsia and Long-term Renal Function in Women Who Underwent Kidney Transplantation.
Vannevel V., Claes K., Baud D., Vial Y., Golshayan D., Yoon E.W., Hodges R., Le Nepveu A., Kerr P.G., Kennedy C. et al., 2018/01. Obstetrics and gynecology, 131 (1) pp. 57-62. Peer-reviewed.
BK Polyomavirus-Specific 9mer CD8 T Cell Responses Correlate With Clearance of BK Viremia in Kidney Transplant Recipients: First Report From the Swiss Transplant Cohort Study.
Leboeuf C., Wilk S., Achermann R., Binet I., Golshayan D., Hadaya K., Hirzel C., Hoffmann M., Huynh-Do U., Koller M.T. et al., 2017/10. American journal of transplantation, 17 (10) pp. 2591-2600. Peer-reviewed.
Fibroblast activation protein-α in fibrogenic disorders and cancer: more than a prolyl-specific peptidase?
Juillerat-Jeanneret L., Tafelmeyer P., Golshayan D., 2017/10. Expert opinion on therapeutic targets, 21 (10) pp. 977-991. Peer-reviewed.
ExplorinG frailty and mild cognitive impairmEnt in kidney tRansplantation to predict biomedicAl, psychosocial and health cost outcomeS (GERAS): protocol of a nationwide prospective cohort study.
Mauthner O., Claes V., Walston J., Engberg S., Binet I., Dickenmann M., Golshayan D., Hadaya K., Huynh-Do U., Calciolari S. et al., 2017/03. Journal of advanced nursing, 73 (3) pp. 716-734. Peer-reviewed.
CRTC2 polymorphism as a risk factor for the incidence of metabolic syndrome in patients with solid organ transplantation.
Quteineh L., Bochud P.Y., Golshayan D., Crettol S., Venetz J.P., Manuel O., Kutalik Z., Treyer A., Lehmann R., Mueller N.J. et al., 2017/01. The pharmacogenomics journal, 17 (1) pp. 69-75. Peer-reviewed.
IL-2-Mediated In Vivo Expansion of Regulatory T Cells Combined with CD154-CD40 Co-Stimulation Blockade but Not CTLA-4 Ig Prolongs Allograft Survival in Naive and Sensitized Mice.
Govender L., Wyss J.C., Kumar R., Pascual M., Golshayan D., 2017. Frontiers in immunology, 8 p. 421. Peer-reviewed.
Update on Dendritic Cell-Induced Immunological and Clinical Tolerance.
Obregon C., Kumar R., Pascual M.A., Vassalli G., Golshayan D., 2017. Frontiers in immunology, 8 p. 1514. Peer-reviewed.
Notch Antagonists: Potential Modulators of Cancer and Inflammatory Diseases.
Kumar R., Juillerat-Jeanneret L., Golshayan D., 2016/09/08. Journal of medicinal chemistry, 59 (17) pp. 7719-7737. Peer-reviewed.
Oral valganciclovir for CMV gastritis.
Saouli A.C., Salvade I., Saldarriaga J., Manuel O., Venetz J.P., Golshayan D., Sempoux C., Pascual M., 2016/09. Clinics and research in hepatology and gastroenterology, 40 (4) pp. e50-1. Peer-reviewed.
Clinically-relevant threshold of preformed donor-specific anti-HLA antibodies in kidney transplantation.
Salvadé I., Aubert V., Venetz J.P., Golshayan D., Saouli A.C., Matter M., Rotman S., Pantaleo G., Pascual M., 2016/06. Human immunology, 77 (6) pp. 483-489. Peer-reviewed.
Polymorphisms in the lectin pathway of complement activation influence the incidence of acute rejection and graft outcome after kidney transplantation.
Golshayan D., Wójtowicz A., Bibert S., Pyndiah N., Manuel O., Binet I., Buhler L.H., Huynh-Do U., Mueller T., Steiger J. et al., 2016/04. Kidney international, 89 (4) pp. 927-938. Peer-reviewed.
Mortality Prediction after the First Year of Kidney Transplantation: An Observational Study on Two European Cohorts.
Lorent M., Giral M., Pascual M., Koller M.T., Steiger J., Trébern-Launay K., Legendre C., Kreis H., Mourad G., Garrigue V. et al., 2016. Plos One, 11 (5) pp. e0155278. Peer-reviewed.
Additive effects of rapamycin and aspirin on dendritic cell allostimulatory capacity.
Roehrich M.E., Wyss J.C., Kumar R., Pascual M., Golshayan D., Vassalli G., 2015. Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology, 37 (5) pp. 434-441. Peer-reviewed.
All regulators great and small: when Treg need small RNAs to fulfill their commitment.
Golshayan D., 2015. Transplant International : Official Journal of the European Society For Organ Transplantation, 28 (10) pp. 1140-1142.
Targeted γ-Secretase Inhibition To Control the Notch Pathway in Renal Diseases.
Juillerat-Jeanneret L., Flohr A., Schneider M., Walter I., Wyss J.C., Kumar R., Golshayan D., Aebi J.D., 2015. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 58 (20) pp. 8097-8109. Peer-reviewed.
Lipoxin A₄ prevents the progression of de novo and established endometriosis in a mouse model by attenuating prostaglandin E₂ production and estrogen signaling.
Kumar R., Clerc A.C., Gori I., Russell R., Pellegrini C., Govender L., Wyss J.C., Golshayan D., Canny G.O., 2014/02. Plos One, 9 (2) pp. e89742. Peer-reviewed.
Malt1 protease inactivation efficiently dampens immune responses but causes spontaneous autoimmunity.
Jaworski M., Marsland B.J., Gehrig J., Held W., Favre S., Luther S.A., Perroud M., Golshayan D., Gaide O., Thome M., 2014. EMBO Journal, 33 (23) pp. 2765-2781.
Potential and limitations of regulatory T-cell therapy in solid organ transplantation.
Govender L., Pascual M., Golshayan D., 2014. Expert Review of Clinical Immunology, 10 (9) pp. 1197-1212.
Enhanced and aberrant T cell trafficking following total body irradiation: a gateway to graft-versus-host disease?
Vianello F., Cannella L., Coe D., Chai J.G., Golshayan D., Marelli-Berg F.M., Dazzi F., 2013. British Journal of Haematology, 162 (6) pp. 808-818. Peer-reviewed.
Phenytoin-associated severe hypocalcemia with seizures in a patient with a TSC2-PKD1 contiguous gene syndrome.
Nseir G., Golshayan D., Barbey F., 2013. Renal Failure, 35 (6) pp. 866-868. Peer-reviewed.
MR imaging as a specific diagnostic tool for bilateral microcysts in chronic lithium nephropathy.
Golshayan D., Nseir G., Venetz J.P., Pascual M., Barbey F., 2012/03. Kidney International, 81 (6) p. 601. Peer-reviewed.
Effects of immunosuppressive drugs on T helper cells subsets and potential to promote tolerance in a stringent experimental transplantation model.
Wyss J.C., Govender L., Pascual M., Golshayan D., 2012. pp. 462-463 dans American Transplant Congress 2012, American Journal of Transplantation. Peer-reviewed.
Potassium restores vasorelaxation of resistance arterioles in non-hypertensive DOCA/salt fed mice.
Wyss C., Wang Q., Golshayan D., Nussberger J., Burnier M., Lehr H.A., Schaefer S.C., 2012. Microvascular Research, 84 (3) pp. 340-344.
Potential of T-regulatory cells to protect xenografts.
Muller Y.D., Ehirchiou D., Golshayan D., Buhler L.H., Seebach J.D., 2012. Current Opinion in Organ Transplantation, 17 (2) pp. 155-161. Peer-reviewed.
Strength and limitations of regulatory T Cells for immunotherapy in transplantation.
Govender L., Wyss J.C., Pascual M., Golshayan D., 2012. p. 448 dans American Transplant Congress 2012, American Journal of Transplantation. Peer-reviewed.
Immunosuppressive effects of streptozotocin-induced diabetes result in absolute lymphopenia and a relative increase of T regulatory cells.
Muller Y.D., Golshayan D., Ehirchiou D., Wyss J.C., Giovannoni L., Meier R., Serre-Beinier V., Puga Yung G., Morel P., Bühler L.H. et al., 2011. Diabetes, 60 (9) pp. 2331-2340.
Myeloid-derived suppressor cells are implicated in regulating permissiveness for tumor metastasis during mouse gestation.
Mauti L.A., Le Bitoux M.A., Baumer K., Stehle J.C., Golshayan D., Provero P., Stamenkovic I., 2011. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 121 (7) pp. 2794-2807.
Rituximab dans le traitement des maladies rénales glomérulaires: indications et evidences cliniques [Rationale and clinical evidence for the use of rituximab in glomerular diseases].
Mani L.Y., Vogt B., Burnier M., Golshayan D., 2011. Revue Médicale Suisse, 7 (290) pp. 819-824.
Therapeutic efficacy of polyclonal tregs does not require rapamycin in a low-dose irradiation bone marrow transplantation model.
Pilat N., Klaus C., Gattringer M., Jaeckel E., Wrba F., Golshayan D., Baranyi U., Wekerle T., 2011. Transplantation, 92 (3) pp. 280-288.
Transplantation tolerance: Clinical potential of regulatory T cells.
Muller Y.D., Seebach J.D., Bühler L.H., Pascual M., Golshayan D., 2011. Self/nonself, 2 (1) pp. 26-34.
Anti-CD154 mAb and rapamycin induce T regulatory cell mediated tolerance in rat-to-mouse islet transplantation.
Muller Yannick D., Mai Gang, Morel Philippe, Serre-Beinier Veronique, Gonelle-Gispert Carmen, Yung Gisella Puga, Ehirchiou Driss, Wyss Jean-Christophe, Bigenzahn Sinda, Irla Magali et al., 2010. Plos One, 5 (4) p. 10352.
Differential effects of immunosuppressive drugs on effector and regulatory T cells.
Wyss J.C., Mottet C., Lechler R., Pascual M., Golshayan D., 2010. pp. 7S-8S dans Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Nephrology, Swiss Medical Weekly. Peer-reviewed.
Differential role of naïve and memory CD4 T-cell subsets in primary alloresponses.
Golshayan D., Wyss J.C., Buckland M., Hernandez-Fuentes M., Lechler R.I., 2010. American Journal of Transplantation, 10 (8) pp. 1749-1759.
Evidence for a role of sphingosine-1 phosphate in cardiovascular remodelling in Fabry disease.
Brakch N., Dormond O., Bekri S., Golshayan D., Correvon M., Mazzolai L., Steinmann B., Barbey F., 2010. European Heart Journal, 31 (1) pp. 67-76.
Streptozotocin induces a shift towards T regulatory cell responses in vivo
Muller Y. D., Ehirchiou D., Morel P., Avril I., Serre-Beinier V., Yung G. Puga , Golshayan D., Buehler L. H., Seebach J. D., 2010. pp. S55 dans 45th Congress of the European Society for Surgical Research, British Journal of Surgery. Peer-reviewed.
Treg-therapy allows mixed chimerism and transplantation tolerance without cytoreductive conditioning.
Pilat N., Baranyi U., Klaus C., Jaeckel E., Mpofu N., Wrba F., Golshayan D., Muehlbacher F., Wekerle T., 2010. American Journal of Transplantation, 10 (4) pp. 751-762.
Transplantation tolerance: from bench to bedside
Dela Golshayan, Manuel Pascual, 2009/04/01. Trends Transplant, 3 (1) pp. 3-12. Peer-reviewed.
Anti-CD154 mAb and rapamycin induce T regulatory cell mediated tolerance in xenogeneic islet transplantation : IXA-O-1.2
Muller Yannick, Morel Philippe, Golshayan Déla, Seebach Jörg, Wekerle Thomas, Bühler Léo, 2009. p. 353 dans Joint Meeting of the International-Pancreas-and-Islet-Transplant-Association/International-Xenotransplantation-Association, Xenotransplantation. Peer-reviewed.
L'hypertension chez les transplantés d'organes [Hypertension in solid organ transplants].
Glatz N., Wuerzner G., Pruijm M., Golshayan D., Burnier M., 2009. Revue Médicale Suisse, 5 (216) pp. 1771-1777.
Mycophenolic acid formulations in adult renal transplantation - update on efficacy and tolerability.
Golshayan D., Pascual M., Vogt B., 2009. Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management, 5 (4) pp. 341-351. Peer-reviewed.
Oxidized LDL modulates apoptosis of regulatory T cells in patients with ESRD.
Meier P., Golshayan D., Blanc E., Pascual M., Burnier M., 2009. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 20 (6) pp. 1368-1384.
Regulation of Rat and Human T-cell Immune Response by Pharmacologically Modified Dendritic Cells.
Fazekasova H., Golshayan D., Read J., Tsallios A., Tsang J.Y., Dorling A., George A.J., Lechler R.I., Lombardi G., Mirenda V., 2009. Transplantation, 87 (11) pp. 1617-1628.
Role of the naive and memory CD4+T-cell repertoire in transplantation
Golshayan D., Wyss J.C., Hernandez-Fuentes M., Pascual M., Lechler R., 2009. pp. 3S dans Annual meeting of the Swiss Society of Nephrology, Swiss Medical Weekly. Peer-reviewed.
T regulatory cells in xenotransplantation.
Muller Y.D., Golshayan D., Ehirchiou D., Wekerle T., Seebach J.D., Bühler L.H., 2009. Xenotransplantation, 16 (3) pp. 121-128.
Time-Course In Vivo Trafficking Pattern and Effector Function of Donor-Specific Regulatory T Cells in Response to an Allograft.
Golshayan Dela, Wyss Jean-Christophe, Abulker Caroline Wyss, Schaefer Stephan, Lechler Robert I., Lehr Hans-Anton, Pascual Manuel, 2009. p. 541 dans 9th Joint Meeting of the American Society of Transplant Surgeon and of the American Society of Transplantation, American Journal of Transplantation. Peer-reviewed.
Transplantation tolerance induced by regulatory T cells: in vivo mechanisms and sites of action.
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Immunosuppression and clinical tolerance of allografts
Golshayan D., Pascual M., 2008. pp. 125-141 dans Arias Rodriguez M. (eds.) Tolerancia y trasplante de organos, Drug Farma.
In vivo mechanisms leading to transplantation tolerance induced by regulatory T cells
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Minimization of calcineurin inhibitors to improve long-term outcomes in kidney transplantation.
Golshayan D., Pascual M., 2008. Transplant Immunology, 20 (1-2) pp. 21-28.
Optimal and continuous anaemia control in a cohort of dialysis patients in Switzerland.
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Tolerance induction to prevent rejection
Golshayan D., Cosimi A.B., Kawai T., 2008. pp. 107-128 dans Pascual M. (eds.) Allograft rejection in Kidney transplantation, Permanyer Publications.
Tolerance-inducing immunosuppressive strategies in clinical transplantation: an overview.
Golshayan D., Pascual M., 2008. Drugs, 68 (15) pp. 2113-2130.
Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase gene transfer prolongs cardiac allograft survival.
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Galectin-1: a key effector of regulation mediated by CD4+CD25+ T cells
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Maladies renales et grossesse. [Pregnancy in patients with underlying renal disease]
Golshayan D., Mathieu C., Burnier M., 2007/03. Revue Médicale Suisse, 3 (101) pp. 588, 590-2, 594-5.
CD4+CD25+Foxp3+ regulatory T cells: from basic research to potential therapeutic use.
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From current immunosuppressive strategies to clinical tolerance of allografts.
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Homeostasis and in vivo effector function of antigen-specific CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells in experimental transplantation.
Golshayan Dela, Schaefer Stephan, Jiang Shuiping, Pascual Manuel, Lehr Hans-Anton, Lechler Robert I., 2007. p. 172 dans Annual American Transplant Congress, American Journal of Transplantation. Peer-reviewed.
In vitro-expanded donor alloantigen-specific CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells promote experimental transplantation tolerance
Golshayan D., Jiang S., Tsang J., Garin M. I., Mottet C., Lechler R. I., 2007/01. Blood, 109 (2) pp. 827-35.
In vitro expanded alloantigen-specific CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cell treatment for the induction of donor-specific transplantation tolerance
Jiang S., Golshayan D., Tsang J., Lombardi G., Lechler R. I., 2006/12. International Immunopharmacology, 6 (13-14) pp. 1879-82.
Drug-minimization or tolerance-promoting strategies in human kidney transplantation: is Campath-1H the way to follow?
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A novel pathway of antigen presentation by dendritic and endothelial cells: Implications for allorecognition and infectious diseases
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Phenotypic and genotypic risk factors for cardiovascular events in an incident dialysis cohort
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Aspects cliniques et génétiques du syndrome d'Alport [Clinical and genetics aspects of Alport syndrome].
Golshayan D., Venetz J.P., Cachat F., Fellmann F., Moll S., Burnier M., Barbey F., 2006. Revue Médicale Suisse, 2 (55) pp. 593-598.
Achieving permanent survival of islet xenografts by independent manipulation of direct and indirect T-cell responses
Mirenda V., Golshayan D., Read J., Berton I., Warrens A. N., Dorling A., Lechler R. I., 2005/04. Diabetes, 54 (4) pp. 1048-55.
Commentary: Priming of alloreactive T cells--where does it happen?
Golshayan D., Lechler R., 2004/12. European Journal of Immunology, 34 (12) pp. 3301-4.
A novel pathway of alloantigen presentation by dendritic cells
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Patient referral is influenced by dialysis centre structure in the Diamant Alpin Dialysis cohort study
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The Diamant Alpin Dialysis cohort study: clinico-biological characteristics and cardiovascular genetic risk profile of incident patients.
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Laparoscopic right nephrectomy for live kidney donation: functional results
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Epidémiologie de l'insuffisance rénale terminale: comparaison entre deux cantons suisses. [Epidemiology of end-stage renal failure: comparison between 2 Swiss cantons]
Golshayan D., Paccaud F., Wauters J. P., 2002. Nephrologie, 23 (4) pp. 179-84.
Laparoscopic procurement of kidney grafts from living donors does not impair initial renal function.
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Calcification des tissus mous chez une Africaine
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Incidence and prognostic value of electrocardiographic abnormalities after heart transplantation
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