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Exploiting parallelization in positional Burrows-Wheeler transform (PBWT) algorithms for efficient haplotype matching and compression.
Wertenbroek R., Xenarios I., Thoma Y., Delaneau O., 2023/03. Bioinformatics advances, 3 (1) pp. vbad021. Peer-reviewed.
Continuous population-level monitoring of SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence in a large European metropolitan region.
Emmenegger M., De Cecco E., Lamparter D., Jacquat RPB, Riou J., Menges D., Ballouz T., Ebner D., Schneider M.M., Morales I.C. et al., 2023/02/17. iScience, 26 (2) p. 105928. Peer-reviewed.
Integrated multi-omics reveals anaplerotic rewiring in methylmalonyl-CoA mutase deficiency.
Forny P., Bonilla X., Lamparter D., Shao W., Plessl T., Frei C., Bingisser A., Goetze S., van Drogen A., Harshman K. et al., 2023/01. Nature metabolism, 5 (1) pp. 80-95. Peer-reviewed.
Repeat Detector: versatile sizing of expanded tandem repeats and identification of interrupted alleles from targeted DNA sequencing.
Taylor A.S., Barros D., Gobet N., Schuepbach T., McAllister B., Aeschbach L., Randall E.L., Trofimenko E., Heuchan E.R., Barszcz P. et al., 2022/12. NAR genomics and bioinformatics, 4 (4) pp. lqac089. Peer-reviewed.
Towards mouse genetic-specific RNA-sequencing read mapping.
Gobet N., Jan M., Franken P., Xenarios I., 2022/09. PLoS computational biology, 18 (9) pp. e1010552. Peer-reviewed.
XSI-a genotype compression tool for compressive genomics in large biobanks.
Wertenbroek R., Rubinacci S., Xenarios I., Thoma Y., Delaneau O., 2022/08/02. Bioinformatics, 38 (15) pp. 3778-3784. Peer-reviewed.
Dissection of the macrophage response towards infection by the Leishmania-viral endosymbiont duo and dynamics of the type I interferon response.
Bekkar A., Isorce N., Snäkä T., Claudinot S., Desponds C., Kopelyanskiy D., Prével F., Reverte M., Xenarios I., Fasel N. et al., 2022. Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology, 12 p. 941888. Peer-reviewed.
Sex-Biased Control of Inflammation and Metabolism by a Mitochondrial Nod-Like Receptor.
Snäkä T., Bekkar A., Desponds C., Prével F., Claudinot S., Isorce N., Teixeira F., Grasset C., Xenarios I., Lopez-Mejia I.C. et al., 2022. Frontiers in immunology, 13 p. 882867. Peer-reviewed.
Blood virosphere in febrile Tanzanian children.
Cordey S., Laubscher F., Hartley M.A., Junier T., Keitel K., Docquier M., Guex N., Iseli C., Vieille G., Le Mercier P. et al., 2021/12. Emerging microbes & infections, 10 (1) pp. 982-993. Peer-reviewed.
Setting the basis of best practices and standards for curation and annotation of logical models in biology-highlights of the [BC]2 2019 CoLoMoTo/SysMod Workshop.
Niarakis A., Kuiper M., Ostaszewski M., Malik Sheriff R.S., Casals-Casas C., Thieffry D., Freeman T.C., Thomas P., Touré V., Noël V. et al., 2021/03/22. Briefings in bioinformatics, 22 (2) pp. 1848-1859. Peer-reviewed.
Unsupervised Analysis of Flow Cytometry Data in a Clinical Setting Captures Cell Diversity and Allows Population Discovery.
Baumgaertner P., Sankar M., Herrera F.G, Benedetti F., Barras D., Thierry A.C., Dangaj D., Kandalaft L.E., Coukos G., Xenarios I. et al., 2021. Frontiers in immunology, 12 p. 633910. Peer-reviewed.
PamgeneAnalyzeR: open and reproducible pipeline for kinase profiling.
Bekkar A., Nasrallah A., Guex N., Fajas L., Xenarios I., Lopez-Mejia I.C., 2020/12/22. Bioinformatics, 36 (20) pp. 5117-5119. Peer-reviewed.
Integrated proteogenomic deep sequencing and analytics accurately identify non-canonical peptides in tumor immunopeptidomes
Chong Chloe, Müller Markus, Pak HuiSong, Harnett Dermot, Huber Florian, Grun Delphine, Leleu Marion, Auger Aymeric, Arnaud Marion, Stevenson Brian J. et al., 2020/12. Nature Communications, 11 (1). Peer-reviewed.
Virosaurus A Reference to Explore and Capture Virus Genetic Diversity.
Gleizes A., Laubscher F., Guex N., Iseli C., Junier T., Cordey S., Fellay J., Xenarios I., Kaiser L., Mercier P.L., 2020/11/01. Viruses, 12 (11) pp. E1248. Peer-reviewed.
Key Parameters of Tumor Epitope Immunogenicity Revealed Through a Consortium Approach Improve Neoantigen Prediction.
Wells D.K., van Buuren M.M., Dang K.K., Hubbard-Lucey V.M., Sheehan KCF, Campbell K.M., Lamb A., Ward J.P., Sidney J., Blazquez A.B. et al., 2020/10/29. Cell, 183 (3) pp. 818-834.e13. Peer-reviewed.
Three-dimensional chromatin interactions remain stable upon CAG/CTG repeat expansion.
Ruiz Buendía G.A., Leleu M., Marzetta F., Vanzan L., Tan J.Y., Ythier V., Randall E.L., Marques A.C., Baubec T., Murr R. et al., 2020/07. Science advances, 6 (27) pp. eaaz4012. Peer-reviewed.
Contribution of exome sequencing to the identification of genes involved in the response to clopidogrel in cardiovascular patients.
Fontana P., Ibberson M., Stevenson B., Wigger L., Daali Y., Niknejad A., Mach F., Docquier M., Xenarios I., Cuisset T. et al., 2020/06. Journal of thrombosis and haemostasis, 18 (6) pp. 1425-1434. Peer-reviewed.
Incorporating heterogeneous sampling probabilities in continuous phylogeographic inference - Application to H5N1 spread in the Mekong region.
Dellicour S., Lemey P., Artois J., Lam T.T., Fusaro A., Monne I., Cattoli G., Kuznetsov D., Xenarios I., Dauphin G. et al., 2020/04/01. Bioinformatics, 36 (7) pp. 2098-2104. Peer-reviewed.
Enzyme annotation in UniProtKB using Rhea.
Morgat A., Lombardot T., Coudert E., Axelsen K., Neto T.B., Gehant S., Bansal P., Bolleman J., Gasteiger E., de Castro E. et al., 2020/03/01. Bioinformatics, 36 (6) pp. 1896-1901. Peer-reviewed.
New genome assembly of the barn owl (Tyto alba alba).
Ducrest A.L., Neuenschwander S., Schmid-Siegert E., Pagni M., Train C., Dylus D., Nevers Y., Warwick Vesztrocy A., San-Jose L.M., Dupasquier M. et al., 2020/03. Ecology and evolution, 10 (5) pp. 2284-2298. Peer-reviewed.
Fisetin protects against cardiac cell death through reduction of ROS production and caspases activity.
Rodius S., de Klein N., Jeanty C., Sánchez-Iranzo H., Crespo I., Ibberson M., Xenarios I., Dittmar G., Mercader N., Niclou S.P. et al., 2020/02/19. Scientific reports, 10 (1) p. 2896. Peer-reviewed.
Characterization and mutagenesis of Chinese hamster ovary cells endogenous retroviruses to inactivate viral particle release.
Duroy P.O., Bosshard S., Schmid-Siegert E., Neuenschwander S., Arib G., Lemercier P., Masternak J., Roesch L., Buron F., Girod P.A. et al., 2020/02. Biotechnology and bioengineering, 117 (2) pp. 466-485. Peer-reviewed.
HAMAP as SPARQL rules-A portable annotation pipeline for genomes and proteomes.
Bolleman J., de Castro E., Baratin D., Gehant S., Cuche B.A., Auchincloss A.H., Coudert E., Hulo C., Masson P., Pedruzzi I. et al., 2020/02/01. GigaScience, 9 (2) pp. giaa003. Peer-reviewed.
Predicting combinations of immunomodulators to enhance dendritic cell-based vaccination based on a hybrid experimental and computational platform.
Ahmed R., Crespo I., Tuyaerts S., Bekkar A., Graciotti M., Xenarios I., Kandalaft L.E., 2020. Computational and structural biotechnology journal, 18 pp. 2217-27. Peer-reviewed.
Sleep-wake-driven and circadian contributions to daily rhythms in gene expression and chromatin accessibility in the murine cortex.
Hor C.N., Yeung J., Jan M., Emmenegger Y., Hubbard J., Xenarios I., Naef F., Franken P., 2019/12/17. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 116 (51) pp. 25773-25783. Peer-reviewed.
A multi-omics digital research object for the genetics of sleep regulation.
Jan M., Gobet N., Diessler S., Franken P., Xenarios I., 2019/10/31. Scientific data, 6 (1) p. 258. Peer-reviewed.
HENA, heterogeneous network-based data set for Alzheimer's disease.
Sügis E., Dauvillier J., Leontjeva A., Adler P., Hindie V., Moncion T., Collura V., Daudin R., Loe-Mie Y., Herault Y. et al., 2019/08/14. Scientific data, 6 (1) p. 151. Peer-reviewed.
Gene expression across mammalian organ development.
Cardoso-Moreira M., Halbert J., Valloton D., Velten B., Chen C., Shao Y., Liechti A., Ascenção K., Rummel C., Ovchinnikova S. et al., 2019/07. Nature, 571 (7766) pp. 505-509. Peer-reviewed.
Laser capture microdissection of human pancreatic islets reveals novel eQTLs associated with type 2 diabetes.
Khamis A., Canouil M., Siddiq A., Crouch H., Falchi M., Bulow M.V., Ehehalt F., Marselli L., Distler M., Richter D. et al., 2019/06. Molecular metabolism, 24 pp. 98-107. Peer-reviewed.
Control of Cognate Sense mRNA Translation by cis-Natural Antisense RNAs.
Deforges J., Reis R.S., Jacquet P., Sheppard S., Gadekar V.P., Hart-Smith G., Tanzer A., Hofacker I.L., Iseli C., Xenarios I. et al., 2019/05. Plant physiology, 180 (1) pp. 305-322. Peer-reviewed.
DynaStI: A Dynamic Retention Time Database for Steroidomics.
Codesido S., Randazzo G.M., Lehmann F., González-Ruiz V., García A., Xenarios I., Liechti R., Bridge A., Boccard J., Rudaz S., 2019/04/30. Metabolites, 9 (5) p. 85. Peer-reviewed.
Navigating in vitro bioactivity data by investigating available resources using model compounds.
Ilmjärv S., Augsburger F., Bolleman J.T., Liechti R., Bridge A.J., Sandström J., Jaquet V., Xenarios I., Krause K.H., 2019/04/29. Scientific data, 6 (1) p. 45. Peer-reviewed.
Genome-wide identification of microRNAs regulating the human prion protein.
Pease D., Scheckel C., Schaper E., Eckhardt V., Emmenegger M., Xenarios I., Aguzzi A., 2019/03. Brain pathology, 29 (2) pp. 232-244. Peer-reviewed.
Differential regulation of RNA polymerase III genes during liver regeneration.
Yeganeh M., Praz V., Carmeli C., Villeneuve D., Rib L., Guex N., Herr W., Delorenzi M., Hernandez N., CycliX consortium, 2019/02/28. Nucleic Acids Research, 47 (4) pp. 1786-1796. Peer-reviewed.
Updates in Rhea: SPARQLing biochemical reaction data.
Lombardot T., Morgat A., Axelsen K.B., Aimo L., Hyka-Nouspikel N., Niknejad A., Ignatchenko A., Xenarios I., Coudert E., Redaschi N. et al., 2019/01/08. Nucleic acids research, 47 (D1) pp. D596-D600. Peer-reviewed.
An enhanced workflow for variant interpretation in UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot improves consistency and reuse in ClinVar.
Famiglietti M.L., Estreicher A., Breuza L., Poux S., Redaschi N., Xenarios I., Bridge A., UniProt Consortium, 2019/01/01. Database, 2019. Peer-reviewed.
Toward unrestricted use of public genomic data.
Amann R.I., Baichoo S., Blencowe B.J., Bork P., Borodovsky M., Brooksbank C., Chain PSG, Colwell R.R., Daffonchio D.G., Danchin A. et al., 2019. Science, 363 (6425) pp. 350-352. Peer-reviewed.
Improving the quality and workflow of bacterial genome sequencing and analysis: paving the way for a Switzerland-wide molecular epidemiological surveillance platform.
Egli A., Blanc D.S., Greub G., Keller P.M., Lazarevic V., Lebrand A., Leib S., Neher R.A., Perreten V., Ramette A. et al., 2018/12/03. Swiss medical weekly, 148 pp. w14693. Peer-reviewed.
Estimating the Contribution of Proteasomal Spliced Peptides to the HLA-I Ligandome.
Mylonas R., Beer I., Iseli C., Chong C., Pak H.S., Gfeller D., Coukos G., Xenarios I., Müller M., Bassani-Sternberg M., 2018/12. Molecular & cellular proteomics, 17 (12) pp. 2347-2357. Peer-reviewed.
A systems genetics resource and analysis of sleep regulation in the mouse.
Diessler S., Jan M., Emmenegger Y., Guex N., Middleton B., Skene D.J., Ibberson M., Burdet F., Götz L., Pagni M. et al., 2018/08. PLoS biology, 16 (8) pp. e2005750. Peer-reviewed.
Scaling up data curation using deep learning: An application to literature triage in genomic variation resources.
Lee K., Famiglietti M.L., McMahon A., Wei C.H., MacArthur JAL, Poux S., Breuza L., Bridge A., Cunningham F., Xenarios I. et al., 2018/08. PLoS computational biology, 14 (8) pp. e1006390. Peer-reviewed.
Towards in the Field Fast Pathogens Detection Using FPGAs
Casale Brunet Simone, Schuepbach Thierry, Guex Nicolas, Iseli Christian, Bridge Alan, Kuznetsov Dmitry, Sigrist Christian, Lemercier Philippe, Xenarios Ioannis, Bezati Endri, 2018/08. 2018 28th International Conference on Field Programmable Logic and Applications (FPL).
Personalized cancer vaccine effectively mobilizes antitumor T cell immunity in ovarian cancer
Tanyi Janos L., Bobisse Sara, Ophir Eran, Tuyaerts Sandra, Roberti Annalisa, Genolet Raphael, Baumgartner Petra, Stevenson Brian J., Iseli Christian, Dangaj Denarda et al., 2018/04/11. Science Translational Medicine, 10 (436) pp. eaao5931.
Personalized cancer vaccine effectively mobilizes antitumor T cell immunity in ovarian cancer.
Tanyi J.L., Bobisse S., Ophir E., Tuyaerts S., Roberti A., Genolet R., Baumgartner P., Stevenson B.J., Iseli C., Dangaj D. et al., 2018/04/11. Science translational medicine, 10 (436) pp. NA. Peer-reviewed.
Sensitive and frequent identification of high avidity neo-epitope specific CD8 + T cells in immunotherapy-naive ovarian cancer.
Bobisse S., Genolet R., Roberti A., Tanyi J.L., Racle J., Stevenson B.J., Iseli C., Michel A., Le Bitoux M.A., Guillaume P. et al., 2018/03/15. Nature communications, 9 (1) p. 1092. Peer-reviewed.
Systems biology of the IMIDIA biobank from organ donors and pancreatectomised patients defines a novel transcriptomic signature of islets from individuals with type 2 diabetes.
Solimena M., Schulte A.M., Marselli L., Ehehalt F., Richter D., Kleeberg M., Mziaut H., Knoch K.P., Parnis J., Bugliani M. et al., 2018/03. Diabetologia, 61 (3) pp. 641-657. Peer-reviewed.
KIAA1109 Variants Are Associated with a Severe Disorder of Brain Development and Arthrogryposis.
Gueneau L., Fish R.J., Shamseldin H.E., Voisin N., Tran Mau-Them F., Preiksaitiene E., Monroe G.R., Lai A., Putoux A., Allias F. et al., 2018/01/04. American journal of human genetics, 102 (1) pp. 116-132. Peer-reviewed.
Neutrophils and Snail Orchestrate the Establishment of a Pro-tumor Microenvironment in Lung Cancer.
Faget J., Groeneveld S., Boivin G., Sankar M., Zangger N., Garcia M., Guex N., Zlobec I., Steiner L., Piersigilli A. et al., 2017/12/12. Cell reports, 21 (11) pp. 3190-3204. Peer-reviewed.
Low number of fixed somatic mutations in a long-lived oak tree.
Schmid-Siegert E., Sarkar N., Iseli C., Calderon S., Gouhier-Darimont C., Chrast J., Cattaneo P., Schütz F., Farinelli L., Pagni M. et al., 2017/12. Nature plants, 3 (12) pp. 926-929. Peer-reviewed.
MsViz: A Graphical Software Tool for In-Depth Manual Validation and Quantitation of Post-translational Modifications.
Martín-Campos T., Mylonas R., Masselot A., Waridel P., Petricevic T., Xenarios I., Quadroni M., 2017/08/04. Journal of proteome research, 16 (8) pp. 3092-3101. Peer-reviewed.
Local auxin production underlies a spatially restricted neighbor-detection response in <i>Arabidopsis</i>.
Michaud O., Fiorucci A.S., Xenarios I., Fankhauser C., 2017/07/11. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 114 (28) pp. 7444-7449. Peer-reviewed.
Molecular phenotyping of multiple mouse strains under metabolic challenge uncovers a role for <i>Elovl2</i> in glucose-induced insulin secretion.
Cruciani-Guglielmacci C., Bellini L., Denom J., Oshima M., Fernandez N., Normandie-Levi P., Berney X.P., Kassis N., Rouch C., Dairou J. et al., 2017/04. Molecular metabolism, 6 (4) pp. 340-351. Peer-reviewed.
Plasma Dihydroceramides Are Diabetes Susceptibility Biomarker Candidates in Mice and Humans.
Wigger L., Cruciani-Guglielmacci C., Nicolas A., Denom J., Fernandez N., Fumeron F., Marques-Vidal P., Ktorza A., Kramer W., Schulte A. et al., 2017/02/28. Cell reports, 18 (9) pp. 2269-2279. Peer-reviewed.
Cell-free DNA testing of an extended range of chromosomal anomalies: clinical experience with 6,388 consecutive cases
Pescia Graziano, Guex Nicolas, Iseli Christian, Brennan Liam, Osteras Magne, Xenarios Ioannis, Farinelli Laurent, Conrad Bernard, 2017/02. Genetics in Medicine, 19 (2) pp. 169-175.
Updates in Rhea - an expert curated resource of biochemical reactions.
Morgat A., Lombardot T., Axelsen K.B., Aimo L., Niknejad A., Hyka-Nouspikel N., Coudert E., Pozzato M., Pagni M., Moretti S. et al., 2017/01/04. Nucleic acids research, 45 (D1) pp. D415-D418. Peer-reviewed.
MAR-Mediated transgene integration into permissive chromatin and increased expression by recombination pathway engineering.
Kostyrko K., Neuenschwander S., Junier T., Regamey A., Iseli C., Schmid-Siegert E., Bosshard S., Majocchi S., Le Fourn V., Girod P.A. et al., 2017. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 114 (2) pp. 384-396. Peer-reviewed.
TIE-2 expressing monocytes in human cancers.
Turrini R., Pabois A., Xenarios I., Coukos G., Delaloye J.F., Doucey M.A., 2017. Oncoimmunology, 6 (4) pp. e1303585. Peer-reviewed.
Neighbor Detection Induces Organ-Specific Transcriptomes, Revealing Patterns Underlying Hypocotyl-Specific Growth.
Kohnen M.V., Schmid-Siegert E., Trevisan M., Petrolati L.A., Sénéchal F., Müller-Moulé P., Maloof J., Xenarios I., Fankhauser C., 2016/12. The Plant cell, 28 (12) pp. 2889-2904. Peer-reviewed.
Clade-level Spatial Modelling of HPAI H5N1 Dynamics in the Mekong Region Reveals New Patterns and Associations with Agro-Ecological Factors.
Artois J., Newman S.H., Dhingra M.S., Chaiban C., Linard C., Cattoli G., Monne I., Fusaro A., Xenarios I., Engler R. et al., 2016/07/25. Scientific reports, 6 p. 30316. Peer-reviewed.
West syndrome caused by homozygous variant in the evolutionary conserved gene encoding the mitochondrial elongation factor GUF1.
Alfaiz A.A., Müller V., Boutry-Kryza N., Ville D., Guex N., de Bellescize J., Rivier C., Labalme A., des Portes V., Edery P. et al., 2016/07. European journal of human genetics, 24 (7) pp. 1001-1008. Peer-reviewed.
Analysis of the dynamic co-expression network of heart regeneration in the zebrafish.
Rodius S., Androsova G., Götz L., Liechti R., Crespo I., Merz S., Nazarov P.V., de Klein N., Jeanty C., González-Rosa J.M. et al., 2016/05/31. Scientific reports, 6 p. 26822. Peer-reviewed.
Comparative transcriptome profiling of the injured zebrafish and mouse hearts identifies miRNA-dependent repair pathways.
Crippa S., Nemir M., Ounzain S., Ibberson M., Berthonneche C., Sarre A., Boisset G., Maison D., Harshman K., Xenarios I. et al., 2016. Cardiovascular Research, 110 (1) pp. 73-84. Peer-reviewed.
Global mapping of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 and H5Nx clade viruses with spatial cross-validation.
Dhingra M.S., Artois J., Robinson T.P., Linard C., Chaiban C., Xenarios I., Engler R., Liechti R., Kuznetsov D., Xiao X. et al., 2016. eLife, 5 pp. e19571. Peer-reviewed.
Identification of a novel PPARβ/δ/miR-21-3p axis in UV-induced skin inflammation.
Degueurce G., D'Errico I., Pich C., Ibberson M., Schütz F., Montagner A., Sgandurra M., Mury L., Jafari P., Boda A. et al., 2016. EMBO Molecular Medicine, 8 (8) pp. 919-936. Peer-reviewed.
Identification of a RAI1-associated disease network through integration of exome sequencing, transcriptomics, and 3D genomics.
Loviglio M.N., Beck C.R., White J.J., Leleu M., Harel T., Guex N., Niknejad A., Bi W., Chen E.S., Crespo I. et al., 2016. Genome medicine, 8 (1) p. 105. Peer-reviewed.
Identifying biological mechanisms for favorable cancer prognosis using non-hypothesis-driven iterative survival analysis.
Crespo I., Götz L., Liechti R., Coukos G., Doucey M.A., Xenarios I., 2016. NPJ systems biology and applications, 2 p. 16037. Peer-reviewed.
New molecular insights into modulation of platelet reactivity in aspirin-treated patients using a network-based approach.
Zufferey A., Ibberson M., Reny J.L., Nolli S., Schvartz D., Docquier M., Xenarios I., Sanchez J.C., Fontana P., 2016. Human Genetics, 135 (4) pp. 403-414. Peer-reviewed.
Social networks help to infer causality in the tumor microenvironment.
Crespo I., Doucey M.A., Xenarios I., 2016. Bmc Research Notes, 9 (1) p. 168. Peer-reviewed.
Standardized benchmarking in the quest for orthologs.
Altenhoff A.M., Boeckmann B., Capella-Gutierrez S., Dalquen D.A., DeLuca T., Forslund K., Huerta-Cepas J., Linard B., Pereira C., Pryszcz L.P. et al., 2016. Nature Methods, 13 (5) pp. 425-430. Peer-reviewed.
TIE-2-expressing monocytes are lymphangiogenic and associate specifically with lymphatics of human breast cancer.
Bron S., Henry L., Faes-Van't Hull E., Turrini R., Vanhecke D., Guex N., Ifticene-Treboux A., Marina Iancu E., Semilietof A., Rufer N. et al., 2016. Oncoimmunology, 5 (2) pp. e1073882. Peer-reviewed.
UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot, the Manually Annotated Section of the UniProt KnowledgeBase: How to Use the Entry View.
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An Extended, Boolean Model of the Septation Initiation Network in S.Pombe Provides Insights into Its Regulation.
Chasapi A., Wachowicz P., Niknejad A., Collin P., Krapp A., Cano E., Simanis V., Xenarios I., 2015. Plos One, 10 (8) pp. e0134214.
Analysis of S. pombe SIN protein association to the SPB reveals two genetically separable states of the SIN.
Wachowicz P., Chasapi A., Krapp A., Cano Del Rosario E., Schmitter D., Sage D., Unser M., Xenarios I., Rougemont J., Simanis V., 2015. Journal of Cell Science, 128 (4) pp. 741-754.
Angiogenic activity of breast cancer patients' monocytes reverted by combined use of systems modeling and experimental approaches.
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Cooperative development of logical modelling standards and tools with CoLoMoTo.
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Genome-wide profiling of the cardiac transcriptome after myocardial infarction identifies novel heart-specific long non-coding RNAs.
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HAMAP in 2015: updates to the protein family classification and annotation system.
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MorphoGraphX: A platform for quantifying morphogenesis in 4D.
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Mutations in LONP1, a mitochondrial matrix protease, cause CODAS syndrome.
Dikoglu E., Alfaiz A., Gorna M., Bertola D., Chae J.H., Cho T.J., Derbent M., Alanay Y., Guran T., Kim O.H. et al., 2015. American Journal of Medical Genetics. Part A, 167 (7) pp. 1501-1509. Peer-reviewed.
Quest for Orthologs Entails Quest for Tree of Life: In Search of the Gene Stream.
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The InterPro protein families database: the classification resource after 15 years.
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The SwissLipids knowledgebase for lipid biology.
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Toward a rational design of combination therapy in cancer.
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TRAL: tandem repeat annotation library.
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Updates in Rhea-a manually curated resource of biochemical reactions.
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