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Stress and deformation mechanisms at a subduction zone: insights from 2-D thermomechanical numerical modelling
Bessat Annelore, Duretz Thibault, Hetényi György, Pilet Sébastien, Schmalholz Stefan M, 2020/06/01. Geophysical Journal International, 221 (3) pp. 1605-1625. Peer-reviewed.
Thermal model of successive dike injections and implications for the development of intraplate volcanoes
Tornare E., Bessat A., Bussy F., Pilet S., 2018/12. Lithos, 322 pp. 129-147. Peer-reviewed.
Garnet xenocryst from petit-spot lavas as an indicator for off-axis mantle refertilization at intermediate spreading ridges
Rochat L., Pilet S., Müntener O., Duretz T., Baumgartner L., Abe N., Hirano N., 2017. Geology, 45 pp. 1091-1094. Peer-reviewed.
Magma Differentiation in Vertical Conduits Revealed by the Complementary Study of Plutonic and Volcanic Rocks from Fuerteventura (Canary Islands)
Tornare E., Pilet S., Bussy F., 2016/11/01. Journal of Petrology, 57 (11-12) pp. 2221-2250. Peer-reviewed.
Pre-subduction metasomatic enrichment of the oceanic lithosphere induced by plate flexure
Pilet S., Abe N., Rochat L., Kaczmarek M.-A., Hirano N., Machida S., Buchs D. M., Baumgartner P. O., Müntener O., 2016/10/31. Nature Geoscience, 9 pp. 898-903. Peer-reviewed.
Thermal erosion of cratonic lithosphere as a potential trigger for mass-extinction
Guex J., Pilet S., Müntener O., Bartolini A., Spangenberg J., Schoene B., Sell B., Schaltegger U., 2016/03/24. Scientific Reports, 6 p. 23168.
Generation of low-silica alkaline lavas: Petrological constraints, models, and thermal implications
Pilet S., 2015. Geological Society of America Special Papers, 514 pp. 281-304. Peer-reviewed.
Low-volume intraplate volcanism in the Early/Middle Jurassic Pacific basin documented by accreted sequences in Costa Rica
Buchs D.M., Pilet S., Baumgartner P.O., Cosca M., Flores K.E., Bandini A.N., 2013/05/20. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 14 pp. 1552-1568. Peer-reviewed.
Monte Carlo simulations of metasomatic enrichment in the lithosphere and implications for the source of alkaline basalts
Pilet S., Baker M.B., Muntener O., Stolper E.M., 2011. Journal of Petrology, 52 pp. 1415-1442. Peer-reviewed.
Speleothems and pine trees as sensitive indicators of environmental pollution - a case study of the effect of uranium-ore mining in Hungary.
Siklósy Z., Kern Z., Demény A., Pilet S., Leél-Ossy S., Lin K., Shen C.C., Szeles E., Breitner D., 2011. Applied Geochemistry, 26 pp. 666-678. Peer-reviewed.
Liquid line of descent of a basanitic liquid at 1.5 GPa: Constraints for metasomatic vein formation
Pilet S., Ulmer P., Villiger S., 2010/05. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 159 pp. 621-643. Peer-reviewed.
Bronze Age volcanic event recorded in stalagmites by combined isotope and trace element studies.
Siklósy Z., Demény A., Vennemann T.W., Pilet S., Kramers J., Leél-Ossy S., Bondár M., Shen C.C., Hegner E., 2009. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 23 pp. 801-808. Peer-reviewed.
Reconstruction of climate variation for the last millennium in the Bükk Mountains, northeast Hungary, from a stalagmite record
Siklósy Z., Demény A., Szenthe I., Leél-Ossy S., Pilet S., Yin L., Shen C.C., 2009. Idojaras, 113 pp. 245-263. Peer-reviewed.
Metasomatized lithosphere and the origin of alkaline lavas
Pilet S., Baker M.B., Stolper E.M., 2008. Science, 320 pp. 916-919. Peer-reviewed.
Plume-related stable isotope compositions and fluid-rock interaction processes in basal complex of La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain.
Demény A., Casillas R., Vennemann T.W., Hegner E., Nagy G., Ahijado A., De La Nuez J., Sipos P., Pilet S., Milton J., 2008. Geological Society of London, Special Publications, 293 pp. 155-175. Peer-reviewed.
Une nouvelle hypothèse sur l'origine des basaltes alcalins
Pilet S., 2007. Geosciences Actual, 2 pp. 12-15.
Diffusion-limited REE uptake by eclogite garnets and its consequences for Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd geochronology.
Skora S., Mahlen N.J., Baumgartner L.P., Johnson C.M., Pilet S., Hellebrand E., 2006. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 152 pp. 703-720. Peer-reviewed.
Synthesis and Characterization of Platinum(IV) Anticancer Drugs with Functionalized Aromatic Carboxylate Ligands: Influence of the Ligands on Drug Efficacies and Uptake
Ang Wee Han, Pilet Sébastien, Scopelliti Rosario, Bussy François, Juillerat-Jeanneret Lucienne, Dyson Paul J., 2005/12. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 48 (25) pp. 8060-8069. Peer-reviewed.
The metasomatic alternative for ocean island basalt chemical heterogeneity
Pilet S., Hernandez J., Sylvester P., Poujol M., 2005. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 236 pp. 148-166. Peer-reviewed.
Short-term metasomatic control of Nb/Th ratios in the mantle sources of intraplate basalts
Pilet S., Hernandez J., Bussy F., Sylvester P., 2004. Geology, 32 pp. 113-116. Peer-reviewed.
Evidence for high silicic melt circulation and metasomatic events in the mantle beneath alkaline provinces: the Na-Fe-augitic green core pyroxenes in the Tertiary alkali basalts of the Cantal massif (French Massif Central).
Pilet S., Hernandez J., Villemant B., 2002. Mineralogy and Petrology, 76 pp. 39-62. Peer-reviewed.
Carte Géologique de la France à 1/50'000, Feuille 788, Murat.
Nehlig P., Leyrit H., Arnaud N., Binet V., Boudon G., Collomb A., Dardon A., Demange J., Durance G., Fontaine-Vive M. et al., 2001..
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