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Pregnancy outcome following first-trimester exposure to fingolimod: A collaborative ENTIS study.
Pauliat E., Onken M., Weber-Schoendorfer C., Rousson V., Addor M.C., Baud D., Théaudin M., Diav-Citrin O., Cottin J., Agusti A. et al. Multiple sclerosis p. 1352458520929628. Peer-reviewed.
Management of erroneous subcutaneous injection of vincristine.
de Goycoechea D., Dewarrat N., Rothuizen L.E., Matter M., Nagy M., Locher G., Spertini O., Blum S., 2020/10. Leukemia & lymphoma, 61 (10) pp. 2530-2532. Peer-reviewed.
Traitements aggravant une infection par le COVID-19 : vraiment ? [Drugs that aggravate the course of COVID-19 : really ?]
Rothuizen L.E., Livio F., Buclin T., 2020/04/29. Revue medicale suisse, 16 (N° 691-2) pp. 852-854. Peer-reviewed.
Infections aiguës des voies respiratoires et urinaires au cabinet médical : quelques traitements en médecine complémentaire [Acute respiratory and urinary tract infections in medical practice : a selection of complementary medicines]
Dumitrascu A., Senn L., Rothuizen L.E., Rodondi P.Y., 2019/04/24. Revue medicale suisse, 15 (648) pp. 875-881. Peer-reviewed.
Complementary medicine use during cancer treatment and potential herb-drug interactions from a cross-sectional study in an academic centre.
Jermini M., Dubois J., Rodondi P.Y., Zaman K., Buclin T., Csajka C., Orcurto A., E Rothuizen L., 2019/03/25. Scientific reports, 9 (1) p. 5078. Peer-reviewed.
Pregnancy outcomes in women on metformin for diabetes or other indications among those seeking teratology information services.
Panchaud A., Rousson V., Vial T., Bernard N., Baud D., Amar E., De Santis M., Pistelli A., Dautriche A., Beau-Salinas F. et al., 2018/03. British journal of clinical pharmacology, 84 (3) pp. 568-578. Peer-reviewed.
Pregnancy outcome following maternal exposure to pregabalin may call for concern.
Winterfeld U., Merlob P., Baud D., Rousson V., Panchaud A., Rothuizen L.E., Bernard N., Vial T., Yates L.M., Pistelli A. et al., 2016/06/14. Neurology, 86 (24) pp. 2251-2257. Peer-reviewed.
Pharmacovigilance [Pharmacovigilance update]
Dao K., Chtioui H., Rothuizen L.E., Diezi L., Prod'hom S., Winterfeld U., Buclin T., Livio F., 2016/01/13. Revue medicale suisse, 12 (500) pp. 75-79.
Des doutes insuffisants pour changer nos pratiques
Winterfeld Ursula, Baud David, Panchaud Alice, Rothuizen Laura, Livio Françoise, Stoller Rudolf, Buclin Thierry, 2015/10. Bulletin des médecins suisses, 96 (41) pp. 1494-1495.
Pregnancy outcome following maternal exposure to mirtazapine: a multicenter, prospective study.
Winterfeld U., Klinger G., Panchaud A., Stephens S., Arnon J., Malm H., Te Winkel B., Clementi M., Pistelli A., Maňáková E. et al., 2015/06. Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, 35 (3) pp. 250-259. Peer-reviewed.
Atrophie de Lichtenberg post-vaccinale
Rochat Laurence, Gaide Olivier, Rothuizen Laura E., Genton Blaise, 2015/04/14. Forum Médical Suisse ‒ Swiss Medical Forum, 15 (16) pp. 350-352.
Pharmacovigilance [Pharmacovigilance update].
Fogarasi Szabo N., Diezi L., Delenclos L., Renard D., Chtioui H., Rothuizen L.E., Buclin T., Livio F., 2015/01. Revue Médicale Suisse, 11 (456-457) pp. 124-128.
Pregnancy outcome after TNF-α inhibitor therapy during the first trimester: a prospective multicentre cohort study.
Weber-Schoendorfer C., Oppermann M., Wacker E., Bernard N., network of French pharmacovigilance centres, Beghin D., Beghin D., Cuppers-Maarschalkerweerd B., Richardson J.L., Rothuizen L.E. et al., 2015. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 80 (4) pp. 727-739. Peer-reviewed.
Spectrum of digoxin-induced ocular toxicity: a case report and literature review.
Renard D., Rubli E., Voide N., Borruat F.X., Rothuizen L.E., 2015. Bmc Research Notes, 8 (1) p. 368. Peer-reviewed.
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Antiepileptic Drugs in the 21st Century
André P., Novy J., Decosterd LA, Buclin T., Rothuizen LE, 2015/01/01. Epileptologie 32 pp. 78-84.
Antiepileptika bei Frauen im gebärfähigen Alter und in der Schwangerschaft : Vergleich der Fachinformationen in Deutschland und der Schweiz mit dem aktuellen Wissensstand [Antiepileptics in women of childbearing age and during pregnancy : Comparison of specialized information with the current state of knowledge in Germany and Switzerland].
Winterfeld U., Gotta V., Rothuizen L.E., Panchaud A., Rossetti A.O., Buclin T., 2014. Der Nervenarzt, 85 (6) pp. 738-746. Peer-reviewed.
Perampanel: a significant liver enzyme inducer in some patients?
Novy J., Rothuizen L.E., Buclin T., Rossetti A.O., 2014. European Neurology, 72 (3-4) pp. 213-216. Peer-reviewed.
Pharmacovigilance [Pharmacovigilance update].
Diezi L., Renard D., Rothuizen L.E., Livio F., 2014. Revue Médicale Suisse, 10 (412-413) pp. 119-122.
Pregnancy outcome following maternal exposure to statins: a multicentre prospective study.
Winterfeld U., Allignol A., Panchaud A., Rothuizen L.E., Merlob P., Cuppers-Maarschalkerweerd B., Vial T., Stephens S., Clementi M., De Santis M. et al., 2013. BJOG, 120 (4) pp. 463-471. Peer-reviewed.
Pregnancy outcome following exposure to topical retinoids: a multicenter prospective study.
Panchaud A., Csajka C., Merlob P., Schaefer C., Berlin M., De Santis M., Vial T., Ieri A., Malm H., Eleftheriou G. et al., 2012. Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 52 (12) pp. 1844-1851. Peer-reviewed.
Pharmacovigilance update [Pharmacovigilance update]
Livio F., Ivanyuk A., Biollaz J., Rothuizen L., Buclin T., 2010. Revue Médicale Suisse, 6 (232) pp. 128-131.
Médicaments et allaitement: quelques éléments à considérer avant de les juger incompatibles [Drugs and breastfeeding: some facts to consider before deciding they are incompatible]
Panchaud A., Fischer C., Rothuizen L., Buclin T., 2008. Revue Médicale suisse, 4 (146) pp. 540-545.
Effect of dronedarone on renal function in healthy subjects.
Tschuppert Y., Buclin T., Rothuizen L.E., Decosterd L.A., Galleyrand J., Gaud C., Biollaz J., 2007. British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, 64 (6) pp. 785-791. Peer-reviewed.
Ne pas negliger le risque de surtraitement: l'exemple des antiepiteptiques. [Risk of overtreatment: not to be neglected. The example of antiepileptic drugs]
Rothuizen L. E., Buclin T., Reichhart M., Biollaz J., 2006/04. Revue Médicale Suisse, 2 (61) pp. 976-80.
Effets du cannabis oral et du dronabinol sur la capacité à conduire [Effects of oral cannabis and dronabinol on driving capacity]
Giroud C., Augsburger M., Favrat B., Menetrey A., Pin M.A., Rothuizen L.E., Appenzeller M., Buclin T., Mathieu S., Castella V. et al., 2006. Annales Pharmaceutiques Françaises, 64 (3) pp. 161-172.
Two cases of "cannabis acute psychosis" following the administration of oral cannabis.
Favrat B., Ménétrey A., Augsburger M., Rothuizen L.E., Appenzeller M., Buclin T., Pin M., Mangin P., Giroud C., 2005/04/01. BMC psychiatry, 5 p. 17. Peer-reviewed.
Assessment of driving capability through the use of clinical and psychomotor tests in relation to blood cannabinoids levels following oral administration of 20 mg dronabinol or of a cannabis decoction made with 20 or 60 mg Delta9-THC.
Ménétrey A., Augsburger M., Favrat B., Pin M.A., Rothuizen L.E., Appenzeller M., Buclin T., Mangin P., Giroud C., 2005. Journal of Analytical Toxicology, 29 (5) pp. 327-338. Peer-reviewed.
A pregnant woman with de novo polyuria-polydipsia and elevated liver enzymes.
Barbey F., Bonny O., Rothuizen L., Gomez F., Burnier M., 2003. Nephrology, Dialysis, Transplantation, 18 (10) pp. 2193-2196.
Influence of interferon beta-1a dose frequency on PBMC cytokine secretion and biological effect markers.
Rothuizen L.E., Buclin T., Spertini F., Trinchard I., Munafo A., Buchwalder P.A., Ythier A., Biollaz J., 1999. Journal of Neuroimmunology, 99 (1) pp. 131-141.
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