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Gender in Knowledge Production

Inquiry into the scientific effects of gender - in the sense of women's oppression, of a political and knowledge regime, or as a field of metaphors that are socially and scientifically performative - in the production of knowledge and in knowledge-power relations
Fields of inquiry: the life sciences, medicine, and health, but also the humanities and social sciences

A Social and Political History of the Body and of Sexuality

Instance of a current research on intersexuality with an interdisciplinary team : pedopsychiatrists, psychoanalyts, pediatricians, surgeons, endocrinologists, social scientists, feminist researchers and intersex activists confront their views on the clinic of intersexuality, on feminist, gender and queer theory, and social studies of science and medicine
After a research seminar (2005-6), preparation of an issue of the journal, Nouvelles Questions Féministes 27/1 (out by March 2008), and organisation of an international conference on intersexuality, March 2008 in Lausanne
Collaborations: Prof. François Ansermet, pedopsychiatrist, Service de psychiatrie de l'enfant et de l'adolescent (SUPEA-FBM), Hôpital Nestlé; Dr Blaise Julien Meyrat, PD MER, surgeon pediatrician, DMCP, CHUV; Vincent Guillot, Spoke person for French-speaking Europe of the OII (Organisation Intersex International)

Sex, Race and Knowledge-Power Relations

Inquiry into knowledge production and practices of naturalization - denaturalization - renaturalization of sex, race, and of purported natural marks and groups in relation to systems of domination (sexism, racism, colonialism, neo-colonialism/liberalism, etc.), to hegemonic configurations (reproductive heterosexuality, genital sexuality, whiteness, the healthy, beautiful and sexy body, etc.). Our inquiry always seeks to analyze agt the same time the critical modalities of power: such as the rhetoric of (sexual, women's) liberation, of equality, antisexist and antracist politics, anti-naturalism and critiques of the very idea of nature, etc.

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