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The Peace Dividend of Distance: Violence as Interaction Across Space
Rohner Dominic, Mueller Hannes, Schönholzer David.
Education and Conflict Evidence from a Policy Experiment in Indonesia*
Rohner Dominic, Saia Alessandro.
Countercyclical Foreign Currency Borrowing: Eurozone Firms in 2007–09
BACCHETTA PHILIPPE, MERROUCHE OUARDA Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.
Optimal Monetary Policy when Information is Market-Generated†
Benhima Kenza, Blengini Isabella The Economic Journal. Peer-reviewed.
Does demand noise matter? Identification and implications
Benhima Kenza, Poilly Céline Journal of Monetary Economics. Peer-reviewed.
Optimal Forward Guidance
Bilbiie F.O. American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics . Peer-reviewed.
Monetary Neutrality with Sticky Prices and Free Entry
Bilbiie F.O. Review of Economics and Statistics. Peer-reviewed.
Is Government Spending at the Zero Lower Bound Desirable?
Bilbiie F.O., Monacelli T., Perotti R. American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics. Peer-reviewed.
The Transmission of Monetary Policy under the Microscope
Blomhoff Holm Martin, Paul Pascal, Tischbirek Andreas Journal of Political Economy. Peer-reviewed.
The Slow Road from Serfdom: Labor Coercion and Long-Run Development in the Former Russian Empire
Buggle Johannes, Nafziger Steven The Review of Economics and Statistics.
A new ex-ante efficiency criterion and implications for the probabilistic serial mechanism
Dogan B., Dogan S., Yildiz K. Journal of Economic Theory. Peer-reviewed.
Disastrous Defaults
Gouriéroux Christian, Monfort Alain, Mouabbi Sarah, Renne Jean-Paul Review of Finance. Peer-reviewed.
Serial dictatorship mechanisms with reservation prices: heterogeneous objects
Klaus Bettina, Nichifor Alexandru Social Choice and Welfare.
The Elusive Peace Dividend of Development Policy: From War Traps to Macro-Complementarities
Rohner Dominic, Thoenig Mathias Annual Review of Economics.
How lotteries in school choice help to level the playing field
Basteck Christian, Klaus Bettina, Kübler Dorothea, 2021/09. Games and Economic Behavior, 129 pp. 198-237.
Beauty Contests and the Term Structure
Ellison Martin, Tischbirek Andreas, 2021/08/11. Journal of the European Economic Association, 19 (4) pp. 2234-2282. Peer-reviewed.
Saving the world from your couch: the heterogeneous medium-run benefits of COVID-19 lockdowns on air pollution
Bonardi Jean-Philippe, Gallea Quentin, Kalanoski Dimitrija, Lalive Rafael, Madhok Raahil, Noack Frederik, Rohner Dominic, Sonno Tommaso, 2021/07/01. Environmental Research Letters, 16 (7) p. 074010.
Converging evidence for greater male variability in time, risk, and social preferences.
Thöni C., Volk S., 2021/06/08. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 118 (23). Peer-reviewed.
Affine Modeling of Credit Risk, Pricing of Credit Events, and Contagion
Monfort Alain, Pegoraro Fulvio, Renne Jean-Paul, Roussellet Guillaume, 2021/06. Management Science, 67 (6) pp. 3674-3693.
Impact of COVID-19 and intensive care unit capacity on vaccination support: Evidence from a two-leg representative survey in the United Kingdom.
Blanchard-Rohner G., Caprettini B., Rohner D., Voth H.J., 2021/06. Journal of virus eradication, 7 (2) p. 100044. Peer-reviewed.
Energy efficiency and heating technology investments: Manipulating financial information in a discrete choice experiment
Lang Ghislaine, Farsi Mehdi, Lanz Bruno, Weber Sylvain, 2021/05. Resource and Energy Economics, 64 p. 101231.
"How to curb conflict: Policy lessons from the economic literature"
Rohner Dominic, 2021/03/13. dans New Paths and Policies towards Conflict Prevention: Chinese and Swiss Perspectives, Routledge.
The properties of annually laminated stalagmites ‐ a global synthesis
Andy Baker, Gregoire Mariethoz, Comas-Bru Laia, Andreas Hartmann, Silvia Frisia, Andrea Borsato, C. Treble Pauline, Asfawossen Asrat, 2021/03/03. Reviews of Geophysics.
Greater Male Variability in Cooperation: Meta-Analytic Evidence for an Evolutionary Perspective.
Thöni C., Volk S., Cortina J.M., 2021/01. Psychological science, 32 (1) pp. 50-63. Peer-reviewed.
Uncovering the Heterogeneity behind Cross-Cultural Variation in Antisocial Punishment
Bruhin Adrian, Janizzi Kelly, Thoeni Christian, 2020/12/01. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 180 pp. 291-308.
Impact of ERAS compliance on the delay between surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy in hepatobiliary and pancreatic malignancies.
St-Amour P., St-Amour P., Joliat G.R., Eckert A., Labgaa I., Roulin D., Demartines N., Melloul E., 2020/11. Langenbeck's archives of surgery, 405 (7) pp. 959-966. Peer-reviewed.
Serial dictatorship mechanisms with reservation prices
Klaus Bettina, Nichifor Alexandru, 2020/10. Economic Theory, 70 (3) pp. 665-684.
Solidarity for public goods under single-peaked preferences: characterizing target set correspondences
Klaus Bettina, Protopapas Panos, 2020/10. Social Choice and Welfare, 55 (3) pp. 405-430.
The shrinking advantage of market potential
Brülhart Marius, Desmet Klaus, Klinke Gian-Paolo, 2020/08. Journal of Development Economics p. 102529.
Views on a “Good Death”: End-of-Life Preferences and Their Association With Socio-Demographic Characteristics in a Representative Sample of Older Adults in Switzerland
Borrat-Besson Carmen, Vilpert Sarah, Borasio Gian Domenico, Maurer Jürgen, 2020/07/29. OMEGA - Journal of Death and Dying p. 003022282094507.
Experiments on centralized school choice and college admissions: a survey
Hakimov Rustamdjan, Kübler Dorothea, 2020/07/17. Experimental Economics. Peer-reviewed.
Ethnolinguistic diversity and urban agglomeration
Eberle Ulrich, Henderson Vernon, Rohner Dominic, Schmidheiny Kurt, 2020/07/14. PNAS.
Social, cultural and experiential patterning of attitudes and behaviour towards assisted suicide in Switzerland: evidence from a national population-based study.
Vilpert S., Bolliger E., Borrat-Besson C., Borasio G.D., Maurer J., 2020/06/15. Swiss medical weekly, 150 pp. w20275. Peer-reviewed.
Growing collectivism: irrigation, group conformity and technological divergence
Buggle Johannes C., 2020/06. Journal of Economic Growth, 25 (2) pp. 147-193.
The Impact of Interest Rate Risk on Bank Lending
Beutler Toni, Bichsel Robert, Bruhin Adrian, Danton Jayson, 2020/06/01. Journal of Banking and Finance, 115 p. 105797. Peer-reviewed.
Associations of end-of-life preferences and trust in institutions with public support for assisted suicide evidence from nationally representative survey data of older adults in Switzerland
Vilpert Sarah, Borrat-Besson Carmen, Borasio Gian Domenico, Maurer Jürgen, 2020/04/23. PLOS ONE, 15 (4) pp. e0232109. Peer-reviewed.
Spillovers of Prosocial Motivation: Evidence from an Intervention Study on Blood Donors
Bruhin Adrian, Goette Lorenz, Haenni Simon, Jiang Lingqing, 2020/03/01. Journal of Health Economics, 70 p. 102244. Peer-reviewed.
Pourquoi et comment informer le patient sur les coûts ?
Junod Valérie, Wasserfallen Jean-Blaise, 2020/02/05. BMS 101 (06) pp. 184-186.
Closing down the shop: Optimal health and wealth dynamics near the end of life
Hugonnier Julien, Pelgrin Florian, St-Amour Pascal, 2020/02. Health Economics, 29 (2) pp. 138-153. Peer-reviewed.
The Sting of Rejection: Deferring Blood Donors due to Low Hemoglobin Values Reduces Future Return
Bruhin A., Goette L., Haenni S., Jiang L., Markovicc A., Roethlisberger A., Buchli R., Frey B.M., 2020. Transfusion Medicine and Hemotherapy, 4 (47) pp. 119-128. Peer-reviewed.
Patterns of patient experience with primary care access in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Switzerland: a comparative study.
Senn N., Cohidon C., Breton M., Levesque J.F., Zuchuat J.C., 2019/11/30. International journal for quality in health care, 31 (9) pp. G126-G132. Peer-reviewed.
Top trading cycles, consistency, and acyclic priorities for house allocation with existing tenants
Mehmet Karakaya, Bettina Klaus, Jan Christoph Schlegel, 2019/11. Journal of Economic Theory, 184 p. 104948. Peer-reviewed.
Does Tax Competition Tame the Leviathan?
Brülhart Marius, Jametti Mario, 2019/09. Journal of Public Economics, 177. Peer-reviewed.
Money and Capital in a Persistent Liquidity Trap
Bacchetta Philippe, Benhima Kenza, Kalantzis Yannick, 2019/09. Journal of Monetary Economics. Peer-reviewed.
The Many Faces of Human Sociality - Uncovering the Distribution and Stability of Social Preferences
Bruhin A., Fehr E., Schunk D., 2019/08/24. Journal of the European Economic Association, 17 (4) pp. 1025-1069. Peer-reviewed.
Random matching under priorities: stability and no envy concepts
Haris Aziz, Bettina Klaus, 2019/08/03. Social Choice and Welfare. Peer-reviewed.
Measuring Inflation Anchoring and Uncertainty: A U.S. and Euro Area Comparison
GRISHCHENKO O., MOUABBI S., RENNE J.-P., 2019/05/20. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.
Identification and Estimation in Non-Fundamental Structural VARMA Models
Gouriéroux C., Monfort A., Renne J.-P., 2019/05/17. The Review of Economic Studies.
Corrigendum to “Limited asset markets participation, monetary policy and (inverted) aggregate demand logic” [J. Econ. Theory 140 (1) (2008) 162–196]
Bilbiie F.O., 2019/05. Journal of Economic Theory, 181 pp. 421-422. Peer-reviewed.
Can unemployment benefit cuts improve employment and earnings?
Cottier Lionel, Degen Kathrin, Lalive Rafael, 2019/03/29. Empirical Economics.
Buyer power and mutual dependency in a model of negotiations
Inderst Roman, Montez Joao, 2019/03. The RAND Journal of Economics, 50 (1) pp. 29-56.
The New Keynesian cross
Bilbiie F.O., 2019/03. Journal of Monetary Economics. Peer-reviewed.
Booms and Busts with Dispersed Information
Benhima K., 2019. Journal of Monetary Economics, 107 pp. 32-47. Peer-reviewed.
Cognitive Reserve Mediates the Relation between Openness to Experience and Smaller Decline in Executive Functioning
Ihle Andreas, Zuber Sascha, Gouveia Élvio R, Gouveia Bruna R, Mella Nathalie, Desrichard Olivier, Cullati Stéphane, Oris Michel, Maurer Jürgen, Kliegel Matthias, 2019. Dementia and geriatric cognitive disorders pp. 1-6.
Corporate Cash and Employment
Bacchetta P., Benhima K., Poilly C., 2019. American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 11 (3) pp. 30-66. Peer-reviewed.
Cross-lagged relation of leisure activity participation to Trail Making Test performance 6 years later: Differential patterns in old age and very old age.
Ihle Andreas, Fagot Delphine, Vallet Fanny, Ballhausen Nicola, Mella Nathalie, Baeriswyl Marie, Sauter Julia, Oris Michel, Maurer Jürgen, Kliegel Matthias, 2019. Neuropsychology, 33 (2) p. 234.
Gesundheit der älteren Bevölkerung in der Schweiz: eine Studie basierend auf Daten der Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) im Auftrag des Bundesamts für Gesundheit
Höglinger Marc, Francisca Ehrler, Maurer Jürgen, 2019., ZHAW Winterthur.
Long‐term government debt and household portfolio composition
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The Longitudinal Relationship of Perceived Stress Predicting Subsequent Decline in Executive Functioning in Old Age Is Attenuated in Individuals with Greater Cognitive Reserve
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The relationship of obesity predicting decline in executive functioning is attenuated with greater leisure activities in old age
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Inheritance flows in Switzerland, 1911–2011
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Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics
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Large-scale bond purchases in a currency union with segmentation in the market for government debt
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National natural rates of interest and the single monetary policy in the euro area : National natural rates of interest and the single monetary policy in the euro area
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Pareto optimal matchings of students to courses in the presence of prerequisites
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Awareness, approval and completion of advance directives in older adults in Switzerland
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Can power-sharing foster peace? Evidence from Northern Ireland*
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Risk and Rationality: The Relative Importance of Probability Weighting and Choice Set Dependence
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Aging, non-communicable diseases, and old-age disability in low- and middle-income countries: a challenge for global health
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The Lifetime Dynamics of Health and Wealth
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Differences in triage category, priority level and hospitalization rate between young-old and old-old patients visiting the emergency department.
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How do beliefs about skill affect risky decisions?
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Does education help “old dogs” learn “new tricks”? The lasting impact of early-life education on technology use among older adults
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Does Early Child Care Affect Children's Development ?
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Conditional cooperation: review and refinement
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Leaving no one behind? Reaching the informal sector, poor people and marginalised groups with Social Health Protection
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Natural Resources and Conflict
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