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Biblical studies

Research and postgraduate teaching: supervision of doctoral thesis, organization of seminars, meetings, and symposia in the French-speaking part of Switzerland
- Old Testament studies: Biblical and Near Eastern historiography; Pentateuch criticism; Persian period
- New Testament studies: narrative criticism; Luke-Acts; Graeco-Roman historiography; historical Jesus

Ancient Christian Literature (Apocrypha and Patristic Literature)

Gospel of Judas

BibIL database

Lausanne Computerized Biblical Bibliography (BiBIL: more than 90,000 records from 1986 up to now) indexes monographs, collections of studies, proceedings, as well as about 130 international journals in the Cantonal and University Library of Lausanne (BCU
BiBIL's aim is to give an up-to-date bibliographical information about Biblical, Ancient Near Eastern, Jewish, and Christian studies in the fields of history, archaeology, geography, literature, linguistics, civilization, religion, exegesis, and theology.
There are two ways to consult BiBIL:
- on the web: BiBIL on line: (you can search by authors, titles, years, collections, journals, keywords, and/or biblical passages as well as by the english thesaurus);
- on paper: "Bulletin de Bibliographie Biblique"

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