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Practicality of Acute and Transitional Care and its consequences in the era of SwissDRG: a focus group study.
Wangmo T., Padrutt Y., Koné I., Gächter T., Elger B.S., Leu A., 2019/06/13. BMC health services research, 19 (1) p. 374. Peer-reviewed.
Participatory Disease Surveillance Systems: Ethical Framework.
Geneviève L.D., Martani A., Wangmo T., Paolotti D., Koppeschaar C., Kjelsø C., Guerrisi C., Hirsch M., Woolley-Meza O., Lukowicz P. et al., 2019/05/23. Journal of medical Internet research, 21 (5) pp. e12273. Peer-reviewed.
The notion of free will and its ethical relevance for decision-making capacity.
Zürcher T., Elger B., Trachsel M., 2019/05/08. BMC medical ethics, 20 (1) p. 31. Peer-reviewed.
Automated vehicles, big data and public health.
Shaw D., Favrat B., Elger B., 2019/05/07. Medicine, health care, and philosophy. Peer-reviewed.
Synthetic Biology and the Translational Imperative.
Heidari Feidt R., Ienca M., Elger B.S., Folcher M., 2019/02. Science and engineering ethics, 25 (1) pp. 33-52. Peer-reviewed.
Research Ethics in the European Influenzanet Consortium: Scoping Review.
Geneviève L.D., Wangmo T., Dietrich D., Woolley-Meza O., Flahault A., Elger BS, 2018/10/10. JMIR public health and surveillance, 4 (4) pp. e67. Peer-reviewed.
Corrigendum to “Accessibility of prison healthcare for elderly inmates, a qualitative assessment” [J Forensic Leg Med 52 (November 2017) 223–228]
Heidari R., Wangmo T., Galli S., Shaw DaM, Elger BS, Handtke V., Bretschneider W., 2018/10. 57.
Prescription of pain medication in prisons: A comparative analysis of younger and older male prisoners.
Annaheim B., Bretschneider W., Handtke V., Belardi A., Elger B.S., 2018/09. Pharmacoepidemiology and drug safety, 27 (9) pp. 987-994. Peer-reviewed.
Ethical Design of Intelligent Assistive Technologies for Dementia: A Descriptive Review.
Ienca M., Wangmo T., Jotterand F., Kressig R.W., Elger B., 2018/08. Science and engineering ethics, 24 (4) pp. 1035-1055. Peer-reviewed.
Palliative care in Swiss pediatric oncology settings: a retrospective analysis of medical records.
Rost M., Acheson E., Kühne T., Ansari M., Pacurari N., Brazzola P., Niggli F., Elger B.S., Wangmo T., 2018/08. Supportive care in cancer, 26 (8) pp. 2707-2715. Peer-reviewed.
Reasons for and Frequency of End-of-Life Hospital Admissions: General Practitioners' Perspective on Reducing End-of-Life Hospital Referrals.
Giezendanner S., Bally K., Haller D.M., Jung C., Otte I.C., Banderet H.R., Elger B.S., Zemp E., Gudat H., 2018/08. Journal of palliative medicine, 21 (8) pp. 1122-1130. Peer-reviewed.
The Cambridge Analytica affair and Internet-mediated research.
Schneble C.O., Elger B.S., Shaw D., 2018/08. EMBO reports, 19 (8) pp. 1-2. Peer-reviewed.
Assessment of decision-making capacity in patients requesting assisted suicide.
Shaw D., Trachsel M., Elger B., 2018/07. The British journal of psychiatry, 213 (1) pp. 393-395. Peer-reviewed.
Application of Ethical Principles to Research using Public Health Data in The Global South: Perspectives from Africa.
Anane-Sarpong E., Wangmo T., Sankoh O., Tanner M., Elger B.S., 2018/06. Developing world bioethics, 18 (2) pp. 98-108. Peer-reviewed.
Assisted suicide and euthenasia in an aging society. Challenge for legal medicine [Assistierter Suizid und Sterbehilfe in einer alternden Gesellschaft : Herausforderung für die Rechtsmedizin]
Elger B, Grabherr S., 2018/03/31. Rechtsmedizin, 28 (2) pp. 87-93. Peer-reviewed.
The determinants of individual health care expenditures in prison: evidence from Switzerland.
Moschetti K., Zabrodina V., Wangmo T., Holly A., Wasserfallen J.B., Elger B.S., Gravier B., 2018/03/07. BMC health services research, 18 (1) p. 160. Peer-reviewed.
Euthanasia in an international Context. [Sterbehilfe im internationalen Kontext]
Elger B. S., Grabherr S., 2018/02/28. Rechtsmedizin, 28 (2) pp. 85–86. Peer-reviewed.
Correction to: Synthetic Biology and the Translational Imperative
Heidari Feidt Raheleh, Ienca Marcello, Elger Bernice Simone, Folcher Marc, 2018/01/24..
From Healthcare to Warfare and Reverse: How Should We Regulate Dual-Use Neurotechnology?
Ienca M., Jotterand F., Elger B.S., 2018/01/17. Neuron, 97 (2) pp. 269-274. Peer-reviewed.
Can routine data from prisoners' files be used to estimate prevalence rates of illicit drug use among prisoners?
Annaheim B., Wangmo T., Bretschneider W., Vogel M., Elger B.S., 2018/01. International journal of public health, 63 (1) pp. 33-40. Peer-reviewed.
Insufficient recruitment and premature discontinuation of clinical trials in Switzerland: qualitative study with trialists and other stakeholders.
Briel M., Elger B., von Elm E., Satalkar P., 2017/11/29. Swiss medical weekly, 147 pp. w14556. Peer-reviewed.
Proactive Ethical Design for Neuroengineering, Assistive and Rehabilitation Technologies: the Cybathlon Lesson.
Ienca M., Kressig R.W., Jotterand F., Elger B., 2017/11/14. Journal of neuroengineering and rehabilitation, 14 (1) p. 115. Peer-reviewed.
Accessibility of prison healthcare for elderly inmates, a qualitative assessment.
Heidari R., Wangmo T., Galli S., Shaw D.M., Elger B.S., Agequake group, 2017/11. Journal of forensic and legal medicine, 52 pp. 223-228. Peer-reviewed.
Practical Considerations in Donation After Circulatory Determination of Death in Switzerland.
Dalle Ave A.L., Shaw D.M., Elger B., 2017/09. Progress in transplantation, 27 (3) pp. 291-294. Peer-reviewed.
Publication ethics in public health emergencies.
Shaw D., Elger B.S., 2017/09/01. Journal of public health, 39 (3) pp. 640-643. Peer-reviewed.
New Guidance for an Old Problem : Early Release for Seriously Ill and Elderly Prisoners in Europe
Handtke V., Wangmo T., Elger B., Bretschneider Wiebke, 2017/03. The Prison Journal, 97 (2) pp. 224-246. Peer-reviewed.
Returning Results in Biobank Research: Global Trends and Solutions.
De Clercq E., Kaye J., Wolf S.M., Koenig B.A., Elger B.S., 2017/03. Genetic testing and molecular biomarkers, 21 (3) pp. 128-131. Peer-reviewed.
Returning Results: Let's Be Honest!
Elger B.S., De Clercq E., 2017/03. Genetic testing and molecular biomarkers, 21 (3) pp. 134-139. Peer-reviewed.
Nurses' attitudes towards enforced measures to increase influenza vaccination: A qualitative study.
Pless A., Shaw D., McLennan S., Elger B.S., 2017/01/31. Influenza and other respiratory viruses, 11 (3) pp. 247-253. Peer-reviewed.
Education and Reproductive Autonomy: The Case of Married Nigerian Women.
Princewill C.W., De Clercq E., Riecher-Rössler A., Jegede A.S., Wangmo T., Elger B.S., 2017. Narrative inquiry in bioethics, 7 (3) pp. 231-244. Peer-reviewed.
Emerging Issues in Prison Health
Elger B., Ritter C., Stöver H., 2017. 259, Springer Nature.
Exploring differences in healthcare utilization of prisoners in the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland.
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General Practitioners' Attitudes towards Essential Competencies in End-of-Life Care: A Cross-Sectional Survey.
Giezendanner S., Jung C., Banderet H.R., Otte I.C., Gudat H., Haller D.M., Elger B.S., Zemp E., Bally K., 2017. PloS one, 12 (2) pp. e0170168. Peer-reviewed.
Intelligent Assistive Technology for Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias: A Systematic Review.
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The forensic use of behavioral genetics in criminal proceedings: Case of the MAOA-L genotype.
McSwiggan S., Elger B., Appelbaum P.S., 2017. International journal of law and psychiatry, 50 pp. 17-23. Peer-reviewed.
The Ghost Collaborator.
Shaw D., Elger B., 2016/06/30. Accountability in research pp. 1-9. Peer-reviewed.
A Balanced Diet : From Facts to Solutions
Elger B., 2016. pp. 107-122. dans Emerging Issues in Prison Health chap. 7, Springer Nature.
Assisted suicide for prisoners? Stakeholder and prisoner perspectives.
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Confidentiality in Prison Health Care : A Practical Guide
Elger B., Shaw D., 2016. pp. 183-200 dans Emerging Issues in Prison Health chap. 12, Springer Nature.
Emotion and Value in the Evaluation of Medical Decision-Making Capacity: A Narrative Review of Arguments.
Hermann H., Trachsel M., Elger B.S., Biller-Andorno N., 2016. Frontiers In Psychology, 7 p. 765. Peer-reviewed.
La femme enceinte, son droit à l’autodétermination, les analyses prénatales et l’interruption de grossesse
Dumoulin JF, Ummel M., 2016. pp. 165-181 dans Réflexions romandes en droit de la santé, Dike Verlag.
Patient education as empowerment and self-rebiasing.
Jotterand F., Amodio A., Elger B.S., 2016. Medicine, Health Care, and Philosophy, 19 (4) pp. 553-561. Peer-reviewed.
Personnes âgées privées de liberté et protection de leurs droits liés à la santé : cadre légal et dilemmes éthiques
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Preventing Human Rights Violations in Prison : The Role of Guidelines
Elger B., Shaw D., 2016. pp. 201-216 dans Emerging Issues in Prison Health chap. 13, Springer Nature.
Précis de médecine légale: guide de poche de l'expertise forensique
La Harpe R., 2016. 189, Chêne-Bourg : Médecine & Hygiène.
Should academic journals publish e-cigarette research linked to tobacco companies?
Shaw D.M., Etter J.F., Elger B.S., 2016. Addiction (abingdon, England), 111 (8) pp. 1328-1332. Peer-reviewed.
Treating tobacco companies fairly but with no leap of faith.
Shaw D.M., Etter J.F., Elger B.S., 2016. Addiction (abingdon, England), 111 (8) pp. 1335-1336. Peer-reviewed.
Signalement des patients adultes en situation de danger. L'article 453 CC, une exception méconnue au secret professionnel [Reporting of adult patients in dangerous situations. Article 455 CC, an unrecognized exception of professional confidentiality]
Niveau G., Wuarin T., Ummel M., Burkhardt S., 2015/11/18. Revue medicale suisse, 11 (495) pp. 2190-2193. Peer-reviewed.
Disease profiles of detainees in the Canton of Vaud in Switzerland: gender and age differences in substance abuse, mental health and chronic health conditions.
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Helping medical students to acquire a deeper understanding of truth-telling.
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Informing patients about limits to confidentiality: A qualitative study in prisons.
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Management of sleep complaints in correctional settings
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'Doctor, what would you do in my position?' Health professionals and the decision-making process in pregnancy monitoring.
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Acte médical requis par une autorité, constat médical et certificat médical
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Advance directives and the impact of timing. A qualitative study with Swiss general practitioners.
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Advance Directives in the Context of Imprisonment
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Analyses génétiques
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Attitudes of detainees and prison staff towards tobacco control policy in Switzerland: a qualitative interview study.
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Droit de la santé et médecine légale
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L'activité médicale en milieu pénitentiaire
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L'interruption de grossesse
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Le paternalisme médical, mythe ou réalité ? : apects philosophiques et empiriques d'un phénomène persistant
Elger B., 2014. 359, Chêne-Bourg : Médecine & Hygiène, 2010.
Les biobanques
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Médecin et droits de l'homme
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Secret professionnel : généralités
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Telling the truth: medical students' progress with an ethical skill.
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Testament et mesures personnelles anticipées dans le domaine médical
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Traitement en situation d'urgence
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Understanding death in custody: a case for a comprehensive definition.
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Screening of illegal intracorporeal containers ("body packing"): is abdominal radiography sufficiently accurate? A comparative study with low-dose CT.
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Le secret médical
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Retrospective research: What are the ethical and legal requirements?
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Une grève de la faim est un acte de protestation: quelle est la place des soignants? : l'alimentation forcée est contraire à la déontologie médicale
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