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Effect of Quetiapine, from Low to High Dose, on Weight and Metabolic Traits: Results from a Prospective Cohort Study.
Dubath C., Piras M., Gholam M., Laaboub N., Grosu C., Sentissi O., Gamma F., Solida A., von Gunten A., Conus P. et al. Pharmacopsychiatry. Peer-reviewed.
Association between sleep characteristics and cognitive impairment in the general population: the Hypnolaus/Psycholaus Study
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Late-onset and non-late-onset schizophrenia: A comparison of clinical characteristics in a multicenter study.
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Metabolomic alteration induced by psychotropic drugs: Short-term metabolite profile as a predictor of weight gain evolution.
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Life events do not explain the link between cortisol and poorer cognition in non-demented subjects: a population-based study
Ouanes S., Castelao E., Von Gunten A., Preisig M., Popp J. Neurobiology of Aging.
Personality, Cortisol, and Cognition in Non-Demented Subjects: A Population-Based Study
Ouanes Sami, Castelao Enrique, von Gunten Armin, Marques-Vidal Pedro, Preisig Martin, Popp Julius Front. Aging Neurosci.. Peer-reviewed.
Recommendations for prevention, diagnostic and therapy of delirium in the elderly.
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Factors associated with subjective cognitive decline in dementia-free older adults-A population-based study.
Zullo L., Clark C., Gholam M., Castelao E., von Gunten A., Preisig M., Popp J. International journal of geriatric psychiatry. Peer-reviewed.
Using Living Labs to Explore Needs and Solutions for Older Adults With Dementia: Scoping Review.
Verloo H., Lorette A., Rosselet Amoussou J., Gillès de Pélichy E., Matos Queirós A., von Gunten A., Perruchoud E., 2021/08/19. JMIR aging, 4 (3) pp. e29031. Peer-reviewed.
Does Cognitive Functioning Predict Chronic Pain in Older Adult? Results From the CoLaus|PsyCoLaus Longitudinal Study.
Rouch I., Dorey J.M., Strippoli M.F., Gholam M., Marques-Vidal P., Laurent B., von Gunten A., Preisig M., 2021/08. The journal of pain, 22 (8) pp. 905-913. Peer-reviewed.
Valproate is associated with early decrease of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels in the psychiatric population.
Delacrétaz A., Glatard A., Dubath C., Gholam M., Gamma F., von Gunten A., Conus P., Eap C.B., 2021/07. Basic and clinical pharmacology and toxicology, 129 (1) pp. 26-35. Peer-reviewed.
Socio-economic position as a moderator of cardiometabolic outcomes in patients receiving psychotropic treatment associated with weight gain: results from a prospective 12-month inception cohort study and a large population-based cohort.
Dubath C., Gholam-Rezaee M., Sjaarda J., Levier A., Saigi-Morgui N., Delacrétaz A., Glatard A., Panczak R., Correll C.U., Solida A. et al., 2021/06/26. Translational psychiatry, 11 (1) p. 360. Peer-reviewed.
The power of personality in successful ageing: a comprehensive review of larger quantitative studies.
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Temporal trajectory of brain tissue property changes induced by electroconvulsive therapy.
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Transforming a Patient Registry Into a Customized Data Set for the Advanced Statistical Analysis of Health Risk Factors and for Medication-Related Hospitalization Research: Retrospective Hospital Patient Registry Study.
Taushanov Z., Verloo H., Wernli B., Di Giovanni S., von Gunten A., Pereira F., 2021/05/11. JMIR medical informatics, 9 (5) pp. e24205. Peer-reviewed.
Why Centenarians' Depressive Symptoms Must Become a Priority for Nurses.
Gomes da Rocha C., von Gunten A., Jopp D., Ribeiro O., Verloo H., 2021/05. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, 22 (5) pp. 1118-1119. Peer-reviewed.
Gradient of electro-convulsive therapy's antidepressant effects along the longitudinal hippocampal axis.
Gyger L., Regen F., Ramponi C., Marquis R., Mall J.F., Swierkosz-Lenart K., von Gunten A., Toni N., Kherif F., Heuser I. et al., 2021/03/29. Translational psychiatry, 11 (1) p. 191. Peer-reviewed.
Generalizability of pharmacologic and psychotherapy trial results for late-life unipolar depression.
Hoertel N., Rotenberg L., Schuster J.P., Blanco C., Lavaud P., Hanon C., Hozer F., Teruel E., Manetti A., Costemale-Lacoste J.F. et al., 2021/02. Aging & mental health, 25 (2) pp. 367-377. Peer-reviewed.
Psychiatrie : Nouveautés en médecine 2020
Khazaal Yasser, Elowe Julien, Kloucek Petr, Preisig Martin, Tadri Myriam, Vandeleur Caroline, Vandenberghe Frederik, Verloo Henk, Ros Tomas, Von Gunten Armin, 2021/01/13. Revue médicale Suisse.
Psychiatrie [Psychiatry]
Khazaal Y., Elowe J., Kloucek P., Preisig M., Tadri M., Vandeleur C., Vandenberghe F., Verloo H., Ros T., Von Gunten A., 2021/01/13. Revue medicale suisse, 17 (720-1) pp. 85-89. Peer-reviewed.
Assessment of cognitive screening tests as predictors of driving cessation: A prospective cohort study of a median 4-year follow-up.
Kokkinakis I., Vaucher P., Cardoso I., Favrat B., 2021. PloS one, 16 (8) pp. e0256527. Peer-reviewed.
Cholesterol metabolites and plant sterols in cerebrospinal fluid are associated with Alzheimer's cerebral pathology and clinical disease progression.
Jahn T., Clark C., Kerksiek A., Lewczuk P., Lütjohann D., Popp J., 2021/01. The Journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology, 205 p. 105785. Peer-reviewed.
The Forgotten Psychopathology of Depressed Long-Term Care Facility Residents: A Call for Evidence-Based Practice.
Matos Queirós A., von Gunten A., Martins M., Wellens NIH, Verloo H., 2021. Dementia and geriatric cognitive disorders extra, 11 (1) pp. 38-44. Peer-reviewed.
The geometric approach to human stress based on stress-related surrogate measures.
Kloucek P., von Gunten A., 2021. PloS one, 16 (1) pp. e0219414. Peer-reviewed.
Facilitators and barriers in implementing clinical nursing assessment in mental health care for older people: A multimethod approach.
Berthoud L., Turcotte M., Dzemaili S., Ducraux D., Zumstein-Shaha M., Ortoleva Bucher C., 2020/12/08. Nursing & health sciences. Peer-reviewed.
Determinants of subjective cognitive decline in dementia‐free older adults: A population‐based study : Neuropsychology/Early detection of cognitive decline with neuropsychological tests
Zullo Leonardo, Clark Christopher, Popp Julius, 2020/12. Alzheimer's & Dementia, 16 (S6).
Pathophysiological subtypes of Alzheimer's disease based on cerebrospinal fluid proteomics.
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Conference report: dementia research and care and its impact in Switzerland.
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Genome-wide association study of Alzheimer's disease CSF biomarkers in the EMIF-AD Multimodal Biomarker Discovery dataset.
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Cerebrospinal fluid total tau levels indicate aberrant neuronal plasticity in Alzheimer's disease.
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Réponses aux urgences psychiatriques auprès des patients âgés en crise vivant à domicile ou en EMS - Une expérience vaudoise []
Gillès De Pélichy E., Ebbing K., Matos Queiros A., Von Gunten A., Cornu L., Verloo H., 2020/10/14. Revue medicale suisse, 16 (710) pp. 1945-1948. Peer-reviewed.
Preoperative Cognitive Impairment and Postoperative Delirium Predict Decline in Activities of Daily Living after Cardiac Surgery-A Prospective, Observational Cohort Study.
Guenther U., Hoffmann F., Dewald O., Malek R., Brimmers K., Theuerkauf N., Putensen C., Popp J., 2020/10/03. Geriatrics, 5 (4) pp. E69. Peer-reviewed.
Dickkopf-1 Overexpression in vitro Nominates Candidate Blood Biomarkers Relating to Alzheimer's Disease Pathology
Shi Liu, Winchester Laura M., Liu Benjamine Y., Killick Richard, Ribe Elena M., Westwood Sarah, Baird Alison L., Buckley Noel J., Hong Shengjun, Dobricic Valerija et al., 2020/09/29. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, 77 (3) pp. 1353-1368. Peer-reviewed.
PLCG2 protective variant p.P522R modulates tau pathology and disease progression in patients with mild cognitive impairment.
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APOE ε4 genotype-dependent cerebrospinal fluid proteomic signatures in Alzheimer's disease.
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Salivary cortisol and five-year change in cognitive performance in non-demented elderly subjects: a population-based study.
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Key role of MIF-related neuroinflammation in neurodegeneration and cognitive impairment in Alzheimer's disease.
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Contributing Factors to Heterogeneity in the Timing of the Onset of Nonfatal Suicidal Behavior: Results From a Nationally Representative Study.
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Benzodiazepine use among older adults with schizophrenia spectrum disorder: prevalence and associated factors in a multicenter study
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Recognizing images: The role of motivational significance, complexity, social content, age, and gender.
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Evaluation of Cardiometabolic Risk in a Large Psychiatric Cohort and Comparison With a Population-Based Sample in Switzerland.
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A Comprehensive Scoping Review Protocol of Using Living Labs to Explore Needs and Solutions for Older Adults with Dementia
Verloo Henk, Lorette Adrien, Gomes da Rocha Carla, Amoussou Joëlle Rosselet, Gillès de Pélichy Estelle, Matos Queiros Alcina, Mendez Rubio Montserrat, von Gunten Armin, 2020/03. Smart Homecare Technology and TeleHealth, Volume 7 pp. 19-27. Peer-reviewed.
Amisulpride: Real-World Evidence of Dose Adaptation and Effect on Prolactin Concentrations and Body Weight Gain by Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Analyses.
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Older People's Health-Related Behaviors: Evidence from Three Cohorts of the Lc65+ Study.
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Epidemiology of at-risk alcohol use and associated comorbidities of interest among community-dwelling older adults: a protocol for a systematic review.
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Comité d’animation en Ehpad, importance fonctionnelle et enjeux [Entertainment committee in accommodation facilities for dependent elderly, functional importance and psychic stakes]
Pellerin J., Schuster J.P., 2020. Soins. Gerontologie, 25 (146) pp. 40-45. Peer-reviewed.
Early-Stage Alzheimer's Disease Does Not Alter Pupil Responses to Colored Light Stimuli.
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Neuroticism-Withdrawal and Neuroticism-Volatility Differently Influence the Risk of Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Alzheimer's Disease.
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Pharmacologie du sujet âgé
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Validation of Plasma Proteomic Biomarkers Relating to Brain Amyloid Burden in the EMIF-Alzheimer's Disease Multimodal Biomarker Discovery Cohort.
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Psychotropic drug-induced genetic-epigenetic modulation of CRTC1 gene is associated with early weight gain in a prospective study of psychiatric patients.
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Relationship between childhood maltreatment and geriatric depression: the mediator effect of personality traits.
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Systemic and central nervous system metabolic alterations in Alzheimer's disease
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Systemic and central nervous system metabolic alterations in Alzheimer's disease.
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Discovery and validation of plasma proteomic biomarkers relating to brain amyloid burden by SOMAscan assay.
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Optimising medication management for polymedicated home-dwelling older adults with multiple chronic conditions: a mixed-methods study protocol.
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Interventional psychiatry in the management of behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia: a qualitative review.
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Eye gaze behavior during affective picture viewing: Effects of motivational significance, gender, age, and repeated exposure.
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Phenomenological contribution to understanding of vocally disruptive behaviour: A clinical case study in a patient with dementia.
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Using a Triple Aim Approach to Implement "Less-is-More Together" and Smarter Medicine Strategies in an Interprofessional Outpatient Setting: Protocol for an Observational Study.
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Primary fatty amides in plasma associated with brain amyloid burden, hippocampal volume, and memory in the European Medical Information Framework for Alzheimer's Disease biomarker discovery cohort.
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Medication Management Models for Polymedicated Home-Dwelling Older Adults With Multiple Chronic Conditions: Protocol of a Systematic Review.
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Cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers of neurodegeneration, synaptic integrity, and astroglial activation across the clinical Alzheimer's disease spectrum.
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Do baby boomers feel healthier than earlier cohorts after retirement age? The Lausanne cohort Lc65+ study.
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La relation aidant – aidé : la soutenir, toujours la soutenir
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A metabolite-based machine learning approach to diagnose Alzheimer-type dementia in blood: Results from the European Medical Information Framework for Alzheimer disease biomarker discovery cohort.
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Associations between Frailty and Delirium among Older Patients Admitted to an Emergency Department.
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Délires et hallucinations
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