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Pattern of cognitive deficits in severe COVID-19.
Beaud V., Crottaz-Herbette S., Dunet V., Vaucher J., Bernard-Valnet R., Du Pasquier R., Bart P.A., Clarke S. Journal of neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry. Peer-reviewed.
Combined virtual reality and haptic robotics induce space and movement invariant sensorimotor adaptation.
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Early discrimination of cognitive motor dissociation from disorders of consciousness: pitfalls and clues.
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From statistical regularities in multisensory inputs to peripersonal space representation and body ownership: Insights from a neural network model.
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Network-based fMRI-neurofeedback training of sustained attention.
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The role of physical and rehabilitation medicine in the COVID-19 pandemic: The clinician's view.
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Disability through COVID-19 pandemic: neurorehabilitation cannot wait.
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Electrocorticography Evidence of Tactile Responses in Visual Cortices.
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Neonatal Multisensory Processing in Preterm and Term Infants Predicts Sensory Reactivity and Internalizing Tendencies in Early Childhood.
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Bone Muscle Crosstalk in Spinal Cord Injuries: Pathophysiology and Implications for Patients' Quality of Life.
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COVID-19 pandemic. What should Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine specialists do? A clinician's perspective.
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Selective attention to sound features mediates cross-modal activation of visual cortices.
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Comment faciliter la réinsertion socioprofessionnelle du patient neurolésé ? Outils pour le praticien [How to improve social and professional reinsertion of patients with neurodiabilities ? Practical indications for the general practitioner]
Perret N., González-Morón D., Queijo H., Honorez-Erard I., Attwell C., Ryvlin P., Bovay G., Dorthe D., Newman C.J., Diserens K., 2020/05/06. Revue medicale suisse, 16 (692) pp. 911-914. Peer-reviewed.
Neurorééducation : quelques outils pour le médecin traitant []
Diserens K., Schnider A., 2020/05/06. Revue medicale suisse, 16 (692) p. 883. Peer-reviewed.
Prise en charge de la spasticité : une évaluation interprofessionnelle [Spasticity management: an interprofessional evaluation]
Carda S., Vuadens P., Van Den Keybus K., Diserens K., 2020/05/06. Revue medicale suisse, 16 (692) pp. 904-906. Peer-reviewed.
Syndrome douloureux régional complexe : rôle du système nerveux central et implications pour la prise en charge [Brain function in complex regional pain syndrome : implications for pain management]
Diserens K., Vuadens P., Ghika J., 2020/05/06. Revue medicale suisse, 16 (692) pp. 885-889. Peer-reviewed.
A computational model for grid maps in neural populations.
Anselmi F., Murray M.M., Franceschiello B., 2020/05. Journal of computational neuroscience, 48 (2) pp. 149-159. Peer-reviewed.
European Academy of Neurology guideline on the diagnosis of coma and other disorders of consciousness.
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Spinal Cord Injury as a Model of Bone-Muscle Interactions: Therapeutic Implications From in vitro and in vivo Studies.
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Multisensory Gains in Simple Detection Predict Global Cognition in Schoolchildren.
Denervaud S., Gentaz E., Matusz P.J., Murray M.M., 2020/02/04..
Neurologie [Neurology 2019]
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A brief exposure to rightward prismatic adaptation changes resting-state network characteristics of the ventral attentional system.
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Intensive Care Admission and Early Neuro-Rehabilitation. Lessons for COVID-19?
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Mental Rotation of Digitally-Rendered Haptic Objects by the Visually-Impaired.
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Recovery in cognitive motor dissociation after severe brain injury: A cohort study.
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You or me? Disentangling perspectival, perceptual, and integrative mechanisms in heterotopagnosia.
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Prism adaptation enhances decoupling between the default mode network and the attentional networks.
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Distinct brain representations of processed and unprocessed foods.
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Processing pathways for emotional vocalizations.
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Alpha-blockers for treating neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction in patients with multiple sclerosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis. A report from the Neuro-Urology Promotion Committee of the International Continence Society (ICS).
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Predictive Factors of Swallowing Disorders and Bronchopneumonia in Acute Ischemic Stroke.
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Botulinum Toxin Type A Injection After Failure of Augmentation Enterocystoplasty Performed for Neurogenic Detrusor Overactivity: Preliminary Results of a Salvage Strategy. The ENTEROTOX Study.
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Electrical stimulation of antagonist muscles after botulinum toxin type A for post-stroke spastic equinus foot. A randomized single-blind pilot study.
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Remodelling the attentional system after left hemispheric stroke: Effect of leftward prismatic adaptation.
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Expert attention: Attentional allocation depends on the differential development of multisensory number representations.
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Implicit representation of the auditory space: contribution of the left and right hemispheres.
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Peripersonal space (PPS) as a multisensory interface between the individual and the environment, defining the space of the self.
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Randomized controlled trial protocol to improve multisensory neural processing, language and motor outcomes in preterm infants.
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Brain and Cognitive Mechanisms of Top-Down Attentional Control in a Multisensory World: Benefits of Electrical Neuroimaging.
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Chronotopic maps in human supplementary motor area.
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Motor behavior unmasks residual cognition in disorders of consciousness.
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Families' Needs of Patients With Acquired Brain Injury: Acute Phase and Rehabilitation.
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Neurosensory stimulation outdoors enhances cognition recovery in cognitive motor dissociation: A prospective crossover study.
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Peri-personal space encoding in patients with disorders of consciousness and cognitive-motor dissociation.
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Dysexecutive disorders and their diagnosis: A position paper.
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The involvement of left inferior frontal and middle temporal cortices in word production unveiled by greater facilitation effects following brain damage.
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Indications à un bilan urodynamique et à une antibioprophylaxie avant celui-ci [About the indications to urodynamic studies and to a prior antibioprophylaxy]
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Brain mechanisms for perceiving illusory lines in humans.
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Safety Profile of High-Dose Botulinum Toxin Type A in Post-Stroke Spasticity Treatment.
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Myoglobinuria in two patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy after treatment with zoledronate: a case-report and call for caution.
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A Neural Network Model of Peripersonal Space Representation Around Different Body Parts
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