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Pathways to care in youth and young adults at clinical high risk for psychosis in Switzerland: Current situation and clinical implementation of the PsyYoung project
Bailey Barbara, Solida Alessandra, Andreou Christina, Plessen Kerstin Jessica, Conus Philippe, Mercapide Mathieu, Kasparidi Afrodite, Conchon Caroline, Sprüngli-Toffel Elodie, Genoud Davina et al. Early Intervention in Psychiatry. Peer-reviewed.
Neurocognition and NMDAR Co-agonists Pathways in Individuals with Treatment Resistant First-Episode Psychosis: a 3-year Follow-up Longitudinal Study
Camporesi S., Xin L., Golay P., Eap C. B., Cleusix M., Cuenod M., Fournier M., Hashimoto K., Jenni R., Ramain J. et al. Molecular Psychiatry. Peer-reviewed.
Reduction of DUP in early intervention programs: no pain… almost no gain
Frischherz M., Conus P., Golay P. Early Intervention in Psychiatry. Peer-reviewed.
Statistical Implication Analysis: a novel approach to understand the reciprocal relationships between outcomes in Early Psychosis
Golay P., Abrahamyan Empson L., Mebdouhi N., Conchon C., Bonnarel V., Conus P., Alameda L. Psychological Medicine. Peer-reviewed.
How socioprofessional factors effect serious suicide attemps: a case-control study
Saillant S., Paz J., Golay P., Ostertag L., Costanza A., Van der Vaeren B., Dorogi Y., Michaud L., Guseva-Canu I. Acta Biomedica Atenei Parmensis. Peer-reviewed.
Identification of patterns of hospitalizations in child and adolescent mental health service
Urben S., Golay P., Forte A., Courrousse S., Kapp C., Plessen K.J., Armando M. Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research. Peer-reviewed.
Measurement of perceived pressures in psychiatry: paper-and-pencil and computerized adaptive version of the P-PSY35 scale
Golay Philippe, Martinez Debora, Bachelard Mizué, Silva Benedetta, Brodard Alexandra, Perrin Jonathan, Pedro Fernando Nolan, Renaud Lou-Ann, Bonsack Charles, Morandi Stéphane, 2024/05/10. Annals of General Psychiatry, 23 (18) pp. 1-12. Peer-reviewed.
How do decision making and fairness mediate the relationship between involuntary hospitalisation and perceived coercion among psychiatric inpatients?
Morandi Stéphane, Silva Benedetta, Pauli Guillaume, Martinez Debora, Bachelard Mizué, Bonsack Charles, Golay Philippe, 2024/05. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 173 pp. 98-103. Peer-reviewed.
Impact of a family history of mental disorders on the characteristics of patients with early psychosis
Pöthe Barbara, Conus Philippe, Golay Philippe, 2024/04/04. Early Intervention in Psychiatry. Peer-reviewed.
Good psychiatric management for borderline personality disorder: A qualitative study of its implementation in a supported employment team
Dunand Noëllie, Golay Philippe, Bonsack Charles, Spagnoli Danièle, Pomini Valentino, 2024/03/15. PLOS ONE, 19 (3) pp. e0299514. Peer-reviewed.
Coping profiles of family caregivers of people with schizophrenia: differentiations between parent and sibling caregivers.
Plessis L., Rexhaj S., Golay P., Wilquin H., 2024. Journal of mental health, 33 (2) pp. 244-252. Peer-reviewed.
Kantonale Unterschiede bei der Umsetzung der fürsorgerischen Unterbringung in der Schweiz [Cantonal Differences in The Implementation of Involuntary Admission in Switzerland]
Jäger M., Hotzy F., Traber R., Morandi S., Schneeberger A.R., Spiess M., Ruflin R., Theodoridou A., 2024/01. Psychiatrische Praxis, 51 (1) pp. 24-30. Peer-reviewed.
Paradox of Self-Stigma Scale. Shorter yet accurate measurements with computerised adaptive testing in psychiatry.
Golay P., Martinez D., Bonalumi C., Silva B., Morandi S., Bonsack C., 2024. Swiss Archives of Neurology, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, 175 (1) pp. 12-16. Peer-reviewed.
Proxy measures for the assessment of psychotic and affective symptoms in studies using electronic health records
López-Díaz Álvaro, Palermo-Zeballos Fernanda Jazmín, Gutierrez-Rojas Luis, Alameda Luis, Gotor-Sánchez-Luengo Francisco, Garrido-Torres Nathalia, Métrailler Johann, Alerci Livia, Bonnarel Vincent, Cano-Domínguez Pablo et al., 2024/01. BJPsych Open, 10 (1) pp. 1-9. Peer-reviewed.
How is trauma-related distress experienced and expressed in populations from the Greater Middle East and North Africa? A systematic review of qualitative literature
Hosny Nadine, Bovey Marion, Dutray Felicia, Heim Eva, 2023/12. SSM - Mental Health, 4 p. 100258. Peer-reviewed.
The co-occurrence of manic and depressive dimensions in early psychosis: a latent transition analysis.
Ramain J., Abrahamyan Empson L., Alameda L., Solida A., Elowe J., Mebdouhi N., Conus P., Golay P., 2023/12. Psychological medicine, 53 (16) pp. 7601-7608. Peer-reviewed.
Un outil d'autoévaluation des émotions douloureuses pour mieux accompagner les proches aidants
Fournier Margot, Martinez Debora, Golay Philippe, Monteiro Shadya, Drainville Anne-Laure, Coloni-Terrapon Claire, Buisson Leslie, Favrod Jérôme, Rexhaj Shyhrete, 2023/12. Annales Médico-psychologiques, revue psychiatrique, 181 (10) pp. 880-887. Peer-reviewed.
Introducing "A Question That Might, Perhaps, Scare you": How Geriatric Physicians Approach the Discussion About Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation with Hospitalized Patients.
Sterie A.C., Weber O., Jox R.J., Rubli Truchard E., 2023/11/10. Health communication pp. 1-10. Peer-reviewed.
A better understanding of the impact of childhood trauma on depression in early psychosis: A differential item functioning approach.
Golay P., Abrahamyan Empson L., Mebdouhi N., Conus P., Alameda L., 2023/11. Schizophrenia research, 261 pp. 18-23. Peer-reviewed.
Combien de temps vais-je prendre ce traitement ?
Grunenwald Quentin, Favrod Jérôme, Bonsack Charles, Nguyen Alexandra, 2023/11/01. Santé mentale : le mensuel des équipes soignantes en psychiatrie 282 pp. 16-21.
Measuring the Severity of Objective and Subjective Patient-to-Staff Violence in Psychogeriatric and Adult Psychiatric Wards: A Retrospective Study of Four Swiss Hospitals.
Abbiati M., Golay P., De Maria L.F., Palix J., 2023/11. Issues in mental health nursing, 44 (11) pp. 1142-1149. Peer-reviewed.
«Stand-up Design of Instruction» (STUDI): le stand-up comme modèle pédagogique en santé mentale
Bonsack Charles, 2023/10/18. Swiss Archives of Neurology, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. Peer-reviewed.
Risk and protective factors for recovery at 3-year follow-up after first-episode psychosis onset: a multivariate outcome approach
Serra-Arumí Clara, Golay Philippe, Bonnarel Vincent, Alerci Livia, Abrahamyan Empson Lilith, Conus Philippe, Alameda Luis, 2023/10. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology. Peer-reviewed.
Exploring Patients' Feeling of Being Coerced During Psychiatric Hospital Admission: A Qualitative Study.
Silva B., Bachelard M., Bonsack C., Golay P., Morandi S., 2023/09. The Psychiatric quarterly, 94 (3) pp. 411-434. Peer-reviewed.
Interpreter-mediated psychiatric assessments: Metacommunication as key.
Weber O., Klemp J., Chmetz F., Daliani A., Diserens E.A., Faucherre F., 2023/08. Transcultural psychiatry, 60 (4) pp. 626-636. Peer-reviewed.
Une patiente-chercheuse en psychiatrie : le rôle de l’expérience vécue dans la production de savoirs [A patient-researcher in psychiatry: the role of lived experience in the production of knowledge]
Bachelard Mizué, Bonsack Charles, Silva Benedetta, Morandi Stéphane, Golay Philippe, 2023/07/12. Revue medicale suisse, 19 (835) pp. 1379-1381. Peer-reviewed.
Patients with first-episode psychosis. The impact of established risk factors for psychosis on the 3-year outcomes
Golay Philippe, Reitzel Elsa, Conus Philippe, 2023/06/14. Swiss Archives of Neurology, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, 174 (3) pp. 88-92. Peer-reviewed.
Characterization of early psychosis patients carrying a genetic vulnerability to redox dysregulation: a computational analysis of mechanism-based gene expression profile in fibroblasts.
Giangreco B., Dwir D., Klauser P., Jenni R., Golay P., Cleusix M., Baumann P.S., Cuénod M., Conus P., Toni N. et al., 2023/05. Molecular psychiatry, 28 (5) pp. 1983-1994. Peer-reviewed.
Evolution of impulsivity levels in relation to early cannabis use in violent patients in the early phase of psychosis
Dan-Glauser Elise, Framorando David, Solida-Tozzi Alessandra, Golay Philippe, Gholam M. Mehdi, Alameda Luis, Conus Philippe, Moulin Valerie, 2023/05. Psychological Medicine, 53 (7) pp. 3210-3219. Peer-reviewed.
Involuntary admissions to the emergency department: a retrospective observational study.
Beysard N., Jaquerod X., Morandi S., Gasser J., Carron P.N., 2023/04/27. Swiss medical weekly, 153 p. 40063. Peer-reviewed.
Two clinicians for one patient, is it worth it? Patients' perspective on receiving treatment from a pair of clinicians, in a psychiatric emergency and crisis unit.
Dedeystère Pobelov C., Weber O., Krenz S., Dorogi Y., Michaud L., 2023/04/27. Annals of general psychiatry, 22 (1) p. 17. Peer-reviewed.
Dialogue entre expérience vécue et saillance aberrante dans la psychose : une étude qualitative
Bachelard M., Silva B., Garcia Gonzalez De Ara C., Bonnarel V., Bonsack C., 2023/04. Swiss Archives of Neurology, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, 2023 (174) pp. w03267. Peer-reviewed.
Interactions between mood and paranoid symptoms affect suicidality in first-episode affective psychoses.
Ramain J., Conus P., Golay P., 2023/04. Schizophrenia research, 254 pp. 62-67. Peer-reviewed.
The differential impact of duration of untreated psychosis on functioning and quality of life: A threshold analysis.
Golay P., Ramain J., Mebdouhi N., Abrahamyan Empson L., Elowe J., Solida A., Conus P., 2023/04. Early intervention in psychiatry, 17 (4) pp. 354-360. Peer-reviewed.
Feeling coerced during voluntary and involuntary psychiatric hospitalisation: A review and meta-aggregation of qualitative studies.
Silva B., Bachelard M., Amoussou J.R., Martinez D., Bonalumi C., Bonsack C., Golay P., Morandi S., 2023/02. Heliyon, 9 (2) pp. e13420. Peer-reviewed.
A randomized controlled trial of a targeted support program for informal caregivers in adult psychiatry.
Rexhaj S., Martinez D., Golay P., Coloni-Terrapon C., Monteiro S., Buisson L., Drainville A.L., Bonsack C., Ismailaj A., Nguyen A. et al., 2023. Frontiers in psychiatry, 14 p. 1284096. Peer-reviewed.
Association between perceived coercion and perceived level of information in involuntarily admitted patients: Results from a multicenter observational study in Switzerland.
Hotzy F., Spiess M., Ruflin R., Schneeberger A., Traber R., Morandi S., Jaeger M., Theodoridou A., 2023. International journal of law and psychiatry, 91 p. 101934. Peer-reviewed.
Individual Placement and Support effectiveness for personality disorders compared with other mental disorders: A retrospective study
Dunand N., Golay P., Bonsack C., Spagnoli D., Pomini V., 2023. Swiss Archives for Neurology, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, 174 (1) pp. 20-25. Peer-reviewed.
Les douleurs chroniques à l'âge avancé: en parler ou non?
Singy Pascal, Merminod Gilles, Orest Weber, Semlali Imane, Terrier Anamaria, Rubli Truchard Eve, Decosterd Isabelle, 2023., BIL.
Parler des douleurs chroniques à l’âge avancé
Merminod Gilles, Semlali Imane, Weber Orest, Rubli Truchard Eve, Terrier Anamaria, Decosterd Isabelle, Singy Pascal, 2023. La Gazette médicale, 12 (7) pp. 24-25.
Stand-up-comedy inspired experiential learning for connecting emotions and cognitions in healthcare education: A pilot study
Bonsack C., Favrod J., Berney A., Sohrmann M., Frobert L., Nguyen A., 2022/12/29. Innovations in Education and Teaching International. Peer-reviewed.
Satisfaction and Perceived Coercion in Voluntary Hospitalisations: Impact of Past Coercive Experiences.
Martinez D., Brodard A., Silva B., Diringer O., Bonsack C., Morandi S., Golay P., 2022/12. The Psychiatric quarterly, 93 (4) pp. 971-984. Peer-reviewed.
Validation psychométrique d'une échelle française d'auto-stigmatisation auprès d'un échantillon de patients souffrant de troubles mentaux : la Self-Stigma Scale-Short (SSS-S) [Psychometric validation of a French self-stigma scale on a sample of patients suffering from mental disorders: The Self-Stigma Scale-Short (SSS-S)]
Golay P., Martinez D., Silva B., Morandi S., Bonsack C., 2022/11. Annales Médico-psychologiques, revue psychiatrique, 180 (9) pp. 899-904. Peer-reviewed.
When to discharge and when to voluntary or compulsory hospitalize? Factors associated with treatment decision after self-harm.
Michaud L., Berva S., Ostertag L., Costanza A., Van der Vaeren B., Dorogi Y., Saillant S., Golay P., Morandi S., 2022/11. Psychiatry research, 317 p. 114810. Peer-reviewed.
Recherche sur les services et systèmes de santé en psychiatrie - Le défi systémique du virage ambulatoire en psychiatrie [Health services and systems research in psychiatry - The systemic challenge of the ambulatory shift in psychiatry]
Golay P., Michaud L., Bonsack C., 2022/09/21. Revue medicale suisse, 18 (796) pp. 1733-1739. Peer-reviewed.
Patterns of Service Use in Intensive Case Management: A Six Year Longitudinal Study.
Golay P., Bonsack C., Silva B., Pauli G., de Boer E., Morandi S., 2022/09. Administration and policy in mental health, 49 (5) pp. 798-809. Peer-reviewed.
Dynamics between insight and medication adherence in first-episode psychosis: Study of 3-year trajectories.
Elowe J., Ramain J., Solida A., Conus P., Golay P., 2022/08/15. European psychiatry, 65 (1) pp. e49. Peer-reviewed.
Grouping affective psychoses in early intervention: Justification for specific treatment guidelines
Ramain Julie, Conus Philippe, Golay Philippe, 2022/08. Psychiatry Research, 314 p. 114690. Peer-reviewed.
Symptom dimensions stability over time in recent onset psychosis: A prospective study.
Golay P., Ramain J., Abrahamyan Empson L., Mebdouhi N., Elowe J., Solida A., Conus P., 2022/08. Schizophrenia research, 246 pp. 126-131. Peer-reviewed.
Evidence of mediation of severity of anxiety and depressive symptoms between abuse and positive symptoms of psychosis.
Alameda L., Conus P., Ramain J., Solida A., Golay P., 2022/06. Journal of psychiatric research, 150 pp. 353-359. Peer-reviewed.
Faire de nécessité vertu: parcours vers une sociolinguistique appliquée
Merminod Gilles, Weber Orest, 2022/06/01. pp. 11-18 dans Langues, médecine et société: mélanges en l'honneur de Pascal Singy, Lambert Lucas.
Langues, médecine et société: mélanges en l'honneur de Pascal Singy
Merminod Gilles, Weber Orest, Wenger Vincent (eds.), 2022/06/01., Lambert Lucas.
Factors Influencing the Decision to Vaccinate against HPV amongst a Population of Female Health Students.
Nicolet L., Viviano M., Dickson C., Jeannot E., 2022/04/25. Vaccines, 10 (5) p. 680. Peer-reviewed.
Talking about chronic pain in family settings: a glimpse of older persons' everyday realities.
Merminod G., Weber O., Semlali I., Terrier A., Decosterd I., Rubli Truchard E., Singy P., 2022/04/23. BMC geriatrics, 22 (1) p. 358. Peer-reviewed.
"Do you want us to try to resuscitate?": Conversational practices generating patient decisions regarding cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
Sterie A.C., Weber O., Jox R.J., Rubli Truchard E., 2022/04. Patient education and counseling, 105 (4) pp. 887-894. Peer-reviewed.
Facteurs individuels et contextuels participant à l’apparition de comportements violents en cours d’hospitalisations psychiatriques [Individual and contextual factors associated with violent behaviours during psychiatric hospitalizations]
Camus D., Gholam M., Conus P., Bonsack C., Gasser J., Moulin V., 2022/04. L'Encephale, 48 (2) pp. 155-162. Peer-reviewed.
Exploring the clinical relevance of a dichotomy between affective and non-affective psychosis: Results from a first-episode psychosis cohort study.
Ramain J., Conus P., Golay P., 2022/02. Early intervention in psychiatry, 16 (2) pp. 168-177. Peer-reviewed.
Ability to Care for an Ill Loved One During the First COVID-19 Lockdown: Mediators of Informal Caregivers' Stress in Europe.
Monteiro S., Fournier M., Favrod J., Drainville A.L., Plessis L., Freudiger S., Skuza K., Tripalo C., Franck N., Lebas M.C. et al., 2022. Frontiers in psychiatry, 13 p. 852712. Peer-reviewed.
Correlates of full adherence to integrated treatment in early psychosis: a three year prospective study
Golay P., Ezzat D., Conus P., 2022. Swiss Archives of Neurology, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, 173 (w10098). Peer-reviewed.
Perceived fairness as main determinant of patients' satisfaction with care during psychiatric hospitalisation: An observational study.
Silva B., Pauli G., Diringer O., Morandi S., Bonsack C., Golay P., 2022. International journal of law and psychiatry, 82 p. 101793. Peer-reviewed.
Socio-Professional Factors and Serious Suicide Attempt (SSA): A Case-Control Study
Saillant Stéphane, Paz José, Golay Philippe, Ostertag Louise, Costanza Alessandra, Van der Vaeren Bénédicte, Dorogi Yves, Michaud Laurent, Guseva Canu Irina, 2022/01. pp. S276-S277 dans Abstracts of the 33rd International Congress on Occupational Health 2022 (ICOH 2022) 6–10 February 2022, Safety and Health at Work.
Subtyping based on premorbid profile: A strategy to personalize treatment in first-episode affective psychosis.
Ramain J., Conus P., Golay P., 2022/01. Early intervention in psychiatry, 16 (1) pp. 51-60. Peer-reviewed.
Six months functional response to early psychosis intervention program best predicts outcome after three years.
Golay P., Ramain J., Jenni R., Klauser P., Mebdouhi N., Conus P., Solida A., 2021/12. Schizophrenia research, 238 pp. 62-69. Peer-reviewed.
French validation of the M-Back questionnaire: assessing clinicians' knowledge about metabolic syndrome in psychiatry
Golay P., Calderoni M., Eap C. B., Conus P., 2021/10/10. Swiss Archives of Neurology, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, 105 (w10011). Peer-reviewed.
Topology predicts long-term functional outcome in early psychosis.
Fournier M., Scolamiero M., Gholam-Rezaee M.M., Cleusix M., Jenni R., Ferrari C., Golay P., Baumann P.S., Cuenod M., Conus P. et al., 2021/09. Molecular psychiatry, 26 (9) pp. 5335-5346. Peer-reviewed.
Specific aspects of aberrant salience: comparison between patients with or without psychosis and healthy participants
Martinez Debora, Laloyaux Julien, Favrod Jérome, Silva Benedetta, Della Libera Clara, Larøi Frank, Bonsack Charles, Golay Philippe, 2021/07/28. Swiss Archives of Neurology, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, 172 (w03215). Peer-reviewed.
Predicting involuntary hospitalization in psychiatry: A machine learning investigation.
Silva B., Gholam M., Golay P., Bonsack C., Morandi S., 2021/07/08. European psychiatry, 64 (1) pp. e48. Peer-reviewed.
Cultural competency and sensitivity in the curriculum for palliative care professionals: a survey in Switzerland.
Weber O., Semlali I., Gamondi C., Singy P., 2021/06/04. BMC medical education, 21 (1) p. 318. Peer-reviewed.
Recovering the Capacity to Live outside of a Psychiatric Hospital: Impact of a Specialized Inpatient Program.
Lequin P., Golay P., Herrera F., Brisard M.A., Conus P., 2021/06. The Psychiatric quarterly, 92 (2) pp. 751-759. Peer-reviewed.
Traumatisme sexuel ou physique dans l’enfance : quel impact sur l’évolution d’un premier épisode psychotique ? [Sexual and physical abuse during childhood; what is the impact on outcome in first episode psychosis patients?]
Thonney J., Conus P., Golay P., 2021/06. L'Encephale, 47 (3) pp. 215-220. Peer-reviewed.
Work-related burnout among personnel at a university hospital: identifying quantitative and qualitative differences using latent class analysis.
Besse C.S., Bonsack C., Gilles I., Golay P., 2021/06. Journal of mental health, 30 (3) pp. 388-399. Peer-reviewed.
Patients with first versus multiple episodes of self-harm: how do their profiles differ?
Golay P., Ostertag L., Costanza A., Van der Vaeren B., Dorogi Y., Saillant S., Michaud L., 2021/05/13. Annals of general psychiatry, 20 (1) p. 30. Peer-reviewed.
Honnête, ouvert, prêt (HOP) ! Acceptabilité et faisabilité de la version française d'un programme d'auto-déstigmatisation de la maladie psychique
Pellet Joanie, Suter Caroline, Nguyen Alexandra, Brana Armando, Gavillet Angélique, Ismailaj Alban, Bonsack Charles, Favrod Jérôme, 2021/04. Annales Médico-psychologiques, revue psychiatrique, 179 (4) pp. 317-322.
Measuring the paradox of self-stigma: psychometric properties of a brief scale.
Golay P., Moga M., Devas C., Staecheli M., Poisat Y., Israël M., Suter C., Silva B., Morandi S., Ferrari P. et al., 2021/01/19. Annals of general psychiatry, 20 (1) p. 5. Peer-reviewed.
Communication About Chronic Pain in Older Persons' Social Networks: Study Protocol of a Qualitative Approach.
Merminod G., Weber O., Vaucher C., Semlali I., Terrier A., Decosterd I., Rubli Truchard E., Singy P., 2021. Frontiers in public health, 9 p. 764584. Peer-reviewed.
Mental health professionals' feelings and attitudes towards coercion.
Morandi S., Silva B., Mendez Rubio M., Bonsack C., Golay P., 2021. International journal of law and psychiatry, 74 p. 101665. Peer-reviewed.
Mon patient est un héros ! L’approche mythologique dans le contexte de la réinsertion professionnelle des patients
Moratal J., Spagnoli D., Golay P., 2021. Information Psychiatrique, 97 (6) pp. 497-504. Peer-reviewed.
The Joint Crisis Plan: A Powerful Tool to Promote Mental Health.
Lequin P., Ferrari P., Suter C., Milovan M., Besse C., Silva B., Golay P., Bonsack C., Favrod J., 2021. Frontiers in psychiatry, 12 p. 621436. Peer-reviewed.
“Do resuscitate me but no futile care”: The use of the formula « futile care » in medical interviews
Wenger Vincent, Rubli Truchard Eve, Weber Orest, Jacquin Jérôme, Sterie Anca, 2021..
La contrainte en psychiatrie
Bachelard Mizu, 2020/12/16. Swiss Archives of Neurology, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. Peer-reviewed.
Rate and predictors of disengagement in an early psychosis program with time limited intensification of treatment.
Golay P., Ramain J., Reiff C., Solida A., Baumann P.S., Conus P., 2020/12. Journal of psychiatric research, 131 pp. 33-38. Peer-reviewed.
Saillance aberrante et production délirante
Bonsack Charles, Nguyen Alexandra, Frobert Laurent, Favrod Jérôme, 2020/12/01. Santé Mentale : le mensuel des soignants en psychiatrie 283 pp. 18-23.
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Pour une prise en soins globale et intégrative
Brandt Pierre-Yves, 2020/11/12. pp. 9-19 dans Ansen Zeder Elisabeth, Brandt Pierre-Yves, Besson Jacques (eds.) Clinique du sens, Editions des Archives Contemporaineas.
Clinique du sens
Ansen Zeder Elisabeth, Brandt Pierre-Yves, Besson Jacques (eds.), 2020/10/01., Editions des archives contemporaines.
Consultation «Travail et souffrance» : indicateurs et bilan d’activité
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Introducing Cross-Cultural Education in Palliative Care: Focus Groups With Experts on Practical Strategies
Imane Semlali, Emmanuel Tamches, Pascal Singy, Orest Weber, 2020/09/15..
Programme sentinelle : exemple de prévention du suicide auprès d’une population agricole en Suisse [Sentinel program: Example of suicide prevention for an agricultural population in Switzerland]
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Vécu psychotique et saillance aberrante
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Ensemble programme for early intervention in informal caregivers of psychiatric adult patients: a protocol for a randomised controlled trial.
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Urban remediation: a new recovery-oriented strategy to manage urban stress after first-episode psychosis.
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Corrigendum to 'Linking empathy to visuospatial perspective-taking in gambling addiction' Psychiatry Research 250 (2017) 177‒184.
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Increasing tips in less than two hours: Impact of a training intervention on the amount of tips received by restaurant employees
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Psychiatrie [Psychiatry: novelties in 2019]
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Défis et stratégies de l’interprétariat en psychiatrie: un matériel didactique pour former les interprètes à la précision des restitutions et à la métacommunication
Weber Orest, Faucherre Florence, 2020..
Entretiens avec interprètes en santé mentale : un projet multidisciplinaire d’analyse des pratiques et de formation
Weber Orest, 2020. Bulletin de l'Institut de Linguistique (Lausanne), 31 pp. 81-103.
La formation des interprètes pour leurs interventions en santé mentale : développement d’un dossier pédagogique
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L’interprétariat dans la santé : études linguistiques de terrain et activités de formation
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Moderating role of cannabis use between insight and depression in early psychosis.
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Propensity to decide on involuntary hospitalisation in primary medical care: Dispositional or situational determinants?
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Protective Factor Assessments: What Are We Measuring?—An Investigation of the Internal Validity of the Structured Assessment of Protective Factors for Violence Risk
Abbiati Milena, Golay Philippe, Gasser Jacques, Moulin Valerie, 2020. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 47 (4) pp. 383-398. Peer-reviewed.
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