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Publications 2016 (72)

Age-related changes in post-movement beta synchronization during a selective inhibition task
Sallard Etienne, Tallet Jessica, Thut Gregor, Deiber Marie-Pierre, Barral Jérôme, 2016-12. Experimental Brain Research, 234 (12) pp. 3543-3553.
[ DOI ]
Les politiques d'itorero au Rwanda. Un dispositif éducatif et guerrier à l'épreuve de la reconstruction nationale
T. Riot, H. Boistelle, N. Bancel , 2016-12. Tiers Monde, 228 pp. 59-79 . Peer-reviewed.
Sport marketing professionals' expertise and knowledge on consumer behaviour
Ohl F., Tribou G., 2016-12. pp. 231-242 dans Nicolas Ch., Chadwick S., Desbordes M. (eds.)Routledge handbook of Sport Marketing chap. 17, Routledge.
Enhanced Respiratory Chain Supercomplex Formation in Response to Exercise in Human Skeletal Muscle.
Greggio C., Jha P., Kulkarni S.S., Lagarrigue S., Broskey N.T., Boutant M., Wang X., Conde Alonso S., Ofori E., Auwerx J. et al., 2016-11-28. Cell metabolism.
[ DOI ]
Effect Of High-intensity Interval Training On Insulin Quality In Participants With Metabolic Syndrome
Ramos J.S., Dalleck L.C., Borrani F., Fassett R.G., Keating S.E., Coombes J.S., 2016-11. Medicine and Science In Sports and Exercise, 48 (5 Suppl 1) p. 642.
[ DOI ]
Conversion to bodybuilding
Coquet R., Ohl F., Roussel P., 2016-10. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 51 (7) pp. 817-832 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
A neuro-phenomenological approach in sport : developing a mobile and reliable EEG acquisition system to study athletes' feelings and sensations during sport performance in a real world settings
Hagin V., Hauw D., Staderini E.M., Zosso A., Chavarriaga R., Millán J.R., 2016-09. dans Journée d'Affaires du Centre Ra&D, Innovation et Transfert Technologique de la HEIG-VD.
Do maximal aerobic power and anaerobic capacity start really to decrease at the fourth decade of life?
Borrani F., Millet G.P., 2016-09. European Journal of Applied Physiology pp. 1-2 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
L'odyssée du sport universitaire lausannois : entre compétition et sport-santé
Quin G., 2016-09. , Glyphe.
Elite volleyball coaches' experience using a statistical information system
Gesbert V., Carrel J., Antonini Philippe R., Hauw D., 2016-08. International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport, 16 (2) pp. 612-632.
Fitness Is Independently Associated with Central Hemodynamics in Metabolic Syndrome
Ramos J.S., Ramos M.V., Dalleck L.C., Borrani F., Walker K.B., Fassett R.G., Sharman J.E., Coombes J.S., 2016-08. Medicine and Science In Sports and Exercise, 48 (8) pp. 1539-47.
[ DOI ]
Hamstring Architectural and Functional Adaptations Following Long vs. Short Muscle Length Eccentric Training.
Guex K., Degache F., Morisod C., Sailly M., Millet G.P., 2016-08. Frontiers In Physiology, 7 (340) p. 340 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
Shear-Wave Elastography Assessments of Quadriceps Stiffness Changes prior to, during and after Prolonged Exercise: A Longitudinal Study during an Extreme Mountain Ultra-Marathon
Andonian P., Viallon M., Le Goff C., de Bourguignon C., Tourel C., Morel J., Giardini G., Gergele L., Millet G. P., Croisille P., 2016-08. PLoS One, 11 (8) pp. NA . Peer-reviewed.
Commentaries on Viewpoint: Time for a new metric for hypoxic dose?
Millet G. P., Brocherie F., Girard O., Wehrlin J. P., Troesch S., Hauser A., Steiner T., Peltonen J. E., Rusko H. K., Constantini K. et al., 2016-07. Journal of Applied Physiology (1985), 121 (1) pp. 356-358 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
Running Mechanics During the World's Most Challenging Mountain Ultramarathon
Degache F., Morin J.-B., Oehen L., Guex K., Giardini G., Schena F., Millet G. Y., Millet G. P., 2016-07. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 11 (5) pp. 608-614 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
Building Europe with the Ball : Turning Points in the Europeanization of Football, 1905-1995
Vonnard P., Quin G., Bancel N. (eds.), 2016-06. 249, Peter Lang.
Central Europe Rules European Football : The 'Golden Age' of Regional Connections in European Football (1926-1938)
Quin G., 2016-06. pp. 53-73 dans Vonnard P., Quin G., Bancel N. (eds.)Building Europe with a Ball : Turning Points in the Europeanization of Football, 1905-1995, Peter Lang.
Introduction : Studying the Europeanization of Football in Historical Perspective
Bancel N., Quin G., Vonnard P., 2016-06. pp. 1-18 dans Vonnard P., Quin G., Bancel N. (eds.)Building Europe with a Ball : Turning Points in the Europeanization of Football, 1905-1995, Peter Lang.
Therapeutic Use of Exercising in Hypoxia: Promises and Limitations
Millet G.P., Debevec T., Brocherie F., Malatesta D., Girard O., 2016-06. Front Physiol, 10 (7) p. 224 . Peer-reviewed.
Accuracy and Reliability of a New Tennis Ball Machine
Brechbuhl C., Millet G., Schmitt L., 2016-05. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, 15 (2) pp. 263-267 . Peer-reviewed.
The African Turning Point in European football: Immigration Experiences from Cameroonian and Algerian Footballers in France during the 1980s
Berthoud J., Frenkiel S., 2016-05. pp. 201-222 dans Vonnard P., Quin G., Bancel N. (eds.)Building Europe with the Ball. Turning Points in the Europeanization of Football, 1905-1995, Bern: Peter Lang.
[ DOI ]
Le football suisse : des pionniers aux professionnels
Berthoud J., Quin G., Vonnard P., 2016-04. , Presses Polytechniques et Universitaires Romandes.
Troubles du comportement alimentaire (TCA), sports de remise en forme et motivations de pratique = Fitness sports, sport motives and eating disorders
Allain M., Lentillon V., Ohl F., 2016-04. Movement & Sport Sciences : Science & Motricité 91 pp. 51-63 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
Alterations in energy balance from an exercise intervention with ad libitum food intake.
Melzer K., Renaud A., Zurbuchen S., Tschopp C., Lehmann J., Malatesta D., Ruch N., Schutz Y., Kayser B., Mäder U., 2016-03. Journal of Nutritional Science, 5 (5) pp. e7 . Peer-reviewed.
Analyse psychologique des programmes d'éducation antidopage
Hauw D., Mohamed S., 2016-02. pp. 209-230 dans Hauw D. (eds.)Psychologie du dopage chap. 12, De Boeck.
Image du corps et fitness attitude : une approche clinique et psychopathologique du dopage
Bilard J., Hauw D., 2016-02. pp. 161-188 dans Hauw D. (eds.)Psychologie du dopage chap. 10, De Boeck.
Le cours d'action et le dopage
Hauw D., 2016-02. pp. 189-206 dans Hauw D. (eds.)Psychologie du dopage chap. 11, De Boeck.
Les méthodes d'analyse en psychologie du dopage
Hauw D., 2016-02. pp. 93-134 dans Hauw D. (eds.)Psychologie du dopage chap. 7, De Boeck.
Les programmes de recherche en psychologie du dopage
Hauw D., 2016-02. pp. 77-92 dans Hauw D. (eds.)Psychologie du dopage chap. 6, De Boeck.
Psychologie du dopage
Hauw D., 2016-02. 331, De Boeck.
Reply to letter: The role of participation sampling and statistical analysis in medical research.
Henchoz Y., Soldini N., Peyrot N., Malatesta D., 2016-02. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 116 (2) pp. 441-442 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
Walking-induced muscle fatigue impairs postural control in adolescents with unilateral spastic cerebral palsy.
Vitiello D., Pochon L., Malatesta D., Girard O., Newman C.J., Degache F., 2016-02. Research In Developmental Disabilities, 53-54 (54) pp. 11-18 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
12 min/week of high-intensity interval training reduces aortic reservoir pressure in individuals with metabolic syndrome: a randomized trial.
Ramos J.S., Dalleck L.C., Ramos M.V., Borrani F., Roberts L., Gomersall S., Beetham K.S., Dias K.A., Keating S.E., Fassett R.G. et al., 2016. Journal of Hypertension, 34 (10) pp. 1977-1987 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
A pilot study on quantification of training load: The use of HRV in training practice.
Saboul D., Balducci P., Millet G., Pialoux V., Hautier C., 2016. European journal of sport science, 16 (2) pp. 172-181 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
Biomechanical Changes During a 50-minute Run in Different Footwear and on Various Slopes.
Lussiana T., Hébert-Losier K., Millet G. P., Mourot L., 2016. Journal of Applied Biomechanics, 32 (1) pp. 40-49 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
Changes in running mechanics over 100-m, 200-m and 400-m treadmill sprints
Girard O., Brocherie F., Tomazin K., Farooq A., Morin J.B., 2016. Journal of Biomechanics, 49 (9) pp. 1490-1497 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
Circadian variation of salivary immunoglobin A, alpha-amylase activity and mood in response to repeated double-poling sprints in hypoxia.
Born D.P., Faiss R., Willis S.J., Strahler J., Millet G.P., Holmberg H.C., Sperlich B., 2016. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 116 (1) pp. 1-10 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
Comparison of Sleep Disorders between Real and Simulated 3,450-m Altitude
Heinzer R., Saugy J.J., Rupp T., Tobback N., Faiss R., Bourdillon N., Rubio J.H., Millet G.P., 2016. Sleep, 39 (8) pp. 1517-23 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
Cycling Time Trial Is More Altered in Hypobaric than Normobaric Hypoxia
Saugy J.J., Rupp T., Faiss R., Lamon A., Bourdillon N., Millet G.P., 2016. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 48 (4) pp. 680-688 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
Effects of glenoid inclination and acromion index on humeral head translation and glenoid articular cartilage strain
Engelhardt C., Farron A., Becce F., Place N., Pioletti D. P., Terrier A., 2016. J Shoulder Elbow Surg.
[ DOI ]
Exercise performed immediately after fructose ingestion enhances fructose oxidation and suppresses fructose storage.
Egli L., Lecoultre V., Cros J., Rosset R., Marques A.S., Schneiter P., Hodson L., Gabert L., Laville M., Tappy L., 2016. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 103 (2) pp. 348-355 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
Exercising in hypoxia as an innovative treatment
Millet G.P., Girard O., Malatesta D., Debevec T., Mekjavic I.B., 2016. Journal of physiology pp. 1-15 . Peer-reviewed.
Exposure to hypobaric hypoxia results in higher oxidative stress compared to normobaric hypoxia.
Ribon A., Pialoux V., Saugy J.J., Rupp T., Faiss R., Debevec T., Millet G.P., 2016. Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology, 223 pp. 23-27 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
Expériences et effets biographiques du sport adapté de haut niveau : étude de trajectoires sportives et professionnelles d'athlètes catégorisés comme ayant une déficience intellectuelle
Beldame Y., Lantz E., Marcellini A., 2016. ALTER European journal of disability research, 10 (3) pp. 248-262 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
External Mechanical Work and Pendular Energy Transduction of Overground and Treadmill Walking in Adolescents with Unilateral Cerebral Palsy
Zollinger M., Degache F., Currat G., Pochon L., Peyrot N., Newman C.J., Malatesta D., 2016. Frontiers In Physiology, 7 p. 121 . Peer-reviewed.
FemHab: The effects of bed rest and hypoxia on oxidative stress in healthy women.
Debevec T., Pialoux V., Ehrström S., Ribon A., Eiken O., Mekjavic I.B., Millet G.P., 2016. Journal of Applied Physiology (bethesda, Md. : 1985), 120 (8) pp. 930-938 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
Figures et ambivalences du sport paralympique
Marcellini Anne, 2016. pp. 61-68 dans Queval Isabelle (eds.)Du souci de soi au sport augmenté. Essais sur le corps entraîné, dopé, appareillé. chap. , Presses des Mines.
Front-crawl stroke descriptors variability assessment for skill characterisation
Dadashi F., Millet G. P., Aminian K., 2016. Journal of Sports Sciences, 34 (15) pp. 1405-1412 . Peer-reviewed.
Heat acclimatization does/does not improve exercise performance in a cool condition: Relevance for sprint performance
Brocherie F., Millet G.P., Girard O., 2016. Journal of physiology pp. 1-6 . Peer-reviewed.
Henri Delaunay (1883-1955)
Quin G. Vonnard P., 2016. La Gazette Coubertin, 44-45 pp. 17-19.
High Altitude Increases Alteration in Maximal Torque but Not in Rapid Torque Development in Knee Extensors after Repeated Treadmill Sprinting.
Girard O., Brocherie F., Millet G.P., 2016. Frontiers In Physiology, 7 p. 97 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
High Intensity Interval versus Moderate Intensity Continuous Training in obese individuals: a complementary view in real world setting
Malatesta D., Lanzi S., 2016-01. The Journal of Physiology pp. 1-15 . Peer-reviewed.
How did UEFA Govern the European Turning Point in Football? UEFA, the European Champion Clubs' Cup and the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup Projects (1954-1959)
Vonnard P., 2016. pp. 165-186 dans Vonnard P., Quin G., Bancel N. (eds.)Bulding Europe with the Ball : Turning Points in the Europeanization of Football, 1905-1995 chap. 7, Peter Lang.
Influence on Strength and Flexibility of a Swing Phase-Specific Hamstring Eccentric Program in Sprinters' General Preparation
Guex K. J., Lugrin V., Borloz S., Millet G. P., 2016. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 30 (2) pp. 525-532 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
Intrasession and Intersession Reliability of Running Mechanics During Treadmill Sprints
Girard O., Brocherie F., Morin J. B., Millet G. P., 2016. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 11 (4) pp. 432-9 . Peer-reviewed.
Jules Rimet (1873-1956)
Quin G. Vonnard P., 2016. La Gazette Coubertin, 44-45 pp. 9-11.
Mechanical Alterations to Repeated Treadmill Sprints in Normobaric Hypoxia.
Brocherie F., Millet G.P., Morin J.B., Girard O., 2016. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 48 (8) pp. 1570-1579 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
Motivation et sport. Préparation mentale et psychologie du sport
Paquet Y., Antonini Philipe R., Legrain P., Rosnet E., Hauw N., Martin-Krumm C., 2016. pp. 57-161 dans Psychologie, pédagogie et santé du sportif, Paris : Dunod.
Movement-Related Cortical Potential Amplitude Reduction after Cycling Exercise Relates to the Extent of Neuromuscular Fatigue.
Spring J.N., Place N., Borrani F., Kayser B., Barral J., 2016. Frontiers In Human Neuroscience, 10 (135) p. 257 . Peer-reviewed.
On the Use of a Test to Exhaustion Specific to Tennis (TEST) with Ball Hitting by Elite Players.
Brechbuhl C., Girard O., Millet G.P., Schmitt L., 2016. Plos One, 11 (4) pp. e0152389 . Peer-reviewed.
Optimal slopes and speeds in uphill ski mountaineering : a field study
Praz C., Fasel B., Vuistiner P., Aminian K., Kayser B., 2016. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 116 (10) pp. 2017-2024 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
Progressive and biphasic cardiac responses during extreme mountain ultramarathon
Maufrais C., Millet G. P., Schuster I., Rupp T., Nottin S., 2016. American journal of physiology : Heart and circulatory physiology, 310 (10) pp. H1340-8 . Peer-reviewed.
Psychometric properties of the French-Language version of the Performance Enhancement Attitude Scale (PEAS)
Hauw D., Crettaz von Roten F., Mohamed S., Antonini Philippe R., 2016-01. Revue Européenne de Psychologie Appliquée = European Review of Applied Psychology, 66 (1) pp. 15-21 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
Putting together first- and third-person approaches for sport activity analysis : The case of ultra-trail runners' performance analysis
Hauw D., Rochat N., Gesbert V., Astolfi T., Antonini Philippe R., Mariani B., 2016. pp. 49-59 dans Salmon P., Macquet A.-C. (eds.)Advances in Human Factors in Sports and Outdoor Recreation, Springer International Publishing Switzerland.
[ DOI ]
Rapport au corps et engagement dans les activités physiques chez les personnes touchées par l'obésité
Marcellini A., Perera E., Rodhain A., Ferez S., 2016. Santé Publique, HS (S1) pp. 117-125 . Peer-reviewed.
Wehrlin J.P., Hauser A., Schmitt L., Troesch S., Saugy J. J., Cejula-Anta R., Faiss R., Robinson N., Millet G.P., 2016. Medicine and Science In Sports and Exercise, 48 (7) pp. 1426-1427 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
Running mechanical alterations during repeated treadmill sprints in hot versus hypoxic environments : a pilot study.
Girard O., Brocherie F., Morin J.B., Millet G.P., 2016. Journal of Sports Sciences, 34 (12) pp. 1190-1198 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
Same Performance Changes after Live High-Train Low in Normobaric vs. Hypobaric Hypoxia.
Saugy J.J., Schmitt L., Hauser A., Constantin G., Cejuela R., Faiss R., Wehrlin J.P., Rosset J., Robinson N., Millet G.P., 2016. Frontiers In Physiology, 7 (138) p. 138 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
Similar Hemoglobin Mass Response in Hypobaric and Normobaric Hypoxia in Athletes
Hauser A., Schmitt L., Troesch S., Saugy J.J., Cejuela-Anta R., Faiss R., Robinson N., Wehrlin J.P., Millet G.P., 2016. Medicine and Science In Sports and Exercise, 48 (4) pp. 734-741 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
Sleep Disordered Breathing During Live High-Train Low in Normobaric Versus Hypobaric Hypoxia
Saugy J.J., Schmitt L., Fallet S., Faiss R., Vesin J.M., Bertschi M., Heinzer R., Millet G.P., 2016. High Altitude Medicine and Biology, 17 (3) pp. 233-238 . Peer-reviewed.
[ DOI ]
Sports in Postcolonial Worlds
Bancel N., Riot T., Frenkiel S. (eds.), 2016. 148, Routledge.
Une symbolique politique des stades? - Are stadiums a political symbol?
Nicolas C., Bancel N., 2016. dans Stades Olympiques : des hommes, des passions des histoires / Olympic Stadiums: People, Passion, Stories, Comité International Olympique et D Giles Limited.
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