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Publications 2017 (21)

Comparison of vitality states of finishers and withdrawers in trail running: An enactive and phenomenological perspective
Rochat Nadège, Hauw Denis, Antonini Philippe Roberta, Crettaz von Roten Fabienne, Seifert Ludovic, 2017-03-10. PLOS ONE, 12 (3) pp. e0173667. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_03F225E3523E]
Short versus long small-sided game training during Ramadan in soccer players.
Baklouti H., Rejeb N., Aloui A., Jaafar H., Ammar A., Chtourou H., Girard O., Souissi N., 2017-03. Physical therapy in sport : official journal of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sports Medicine, 24 pp. 20-25. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_7EC695C80987]
Commentaries on Viewpoint: Anemia contributes to cardiovascular disease through reductions in nitric oxide.
Allen B.W., Debevec T., Millet G.P., Madsen P.L., 2017-02-01. Journal of Applied Physiology, 122 (2) pp. 418-419. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_FA72C5A1E4F0]
Commentaries on Viewpoint: Human skeletal muscle wasting in hypoxia: a matter of hypoxic dose?
Millet G.P., Debevec T., Brocherie F., Girard O., Pialoux V., Wüst R.C., Degens H., Zuo L., He F., Chaillou T. et al., 2017-02-01. Journal of Applied Physiology, 122 (2) pp. 409-411. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_6B4F47B06A15]
From the making of Paralympic champions to justification of the bio-technical improvement of man. The ideology of progress in action
Bancel Nicolas, Cornaton Julie, Marcellini Anne, 2017-02. Sport in Society pp. 1-4. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_481C6806F1C0]
Plantar flexor muscle weakness and fatigue in spastic cerebral palsy patients.
Neyroud D., Armand S., De Coulon G., Sarah R Dias Da Silva, Maffiuletti N.A., Kayser B., Place N., 2017-02. Research in developmental disabilities, 61 pp. 66-76. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [WoS] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_D382E23DC617]
Short-Term Preoperative High-Intensity Interval Training in Patients Awaiting Lung Cancer Surgery: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Licker M., Karenovics W., Diaper J., Frésard I., Triponez F., Ellenberger C., Schorer R., Kayser B., Bridevaux P.O., 2017-02. Journal of thoracic oncology : official publication of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer, 12 (2) pp. 323-333. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [WoS] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_DB70DD9469BF]
Sports games for people with intellectual disabilities. Institutional analysis of an unusual international configuration
Lantz Elise, Marcellini Anne, 2017-01-04. Sport in Society pp. 1-14. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_933F6B304AF4]
Cardiorespiratory fitness is positively associated with increased pancreatic beta cell function independent of fatness in individuals with the metabolic syndrome: Fitness versus fatness.
Ramos J.S., Dalleck L.C., Borrani F., Fassett R.G., Coombes J.S., 2017-01. Journal of science and medicine in sport, 20 (1) pp. 45-49. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [WoS] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_5D6B0BF3BDCF]
Clarification on altitude training
Millet G. P., Brocherie F., Faiss R., Girard O., 2017. Experimental Physiology, 102 (1) pp. 130-131. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_65ACCFB8656F]
Comparison of vitality states of finishers and withdrawers in trail running: An enactive and phenomenological perspective
Rochat N., Hauw D., Antonini Philippe R., Crettaz von Roten F., Seifert L., 2017. PLOS one, 12 (3) pp. NA. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_CB0434130952]
Effects of glenoid inclination and acromion index on humeral head translation and glenoid articular cartilage strain
Engelhardt Christoph, Farron Alain, Becce Fabio, Place Nicolas, Pioletti Dominique P, Terrier Alexandre, 2017-01. Journal of shoulder and elbow surgery, 26 (1) pp. 157-164. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [WoS] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_ED56D536AC44]
Hypoxia-Induced Oxidative Stress Modulation with Physical Activity.
Debevec T., Millet G.P., Pialoux V., 2017. Frontiers in physiology, 8 p. 84. Peer-reviewed.
[URN] [DOI] [WoS] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_7F872FE8DF7C]
Lower limb mechanical asymmetry during repeated treadmill sprints
Girard O., Brocherie F., Morin J.B., Millet G.P., 2017. Human Movement Science, 52 pp. 203-214. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_25A898C9839D]
Mechanical Alterations Associated with Repeated Treadmill Sprinting under Heat Stress.
Girard O., Brocherie F., Morin J.B., Racinais S., Millet G.P., Périard J.D., 2017. PloS one, 12 (2) pp. e0170679. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_DAEDD01578E6]
Mechanical alterations during interval-training treadmill runs in high-level male team-sport players
Girard O., Brocherie F., Morin J.B., Millet G.P., 2017-01. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 20 (1) pp. 87-91. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [WoS] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_E794F0DECC67]
Psychophysiological Responses to Repeated-Sprint Training in Normobaric Hypoxia and Normoxia
Brocherie F., Millet G. P., Girard O., 2017-01. International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 12 (1) pp. 115-123. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_AE363FAC5574]
Sex and Exercise Intensity Do Not Influence Oxygen Uptake Kinetics in Submaximal Swimming.
Reis J.F., Millet G.P., Bruno P.M., Vleck V., Alves F.B., 2017. Frontiers in physiology, 8 p. 72. Peer-reviewed.
[URN] [DOI] [WoS] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_9F6A07D91075]
Short- or long-rest intervals during repeated-sprint training in soccer?
Iaia F.M., Fiorenza M., Larghi L., Alberti G., Millet G.P., Girard O., 2017. PloS one, 12 (2) pp. NA. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_E8683C9D12EA]
Switzerland:the organisation of sport and policy towards sport federations
Bayle Emmanuel, 2017. dans Sport Policy Systems and Sport Federations chap. , Springer Nature.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_9BF58D1AE690]
Walking in Hypoxia: An Efficient Treatment to Lessen Mechanical Constraints and Improve Health in Obese Individuals?
Girard O., Malatesta D., Millet G.P., 2017. Frontiers in Physiology, 8 p. 73. Peer-reviewed.
[URN] [DOI] [WoS] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_3488468F3C55]
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