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Publications 2017 (15)

Effects of Repeated-Sprint Training in Hypoxia on Sea-Level Performance: A Meta-Analysis.
Brocherie F., Girard O., Faiss R., Millet G.P., 2017-02-13. Sports medicine (Auckland, N.Z.). Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_C81F3ADF0761]
From the making of Paralympic champions to justification of the bio-technical improvement of man. The ideology of progress in action
Bancel Nicolas, Cornaton Julie, Marcellini Anne, 2017-02. Sport in Society pp. 1-4. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_481C6806F1C0]
Sports games for people with intellectual disabilities. Institutional analysis of an unusual international configuration
Lantz Elise, Marcellini Anne, 2017-01-04. Sport in Society pp. 1-14. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_933F6B304AF4]
Cardiorespiratory fitness is positively associated with increased pancreatic beta cell function independent of fatness in individuals with the metabolic syndrome: Fitness versus fatness.
Ramos J.S., Dalleck L.C., Borrani F., Fassett R.G., Coombes J.S., 2017-01. Journal of science and medicine in sport, 20 (1) pp. 45-49. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [WoS] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_5D6B0BF3BDCF]
Clarification on altitude training
Millet G. P., Brocherie F., Faiss R., Girard O., 2017. Experimental Physiology, 102 (1) pp. 130-131. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_65ACCFB8656F]
Commentaries on Viewpoint: Anemia contributes to cardiovascular disease through reductions in nitric oxide
Allen B. W., Debevec T., Millet G. P., Madsen P. L., 2017. J Appl Physiol (1985), 122 (2) pp. 418-419. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_FA72C5A1E4F0]
Commentaries on Viewpoint: Human skeletal muscle wasting in hypoxia: a matter of hypoxic dose?
Millet G. P., Debevec T., Brocherie F., Girard O., Pialoux V., Wust R. C., Degens H., Zuo L., He F., Chaillou T. et al., 2017. J Appl Physiol (1985), 122 (2) pp. 409-411. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_6B4F47B06A15]
Effects of glenoid inclination and acromion index on humeral head translation and glenoid articular cartilage strain
Engelhardt Christoph, Farron Alain, Becce Fabio, Place Nicolas, Pioletti Dominique P, Terrier Alexandre, 2017-01. Journal of shoulder and elbow surgery, 26 (1) pp. 157-164. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [WoS] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_ED56D536AC44]
Mechanical Alterations Associated with Repeated Treadmill Sprinting under Heat Stress.
Girard O., Brocherie F., Morin J.B., Racinais S., Millet G.P., Périard J.D., 2017. PloS one, 12 (2) pp. e0170679. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_DAEDD01578E6]
Mechanical alterations during interval-training treadmill runs in high-level male team-sport players.
Girard O., Brocherie F., Morin J.B., Millet G.P., 2017-01. Journal of science and medicine in sport, 20 (1) pp. 87-91. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [WoS] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_E794F0DECC67]
Psychophysiological Responses to Repeated-Sprint Training in Normobaric Hypoxia and Normoxia
Brocherie F., Millet G. P., Girard O., 2017-01. Int J Sports Physiol Perform, 12 (1) pp. 115-123. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_AE363FAC5574]
Sex and exercise intensity do not influence oxygen uptake kinetics in submaximal swimming
Reis J.F., Millet G.P., Bruno P.M., Vleck V.E., Alves F.B., 2017. Frontiers in Physiology, section Exercise Physiology.. Peer-reviewed.
Short- or long-rest intervals during repeated-sprint training in soccer?
Iaia F.M., Fiorenza M., Larghi L., Alberti G., Millet G.P., Girard O., 2017. PloS one, 12 (2) pp. e0171462. Peer-reviewed.
[DOI] [Pmid] [serval:BIB_E8683C9D12EA]
Switzerland:the organisation of sport and policy towards sport federations
Bayle Emmanuel, 2017. dans Sport Policy Systems and Sport Federations chap. , Springer Nature.
[DOI] [serval:BIB_9BF58D1AE690]
Walking in hypoxia: an efficient treatment to lessen mechanical constraints and improve health in obese individuals?
Girard O., Malatesta D., Millet G.P., 2017. Frontiers in Physiology, section Exercise Physiology.. Peer-reviewed.
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