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Department of Information Systems (DESI)
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The Department of Information Systems (DESI) seeks to build the skills and competencies required for the digital society with its research activities and education programs. The ISI a strong interdisciplinary approach - its researchers have backgrounds and competencies in management, engineering, mathematics and logic, biology and cybercrime. It is organized in two groups, the Information Systems group and the Complexity Science group.
The Department provides students with fundamental courses in informatics and information systems. It is also in charge of specialized programs, such as the MSc in Information Systems (Faculty of Business and Economics) and the Msc of Law in Legal Issues, Crime and Security of Information Technologies (in collaboration with the Faculty of Law and Criminal Justice).


Agents intelligents
Alignement informatique et management
Business model
Conception des systèmes d'information
Decision support systems
Electronic commerce
Gestion de projets
Gestion des connaissances
Informational Security
Informatique bio-inspirée
Informatique de gestion
Interaction homme-machine
Interface homme-machine
Langage informatique
Méthodes de programmation
Modélisation conceptuelle
Open and distance learning
Programmation fonctionnelle
Programmation logique
Simulation par ordinateur
Systèmes d'information
Systèmes répartis
Telecom d'entreprise
Travail coopératif
Web services
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