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Maintaining legitimacy in contested mature markets through discursive strategies: The case of corporate environmentalism in the French automotive industry
Debenedetti Alain, Philippe Déborah, Chaney Damien, Humphreys Ashlee Industrial Marketing Management.
Auswirkungen des Social Entrepreneurship Trends für Sozialmanagement in der Schweiz
Gonin Michael dans Soziale Versorgung zukunftsfähig gestalten, A. Fritze, B. Wütrich, & J. Amstutz.
The survival of firms founded by immigrants: institutional distance between home and host country and experience in the host country
Mata J., Alves C. Strategic Management Journal. Peer-reviewed.
Digitization, Prediction and Market Efficiency: Evidence from Book Publishing Deals
Peukert Christian, Reimers Imke Management Science.
A Bait-and-Switch Model of Corporate Social Responsibility
Haack Patrick, Martignoni Dirk, Schoeneborn Dennis, 2021/07. Academy of Management Review, 46 (3) pp. 440-464.
Saving the world from your couch: the heterogeneous medium-run benefits of COVID-19 lockdowns on air pollution
Bonardi Jean-Philippe, Gallea Quentin, Kalanoski Dimitrija, Lalive Rafael, Madhok Raahil, Noack Frederik, Rohner Dominic, Sonno Tommaso, 2021/07/01. Environmental Research Letters, 16 (7) p. 074010.
Taking Inequality Seriously
Amis John, Brickson Shelly, Haack Patrick, Hernandez Morela, 2021/07. Academy of Management Review, 46 (3) pp. 431-439.
Measuring public value: scale development and construct validation
Meynhardt Timo, Jasinenko Anna, 2021/03/04. International Public Management Journal, 24 (2) pp. 222-249. Peer-reviewed.
Different founders, different venture outcomes: A comparative analysis of academic and non-academic startups
Roche Maria P., Conti Annamaria, Rothaermel Frank T., 2020/12. Research Policy, 49 (10) p. 104062.
How knowledge shapes the scope of early business planning
Block Joern, Petty Jeffrey S., 2020/08/24. Journal of Small Business Management pp. 1-30. Peer-reviewed.
Legitimacy Revisited: Disentangling Propriety, Validity, and Consensus
Haack Patrick, Schilke Oliver, Zucker Lynne, 2020/08/15. Journal of Management Studies.
Video Killed the Radio Star? Online Music Videos and Recorded Music Sales
Kretschmer Tobias, Peukert Christian, 2020/06/10. Information Systems Research. Peer-reviewed.
Inhabited Actors : Internalizing Institutions through Communication and Actorhood Models
Bitektine Alex, Haack Patrick, Bothello Joel, Mair Johanna, 2020/06. Journal of Management Studies, 57 (4) pp. 885-897.
Justified by ideology: Why conservatives care less about corporate social irresponsibility
Jasinenko Anna, Christandl Fabian, Meynhardt Timo, 2020/06. Journal of Business Research, 114 pp. 290-303. Peer-reviewed.
Advancing the Measurement of Organizational Legitimacy, Reputation, and Status: First-order Judgments vs Second-order Judgments—Commentary on “Organizational legitimacy, reputation and status: Insights from micro-level management”
Haack Patrick, Sieweke Jost, 2020/03. Academy of Management Discoveries, 6 (1) pp. 153-158.
Unpacking the narrative decontestation of CSR: Aspiration for change or defense of the status quo?
Feix A., Philippe D., 2020/01/01. Business and Society, 59 (1) pp. 129-174. Peer-reviewed.
Social networks and the demand for news
George Lisa M., Peukert Christian, 2019/12. Information Economics and Policy, 49 p. 100833. Peer-reviewed.
Valuable Choices: Prominent Venture Capitalists' Influence on Startup CEO Replacements
Conti A., Graham S.J. H., 2019/09. Management Science. Peer-reviewed.
Follow the money: Online piracy and self-regulation in the advertising industry
Batikas Michail, Claussen Jörg, Peukert Christian, 2019/07. International Journal of Industrial Organization, 65 pp. 121-151. Peer-reviewed.
The next wave of digital technological change and the cultural industries
Peukert Christian, 2019/06. Journal of Cultural Economics, 43 (2) pp. 189-210. Peer-reviewed.
Determinants and heterogeneity of switching costs in IT outsourcing: estimates from firm-level data
Peukert Christian, 2019/05/04. European Journal of Information Systems, 28 (3) pp. 291-317. Peer-reviewed.
Microfoundations of Institutions: A Matter of Structure Versus Agency or Level of Analysis?
Harmon Derek J., Haack Patrick, Roulet Thomas J., 2019/04. Academy of Management Review, 44 (2) pp. 464-467. Peer-reviewed.
Die Gemeinwohl-Bilanz auf dem Prüfstand der Bevölkerung. Empirische Überprüfung der demokratischen Legitimation der Gemeinwohl-Bilanz
Meynhardt Timo, Jasinenko Anna, Grubert Thorben, 2019. Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Unternehmensethik, 20 (3) pp. 406-426. Peer-reviewed.
Firms, Breach of Norms, and Reputation Damage
Breitinger D., Bonardi J.-P., 2019. Business & Society, 58 (6) pp. 1143-1176. Peer-reviewed.
Flexible digital supply behavior
Peukert Christian, 2019. pp. 63-86 dans Cameron Samuel (eds.) A research agenda for cultural economics, Edward Elgar.
Venture capital investment strategies under financing constraints: Evidence from the 2008 financial crisis
Conti A., Dass N., Di Lorenzo F., Graham S.J.H., 2019. Research Policy, 48 (3) pp. 799-812. Peer-reviewed.
Toward a Theory of Organizational Integration
Castañer X., Ketokivi M., 2018/12/10. pp. 53-80 dans Advances in Strategic Management, Emerald Publishing Limited.
Demand variation, strategic flexibility and market entry: Evidence from the U.S. airline industry
Claussen Jörg, Essling Christian, Peukert Christian, 2018/11. Strategic Management Journal, 39 (11) pp. 2877-2898. Peer-reviewed.
Catch Me If You Can: Effectiveness and Consequences of Online Copyright Enforcement
Aguiar Luis, Claussen Jörg, Peukert Christian, 2018/09. Information Systems Research, 29 (3) pp. 656-678. Peer-reviewed.
Financial Performance of Environmentally Responsible Investment Funds: A Systematic Review
Stephen Sarah, 2018/07/09., Academy of Management dans Academy of Management Proceedings. Peer-reviewed, Guclu Atinc.
Legitimacy Judgments about Corporate Tax Avoidance: A Deliberation Experiment
Schnider R., Haack P., Scherer A.G., 2018/07. pp. 1-6 dans Academy of Management Proceedings. Peer-reviewed, Academy of Management.
Run Away or Stick Together? The Impact of Organization-Specific Adverse Events on Alliance Partner Defection
Bruyaka O., Philippe D., Castañer X., 2018/07. Academy of Management Review, 43 (3) pp. 445-469. Peer-reviewed.
The Policy Case for Tackling Non-Tariff Measures
Cadot O., Ferrantino M. J., Gourdon J., Reyes J.-D., 2018/06/26. Reforming Non-Tariff Measures: From Evidence to Policy Advice pp. 7-22.
Reforming Non-Tariff Measures: From Evidence to Policy Advice
Cadot O., Ferrantino M. J., Gourdon J., Reyes J.-D., 2018/06. World Bank Group.
The Legitimacy of Inequality: Integrating the Perspectives of System Justification and Social Judgment : The Legitimacy of Inequality
Haack P., Sieweke J., 2018/05. Journal of Management Studies, 55 (3) pp. 486-516. Peer-reviewed.
The Penalization of Non-Communicating UN Global Compact's Companies by Investors and Its Implications for This Initiative's Effectiveness
Amer Estefania, 2018/02. Business & Society, 57 (2) pp. 255-291. Peer-reviewed.
Corporate Social Responsibility and Leadership
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The role of middle and top managers in the strategy process
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Competition for attention in the digital age: The case of single releases in the recorded music industry
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Corporate political activity, public policy uncertainty, and firm outcomes: A meta-analysis
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Piracy and box office movie revenues: Evidence from Megaupload
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A productive clash of cultures: Injecting economics into leadership research
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From Niche Practices to Protoinstitutions: The Evolution of Emergent Practices in Mature Organisational Fields
Stephen Sarah, 2017/01/18., Southern Management Association p. 14 dans 2016 Southern Management Association Conference Proceedings. Peer-reviewed.
Evaluation de l’Unité commune ORP- CSR en Ville de Lausanne
Bonoli Giuliano, Lalive Rafael, Oesch Daniel, Bigotta Maurizio, Cottier Lionel, Fossati Flavia, 2017. 49, Université de Lausanne; Ville de Lausanne.
Foreign Markets and Environmental Performance: The Timing of the Response to Institutional Pressures
Amer Estefania, 2017/01. p. 13085 dans Academy of Management Proceedings, Academy of Management.
From Niche Practices to Protoinstitutions - The Evolution of Emergent Practices
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The Evolution of Emergent Practices in Mature Organisational Fields
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Historic Corporate Social Responsibility
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Redefining Creativity and Innovation in Organisations: Suggestions for Redirecting Research
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Non-Tariff Measures in ASEAN
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Upstream Corporate Social Responsibility: The Evolution From Contract Responsibility to Full Producer Responsibility
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CSR, Reputation Insurance and Firms’ Long Term Response to Negative Public Exposure
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Globalization and the rise of the multinational corporation
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How Restrictive Are ASEAN's Rules of Origin?
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Information Acquisition, Referral, Organization
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R&D outsourcing and intellectual property infringement
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Detecting Heterogeneous Risk Attitudes with Mixed Gambles
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