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Department of Strategy, Globalization and Society (SGS)

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The SGS Department comprises a diverse group of active researchers and has a strong reputation internationally. Department members publish in the top journals in strategy and management, such as the Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Administrative Science Quarterly, and Strategic Management Journal, to name a few. Department members conduct research on the sources of firms' long term competitive advantage and sustainable performance. We particularly focus on the various strategies used by firms to gain and maintain competitive advantage and social approval.

Importantly, no matter in which industry or country they are located, firms operate in an environment that has a considerable impact on what affects business opportunities and threats. Facilitating understanding of this external environment of business firms and analyzing how forces like competition, technological change, public policies, societal trends and expectations at large impact firms and their strategies is at the core of our teaching and research. Our research and courses therefore differ from courses on organizational behavior, human resources, operations management and the management of information systems insofar as the focus is on the external environment within which business firms operate. The theories, tools and techniques that inform our research come from the fields of economics, management and organization science, political science communication studies, psychology and philosophy, among others. Thus, members of the department embrace a multi-disciplinary view and acknowledge the relevance of different epistemologies in research and teaching.
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