Research Centre for Political Action

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

Research Centre for Political Action (CRAPUL)
Quartier UNIL-Mouline
Bâtiment Géopolis
CH-1015 Lausanne
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The Research Centre on Political Action of the University of Lausanne (CRAPUL) is a research unit of the Institute of Political, Historical and International Studies (IEPHI). It was founded in 2002 and aims at promoting research and collective work with a comparative - both in time and space - political sociology perspective on political action. More specifically, its role is to offer a forum for exchange and discussion to experienced researchers and those in training. Interrelated topics (sociology of activism and mobilisations, sociology of law and institutions, gender and politics, sociology of crises and revolutions, political ethnography, etc.) are being discussed in lectures, seminars, meetings and symposia, within specific projects and publications.
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