Research Laboratory of Psychology of Intra- and Inter-Subjective Dynamics

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Research Laboratory of Psychology of Intra- and Inter-Subjective Dynamics (LARPSYDIS)
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Relationships between inter- and intra-subjectivity are central to the work of LARPsyDIS. Two teams, one specializing in clinical psychology, the other in sociocultural psychology and psychosociology, combine their perspectives to study becoming a subject: the construction of the psyche in its cognitive, social and psycho-affective elements.

Research conducted by the members of LARPsyDIS aims at articulating the "inter" and the "intra", the "we" and the "I", the group and the individual, the collective and the singular. In terms of methodology, this research favours methods that take account of the processes at work in the development of the subject's emotions, actions and thoughts, whether conscious or unconscious. It pays particular attention to the symbolic resources that are an integral part of a subject's or group's development, as is the case with language, play, or any other form of symbolic expression.

LARPsyDIS researchers focus in particular on the clinical, psychopathological and therapeutic approach to action, the clinical systems and professional practices of psychologists, and on migration, life transitions, collective violence and identity construction.
LARPsyDIS is a place of theoretical and methodological reflection bringing together researchers who are concerned with developing an approach in psychology that places the subject within its relational and socio-historical context.

At the practical level, the LARPsyDIS aims to promote scientific exchanges between researchers and the training of doctoral students through the organization of conferences, study days and seminars, as well as through joint publications.
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