Observatory Science, Politics and Society

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Observatory Science, Politics and Society (OSPS)
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Website : http://www.unil.ch/osps


The research centre Observatoire Science, Politique et Société (OSPS) was set up in September 1999 at the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) and transferred in 2005 to the University of Lausanne (Faculty of Social and Political Sciences). Its general mission is to analyse the changing characteristics of higher education institutions, their structure and their relationships with political authorities and society at large both in Switzerland and abroad.
Special attention is paid to the analysis of higher education and research policies, to knowledge production and dissemination processes, and to the relationships between science and society. Within this context, the OSPS aims at shedding new light on these issues and promoting public debate from a prospective, interdisciplinary and comparative perspective.
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