Department of Immunobiology

Faculty of Biology and Medicine

Department of Immunobiology (DIB)
Quartier UNIL-Epalinges
Ch. des Boveresses 155
CP 51
CH-1066 Epalinges
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The Department of Biochemistry (DB) is part of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine of the University of Lausanne (UNIL) and provides courses for students in medicine, biology and immunology. The DB, located in Epalinges (north of Lausanne), is part of the Center of Immunity and Infection (CIIL) which also includes the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (LICR) and several groups of the Lausanne University Hospital CHUV.

The research focus of the DB is on immunology and cancer. A second major line of research of the DB, shared with the WHO Immunology Research and Training center (housed by the DB since 1963), follows a long-standing interest in parasitic diseases and the immune response they elicit.

Finally, the DB seeks to foster collaboration between research groups and industry and has contributed to the foundation of several biotech companies.


Antigen presentation
Cell cycle
Dendritic cell
DNA repair
Immunité anti-tumorale
Interactions virus-hôte
Signalisation cellulaire
Signal transduction
T lymphocyte
Tumor targeting
Vesicle fusion
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